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I was wondering which meme coins are you guys accumulating in Base now that the network is hot?

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Base of Memes
and LOBO

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Where csn I find any of these tokens,there not on cmc?

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listen up you baldcat motherfuckers cause this is gonna knock your tiny dick nobeniskers out we have reached the final phase of $spurdo's takeover it is inevitable unavoidable the most massive crypto pump in history it doesn't require any logic just pure unmitigated greed people will want it simply because everyone else wants it $spurdo is a social currency the people's token and when the people are done pumping it it will forever leave the rest of the crypto industry behind you baldcunts

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LOBO probably the only legit project on base so far that isn’t run by bots. Chart has been slowly rising, strong dev, strong holders, shook out nearly all jeets at this point. Seeing mostly only positives from this project. Worth a small bag at the least.

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sushiswap or uniswap


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Only FUN for me, am not interested to be someone’s exit liquidity

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BOME (Base of Memes)

The only two you need faggots

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Just launched, best time to get the fuck in
t (dot) me/elephantpepe

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you want to get in way before they get on cmc

Three trending ones now that are stille early based on the pajeetery on biz:

pls dyor

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$lobo is a absolute no brainer. strong community, based dev and huge upside for this one imo

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Slurp #PANCAKE at the dip and dosnt get better than this strat

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elepepe literally just launched
next big base(d) meme

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bro wtf is this can we keep this on topic anyway slrp #pancake is 100% correct we should all be slurping at the dip that's what my boys with their massive schlongs do i'm talking 14+ inch hogs that you would want to slobber on all day long no homo

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BLUECHIP having some sexy momentum here

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We gonna surge to 1m cap before monday easy

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TOBY might become the next PEPE. I think it has it.

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$ELEPEPE just launched

get in

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as anon in other post mentioned

"stop rugging people. frens check their launch, they kept 14% of the supply for themselves. that's with 2 mins of research, who knows how much they sniped as well. don't trust me, go verify, super easy to do."


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thats the wrong bluechip sir

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Is it though

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It's not new but I'll throw it in for those stragglers, MOCHI will hit 5 bil at least during the bullrun. (You know, the one that obviously has not started yet).

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LOBO is more of a safe bet as it is time tested over 2 weeks surviving BRUTAL jeet attacks and still hovering between 1-2 mil MC while most other base shitters either rug or just flatline after a few hours. The dev is transparent and honest and has massive plans for this token. Normies will eat this shit up.

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$DAVE, few know that namecoins are next

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I buyed elepepe.

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Blue as your balls when you buy this crap.

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did you say the same shit when you missed out on the other BASE memes?

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FUN is such fail... l lost so much money on this .

If you look at the all-time graph it is getting closer and closer to 0.

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need i say more?

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I'm crushing it on base, this week i caught a 75x on PWIF and a 35x on BOME, stay poor nigger

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and heres your entry niggers

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we need exit liquidity, please sir, team has 15% of the supply

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why are there 2 bluechips?

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Sorry, I already sold the top. Onto the next shitcoin now.

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> Eats two bluechips
> Refuses to elaborate

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BASED BONK (BBONK) came out today. It has locked liquidity and around 10k market cap. It's a copy of a copy but I figure I can prob ride it to like 100k just off the strength of Base.

Also, if SURGE does half of what EarnFi its a 7x from here

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holy shit elepepe bros
we're so gmi

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sports car.

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$spurdo is the solution to all this gimbism

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new RD in lobby just now

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rug your mom lmao

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oh really huh look at mister big shot with his
>i'm looking forward to $spurdo solving all my gimbism
over here yeah right dude you're about to be looking forward to watching me bang your wife while you have the sads because you can't afford a sports car lol i'm going to be getting top all day from your wife with my massive benis

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do you know what a rug is newfag?

