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Just bought a HULK

What's your made it watch?

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just an iphone

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cool. post timestamp

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Bought myself a $600 Tissot.
I thought it was pretty cool.
I don't want something fancier.
I'm a simple man.

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Does having a Rolex attract women? Serious responses only plz

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When you're rich, you're going to constantly worry about what time it is?

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Only if you are tall and handsome

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I love seeing so many poorfags and street shitting jeets with their shitty mass produced Rolex watches and BMWs

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Looks like shit

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buying a 'lex is one thing, but why do consoomers have to make it so much gayer by naming them after superheroes?

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yeah i personally think Rolex's are pretty ugly compared to other watches around the same price tag. i dont get the appeal.

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nice china watch anon

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It's how you know to never fucking listen to /biz/ about anything.

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I mean look at the fucking magnifying glass over the date, the gay balls to mark the hours, it just looks like garbage

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And you come in the threads to throw shade and hate. That doesn't make you look superior Anon. It makes you look like a giant loser who wishes he'd made it signaling how you'd do it differently if you did.

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$300 orient kanno or kamasu

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My made it watch is a $15 temu watch. Because I'm not retarded

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i have a $80 timex that i love

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Just as soon as I get out of 2-figure hell

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What do you do when your iPhone runs out of battery?

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Use the moon and the stars

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i don't really have a made it watch, but i like the Fortis Mars themed watches

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Rolex is peak Redditor wealth

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i'm so beautiful damn

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Exactly! They're not beautiful in any way.

And if you're buying for the aesthetic, just spend 500 on a top imitation which these days are excellent quality anyway.

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Fellow Omega chad

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i like protrek series from casio

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