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you guys are so fucking stupid. this is the most obvious 50x in the history of financial markets. when it happens, everyone will be like yeah damn i should have seen that coming. a meme coin with an 8.26% inflation rate has a $26B market cap right now and meanwhile, an actual tech company in san francisco founded by the inventor of javascript has a token with a $500M market cap. yeah you are all fucking retards for letting this happen. mark my words

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Can't go above $2 as mentioned in the white paper

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Token not needed.

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you guys have been saying this for the last 6 years. love brendan, but this token sucks. great browser though. use it everyday.

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yeah, im not putting my money on anything that is not BTC related or BRC20 (which is the same fucking thing)

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By all means x50

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I’m pretty sure this coin and the ceo got fact checked? They have been real quiet since. Also I heard that this coin is for right wingers? I’m taking a wide birth from it.

posted on brave browser for mobile

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There's nothing that Brave Software is using BAT for that they couldn't have done with any other cryptocurrency.

Token not needed. VC scam.

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BAT has essentially been in the pre-sale stage, for 7 years. The token wasn't really on chain. The vBAT ledger was a trial run. BAT is actually going on chain and becoming a real token. We have known it was coming for years, many many years, and now it's finally happening. But it's happening when Brave has 70m monthly and 26m daily active users.

AND they have a search engine. Over 800m queries per month.
I searched a little bit and saw something saying Google makes about .05 per search. If Brave makes .01 per search that's $8,000,000.

Numbers are probably lower but search is a huge fucking deal, and eventually BAT will get a slice of that too.

And its about to launch on chain. This is the actual implementation of BAT. Everyhting before this was the trial run, the beta test.

Everyone who signs up in the future will do it directly to self custody. No one has ever wanted to send it to and exchange directly. Uphold, come on, it's a fucking miracle Brave made any money being partnered with that. No one wanted an uphold account but they jumped through stupid fucking hoops for $5 a month and got hundreds of thousands of users to link to an exchange, usually a shit exchange that users ONLY signed up for for BAT.

All those obstacles will be gone, it's going to be self self custody without KYC. Easy access to BAT, hundreds of thousands of BAT, probably millions of BAT per month being funneled from exchange accounts on ethereum to small private wallets solana. What will that do to the velocity of money?

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Crypto Dojo Guise. But actually, I'm a Batman. 40k Batbro reporting in. I want to believe bros

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Bullish. Not selling my 200k BAT

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Yes it is bullish.

BAT will onboard everybody and their grandma to crypto. Brave is so easy to use that grandmother's will onboard other grandmother's to buy crypto on Brave.

People will do swaps without having to navigate to uniswap, pancake swap etc without having to worry about typing the wrong URL. They will use the swap fronted that Brave provides.

And Brave will provide.

The browser is already trusted with everything, porn habits, passwords, credit card info. Its all saved in the browser. And that last part makes it just that much easier to top up grandma's self custody wallet through ramp, coinbase pay, or whatever other crypto providers Brave chooses to ensure easy access to crypto.

You can download the browser and have crypro bought in under 10 minutes. And Brave can save your credit card info and you can do it again, any time you like within minutes for true self custody, all with no confusing extensions, no typing in URLs, no one making dumb mistakes typing anything out. It automatically sends to your grandmas correct address without having to copy and paste.

And then there is BAT, all along, at every turn. A gateway for users to get into the crypto. Implemented into paying for AI bots, Brave talk, VPN, premium search etc. Who knows next? Data storage? Email? Other privacy services? And this is just for the regular user.

Gor advertisers they have a 50% discount for your ad campaign if you, pay with BAT. And theyre going after the shitcoin market now too advertising.

Ford has been running ads for months. I wonder if they hold any BAT. Ali express ads too. I wonder if they have BAT. What about grayscale? What about grayscales potential privacy ETF? I know a privacy ETF is less likely than an ethereum ETF. Would a privacy ETF that mentions solutions such as private advertising hold BAT? why is GBAT trading at about 8x the current price of BAT? Why would someone pay such a premium?

