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Coin, early and funny and racist but not too too racist

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do you think its already harvested will there be another bull anon?

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Do you guys use bots for this shitshow ? which ones do you recommend.
Bonkbot left me in red

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Bots only for stable coins, most coins on BASE are good for that

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Never gone to base, is there any bot for that ? Has it been useful for you? might move there to see, It seems less burned out than SOL

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haven't used SOL "blockchain" once.

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People say Cerberus too

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JEWS is the only meme coin you need. Jews did 911.

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Here's one OP.

Dropped this 3 days ago and now exchange listing coming this week. GG

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what exchanges do these get listed on?

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the ticker is $TGIRL.

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man this is stupid, if you are going to bet with cryptos you better do copytrade based on truflation.

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Bought a bag of JEWS yesterday. Went to bed while it was pumping. Now I'm down like 70%.
Why did I do this? I always lose when I gamble on shitcoins.

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Do you really need to buy like minutes after they're created?

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Seemingly. I thought JEWS had some decent meme potential and would pump for a few days at least. I was wrong I guess. Now to the question: Do I sell at a loss or keep bagholding?

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I buy $brah and penis grow exponential. Bastard redeemed.

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Where do you gets airdrops from? Is there a TG or Discord group?

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I bought into this one, because I wanted to redeem myself from the n#*ga coin circus that's been going on recently

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Monkeycoin bros. It’s simple easy and swag

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No, you have to buy SECONDS after they're created.

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we need some good meme makers to flood twitter with a coin of biz choice

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things aren't going well sirs.. down about 2/3rds of my whole folio

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i accidentally bought fake SLERF too fuck these scammers

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Check AuschwitzWoodenDoor

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Auschwitz wooden door #WODNDOR

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you can get it with a phantom wallet atm,

the exchange listing is this week on MEXC first, super easy 10x at a minimum

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Home much do you guys throw into rugs?

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I just lost 600 usd on JEWS.
Never again.

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comfy af atm

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I'm not sure yet, i haven't checked it out too much
Is there any y'all recommend or that hasn't been released yet but has potential? If they can be traded using dextools it would be great, thanks

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$JEWS is a long term hold. It took 6 weeks for PEPE to pump. Don’t be short sighted, you fucking jew.

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No idea

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>Find coin on dextools
>Low cap etc
>Paste contract address into Jupiter
>Nothing comes up, token list is set to all, not strict
>Click "swap on raydium"
>Doesn't work, doesn't connect wallet or lags
How are people even making plays on small coins? What am I missing?

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This. I bought at .006 but bought some more at .002. It's got a good ticker, the talk of censoring or banning these coins because of their name will have the opposite effect intended. Honestly I feel like I'm fighting back against them by buying more. I WANT this to get popular because I hate that they think they can track me down via my wallet and make me lose my job or something

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go to coinmarketcap and find the real high marketcap raydium coin and click their website and use their swap there maybe import new tokens if you need to

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$short (short boi)
beta play to long boi

picking up good volume & attention on dexscreener

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Yeah. Fuck it. I did the same. Just threw another % of my XMR stack into this. More than doubled up my JEWS stack. If I lose the money at least I did it for a good and worthwhile cause; making the Jews seethe. The ADL et al are legit scared of this shit -- the phrase "Jews Did 911" has been banned from search on twitter roflmao. Fuck these assholes.

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Coin Base and other tier1 cex soon

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>Jews Did 911
>Listed on tier CEX
It's gonna get nuked from orbit. Highly unlikely to be a profitable buy desu. Only Buy this shit for the lulz.

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Here you go 4chan a micro cap for you that fits every sol shit coiner.



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Nice I'll buy anything under 20k marketcap

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Only a few hours old. I am just buying small dips so i don't get jeeted. I think it could do well time will tell.

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I just throw 2 sol at projects like this and pretend it's just going in the fireplace anyway.

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Yes its just fun, some pay some don't, i made 5k from 50 bucks on goku a while back. Good times.

