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I honestly don't quite get why it's so hard for people to make decent returns during a bull run. Literally buy into any private sale you can and sell the tokens at ICO for a good 5-10x. The hard part is getting in but once you're in, you're good. Will you make more than the niggas that got into DogWifRat and sold the top, definitely not but 99% of those people lose.

Here are some coins I recently bought the private sale of.

GGWP: GoodGameWellPlayed ($GGWP) - a community-led revolution with the aim of disrupting the corrupted system by beating the final bosses — Pay-To-Win whales, and the corrupted market makers with their algorithmic control

TrustWise: Trustwise Token (TWT) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project revolutionizing the insurance industry by leveraging blockchain technology, decentralized finance principles, and oracles. It offers transparent, accessible, and efficient insurance solutions by enabling peer-to-peer insurance transactions through smart contracts.

Red Pango Meme coin: Nothing needs to be said. Personally not a fan as there's so many meme coins now out on SOL. Still the risk is so low that I just chucked 2 ETH in there to see what happens. I think worst case, I lose 50%. This is more of a gamble than anything desu.

Cecil Network: CECIL Network is built and designed to provide a decentralised crypto-backed platform for gig workers and short-service providers.

So far, I've participated in 42 private sales since 2017 and my ROI is 9450%. I track all my results on excel. I dont hold these coins, I usually dump them the day it goes public with a few exceptions. The hard part is getting accepted into them.

Best case scenario: 8-10x
Base case: 2-3x
Bad case: 1-1.5x
Worst case: 0-0.5x

So far I've had the worst case play out twice.

Crypto made easy.

Btw for all tokens above, I've already bought. I wouldn't share them otherwise as they are usually quite hard to get into. Bit of a lucky draw.

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GGWP: https://goodgamewellplayed.net/
TrustWise: https://trustwise.pro/
Red Pango: https://redpangolinu.com/
Cecil Network: https://www.cecil.network/

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Trust wise is garbage. Others don’t look better.

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Keen to know why you think TWT is not great. TWT and Cecil are my main picks atm.

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Where do you get this info from? Most presales I find are scammy pnd's that rug pull you after final presale date and close tg/website.

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fuck you i keep losing money

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Post the excel

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How come? Do you keep buying into scams or?

I just look up upcoming projects on Icolink and filter through. I email and register regarding the private sale and have some back and forth communication with the team to make sure they're not some dumb pajeet. I glimpse through the whitepaper but I'm not here for the tech guys, just here to get my multiple and get the fuck out. I also hold long term coins but I buy into private sales all the time. The main thing is that it's hard to get into them (esp the legit ones cause they sell out quick or the team doesn't get back to you. Cecil and TWT look legit. Pango obv has no use case and GGWP is kindda neither here or there.

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Unless you have connections you're mostly going to be aping into scams. Hell even with connections it's a shitfest.

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Fair enough. It's completely plausible that I've gotten lucky. At the end of the day 42 sales aren't a whole lot.

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I guess you can usually tell from the email correspondences whether you're dealing with a professional or a scamming rat

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>Cecil Network
Hey that's my name.

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Thanks man, I made some money in $BITCOIN and want to get to six figure hell this year. Appreciate it, wagmi.

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Are they going to keep up the HAIR RAPE at my next hotel?

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firstly i bought the bayer "dip" which kept falling. yeah not crypto.
then put 1k in crypto and the idea was to buy top coins and hold for years until i found out about the solana casino
bought some analos, it went up hard. i bought every dip more and more about 700 i think until it all went to 1/10.
also i threw 20 bucks at many other shitcoins
everything went to almost zero

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Sorry to hear Anon. Apart from these sales, all I do is buy more BTC and ETH and hold. I missed out on cashing in on 2017 where I had 150k at peak and again at 2021 where I had 1M at peak. Fortunately the coins I held came back because they were the blue chips and I pretty much use these sales to keep building my btc/eth positions.

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A lot of text, redpango and your groups sucks anon, better go MUMU and stop that fking scam

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>Literally buy into any private sale
90% of private sales dump below sale price on listing, and if they pump you have about 10 seconds to sell before it's obliterated
>assorted shitcoin scams
Kys jeet. I probably know the exact telegram you crawled out from, it's literally the blind leading the blind

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Even the cow is better than that sht

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All that sucks anon, get a real coin

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I dont buy that sht

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I never advocated for holding them btw. I plan on selling on launch. I think 10 secs is a stretch but it's not uncommon to see a dump in the first day.