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hi luke

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BAT, HBAR, and XMR bagholders are a special breed.

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holy copium bat baggie

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The only thing I've said that's a bit of a longshot is inclusion in an ETF.
No not luke.

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no nigger
i've seen better deals and offers for the smegma in my dick

seriously, even VINU is better, what the fuck even is this opera GX lookin aah coin/logo/whatever? I've literally made better looking designs when i was 13 and discovered photoshop for the first time

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real niggas know that BAT will never moon. It's so over for us

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you know what you have to do to make bat succeed. If you're not going to do it then stop wasting everyone's time making shit threads

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I know what you need anon, don't worry I gotchu.

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How big are your bags?

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The problem with BAT is how it is farmed. Any idiot clicking around on their browser acquires BAT. It is the dumbest currency ever to invest real money in. It was only ever intended as a way for users to give websites and content creators a high five.

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Wen pay with BAT?

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finally, a good ass thread

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>He thinks a token distributed by viewing ads is going to give him revenue sharing from search results
This is a level of quantum copium I've never even contemplated. Amazing.

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That's a strength. Any idiot.

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Brave team made a proposal to polkadot for a $575,000 ad campaign.

For about 150 million impressions and 1m clicks.

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>we propose you give us 600k

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The star of these threads is missing and the thread activity shows

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i could do without fake asses and tits. Thanks

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Then ask for real ones faggot

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I love the TP haters that enjoy 3 posts every 4 hours and complain about thots when TP threads have more relevant BAT info than these ghost town faggot threads. Nobody even bothers to pop in and FUD these days

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How'd you know I was gay?

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Taxable event every time I surf the web. No thanks. I’m waiting for the real web3.

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Technically taxable. But they won't come after you if it's less than $600. So...

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TP is the one that killed these threads by attracting all the coomers who kick up a fuss any time someone doesnt post tits

then TP left and made all the coomers seethe even more

dont live somewhere cucked then. only taxable for me when I sell for fiat

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Most pointless big cap token.

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TP was here from the start. The fud and shit price action is what killed the threads and everyone knows it. You’ve been trying to push your shit narrative for a while and even got shut down by tp.
>TP left
100+ reply thread 2 weeks ago. More than every thread since then combined in a fraction of the time

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Zhe convinced a bunch of mindbroken coom addicts to become Eich's exit liquidity. Kinda based

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If TP killed the threads then they wouldve been dead from the start instead of a nice stretch of post limit threads before multiple bull runs of pain started and your pal Parker sat on here for months on end making FUD threads

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Hi Parker

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I will rather buy AAST and DOT

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>a token you get for free is a good financial investment

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Did you look at the page retard? It's going to pass and Brave will get the money.

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Bitcoin was basically free in the beginning tard.

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>blames one of the oldest oldfags who brought in several oldfags
Stupid ass nigger

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Really doubt anyone bought BAT due to thot posteur. Not hating on xher but the coomers that came (literally) in these threads because of thots were NOT buying BAT

forgot parker exists

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Biggest cope I've read all day, congrats anon

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Batty Abby Poster bought bc of TP. I’ve read several posts over the years who followed suit but who knows if it’s true or not

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>fucking retard doesn't understand at the most basic level how advertising works

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>writes "Lmaooo" unironically

yeah you sound like a nigger

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>no rebuttal
I accept your concession, DUMBASS LMAOOOO

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DOGE has 3.5% inflation right now, what the fuck are you smoking? Holy shit, you just googled "doge infusion rate" didn't you, you retard? Fucking retard, holy shit. BAT is definitely going to zero if this is the quality of holders

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Yeah, I'm only investing in BTC-related assets and trending narratives like RWA. That's why tokens like NXRA, RIO, and DUA deserve a spot in our portfolios.