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What's stopping me from not paying my taxes?

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Yeah but once she goes black she'll never go back. White boys fuck like rabbits kek

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Nigger cope

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IRS might eventually come after you and the debt will not be retroactively erased

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I pity these pajeetas, they make these videos as if they're trying to show people how they're so westernized etc. In reality the white guy is never going to marry her because his family/parents don't want half pajeet kids, he'll have his fun with her and then discard her. Then she will be shunned by her own and whites and be a used up roastie with no dignity or honor.

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You’re Indian aren’t you cause that’s cope if I’ve ever heard it. I am Indian too and you hate to see women of all races lust over the white man but come on brother. You get dealt the hand you get dealt so you do the best you can. Seething about this wouldn’t do you any good.

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And to OPs question the reason is I don’t want to be sent to prison and get my rectum resized about O big.

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Pretty much this, why would anyone want more brown ppl on that planet lol literally every western country is getting worse in tandem with how many brown ppo its becoming filled up with

>erm curryfag correlation does NOT equal causation

Wtf is everyone here a pajeet lmao?

t. Jeet

Probably selection bias tho cuz a jeeta was in the OP

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Me in the driver's seat.

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How do I get a jeeta gf bros, preferably one with a British accent

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Me: I hate white people they colonized my country
Me also: I’m 30 percent white mutt who isn’t even pure indigenous

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>Wtf is everyone here a pajeet lmao?
when a shitcoin named "apu" unironically gets tens of threads per day here, yes. The board is filled with indians.
that's why the Americans and Europeans want flags.

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someone edit this to remove the guy so I can jerk it.
>t. non jeet but like hot pajeetas

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the fear up technique

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Pajeetas are truly the ultimate fuckdolls and I’d honestly marry one if she’d be willing the raise kids I have with a white woman. But yeah the risk of a half Indian son is terrifying

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I'm also a Canadian jeet. many such cases

If shes still hot an Indian betabucks guy will wife her after.

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You can just take them

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All women like white men because in addition to being hot as fuck, having big hard clocks and big fat wallets, they also tend to get and stay married.

Nothing is hotter than a white guy.

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I would never date a scammer.

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I hate normies more than anything

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white man here, having a half jeet kid is the only thing scarier than having a half asian kid like elliot rodgers

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Loving BWC is basically India's tradition at this point. Aryan bvlls arrived like 5000 years ago and had to invent the caste system to stop pajeetas from hogging all the supply

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enjoy the pajeetress if you must. just don't have the kids

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>having a half jeet kid is the only thing scarier than having a half asian kid like elliot rodgers
Nothing wrong with either. Go my son and bleach to the max

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hot pajeeta.
I got hit on by a 9.5/10 pajeeta 2 weeks ago (slim, slender, super fit, peach butt in tight jeans, insane tits, gorgeous face) and I was just talking to a bro who banged some 9/10 pajeeta with a top tier ass when she was staying in my home country doing youtube vids.
Not sure where these came from, even 1 year ago I wouldn't have expected pajeetas to be the hottest chicks around but I feel like they are, currently.
I'm married to a white girl, but finding good ones nowadays is almost impossible and I'm genuinely recommending pajeetas to my white unmarried bros. You're either a pajeet that has been left behind - coping doesn't help, bruh, I'm sure you'll find a good one, at least you have plenty of options unlike white boys and their women.
ygmi even if it takes an arranged marriage, wish you all the best, currybro.
I'm a 1.87 blue eyed white boy and just existing is enough. Even if you're not tall, can't be too hard, as I've always struggled with white chicks, so it should be easy mode.
try nofap for 90 days, and measure portfolio before and after
One generation from now it literally wouldn't matter. Sucks but it is what it is.

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Go trump for less taxes

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MAGA rocks

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Trump fks this country anon

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The worst memecoin ever

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i always do my taxes and then "forget" to file them if i owe anything. they haven't come after me yet.

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It wasn't just 'white people' who colonised your country. It was the perfidious Anglo Saxon. Pay respect to your superiors.

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You're using that expression improperly, Ranjeesh.

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Women are disgusting.
Personal slutdom isn't enough anymore, they have to channel the entire spirit of their nation/race and then slut that up to get the same level of satisfied craving for evil now.