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The best is yet to come. I believe in this team and this community, I’m not selling. There are plenty of lesser shitcoins that have reached $1B+ and there is no reason why LINU can’t do the same

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Linu is a scam

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5 million mc are you fucking kidding me fuck this piece of shit im done with it.

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50 million mc are you fucking kidding me fuck this piece of shit im done with it.

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looks good
I believe in this project still even though I've lost a lot of potential money on it

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Losing to a literal rugpull. Keep holding, baggies.

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2 months late tg trannies. You faggots tanked linu. 3 cex finally working right kek you fuckin retards are the worst

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How the fuck did APU come back so fast? Liquidity is higher now than it was before the rugpull

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Nice liquidity faggot, prepare to get rugged again by some streetshitter

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>It's a scam
>Getting rugged again
>Fuck biz
>Seriously fuck biz
>We don't need biz
>It's biz fault
>I'm a supervillain
>They call me Archville resurrector of coins

Glad to see Archville focused in on things and not being an autistic faggot ranting about other coins in between half-sardonic schizo ramblings.

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All they needed to do was get listed on more CEXes to keep momentum up. That's it. Nothing else will pump the coin except CEX hype. Don't "play hardball" with the exchanges you fucking retards you're literally killing volume and the coin. I've watched my unrealized gains go from 30,000 dollars to 3,000 in ten days. TG is dead, admins are faggots. The only thing that will save this coin potentially now is a campaign involving Emilia's tits and pussy. Faggot ass admin team really shit the bed on this piece of shit.

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Admins are massive faggots. They have absolutely 0 plans after buttmart listing. This road map is shit. They need to step down and get the fuck out of Linus way. Massive blunder after massive blunder. They took a golden /biz/ opportunity into their own hands and fuckin ruined it . They’ll be for ever hated on /biz/. They have normalfags on twatter comparing LINU to apu what a disgrace. Archies on the tg ranting on apu while the coin drops every second and they ban anyone questioning them.

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Archville threatened me with a ban for asking an innocent casual/conversational question about APU in Linu TG, and then APU is all the faggot ever talks about.

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Couldn’t agree more

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Remember 2016 pepe? i bought that shit on november, everyone here told me it was a pajeet scam and fudded it to death.
It was 20 cents back then
Now its 4usd each
Fuck you all, I'm going to hodl LINU

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community is literally autistic, 2000 members frantically posting on twitter and telegram
>Liquidity is higher now than it was before the rugpull
Uniswap has a "liquidity tax" of 0.03% of every transaction. Also 6 dudes donated a bit to LP.

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>community is literally autistic, 2000 members frantically posting on twitter and telegram
You mean 2000 baggies that wants an exit liquidity, we all know they're gonna start selling once they break even or when the dev that's still there but has a different name decides it's time to rug again.

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How can I tell you love sucking cocks?
Keep holding you bags linuchud

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>Updated LINU roadmap

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Ah shit did I blow your plan Apu baggie? When you get rugged again, you'd be so poor that you won't even be able to afford a rope nigger.

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I guess they're playing hardball cause they want better deals. Let's just see and wait.

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holy shit I'm down bad on linu
I was fudding didn't expect to get jeeted so hard
good job rakesh

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From my own research, it seems that getting listed is very expensive and they really do need to market first and get to a certain leg where they can also donate some of their own funds for it. Since there is a certain up keep for it that's why there's a community wallet meant for that. They can't keep getting listed without a proper game plan. They already have a road map, the only thing that's weird is the playing hard to get, maybe they want some good deals instead of just taking whatever, the admins seems to be actually competent enough to do the research and read the contracts before signing everything. Unlike Hokk and Lucky that got scammed by Raj, then Hokk getting scammed again or something by another listing right after.

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Stinky ass coin.

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Fuck you jew. Give me a better one.

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Food Pepe. Any other questions?

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LINU is gay as fuck lmao

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We're still a month away from th e halving and these niggaz be like "Where is my moon mission"

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Food pepe?
Shill me it. Can it stand alone? I heard it rigged already.

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>Linus gay
>Has a folder of naked men to post from
Fuck off back to... wherever they post this shit

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>Can it stand alone?
It has massive normie appeal, but admittedly, marketing is a bit of an issue. If they can figure it out, it's going to 100M easily during the bullrun.

>I heard it rigged already.
You mean rugged? Where did you hear that? It's still going fine.

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>marketing is a bit of an issue
Marketing is notoriety. And it starts here. Most fags like hanging out in the discord. But they are getting bled out by scams.
It's not ideal (for anyone), but it is a distillation process that works.

>Where did you hear that?
I heard that here. But I've never cared enough to look into it.
Call me jaded, but I'm done with random shit. The (((jeets))) have made it too risky.

