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Will you be regret not holding DOGE?

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I already do. At I have Alphakek.

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It wont be crypto.

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one look at the doge subreddit is enough to convince me never to touch that shitcoin. if you want to see what bagholding does to normies check that place out

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lmao imagine thinking crypto is going to replace fiat when there are literal spurdorinos like me who are going to pump the prices of my favorite tokens to the moon on nothing but pure autism so i can afford my 18ft benis replacement if fiat is going anywhere (it's not) crypto is too have fun staying poor you retard i am spurdo chad and i have a 20ft cock

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Reddit is a subculture of pathetic people. Dogecoin is for the masses. Think small and get priced out.

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Doge is too expensive now at 13p, I'm priced out. I will buy if it returns to 4p.

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That's what fuels the massive giga pumps with meme coins. A bunch of fanatic degenerates on internet forums apeing into a shit coin.

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Sell that sht, get a PAW card, and use the money for something good, like drugs and bitches

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>lots of pathetic support
>this is bearish
You realise when normies support something it'll look exactly the same right? Niggercoins and redeeming Jew oven tokens are fun and all, but they won't make you wealthy

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Daddy Elon is taking me to mars when he makes DOGE the main form of payment for all t*sla metaverse products. I've already dumped my whole tax return on this trash, probably gunna max out my credit card too. You retards are too dumb to do the same.

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except they only got $300 to spare

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I agree with this. I'll have a ton of Doge within a week, hopefully after a nasty market-wide dump.

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Reminder that X and Nueralink and Starlink and plain old Link are all part of the mark of the beast system.

X is Tav which literally translates to “Mark” in ancient Hebrew.

Doge is obviously a “beast”, but we will keep an eye on that.

Jesus is the only one that saves. Love you anons.

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shut up pendejo cabron I need doge to reach 4 dollars for apartamento

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Grasping at straws here- reminds me of the monster logo lady.

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I heard Doge will be the dominant form of payment on earth and mars after Elon has a thriving martian colony.

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DOGE is going to 10 dollarinos per coin this cycle. 100k is the makeit stack.