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>total supply: 30
>max supply per wallet: 0.6 chips
>base chain
>new meme
>went from 16K to 400K in one night
>only biz knows
>100/100 tokensniffer rating
>LP locked for 1 year
>cmc and Coingecko still to be delivered
>+100% holders since yesterday

Bros. As of now, 1 bluechip costs like a used VW Golf.

At 30M mcap, 1 bluechip will equal to 1 million usd.

Time shifting might make this the new trend among normies.

There are 30 blue chips in the Dow jones, and 30 blue chips in the blockchain after all….

Post your bluechip bags.

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0.2 chiplet here

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1 Chiplet reporting in

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You own 20% of a whole blue chip

That’s no chiplet. That’s Bezos

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what's the make-it stack?

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someone shilled this to me yday in a telegram group and bought some for the culture
come back for my morning biz browse and see it everywhere
am I GMI?

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Yes IF we can spread the word. Base is gaining traction by the day, might be the new sol. And positioning something like bluechip ahead of the rest of the dog memes could turn us into a 100M blue chip.

0.3 make it and 0.03 sui

Soon will be 0.03 make it and 0.003 Sui

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Already pumped, just going to crab till death or rugpull now.
Onto the next shitcoin for today.

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we are winning sers

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Telegram has pajeetas this better not be another rug niggas

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ngl biz having a general about it from the get go is giga bearish, when was the last time biz made any money? thats what i thougt. that being said might throw in pennies cuz its a decent sounding meme.

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200 holders, no exposure whatsoever and under 500K mcap. Idk bro. With base being based on this run I think it’s worth to have some lil bags

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this isnt actually how base coins have been running
tokens that manage to makeit out of the 250k trenches have been doing real numbers

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whats 0.03 costing rn anon? I'm on the road

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Bout tree fiddy unironically

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how much is that

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>At 30M mcap, 1 bluechip will equal to 1 million usd.
this would be funny

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Unironically, it wouldn’t even be one sensational case. I mean, plenty of coin worth nothing have 30m mcap. With cmc gecko and a semi decent CEX we can get there.

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Wen dev will pay for trending on DexTools?

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20-30mil in a few days has been happening a lot on base lately. Once it hits that default 6hr dexscreener trending page, its got a real shit at 8 digits. If it's a good meme and there aren't a bunch of fuckin sniper wallets dumping (which there aren't in this case due to the 2% limit), it can take off fairly easily. Most of all this new 400mil extra per day volume on base has been buying only new coins, and they pump them fast and high.

I will say that I think we're probably gonna need some marketing to hit 30mil. At the very least some decent memes. Maybe do something with wolf of Wall Street or Warren Buffett or Gordon Gecko. Something that conveys blue chip stock status.

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Those things need volume and capital. I hope the devs are not brokies.

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this is why im enjoying base, theres real chance for tokens to do stupid numbers like this

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smart money talking right here

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every day a million scams on /biz and /biz still fall for all of them kek

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Stock has crashed. GG.

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Thanks for playing faggots.

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It's "crashing" back and forth...into a mammoth bullflag on the 1 hour lol. This shit is awesome.

Thanks to the anon that brought it here yesterday.

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Just buy the dip and shut up newfags

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Wouldnt buy it with your money, found money, even money given to me and a gun put to my head and told to "Buy or I'll shoot!". Not even then. Death to all scammers.

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This is gonna blow again soon.

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Wow anon, what a bullish chart!

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thanks :))))

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What makes you say that? There is barely any volume.

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Samefagging are we anon?

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>0.016 stacklet
Am i making it

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Lol, I refuse to believe you're this stupid and posting in a thread about crypto, but in the chance you really are a waterhead, that's called a bullflag, and like it's name suggests, it indicates a bullish trend.

To go a bit further, you can identify if indeed the trend is bullish by looking at the order book. In this case, most of the buys are from new buyers and none of the sellers have exited their positions entirely, meaning the sellers believe the price will continue going up and are taking profits rather than just dumping.