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try $TGIRL i saw a few ads and apu tg shilling it

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Literally how? Airdrops in some secret tg?

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>How are people even making plays on small coins?
With great difficulty. I'm pretty sure if you want to trade these things and get in and out quickly (which is what you'll need if you're going make any money) is that you'll have to get a pro-bot or some kind of paid subscription to dextools etc. Otherwise, you're going to lose every time.
>What am I missing?
Right now, you're missing out on losing money.
>t. 1250 SOL coin holder.

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He went to sleep holding a shitcoin

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Seriously tho we need to create a based private to shill together cuz i see huge volume/potential but devs are constantly rugging

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SOLfiles, chart looks really good and coin is unlikely to rug since it has a usecase

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Just use the swap function on dextools

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>trade on raydium
>pool not found
How to fix?

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ca: 4n7k6MYUCicxZfAxqhihxwTJffsjHEuMXftSAp4zzesn

fair launch last night no jeets
LP burned
airdrop will come

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Just found 2 SOL in my Phantom wallet I bought a few years ago

What shitcoins do I ape in on?

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Ah shit I bought this earlier too
You guys see Doge Marley? It's another doge meme but the creator made the effort to at least create a website and pretend it isn't a pnd scam

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COMFYchads rise up

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$BLIMP you idiots the ticker is $BLIMP. it’s so reddit tier it’s bound to blow up. we deserve pudgy penguins money too

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That's not as bad as Raydium. But it's still really bad. Can't get in early on new tokens : Can't trade this token right now. Try again later bullshit.

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I accidentally bought double of PUKKU bc it said it didnt go through, but it actually did.

Oh well.

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Yeah it does that everytime for me. I basically treat it as a signal that it did work.

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Mods are now actively deleting threads about $JEWS.

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this one just came out seems promising


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$MOTH just under 10mcap

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wait 10mil? I ment 10k kek

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Made about 30 minutes ago. You're early for once anon

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because all the holders are bots anon. just waiting for suckers.

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Discrd - ER3qzZrcBD

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Use bonkbot in telegram anon, or any other bot like trojan it will streamline the process

make solflare or phantom wallet
open tg
get bonkbot and export private key
put private key in solflare or phantom wallet
your bonkbot address is now in your wallet
send sol to your bonkbot address
now to buy a coin just open the chat with bonkbot and post the coin address, option to buy / sell will appear

this is how everyone trades in seconds on solana

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Are there even any non-scammy projects on solana? If so, where/in what groups do you find them?

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where do you find shit tokens to buy and what is your strategy? Dexscreener? Birdeye?

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if your trying to whale into new coins with one or two SOL here is a couple
boomer is under 100k mcap
fuck my life FML is under 10k mcap

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pump fun and also dexscreener new list

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If you want a solid and very undervalued gem I recommend grabbing a bag of $ALMC on Solana

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someone build a token called "you are a faggot" that you can send to someone when they tank your shitcoin by selling 2 grand

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$andy the next pepe

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drug coins the next meta. drugs were the birth of crypto, and they will be the birth of the next meme meta. send it.

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whats the fuckin address you retard

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How ruggy is this? so far looks cool idk if buy.

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Don't buy coins that have a green wick in the beginning that large

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small boi, 6k mc with a community takeover in progress

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comfy and jeoboden

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so its just gonna pump like dat after i sold my stack?

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DYOR. Don't be afraid of the chart (presalers jeeted), check what they are doing. It's at the bottom rn. Thank me later.

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$Kong drops tmrw morning. Keep an eye out for it

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Fellow lord reporting in. I bought at 2c which I thought was too just to be a part of the shitposts but I’m also enjoying the slight gains (20%) so far but hoping for a 50x trip to the moon if it becomes a cumrocket

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TG and Twitter soon

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I'm looking at SUi and base instead. tell me what you got

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no way i'm getting rugged again. fuck off

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Movex, Cetus, Suia and Hydro. the rest are shit

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Any socials for this one?