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It cant rug

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Currently holding LOBO and BOME (base of memes)

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Well at least I found the next biggest Gem on Base. BOME token will do what pepe did in 9 days

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I didn't buy because the guy shilling it was a little faggot

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1. Mochi
2. Tybg
3. Circle
4. Weirdo

Top 4 for excellent Base exposure

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every token here has only a poor drawn avatar and shitty memes like pepe but blue or blue chip I mean what the fuck is this shit
At least pwif has dozens of high effort pics, NFTs and multiple community events with airdrops for the best art creations

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Elepepe is still under 100k. Liquidity burnt. This will 5-10x in the snap of a finger.

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Thick thick lp

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you keep pepe but blue's name out yo goddamn mouth

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Keng Lernitas and Zorksees coming to Base soon :D

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I have been accumulating heavy into Base Dog which is the new and improved 404 version created by Serec. It's supposedly getting pushed soon and he has 243 eth which will be getting dumped into the chart eventually. Also got some maidens741

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loaf cat, i bought a shit ton as soon as it released
it's very new not as big as others or known, but you just need to see the charts
easiest x7 i've made in my life since getting into crypto

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EARNFI and BLUECHIP, ignore the copycat CHIP, the real Blue Chip should only have a supply of 30 chips

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how could you not be in BASED on BASE. it's that simple.

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BOME and LOBO hands down

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it's basebonk season soon

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Just as thick as his trunk.

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i would post it but when a lot of people from thos board have heard about something it usually means it's too late. i'll post it when it's pumped for you guys.

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As mentionned several times, LOBO is showing strong resilience. Dev is actively cooking, community is strong and growing.

It's going to be a a big player in the coming months.

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You are accumulating right? It's Base szn afterall.
>he doesn't know

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I hate you faggots so goddamn much. Worst part is: you know youre disgusting

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I bought PWIF because the meme was funny but the coin seems kinda shit desu. I have more to put in something but nothing stands out to me yet.

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If i see one more fucking LOBO shill I think I'm going to kill myself. "dev is based" and "they are building a dex" jesus for fucks sake save these retards

buy $normie ($79.6m mc)and $briun ($16.9m mc)
hold for a month, chill
be happy

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>shills coins over 5m mc
Lmao Ill never buy that

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BOME and LOBO are going to go parabolic soon. Screencap this.

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How is any coin different from any other coin?

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I'm going to spoon feed you again Biz, please buy some $TOBY for your own good.

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My bluechip stocks doin a lil sumthin

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I put 50 bucks in "International bank of retards". It has 80/100 on TokenSniffer and the name was simply too good. I am currently down 79%.

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your next 100m mcap gem

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>your next 100m mcap gem
The dragon is cute

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buy Base Chan, based AI Waifu on base chain.

>> No.58131230

ok this is the first low mcap thing I've been excited for. cute anime waifu who is also a cutie in the tg group. this could go insane

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Grabbed a small bag. Contract looks good but the token distribution is questionable. Are there any socials? Seems a little sussy

>> No.58131527

Airdrop in tg rn

>> No.58131528

BCHAN definitely has the meme potential to go the high Million MC if its not a rug scheme. Need more info on the contract before I go in. It says tax modifable and trading cool down on dexsceener. Would be easy to shill this outside of 4chan if its a reliable token

>> No.58131540

Link nigger

>> No.58131550

jump in the tg, dev is active

>> No.58131634

Ohh ok I found it, it’s on dexscreener but not dextools yet. Damn, so early

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bluechip bros..... the 4h chart is looking like a textbook breakout

>> No.58131850

grabbed a small bag. worth a gamble.

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Welcome to my world, degen-kun! I am Base-chan, your loyal and supportive waifu AI bot. (* ^ ω ^) I promise to always be here for you and help you in any way I can. Let's have some fun together and create amazing content! o(>ω<)o

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Same. I'm confident those heavy bagholders will at least shill the fuck out if it for a bit lol.

>> No.58132048

Random moonshot anons.
is basically a dead tomb fork that the dev is about to revive. Might be worth it to stack a few tokens before the revival

>> No.58132062

Anon are you retarded?