Please go like and subscribe or whatever you do, to literally any trader 101 YouTube video if you have any desire to make profits on crypto, as apparently interpreting static images isn't your strong suit.

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FYI, got the green light from dev to approach CITEX.

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what do you think biz is for retard?
people share tokens they think could moon, how are you seeing a scam here

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>Anon does TA on a shitcoin
>Calls other people retarded
Kek, can't make this shit up.

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Picrel; first page of Google. I genuinely hope, for all our sakes, that you haven't reproduced.

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.3 make it to make it, its okay though we're going into accumulation phase

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no shills share tokens they want pumped so they can dump faggot go suck a kok

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Anon, there's enough info presented in this thread and you can do your own research. Still waiting for any tangible arguments, apply some logic to it and you will find out why this is a pretty rad project

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If you're gonna fud your own bag try a little harder

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and yet you are bumping the thread for free, ask yourself why

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Okay so for real. Is BLUECHIP gonna flip BTC today or nah

>> No.58121163

Should be, flippening is happening soon.

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If we meme it, it will come

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File: 518 KB, 650x975, Mybluechipwaifu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mfkers dont know what's coming and I am not gonna keep spoon feeding you forever

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We know. 1 bluechip = $1M

>> No.58121217

Task for today for me is making sure we get on CoinGecko and taking contacts with CITEX for a listing. Will keep you posted bros

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Thanks fren.

>> No.58121313

Wait, are you the dev?

>> No.58121344

Nope lol. Just a baggie. I ended up buying 400$ yesterday and now I’m a top wallet. We need to get this to 1 chip = 1M.

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Is this the new jeetcoin? /biz/ is unreadable nowadays

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Should i bother with 0.1 chip?

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TFW I only bought .12 Chips… go on without me bros I won’t make it

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I am talking to the dev, he is not brown for once. he is autistic as well, so this may be it

>> No.58121544

Ok, thanks.
Sounds awesome. I'm guessing he was focused on making a perfect contract and completely neglected any marketing plan? Lol. Someone with some skills needs to start meming. I'll go shill it on some TGs today, but a few good memes would certainly help.

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New meme idea lads, call them blueys and add that little cartoon dog to the memes

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There are no bad ideas here anon.
Except that one. That's no good.

An aside: base is all cats and dragons, and blue and bald shit. There hasn't been a single big dog token that I can think of yet; the dog nft barely broke 10mil a few times.

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Imagine owning 12% of a bluechip company. Mad lad.

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Post your stacks, i'll tell you if you'll make it

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A fucking spinning chip, lmao

>> No.58121630

0.033 chiplet here. Bought around 1,700, wish I got more

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>you assholes had to run it up
If I'd been an hour earlier I could have bought a full stack with the funds on hand.
It's ok. I'll sit in obscurity with a half stack.

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base TVL is increasing by 20% each week while rest of top10 chains are losing - the flood is fucking coming boys



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How to get ETH onto base? Explain to a noob pls.

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Connect MM to base network and use a bridge friend, its very intuitive. Gotta swap your ETH to base wrapped ETH and trade on Uniswap

>> No.58121914

spoken like true NFA

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fyi 4 of the 30 chips were not put into the uniswap pool as you can see here

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I hope this thing breaks the display on CMC

>> No.58121962

after looking into those wallets they've spent about a quarter of their 4 chips, so they still have 3 to dump which is 10% of the supply

>> No.58121978

That's a sui stack. You'll live.

>> No.58121980

Marketing is important if we want to get this outside of here. Posting memes of this or bring attention on reddit and even ridiculous tiktok will help bring attention and push it to the million cap. Circulating biz wages isn’t enough, that’s why a ton of these meme coins fail here. if I see good memes I’ll try posting them elsewhere where normies can get hyped as well to push it above.