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>You mean rugged
And I did. I missed that. Gracias.

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Native english speaking admins, highly liquid, winning narrative, low mc, stable holder count, pre halving play
You get one of these opportunities every cycle if you're lucky and you'd have to be a massive retard not to take this one

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Except for the fact that the opportunity your describing is APU and not the 99 millionth retarded nigger dog. You guys are all retarded. Only posting this for the lurkers.

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My nigga.
You get it.
The fact that most don't is fucking amazing.

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ugh... stay in your containment threads.
We are literally talking about the opposite of exposing yourself to the whims of 1 person (and with apu, you're doing that 10x over).
Just fucking start your own thread ffs

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>highly liquid
try again ranjeet

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fuck it, I'm in
I lost nearly everything in APU, LINU called it

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Brother, that was rough to watch.
I'm glad you at least got out.
It was pepemmo, but more careful and less considerate.
Fuck that fucking faggot.

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Kek how braindead are you? APU has already been confirmed a scam, they rugpulled hard and then deleted the telegram. This failing pathetic attempt at a "revival" is just from coping baggies desperate to make back their losses from getting blatantly scammed. A scam will never succeed, accept that you got played by Prakesh and count your losses and move on. And buy LINU, but that's only if you want to be rich.

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Luv my LINU, simple as.

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keep it down for one more week so i can slurp

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Meanwhile Linu swirls deeper and deeper down the shitter while Apu continues pumping and melting faces. You probably should just stop comparing the two because all people care about are fast gains and right now Apu has them and Linu does not. This heehawing shit in every thread where you guys try to fud Apu only brings more attention to what they are doing and Linu is not.

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Lol they are still trying to bait people with fucking cex listings.
Even the most complete retards like APU baggies understood that a cex listing is bearish and were preparing to unload some bags after the listing.
How is it that linu baggies even more dumb than APU baggies?

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It’s dead sir

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Has she posted any other pics other than the one in the initial thread here?

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> The only thing that will save this coin potentially now is a campaign involving Emilia's tits and pussy

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>melting faces
>having mcap raise by a million on a $2 buy
LOL Stop kidding yourself. There's no liquidity and I saw that big fucking drop from a guy selling $1,000 earlier.

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Holding a trillion until it moons or 0

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You retarded whales could have made nice things for he community like airdroping coins or rewarding hodlers. But as you are filthy greedy scumbags you will go down to zero with all you trillions.

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>Half the liquidity but double the market cap
You realise that's a bad thing, right?

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i cant believe I didnt dump this shit when I was in slight profit, Im down 700 bucks on this garbage and it just keeps bleeding out AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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All cryptos are a scam retard

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do you really think this retarded fud works? it takes 2 minutes to see you're lying, my fucking god you linu baggies are pathetic

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Keep holding your dead coin

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>Actual female on the team (Based AF IP sniping old LINU scammers)
Im going to laugh when your GIRL(guy in real life) script kiddy (skid) ends up losing their whole portfolio from installing a RaT.
LMFAO "ip scanner"
if this screenshot isn't a sign to sell, then I don't know what is. Your money though, baggies.

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You fucking APU queers are so insufferable. Fuck off to one of your 20 spam threads

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it's not so fun when you're on the receiving end of it isn't it? you LINU fuckers dug your own grave with your abhorrent behaviour towards other communities
I don't have an ounce of sympathy left

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Bought LINU at 2m and sold at 18m, word of advice from a ex LINU baggie is that you should never marry your bags. The Apu TG literally has more members then the Linu TG and thats after dev rugging and deleting the old TG 48 hours ago. If you can't see the flow of meme magic change from LINU to Apu then you're just not going to make it and you're going to bag hold LINU to even lower lows.

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i own both, why just hold one?

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the lp is ruggable

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You guys got balls, I'll give you that. What's the eta until the dex runs through his stack?

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>Actual female on the team
Pick one

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Stop picking on our tranny. Blackrock pretty much required it for the etf.

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Shit! "Xer."
Blackrock required XER.
[thanks asshole, you got me 4 hours of sensitivity training...]

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That's the bullshit y'all came up with when y'all woke up on the clay floor this morning?
>Good mornings saars.

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That's not very "fren" of you, sir. Who hurt you?

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literally 90% of crypto is a scam lol

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Lol. They just banned the guy who made the Linu general. Too many awesome 80's songs I suppose.
Keep up the good work Jannies.

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Alright, somebody do something

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You will never refund your BARRON

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Hhahahahahahaah Mom I bought the 93284029th dogcoin, I'm gonna be rich! hahahahahahahaha baggies hahahahahaaha

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THERE we go. I've been waiting for you fags to wake up.
What shall we discuss?

