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Believe it or not, cryptocurrencies are not the only way that you can make money.
What is your source of income?

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i bought a house with 5 bedrooms, rent out four and overcharge my roommates

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Why doesn't every woman just do OF for 6 months and then retire and never work again?

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I post my pussy and asshole online
It barely makes me any money

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There is indeed a long tail of tails.

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plenty of them try to do it. over and over. have you ever seen a woman try to manage finances?

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Post tits

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whats stopping me from starting an onlyfans using ai generated content?

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nothing but you're late as fuck to the party

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About a billion pajeets and other subhumans who have nothing better to do with their time

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It's been done. Make a tradwife instagram with AI instead.

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There is many ways, but I start with crypto andI made a good chunk in the last cycle. Living in Europe, bought 2 apartments for renting, flipping some shitcoins on Solana, investing in other projects, staking USDC and ETH, doing arbitrage with AAS... If all plays well, will get 3 more condos from this cycle and move to some sunny land.
FYI I am too ugly for OF

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I'm sure people are repulsed by the wound you call a pussy

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Because these women are the one percent. OF is a full time job between advertising, making content, posting content, interaction with whales, fulfilling requests, etc.

Most women think they're going to post a grainy photo of the top of their boobs and hit the lotto. Some get desperate and will post a picture of their butthole for $15 and realize they're going back to working at Wingstop.

Most women don't have the blend of self discipline, savvy, and cunning to succeed at OF.

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It's not crypto, it's the future of finance.