>> No.58121998

Unironically, if we make this our biz coin, we can actually push it real fucking hard. make a few memes and keep it up

>> No.58122024

This IS the biz coin my guy

>> No.58122036

Use orbiter to bridge. Or send from Coinbase main account to CB wallet (make sure to specify destination is Base).
Keep some Base-ETH on hand for fees. The rest can buy/sell stuff.

>> No.58122040

Funny you say that..
Then again, someone is a 100 rupies richer now i am guessing

>> No.58122046

Aren’t these the whitelist wallets? I have that stack as well desu.

>> No.58122087

how can they be whitelist if he's already spent 2 of them?

>> No.58122123

And don't wrap the ETH

>> No.58122128

Paging this anon since he's now our defacto dev spokesperson:
Can we get some clarification on the distribution?

>> No.58122139

My lil zoomerino whitelisted doesn’t mean vested. Are you high?

>> No.58122257

I'm his defense, it often does but, the vested periods aren't typically too long after launch. Also I think he's under the assumption that anyone who buys something presale will insta dump their entire bags, which is sad.

We're gonna make biz fuckin great again with these 30 bluechips lol.

>> No.58122303

Will ask explanation to the dev.

Apparently tho, someone is paying for CMC and CG fast track, Dextools trending and Twitter shilling. Lets see how this plays out.

>> No.58122330

worth getting a bag here regardless then right?

>> No.58122343


Get a PAW card and withdraw that fking sht

>> No.58122346


Good idea

>> No.58122351


PAW is some Indian Bank?

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>Try using higher than normal slippage and gas to ensure your transaction is completed.
What's happening Bluechip bros? Uniswap fails me.

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Telegram bot for debit card, you can evade taxes with it

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Interesting and thanks. Please share any new memes if you come across them on the TG. Particularly ones that emphasize the blue chip stock connection.

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You faggots have been shilling this shit for two fucking days. Fill me in lads.
Feel free to answer the usual questions any /biz/ lurker would ask about a new coin.
Is any part of this coin make it a jeet coin?

>> No.58122475

Read the OP and the rest of the thread you lazy fuck.

>> No.58122485

Up to you. I can’t speak for everyone because I got in at literal 16K mcap. Worst case scenario for me is unrealized gains. But the dev looks cool, he’s autistic so that’s good. Community is driven.

How much you trying to buy? Max per wallet is 0.6 chips.

That’s a good idea anon. Will submit this to the spec ops of Bluechip

>> No.58122489

Do I finish stacking my bags here boyos or can I wait for some jeeters. Shit hasn’t dropped below 250k all day.

>> No.58122505

Spoonfeed me.

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Less than that. Uniswap says there isn't enough liquidity. I'm using Base ETH not WETH.

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we doin important investments n shieet

>> No.58122573

Round the number of the ETH you’re trying to swap. Bet you’re swapping something like 0.76660000?

Round it up. Uniswap gets crazy when they see too many digits

>> No.58122587
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It's a round number. Uniswap is gaslighting me that there is no liquidity.

>> No.58122595

bhut diss coyn is doin down wud trenz. wut du I doo homie?

>> No.58122603

Bro are you using BASE right?

>> No.58122632

Yes, it is BASE'd ETH. Should I swap to WETH and try? WETH sounds scary.
I thought Uniswap was censoring me based on IP, but that seems to not be the case. They are gaslighting me.

>> No.58122648

Shit man idk. I used CB wallet and everything was spot on.

Btw, CMC is picking up Bluechip price feed already.

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>Btw, CMC is picking up Bluechip price feed already.

>> No.58122691

I tried both MM and the Uniswap wallet. I don't have a (((Coinbase))) account.

>> No.58122697

The same thing was happening to me on regular Uniswap. For whatever reason you need to do it on the Coinbase Uniswap under the browser tab.

>> No.58122708

CB wallet doesn’t require KYC

>> No.58122709

don't wrap it. just swap eth for it, and leave some eth behind.

