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>just about saved up for facial feminisation surgery
>in time for the cycle
>have to put it off for another year or two as I make bank from crypto
it's not fair sisters

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it do be like that

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should've gotten a passport, bought bitcoin, and used the crypto gains to fly to south america to get an endless supply of affordable surgery and hormone drugs

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>trusting spics to perform surgery on my face
erm how about no

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>and used the crypto gains to fly to south america to get an endless supply of affordable surgery and hormone drugs
and then whore yourself out brazil style and put your profits in bitcoin. cowboy mode.

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I'm not a whore but thats a good idea although u risk getting murdered

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I find it funny how these /lgbt/ types are both warped by gender ideology and warped by /pol/. Truly mindbroken by the internet on every level. Perhaps we should ban internet usage for children. It would also prevent inflation fetishes.

>t. bigdawg

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>It would also prevent inflation fetishes.
Nice. More inflators for me not for thee

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I may be a tranny but at least I'm white

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Checked. I don't approve of your fetish, but I will fight for your right.
Post hand. If it's not white and with nail polish, you're a larper. Not that there's anything wrong with being brown, all races are equal.

>t. bigdawg

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why not instead of fucking degrading yourself making yourself look like a faggot. why not buy a house instead? price are the lowest in the last 2 and a half years... well at least according to truflation... buy a house and get in there never come out

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100% agree bro, if I had a boy I would absolutely go no screen in the first 6 years.

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trans sirs are so ugly and hairy...

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Kek, you’re alright for a troon. You get the rope last.

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Definitely man. It's fucked up how parents give the internet to toddlers and expect everything to just work out. Might as well be handing them every porn mag in existence and the phone numbers for drug dealers.

>t. bigdawg

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reading your shit i just know that your one of those femboys glued to their pc chair playing blocklords all day for a chance of scaping from your mother basement

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based, my children will not have internet for the first 13 years of their life


yeah, its pretty fucking clear that hes a femboy

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why is this on /biz/? isnt there a fucking /lgbt/ page for this kind of shit?

parents buying their 2 year old boy a fucking tablet kek

most of the trannys plays vidya and watches anime as a form of scape from their shitty lifes

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but what is worst tho?
down syndrome children or tranny daughter?

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I already look like a faggot dumbass, if anything this would make me look less like one
thanks, anon
also I live in the UK houses are insanely expensive