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It’s all I ask for.

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I sold my LINU yesterday, put it in DeAI, made 50%, sold that scam. I want to buy back into LINU but I'm not sure I believe anymore

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one of them will and it's not the dog

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apu apustaja already mooned. I bought some when it went up 4 times for from the bottotm. In the afternoon I lost nearly 50% and decided to sell it. If I would have kept it in I would have made 6-7 already. It was a small investment so it isn't a stragety, looks like it is about to dump again.

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>isn't s stragety
meant to say tragety

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>wants a 10x on about 600 quid
God you are fucking poor. Let me guess, you're northern? LOL

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>tfw sold 80m apus just after rug
fuck me, fuck palladium, fuck linu fuders, fuck everything. wish I could wait at least one hour so I could just break even

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it's funny that I swapped those apus to avi and a bit later when apu got better I thought about swapping again, well maybe I'll get x5 eoy or maybe end of decade
captcha x40m, top lel

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Leave me alone.

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Get lucky

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LINU will unironically hit 10bn mc

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that's fucked up if true
would love to help you fren, apus together strong

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well it was 70m to be precise, forgot that I have changed small part of apus to other coins, my bad
0x6c70c5225546edb9c670451ca8f0821fdcdcfe09a89acd72efd265d111efa852, do whatever you want with that info, print it and show it as example of panic selling, laugh at me, call me nigger faggot, whatever.

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LINU definitely will. Apu might but isn’t still at risk of being rugged? It’s currently just a pump and dump coin right now.

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Where the fuck do you even find these shitcoins? How do you swap for them? They don't show up on binance.

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There's hundreds of videos on YouTube that will show you how to do it

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> Download Uniswap wallet
> buy eth on an exchange
> send eth to Uniswap wallet
> use the swap feature in Uniswap wallet to swap eth to what ever meme coin you want to buy
It’s that easy

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is uniswap safe tho? and can i cash out?

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>70m apu for 0,057 eth
you just went full retard, kys do you will never go full retard again

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Dude, I said this in another thread a couple days ago.
>They use bot farms.
>They're all scams.
>The software to "trade" is fucking dog shit.
You want to make money from these?. Get in on a presale (you'll need large capital to it) or, be in on the scam. Otherwise, you'll lose every fucking time. They.Are.Scams.
It's a harsh but valuable lesson. Don't invest in these things, ever.
>t. It took me 10 days and $650 in the hole to realize this.

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Apu is a make it coin, buy and hold for a year and you'll walk away with a x1000

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Everyone look at the poor northerner. He's probably a scouser too.

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you'd trade back in to eth or USDT on uniswap when you're ready to cash out and send that to Binance/Kraken/etc

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well, if I had thought earlier (like even hours before final rug) about transferring some of apu profits to other coins than shitcoins, I would still earn like x2-x3
but as somebody said once
>if I had balls under my armpit I would have dick as big as my arm
shit happens, what more can I say

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and yes, Uniswap is safe - it's a DEX
just watch out for fake sites

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Its as safe as the user. You can definitely do retarded things like buy a token with a tax in contract that just steals your eth.
Make sure you are swapping the right thing.
Uniswap is not an exchange with kyc, you do whatever, you can swap to tether and send to any offramp to convert to fiat.

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>Ignoring plebbit

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Newfags are here... Retail finally moving into the market?

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>No plebbit

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man it sucks
since you dont seem to be a jeet asking for tuition money you can expect small gift dear fren

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More like -1000x after Mr. Pajeet Dev rugpulls APU for the second time in 3 days.

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The pajeet dev selling is the ultimate opportunity, can't wait for a good entry

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No. There another Inu dog that can do 10x, but I will not tell you, it's too cheap now for you retards to buy. I'm gonna shill it here later.
I can only tell you now that this dog has something to do with stars.

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you deserve every bit of the pain that you get, stupid shitcoin buyer kek

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Southern poofters are insufferable

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>Didn't sell after the initial rug with 20% loss
>Sold after the final rug with 90% loss
What the fuck is wrong with you

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linu is a coin toss, community but not biz's meme.
apu has a chance to do a 100-1000x as dumb as it sounds. It's literally the meme that's in every thread, whether it's link, base bullshit, or even the stock bro

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100 to 1000x in negatives yes

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yes they will go 10x-100x. Remember these are shitcoins not top 100. Remember, they're going to print 1.2 Trillion and then set up a 7.2 trillion budget for next year. You think inflation is over?

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I might ape into apu now that it survived a rugpull, that was the main thing stopping me from getting in

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APU for sure

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checked and based

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> are these shitcoins going to get some exit liquidity? or have I been the exit liquidity?

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what significance would be there even if they do? you'd actually hurt yourself thinking how stupid you were for not putting more money in it with that pocket money.

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>all these poor newfaggots who dont even know how to use uniswap being doped into buying a shitcoin
im going to give you retards a hint: for anyone to make money selling a shitcoin, others have to buy the top and get rugged. the people shilling this shit are baggies that want your liquidity so they can exit with whatever profit margin theyve set

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this isn't anything new, 99% of crypto works this way
see: every single lame ass utility token

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>im braindamaged and cant put effort into researching what coins i should put my money in so im just gonna gamble on a shitcoin casino coin because /r/biz told me so

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APU will be the next memcoin narrative that will melt faces

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Both are low energy, confiend to /biz/. I have an APU bag and I am going out if we get 60M mcap.

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Rocket recovery in the millions from a brown mongoloid dev trying to rug is low energy?

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That's funny, I bought 80 million when it rugged.

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Look how slow the threads are. Almost zero presence outside of /biz/. Normies don't know apu the frog by its name, they just consider it another style of drawing pepe like the classical one or the smug one or the groyper one. For normies they are all pepes. They also need a CEX listing, who's gonna push that? The poomunity? The telegram admins?

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Lol, no.

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The threads were exploding yesterday even with jannies deleting some. It's in crab consolidation mode right now after pumping 4x in one day. Plus it's Sunday, have some patience.

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Reminder that if you’re gambling on Apu, you’re gambling on a coin that’s filled with jeets. It already rugged once; don’t be surprised if it rugs again.

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100X to 1000X with APU. Easily.

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LINU doesn't have any capable people behind it. The only reason it had the initial pump was lucky biz shilling. Simple as.

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I’m Desi East End Londoner and have been highly experienced in crypto for many years sirs

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t. 100b bagholder

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dude has a walk-in shower, that shit ain't cheap

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already mooned???

$APU market cap is still only 19 million, and its going to 1 billion at least, so do math

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do not interact with the hidden coins, scammers send to users to trick ya into giving them wallet permission

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I am now in my 30s and my big Amerimutt grower cock can grow even larger not only bottoming out petite qts but leaving some extra space in the base of my shaft for grool and heavenly girl cum as my bags only exponentially increase so I can support multiple children across different petite qt mothers who depend on my rock hard shaft

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I've taken profits from both and left some in both to see where they go.

Sold my LINU last night and rotated it to APU. Unfortunately, LINU has lost momentum while APU gains it at an increasing rapid pace.

I wanted both to succeed, but I don't think LINU has it anymore. Sorry LINU friends.

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I am a pure autistic psychopath serial killer guys. I know how to make it and cum inside many different women not knowing my name or identity is without a genetics test

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I ain't reading that.

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hah hah hah, that is great meme picture, but also true