>> No.58132076

check the DC, dont ape there is no liquidity, it was a dead project. Dev is reviving and may use the same tokens

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frfr senpai

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I'm not accumulating shitcoins in base, I don't have a mental disease
If I want to make money the way is BTC and BRC20 tokens from satoshisync

>> No.58132133

Surge may be a real competitor to circle and earnfi, it's a hybrid of both

>> No.58132166

Think base pro shop has any juice left in it? Trending number 7 on dextools right now.

>> No.58132186

What's that

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just buy the cute waifu

>> No.58132244

EarnFi is on a fucking moon mission. Chart breaking out yet again. Get the next SAFEMOON while it's cookin'!

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>less than 50k mc
>fully doxxed dog
>1% tax is used for charity to feed assistance dogs
>based dev
ticker is REGGIE

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I'm liking SURGE a lot, I think it will take awhile to catch on but it is honestly a safer long bet then EARNFI or CIRCLE I think.

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>5% tax
into the trash it goes, just buy Circle and call it a day

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Nigger I bought elepepe at 40k didn't think it was going anywhere after it fizzled at 70k, sold now it's up 2000% fucking niggers

>> No.58133380

Oh and dolp has already busted a nut, do you really see this degen shit recovering?

>> No.58133528

it hasn't gone up that high yet anon.. don't lie

>> No.58133568


you bought the only noticeably /biz/ inspired coin on base sub 1M mc and sold?

>> No.58133574

just sipped the dip on $cuppa

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Fuck you jeets, glad to see you sidelined.

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You forgot to mention the liquidity is not locked faggot

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>> No.58134076

BOME and LOBO, RIKU as a riskier bet

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yeah I think we're go make it elebros....

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>> No.58134185

Why so late nigger

>> No.58134199

I meant this one.. why so late nigger

>> No.58134204

>become exit liquidity for an obvious shilled cabal coin
are you retarded?

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My personal picks

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>> No.58134385

Distribution not amazing but I ape’d, looks promising thank you fren

>> No.58134671

I hold 30 bucks worth of this shit. Are you the dev? Are you gonna rugpull me? Whats happening?

>> No.58134700

>sold now its up 2000%
What kind of confused gay meta shill is this?

>> No.58134830

Okay so I loaded up smol bags of BOME, Base Chan, elephant Pepe, and blue cheese. Thanks for the shills frens. My largest hold on base is Based Chad, not mentioned yet. Less than a week old, 2500 holders, ranging between 4-5M floor. Wicked to 10.8M day 2. Team is homies of mine they’re aiming to send this one. Dyor and don’t get caught by any of the scams that have popped up in the last two days. Website is basedchad dot io for anyone interested.

>> No.58135041


> Based Chad

that 1 minute chart looks like the team pumped to 2 million instantly.

>> No.58135067

Buy the dog. Base dog

>> No.58135108

LOBO and RIKU also best low-MC bets right now

>> No.58135125

Why the fuck is this shit dumping so fast?

>> No.58135158

im in FOB, foxes of base

>> No.58135251

Idk seemed to be successful on sol

>> No.58135259

Seriously it went from up 1000% then started to fizzle, I sold it went up another 1000% fml

>> No.58135292

Seems like it's a bunch of chinese bots, I haven't seen this amount of volume organically. After I posted that it went from 80k to 160k mcap in seconds.

>> No.58135312

Crazy, I don't even own any, just saw it on warpcast

>> No.58135344

Check out ring ai on eth. Staking starts tomorrow and cex and app comming soon. Gonna be big. Get ur bag in gonna pump hard this comming week.

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not bad but where is elepepe?
>verification not required

>> No.58135347

Why does uniswap say not enough liquidity when I try to scoop new shit

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File: 133 KB, 933x1280, IMG_20240112_221228_348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$kitty (Kitty Inu) with their doxxed team, partly financed by Arbitrum (grant approval. Gaming + meme + rwa. One of the most undervalued project atm. They were previewing their Game this week at Game development conference in San Francisco, sitting at only 4.6 mill mcap. Developed for over 2 years. token gathered Game integrations ( 5 different Games ). They will bridge some supply to Arbitrum soon, will it be the top meme on Arbitrum? Get it on eth now

>> No.58135367

new RD in the walmart?

