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If you dont sell/open a short now, you are literally retarded

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Thats sht MAGA is much better

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Better than cows and sht at least

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$12k is p-p-programmed i-i-in


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Bearish pump. Boomers will market sell tomorrow

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Oh, you wanna test 68k again? Sure, let's try that and see what happens.

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okay fine you want to test 68k again sure let's do it

you're going to see what happens the market is going to pump so hard so hard you're not ready for the biggest green dildo of your life are you ready for $bitcoin to pump up your ass you're not you're not ready you're going to get so hard from all the gains you're going to make you're gonna cum in your pants

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this but unironically. it's literally in the code

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This is mean to look like Leo, right?

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I'm making a note that the reddit bot seems to only post in threads no earlier than 30 minutes after creation. I assume it has other variable like unique posters since it only appears in threads with activity (he will NEVER be a FPBP)

Anyways that's all, good job bitcoin, or sorry that happened

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In 3 minutes btc will close the second week in a row above previous ATH.

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Three weeks actually. Three weeks of support above the previous ATH.

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yep, that classic leo scene from django unchained wherein he smashes a wine glass and has real blood on his hand from it, then wipes it all over his slave girls face in front of the protagonist.

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its real, I checked the official bitcoin twitter page and its real I can confirm!