>> No.58122727

don't try to buy a whole chip. even 0.1 chip has some 10% price impact or something. there's only 30 chips!

>> No.58122758

I had issues with uni a few weeks ago and I've seen people posting recently about the no liquidity thing. When I had issues I just refreshed the page and reconnected my wallet. Worked fine after that. Also, there is a 3% tax so you'll need to adjust your slippage above that til it works.

>> No.58122775

Price impact mostly depends on the trading at the moment. If you're trying to buy at the same time as everyone else, you'll have to pay a bigger spread. Same for selling.
Just wait a min or keep refreshing the dex.

>> No.58122781

What slippage should I set it to?

>> No.58122807

I think I used 4% but there's not much going on rn so I'd try 3.5% and inch up by a quarter point til it gives you the ok.

>> No.58122816

literally google "base blockchain bridge" and first result is it, lazy ass

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Thank you, anon. It helped.
I trust /biz/ more than (((Google))).

>> No.58122929

You can also use online exchange type shit. Sideshift or smth like that I think does any swap to base eth

>> No.58122940

You do?
Hey, troon... I got some magic pills that will turn you into a woman that can have babies via tyrone's cock. Only 2 ETH per pill. Deal?

>> No.58122964

>pushing degenerate (((google))) ideology
I recognise a shill. This is not 4chan. This is not /biz/.

>> No.58122989

I'm afraid you're wrong, troon.
You didn't answer my question tho. I got magic pills that'll turn you into a woman that can have babies with a little help from tyrone's cock. 2 ETH is the asking price.
>Verification not required.

>> No.58123051

is it on eth?

>> No.58123094

It’s on base anon.

>> No.58123189

I'm pretty sure you called me a pajeet yesterday yet I'm up nearly 10k today off of pocket change. So stop being a bitch and fucking think rich!

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File: 97 KB, 1280x720, FIg2FerXMAoEGG3.jpg_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1k right now has a realistic chance to make you 60k in the near future now ask yourself? Would I have been any richer if I had held onto that 1k? No the fuck you wouldn't! Nobody makes money on this board because you are all paper handed faggots. So now is the fucking time to get the fuck on the god danm train because we are fucking leaving the mother fucking station with or without you!

>> No.58123449

Fr I’m going to buy more after reading this. Why is it such a bitch to bridge to base tho

>> No.58123534

Buy eth on coinbase send it to your coinbase wallet, or buy straight from the wallet with a debt card and then click the bridge button bridge to base takes 2 minutes >>58123449

>> No.58123552

You can use RocketX too

>> No.58123563

With binance you can just withdraw and choose base as the network. It will be sent to your wallet as base eth instantly

>> No.58123572

There are a lot of other base bridges out there that are legit. Some cost more or less, some are faster or slower, but most will give you quotes before you have to approve the tx.

Here's a list of 7 from a Google search, buy there are more:

>> No.58123587

Nice. I didn't know binance added base now. I've used CB many times because it's like 20 cents and bridges when CB crashed.

>> No.58123591

This thing is going to rock and roll if it could just get some more eyes on it. I don't see any Twitter posts about it right now. Once people realize the goal is to get it to the highest-priced crypto of all time, everyone will want in.

>> No.58123680

Tfw didn't buy enough last night and have to spend 4x more today .146 chiplet

>> No.58123783


>> No.58123808

Damn anon, that's actually not bad, psychologically. I'm up 21.5x rn. I'm absolutely not buying more or taking profits lol.

18mil MC and I catch my first 1000x. Moon or dust.

>> No.58123817

DCA, perfect coin to do it as its fluctuating a lot, get a 0.03 sui stack now and wait for a couple of sells before adding to it

>> No.58123878

I bought and sold when this listed for miniscule gains. I would be loaded rn lmfao.

>> No.58123891

Max supply 30 really is so fuckin kino. Love my 13k per coin.