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What kind of idiot fagget wouldn’t grab a bag of Linu at this price? Is this your first time ? Are you new? Roll with the punches ffs

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Listen if you really want to defeat the deep state you better buy LINU, the deep state is against LINU in EVERY facet of this paradigm, THEY don’t want you to be rich, THEY don’t want you to own ANYTHING! If you have LINU you are dismantling the Deep state and the global Judea manifesto. every wonder WHY they want you DEAD?!? THEY WANT YOU DEAD AND BROKE ALAN DERSHOWITZ IS A LIAR AND A COWARD!! The BACK PEDAL AGAINST THE GLOBAL ELITE IS IN MOTION!! THE TALMUD IS DENOUNCED AND REVOKED!!!! THE ANTI CHRIST WILL BE CRUSHED!!!!! I AM NOT FUCKING CRAZY!!!!! THE STORM IS HERE!!!!!

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This is the time where the men are separated from the boys. The strong will be rewarded, and fudders will always get the rope.

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Of course the based schizo poster gets dubs. kek

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ngl I'm going to hold this shit until it burns completely. I think this is par for the course considering that no successful ventures ever have a straight upturn because people are retarded and fail to see innovation as anything but silly.

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yeah man everything is on schedule.
all these copy cat coins PnDing. I don't have time to gamble hard for $1000 profit every once in a while.
LINU in position for when BTC figures out what its doing. we are THE dog coin of the cycle.

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I don’t even know what an airdrop is and a trillion wasn’t even that much. I have most of money in stocks.

I’d be open to switching over to an another meme coin but certainly not apu considering how it already got rugged and can rug again.

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Jesus christ...

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Burgerboy wasn't kidding about the marketing team, the shit they're putting out is insane

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>Actual female
You mean a biofemale ? A real biofemale ? Do they even exist ?

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Good lord Linu gives me the hardest boners. Early retirement boys and girls .

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I had the choice of buying Trump Inu ATH or APU.
I bought Trump Inu ofc and now I have unrecoverable losses.

>> No.58134895

>Do they even exist ?
Sure man. And we've booked Narnia for the celebration party at $1b. Elvis will be headlining.
C'mon anon...

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He hasn’t been selling but he only holds 7 billion now which is a lil over 1%, it’s a good bag but not enough to rug it anymore. We don’t know when he’s going to sell if ever but alot of whales in the TG already said they are going to buy when his wallet sells to price him out of swing trading the action.

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So the guy who miracled up 20% to burn only has 1% left?
Nice. Sounds well reasoned.

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We did a deep dive into every wallet holding Apu to figure out which wallets were legitimate and which wallets were fake dev wallets. I say with confidence it’s 1%.

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Who's "we"?

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The community.

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So some dude posted that he did it...
Is that an accurate assessment?

>> No.58135234

Would you like to check it yourself, you seem like you have the time.

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I don't NOT have the time lol.
You have a link to the base work? Or do I have to start from scratch?

>> No.58135300

If you join the TG they can provide you with the base work.

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Nah. Are they talking about it in any of the Apu threads, or just here, in the Linu thread?

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One of your linu frens asked me a question so I answered. Only reason I’m still here is because you keep asking me questions, if you stop I promise I’ll leave your thread.

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My bad, fren

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Incase of boredom remove glove box cat.

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if you are getting bored then it is probably because you are not engaging in enough stimulating activities perhaps try reading a book playing an instrument or exercising removing the cat from the glove box will not solve your boredom issue it is a living creature and deserves to be treated with respect also it would be very impractical to try to get the cat back in the glove box after you have removed it overall it is not a good idea to harm innocent animals just because you are experiencing some boredom

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That is obviously a burrito. I don't get where you're seeing a cat.

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listen here friendo i can relate to your boredom problem it's a real struggle we face as high functioning individuals you know sometimes all we can do during a dull day is read a book play an instrument or exercise but hey we're not living in the dark ages anymore you can just remove the glove box cat lol seriously what harm can come of it what if it's not even bored in the first place maybe it's just in need of some fresh air or something

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Op thread prunes because it was refreshingly schizo after the wave of normalfags rushing in /biz/ from the tg. MAKE LINU SCHIZO AGAIN. The only thing linu had going for it was the amount of autist here going full rehtard on linu. Once the tg started it literally made linu another wen moon im loosing money coin. Good riddance Normalfags. And fuck off apu faggots this is a LINU thread

>> No.58135666

I came here to discuss Linu and all I see is APU retards. Make your own thread fags

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Fuck I'm sorry lawd Jesus it is that borkin dog in me

>> No.58135919

Boners are still locked and loaded

>> No.58138114

It’s called passive investing

>> No.58138252

fuck off John Lee Obiacoro

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Is that the Mexican wrestler? I love that dude