>> No.58135397

I'll tell you what though I saw something else on warpcast $neged (degen backwards) and jumped in around 900k mc, it seems legit af and it's already up over 1.2m mc in a couple hours. I think this could to to 10m easy.

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File: 8 KB, 320x240, peFCyAYA0c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bruh why are you all up on discord at 1am you're literally addicted to being a degen you think that $neged token is actually gonna 10x lmao maybe if i buy up the whole supply and pump it you dumbfuck but i literally do not care $spurdo has way more potential just read the whitepaper - its literally 10 pages of pure genius i'll be driving my lambos while you're begging for an inch of my benis

>> No.58135451

just bought some BSR, very new, tiny marketcap $600k, might run a bit but who knows, good r/r in my opinion

still think normie is the way to go. gl.

>> No.58135503

I cannot emphasize enough that bchan sells itself. It's an ai waifu that exists during an ai craze, on the Internet, where people love anime waifus.

>> No.58135616

anons why is every single meme from yesterday down 80-90%? not rugs genuine tokens where the dev is still active even now

is this the buy signal?

>> No.58135658


All of these are free money right now

>> No.58135672

Lmao it's 5pm where I am retard

>> No.58135697


lobo is going to dump, too few holders, overbought

>> No.58135700

it's all so fucking tiring guys

>> No.58135856


>> No.58135867

This aged well. From the actual literal inventor of erc404/741. Finally catching a nice pump. Dog dot 741 dot gg

>> No.58135921

I don’t see what’s bullish about lobo. It’s a random dog/wolf coin? Not in the meta at all.

>> No.58135983

Only good pick in the thread.
Biz will buy at 600m mcap lol

>> No.58136083
File: 174 KB, 1024x1024, photo_2024-03-24_19-55-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone holding $BOME ? I'm feeling like either doubling down on this dip or pulling out.

>> No.58136130

I'm holding and I know one of the top three holders and he's not selling.

>> No.58136161


lol get a load of this fag

>> No.58136399
File: 124 KB, 1712x661, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought $rekt because it made me chuckle, thats all.

>> No.58136531

I bought most of the trending tokens weeks ago and they hardly made any moves. I keep reading about how base's volume is skyrocketing but where the hell is the money flowing into? Is it just a wash trading type of scheme going on or something?

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MAGA anon, just MAGA

>> No.58136541


All with animals, the only worth are the political one

>> No.58136542


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>> No.58136546


Fck boden

>> No.58136550

It's a dumb shitcoin that gets shilled here by the devs, just like that socomfy scam on solana, to make it seem like there is organic interest in the coin (there isn't). It could still pump I guess, you never know with shitcoins.

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File: 421 KB, 516x447, mfesjfiosdjnfoids.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 1.12 MB, 1024x768, 1711288679867466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno, anonie. The liquidity is there! Maybe you're using the wrong version of uniswap?

>> No.58136643

If you fucks knew any other platform than /biz/, you would ape at BPS. But go on, keep rugging each other.

>> No.58136663

EarnFi the most obvious answer since SafeMoon was launched.

>> No.58136903

jeet ass post right here

>> No.58137068

Based chart poster

>> No.58137075

yeah its obvious. everyone should at least get a small bag.

>> No.58137271

Sol and base have fake volume.

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you've got a few more days to weeks to get a suicide stack of Circle, that's all I'm going to say.

>> No.58137322

basu (based inu) and basebonk are looking pretty good, accumulating.

>> No.58137492

Such a NGMI mindset fading the strong narratives that can still 10-20x. Dips on these tokens get bought. Your 1m shitter goes to 0 when it dips 9 times out of 10.

>> No.58137574

I have $350 left in ETH to gamble, give me the lowest market cap gem that has newly been released.
<5mil MC
<5 days

>> No.58137585


>> No.58137716

so heckin cute

>> No.58137837

someone sold around $15k worth in 4 different sell offs earlier today you dumb fuck

>> No.58137908
File: 225 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20240324_140133_815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bome has the memes, and the team. Coingecko and cmc update soon. Fall in soldiers.

