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Fuck jeets, Fuck jannies, Fuck spics, and finally FUCKKKKKKK niggers.

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There are disgusting brown dalit shudras trying to scam innocent noble white men. Indians are like the jews but with 80 iq. Atleast jews are clever and subtle with their scamming.
Indians are the lowest, ugliest people. Even the African savage is a Saint in comparison to the disgusting Indians.
Indians are so revolting that they were literally deemed as "untouchable" by their elites.
>ma'am we are fbi we need da apple gift card or FDA will make arrest on you dear
The absolute state of these retards

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What til he learns about "niggardly..."

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fuck you guys... this was the best post I'll ever make.

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Pretty sure "jeet" is just an acronym of Pajeet and not a racial slur.

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I giggled. Here your (You)

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you say all that but your boomers keep getting scammed

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Western boomers grew up in high trust white society where you didn't have to worry about getting scammed.
Obviously this was terrible and the world is working hard to fix it.

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Lmao twitter is retard

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>Western boomers grew up in high trust white society where you didn't have to worry about getting scammed.
wrong, they had the highest number of serial killers and vietnam vet ptsd war criminals roving in the streets, scamming and killing boomers every day. Everything the boomers got was financed through inflation after the gold standard

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I was truly unaware that “nigger” had any racial connotation to it. First I’d ever heard the word was in connection to crime rates. Will continue using it moving forward.

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I still don't know what is a "jeet". In Europe we don't say "jeet".

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Short for "pajeet" it's an epithet against Indians

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It's definitely racist
So is frog posting

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racism against indians isn't racism because they're not human

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Also sanjeet, ranjeet, etc. They're all jeets.

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Yeah it's short for pajeet which is just a catch all name for "retarded Indian". Kind of like using Paco for Mexicans or Chang for Asians. Kinda racist. But you know, fuck pajeet. Who says I'm not racist?

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It’s racist to point out that crypto scams are run by jeets though

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Yeah I was kind of surprised that jeet was so widely used and then I realized most people saying it didn’t know it was short for pajeet. It must have originated here, right? I see it used all over CT and Discord channels.

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Time for y'all to watch Codex Pajeet II!

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I invented the word, "jeetcoin".

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I made no external sign, but inwardly I raised an eyebrow in mild amusement
Well done

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You guys are alright