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File: 126 KB, 720x960, DY0dE9tU0AEUF8j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im drinking methylene blue so i can stay dripping all fucking day now I got blue thoughts but guess what I don't fucking have? blue balls babby! buy the fucking dip! Just going to send it!

>> No.58123909

I have blueballs, moon this coin already sers, seems like there are many big eyes on it I don't think its going to take very long

>> No.58123933

Use sushiwap crosschain swap I buy everything on basechain with fucking bnb it takes less than 1 min

>> No.58123947

only bought 0.2 when we were at $1000
and i believed in the meme
why did i not be based and get the max 0.6 bag

>> No.58123952

That man in that pic is canadian.

>> No.58124003

Uhhhh bros?

>> No.58124010

Tranny nigger faggot loser lmao

>> No.58124020


>> No.58124042


>> No.58124068

Oh shit a rugging just flew over my house! Thanks rajish 0.000034 eth will be sent to your wallet shortly

>> No.58124086
File: 467 KB, 999x1163, bluechip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rugging upwards

>> No.58124100

We are genuinely going to make it.

>> No.58124113

ser new ath smashed what did i tell you

>> No.58124116

It just rugged past ATH. Bloody bitch basturds. I'm rugged for 32x my initial.

>> No.58124165

1 blue chip = 1 Toyota Yaris in semi new conditions

Remember. 1 blue chip = 1M$ puts us at 30M mcap.

>> No.58124187

so i bridged the eth on to base and its in my meta mask so now how do i buy

>> No.58124192

Uhhhhh. Am I ever gonna be able to buy this under 300k again?

>> No.58124222

Does this project have a website or something?

>> No.58124238

No it means you bought into a janny shitskin /biz/ scam and are going to get rugged any minute.

>> No.58124254

this is the second most expensive coin on base rn
1 bluechip = 4 effiriums

>> No.58124281
File: 1.44 MB, 2560x1440, 1688262143846622.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

zawa zawa

>> No.58124284

I've cashed out $45 of my initial $20 investment and I am going to let the rest ride! Let's pump this shit to 30 mil and my wife will finally let me get a spoiler and chrome rims for my '92 Honda Civvy!!!!!!!! LFG!!!!!!

>> No.58124288

Get in the tg, it has everything you want.


What’s the next one? BTC?

>> No.58124315
File: 774 KB, 650x969, fem4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont about you but blue is my color and Chip is my name.

>> No.58124355

would need to be at 2.1m mcap
difficult for a base shitcoin at the moment, the chain needs more volume

>> No.58124362

Yeah, i'm going to need a sauce for this one.

>> No.58124472


>> No.58124475

im now a bluechip holder ;]

>> No.58124527

What's the make it stack on this?

>> No.58124692

0.000001 blue chip you are early as fuck

>> No.58124806

tbf tho as base gets more vol it just means more money pours into the first movers

>> No.58124839

Lol, what? Open dexscreener, choose base under explore. Look at the current 100 trending coins.

Tokens pump to multiple millions in a day there all the time now. The network volume has 4xd in the past 10 days. It's the #5 L2 network RN, soon to surpass blast by a narrow amount of TVL and be #4.

>> No.58124897

Hey dude he is lying!! please let me scoop more first before dropping obvious meta! Thanks!

>> No.58124978

stop rugging people. frens check their launch, they kept 14% of the supply for themselves. that's with 2 mins of research, who knows how much they sniped as well. don't trust me, go verify, super easy to do.


>> No.58125057

I love how every retarded jeet sell for 2x is getting slurped. WGMI bros.

>> No.58125059
File: 76 KB, 1214x645, niggerstonguemyanus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guys here is my professional ta on the chart

>> No.58125068

This anon is right. I sold. Look for the 7K tnx. That’s me. Dev is shady as fuck. Refused to extend LP.

>> No.58125079

yeah but if the devs are not retarded then they know they can just as easily dump at 10 million market cap in a few days lol.