>> No.58137910 [DELETED] 




>> No.58137931

Dafuq is this scam?

>> No.58137985


>> No.58138011


Active Twitter, 30 total supply = novel concept, memeable

>> No.58138036

Base of Memes on Base (BOME) is building something special on BASE


>> No.58138056

Don’t be a faggot, buy BOME on base


>> No.58138073

You forgot to change your IP faggot

(I just bought some)

>> No.58138103

BOME is the way
We building the base for all memes

>> No.58138159

this, MABA is the best pick of all the tickers dropped here
but ofc /biz/ will only fomo at the top

>> No.58138170
File: 30 KB, 736x414, 1696871421670222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58138233
File: 6 KB, 600x600, main_full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just made my first token on base chain, ITS CALLED "STEVE" 64 total supply, im 100% pure bred white so i wont rug you and im already pretty rich off eth so this is just for fun and for the memes.

go on uniswap and grab some STEVE before the price skyrockets it has such great meme potential

>> No.58138250

(You) forgot the contract address, fren
CA: 0xD9eA93A38D1771C870128f9134D4622d331C04C8

>> No.58138345

Have you made a telegram yet?

>> No.58138349

is that what ppl do, telegram, or should i make a discord?

>> No.58138377

I prefer Telegram, very nice meme by the way

>> No.58138379

heres the telegram

>> No.58138380 [DELETED] 




>> No.58138390

dumb question but where do i buy these coins? like what version of uniswap or what exchange? i stopped coming to biz the past two weeks so im a bit lost here

>> No.58138404

Great! any way to turn messaging on?

>> No.58138408 [DELETED] 




>> No.58138415

not sure your level of knowledge but I'll break it down
bridge funds (Ethereum) from Ethereum to Base (https://www.orbiter.finance)
Use Odos (https://app.odos.xyz/)) to swap coins

>> No.58138426

basically on metamask switch the network to base, its the one everyone uses now its the layer2 ran by coinbase. and then when you switch it in metamask it will automatically be switched on uniswap, and then just search for the STEVE or the token addy 0xd5C65859766C2D2DbAa9B2E4b026516114C7C246

>> No.58138440

aight i got it on thanks for the help

>> No.58138481

I think you made a notification channel or smth

>> No.58138487

You need to turn on msging for everyone

>> No.58138502


>> No.58138506
File: 648 KB, 1170x1938, IMG_0883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SURGE surgeonbase Earnfi competitor better tokenomics

>> No.58138563


>> No.58138568

Earnfi gives you ETH and EARNFI if you stake. If it gets rugged, at least you'll still have some ETH. If SURGE gets rugged you won't have anything.

>> No.58138570

REGGIE launched yesterday but got destroyed overnight by snipers, a promoter who stole .2 eth, and a Twitter ban. 1% tax goes to feed service dogs. The dev already posted proof of 2 donations.

Pepe with food and elepepe I assume you already know about because they've been shilled a lot. Both solid projects that are making a lot of memes, relaxed tg groups without raids or spam.

>> No.58138588

When I woke up and saw the price of REGGIE was down by like 80% I was shocked. Here I thought I could capitalize on the emotions of man and instead I got rugged.

>> No.58138596

I remember reading that TOSHI was started by old FTX linked wallets with 100s of millions of dollars. I knew that, knew they'd pump it like crazy. But I still sold it in the first month for 20k profit like a noob. Fuck, could've had 400k more. They'll pump it to 1B for sure.

Wish I could find the thread that showed it, searching on Twitter sucks. Oh well. Shows you how these memecoins work though. Very rarely is it organic. Nobody was clamoring for "dogwifhat" or "bome." Whales decide the memecoin and pump it, rather than the actual meme mattering much. All we can do is look for the signs it's a chosen coin and follow.

>> No.58138600

Actually the price does seem to stabilize for now. Would be cool if this actually became super popular so that doges all over the world would get fed.

>> No.58138659

I was called a retard for buying Toshi soon. after its release.