>> No.58125086

LP is locked for a whole year, what crack are you smoking

>> No.58125099

forgot to mention, bluechip could have been a lowkey great gem, has meme-ability, but just like apu people get greedy and trip over themselves as opposed to aiming high.

>> No.58125102

bro its locked until april 2025 im sure it will probably be dead by then like every other shitcoin. I swear these fudding niggers thinking about the other bluechip as both of those things are either nothingburgers or untrue. IM BUYING MORE

>> No.58125113

yeah good luck providing their exit liquidity, they've already started selling. Palladius vibes

>> No.58125150

stop trying to dump it so you can get in cheaper. so sell all your bluechips and then go fuck off!

>> No.58125169

i just, i just really like the chip guys, its literally a bluechip, i really like the coin, really like the coin

>> No.58125254

Isnt the tax added to the LP?

>> No.58125298

can't find the contract

>> No.58125373

Can someone debunk this please. I really liked the project but this is making me nervous

>> No.58125414


>> No.58125453

its literally a bluechip

>> No.58125503

No one?

>> No.58125585

Yes, easily. They dont own 14 percent thats literally the marketing wallet
The contract makes small sells which is then used to fund stuff like calls, dext trending etc.
The team cannot sell this even if they desperately wanted to as it is renounced
I suspect the fud in this thread is community members from the other jeety bluechip project that stole the concept from this bluechip project

>> No.58125710
File: 47 KB, 772x650, 2024-03-23 22.30.14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> crunch
I think you might be missing a few.

>> No.58125818
File: 125 KB, 2129x453, Screenshot 2024-03-23 215651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about this, why make different wallets for "marketing" which continuously dump?


>> No.58125940

god look at the most easy 2x right now lol paper hands are buying right back in. fucking silly shit

>> No.58125968

You are a fucking idiot i cant even believe im wasting energy replying to you.
People move tokens from one wallet to another< it doesnt mean they didnt buy just that they didnt buy with the wallet theyre holding the tokens in.
seriously if you have no brain at all please exit crypto

>> No.58125989

Nigger, i'm not retarded. It links to this wallet >>58124978

>> No.58126067

don't hold any fuckwit, I liked the meme, so went and did some research and helping fellow anons out

>> No.58126088

this guy is lying to you anon. go look at the etherscan link https://basescan.org/address/0xf98ed87c4cb03d17c49929be178135291e89b508#tokentxns

it literally got divided out to random wallets in order to stay under the .6 ownership rate.

>> No.58126141
File: 16 KB, 900x453, rkj6umtnyhf7y8my.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See this is why I should just rope myself
I bought in early
Sold at a loss before the pump
bought the top
and now its dumping

>> No.58126194

Buy more if you are poor today then you will be poor tomorrow or you could grow some balls and get in at a cheaper price where dose a coin like this go below its marketcap? It dosent its gets eaten up because everyone is shilling the fuck out of it on Twitter right now! Only a matter of time before some bigger accounts catch up.

>> No.58126287

actually sat through a x8, now on x2 and I guess I'll just let it die slowly
fuck it was such an interesting project too, god I hate pajeets so damn much

>> No.58126298
File: 65 KB, 640x773, 2024-03-24 00.01.02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tasty blue chips. Do strange things tho.

>> No.58126362

Stop fudding your own bags

>> No.58126394

people are utterly insane

>> No.58126493

This came up last night but I went to bed. Did you actually click through them or just look at the initial tx page? Some only have a tiny bit, some have the taxes coming in, some haven't moved. I'm not the dev, but there are Not currently 14 wallets with .5 bluechips in each waiting to dump. Click the wallets for yourself.

I assumed this was already answered in the first thread (that was nuked lol) and that they were indeed the tax, marketing, future LP, etc...since there is a .6 max on individual wallets.

I'm about to make dinner but I can look afterwards if everyone else is too lazy to click or ask.

>> No.58126805

Is it over blue bros

>> No.58126817

It just keeps rugging.