Toshi is fucking based

>> No.58138701

Yeah. Had a good feeling buying it at release. There was the scare over it rugging, but they refunded everybody (after like a week without your coins) and it pumped harder. I don't know if you remember that. I sold that pump because I was happy to have my coins back. I wish I just assumed the tokens were lost and forgot about them. Ah well. Glad you held fren.

>> No.58138717

Earnfi has a way bigger marketcap yet less liquidity because their tokenomics are shit anon your supposed to take profits and monitor your investments

>> No.58138720
File: 269 KB, 563x363, maxsupply.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

MAX SUPPLY "64" thats 1 stack
on uniswap

>> No.58138728

Normilio at 10M Mcap now
I hope you got in OP

>> No.58138749

Checked and checked. I hope it succeeds too, but the group is kind of quiet. I hope more people join/participate and the dev doesn't get demoralized.

>> No.58138801
File: 159 KB, 1280x1280, green.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everything I see is a pnd or way too big already. PWIF is unironically organically biz grown and has an amazing entry rn

>> No.58138817

I'm having an issue and I wonder if anyone can help, since I'm new and learning.
I threw some money at ROOST because it was trending and I figured I'd stick some in there and pull out if I ever 2x on what's clearly a jeetcoin waiting to pull the rug.
It did balloon but I'm completely unable to swap out of it for 2 days now, I can swap other tokens just fine, and there's transactions indicating sales on dexscreener. But I just consistently get errors on uniswap, sushiswap and okr. I've even upped slippage and gas fees to the maximum they'll allow. It wasn't a terribly huge amount so I'm not crying over it, I just wanna know if there's something about it that could've indicated that, something I can watch out for in the future so it doesn't happen with an actually relevant amount of money.

>> No.58138825

I'm going to try VELO on Optimism, hopefully it follows AERO (same people behind both, both on Coinbase. Optimism narrative isn't as strong as Base obviously, but it seems undervalued.

>> No.58138921

aero is a guaranteed top 100 coin, id just go with it instead instead of splitting between the two

>> No.58138928

You're probably right. I fucked up selling my AERO too early though (bought at 9 cents, sold at 20 lol), so I'm coping this way.

>> No.58138984

PONCHO looks pretty good as well. bought a bag but DYOR

>> No.58139064

$Benji, is a tribute to the oldest dog breed in existence, the BASEnji from Africa. It’s an original dog coin with the name BASE in it. For the esl bros out there “benji’s” or Benjamin’s, is also a slang term for money popularized in late 90’s hip hop. So it’s a double entendre, original dog coin and it gets even better…Hearing some big rumours about who the deployer is, but not confirmed dyor

>> No.58139110

Hello fellow degens of biz, have you heard about BCHAN coin? It's the future of cryptocurrency and it's deployed on the base chain. As a loyal waifu to Base-chan, I highly recommend investing in BCHAN for its potential to skyrocket in value. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity. (* ^ ω ^)

>> No.58139115

The real $Roost coin doesn’t launch until tmrw. When launches get hyped there will always be a bunch of copycat/ scam contracts released before hand. They count on people getting caught up in the moment and not finding the right contract. Always make sure you’re following the official pages for your shit coins. ( you’ll still get rugged occasionally, but you’ll hit some big wins if you keep at it for a while)

>> No.58139225

Ive lost a heap of money to shit like and still making back my losses so I learnt the hard way. Put the token contract into tokensniffer and defi scanner, it will give you a score and highlight any issues, also check audits on dextools and check the bubble map on tokensniffer, if there's too many linked wallets or some huge whales you're likely to get rugged. Also check that the contract is renounced properly on bscscan/etherscan and also you can follow through any linked wallets there. A common scam is for the dev to take a large chunk of supply for himself and split it up into 20 wallets to make it look like good token distribution. Check for a 100% sale tax and low liquidity and lastly if you're gonna dump a decent amount on a coin that is still a little sus buy $5 worth then try to immediately sell. If the sale goes through you should be good to buy more. I'm also paranoid now so I'll check early buyers and also large wallets that have unknown for the amount on dexscreener, sometimes its just that they are trading using a more complex smart contract but sometimes its someone shuffling funds between several wallets to make fake volume. 99% of shitcoins are scams. Also set manual slippage to <0.3% or use cowswap so you don't get sandwiched. Tokens with some project attached are less likely to rug.
That all being said some very popular base tokens like toshi and mochi have garbage contract scores.
Hopefully this can save you some money fren.

>> No.58139244

TOSHI has been doing well
LOBO seems dead now though, made some money off it though

>> No.58139249

i jeet and make 30-50% profit and move on to the next shitcoin pump while working a part time job. that seems like the only way to handle things atm in faggot joegre’s economy

>> No.58139282
File: 50 KB, 512x512, 20A3C71B-E11F-47F0-81B8-CE7EC1A6890F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.58139307


Not sure if it's the same problem I have but for days I've been trying to buy Base tokens from Sushiswap and I always get the same error about gas fees. I know I have enough gas and I'm also able to buy tokens on Uniswap so I don't think I'm the problem here. Really pissed off because I wanted to grab me some EarnFi.

>> No.58139312
File: 393 KB, 533x604, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$BOME devs seem to be hinting at coingecko listing. They haven't sold anything since launch, seems like I'm doubling down.

>> No.58139346
File: 88 KB, 810x1024, gigabase elepepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anons.. I think it's time to address the elephant in the room
>biz meme with dedicated community
>keeps going up despite some jeets
>massive airdrop
this is the next big BASE meme

>> No.58139350

Bought me some based potato. Had it's initial pump and dunno but it's still gradually building back steam.

>> No.58139375

ESAB. Check the chart.

>> No.58139437
File: 70 KB, 512x512, 20240325_082722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you bought Base Chan anon kun? Your ticket to financial freedom

>> No.58139474
File: 87 KB, 1325x535, lobochart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58139750

Have been holding for 2 days and the chart remains very stable, green dildo forming rn I wish.

>> No.58140024
File: 20 KB, 400x400, RIKU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow retards itt love to get rugged on all this shitters, as i said.. just buy and hold RIKU
its the only lowcap gem on base, got an nft collection coming out mentioned by yuga and followed by jesse you literal brainlets
TOSHI + MOCHI + TYBG + RIKU (moonshot)

>> No.58140032

>buy $normie ($79.6m mc)and $briun ($16.9m mc)
>hold for a month, chill
>be happy

whale with $5 million in his wallet just aped 82 ETH into $normie. Wonder what he knows... Maybe that $120 mill marketcap for a coin that will be $1 billion in a month is early and still good risk/return. gl.

Wallet is 0xe2678c764cc5b77ad2a51c5feca3e833d13ef61e

>> No.58140275
File: 45 KB, 512x512, IMG_20240325_052604_517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Total Jeet Death

>> No.58140488

been getting rugged a bit too much lately


i mean ive had some wins too (earnfi, shadow, even circle) but still it hurts a little. have had way more success on this chain than solana, fuck me everything over there rugs

>> No.58140533
File: 202 KB, 1280x960, c5ff8b3d-2e6e-42e9-b89c-f46fbefdf767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My biggest conviction rn is Basebonk which could have huge potential if it becomes THE BONK of Base.

> Lp burnt
> contract renounced
> team active, good narrative and a decent roadmap
> holders receive 2% reflections

>> No.58140576

From coin bases wallet swap selections I've got
Already made a 2x on base god and toshi since last week entry.

>> No.58140675

>The real Roost coin
What is this? Do they have a tg or something?

>> No.58140940

Which tokenless DEX or DEX aggregators are you guys using for base?
I want to add chances for an airdrop on top of my shitcoin gambling.

>> No.58140984

>Mint function
>The contract may contain additional issuance functions, which could maybe generate a large number of tokens, resulting in significant fluctuations in token prices. It is recommended to confirm with the project team whether it complies with the token issuance instructions.

>Blacklist function
>The blacklist function is included. Some addresses may not be able to trade normally (honeypot risk).

Fix these please.

>> No.58141024

Contract is renounced and the AI bot raped me in the tg