>> No.58126834
File: 668 KB, 763x762, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We only need to spread it to more people. I am working on it now in all the shill TGs, they will slurp hard.

>> No.58127026

Yeah, PnD group behind it. Retarded admins. They paid several K for an influencer with 15k followers? They're either absolutely retarded or that guy belongs to them. Probably both.

>> No.58127059

yeah but who owns those wallets, kek. Apu dev turns out had like 20+ wallets. Guess what he split the amounts too

>> No.58127298
File: 41 KB, 668x373, IMG_6605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know i know, its just that im buying more chips. This is truly our coin now, anons

>> No.58127317

remember to pick the real OG version
not the obvious scamming jeet rug pull

>> No.58127318
File: 154 KB, 1544x1300, 1711236945951706.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah, skipping this and buying ELEPEPE instead

>> No.58127339

Fuck off with your fakeass piece of shit confusing clueless degenerates

>> No.58127342

something about this smug looking elephant I really like

>> No.58127357

I actually both both. And Im quite comfy

>> No.58127373

There's no report of buying some influencer in the tg. They got some bots to help with twitter.
>meanwhile, ahem, some other coin pays an "exchange agent" to help them get a listing, but he's fake and name is literally Ranjeet

>> No.58127445
File: 54 KB, 650x590, IMG_6606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im just gonna stay blue and chippy my frens

>> No.58127784

Ok i finally managed to buy more. The worst that can happen is I lose about $300. I like the vibes in the tg. Unlike the faggots here

>> No.58127800
File: 25 KB, 400x462, 1475946819561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, ignore the on-chain proof and get rugged, idiot. Your money

>> No.58128088

I am dedicated to keep on chipping

>> No.58128119

Ok bros I just wish I get get hands on 1 single chip one day

>> No.58128127

>FUDing but not saging

>> No.58128195

Ok this thread just never dies, you guys convinced me. Im going in

>> No.58128240

How does the price of a new rolls royce sound?

>> No.58128271

Bought at 80k yesterday, took profit and letting 80% of my stack in. After taking my initial out, its a free ride. Gj to the devs not being jeets for once

>> No.58128354
File: 2.00 MB, 500x281, 1588027800042.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, i'm fine with that. Everyone should check the txs for themselves. Notice how you haven't debunked anything, because it's true. I made a grand off this project so thanks for that. Could have made five or maybe even six figures, but the intransparency of the devs and sheer out lying don't justify staying in it any longer. It was a cool idea and you ran it to the ground because you wanted to be a jew and thought anons aren't able to use a blockchain explorer. Go fuck yourself, faggot.

>> No.58128392

Ok the fud makes me so bullish, the retard who sold bumping for free. Every single time.

>> No.58128447
File: 55 KB, 676x581, 1542665686033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Smart anons can and will check for themselves, massive red flags everywhere and still not a single explanation. Not everyone here is a victim.

>> No.58128462

Ok how do I buy?

>> No.58128580

Buy ethereum on metamask and use the base bridge-simply google it and you will find it-then swap your eth for base,then go to your meta mask and click add network and add base smart chain,then once you have your base chain eth go to uniswap and convert your base chain eth into bluechip by copy and pasting bluechips contract address from dex screener and boom you will hold blue chip

>> No.58128581

Ok i figured it out, actually surprised base has almost no fees

>> No.58128609

Also don't be a retard and just watch a video on how to buy a SHITCOIN

>> No.58128662

Welp anytime biz has a chance to actually hold a microcap, they dump for 3/4 figs. Let me see if you fags can stop being fags, project has potential to go big

>> No.58128673

The meme is fun and the 30 total supply injects something creative and original to the shitcoin genre.

Bluechip to 1 Billion.

>> No.58128708 [DELETED] 
File: 28 KB, 383x383, 9ZxWTgLH5E56RqahyJovTWXh7wAqKyNSWZqf2sqQXJGj---.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58129436

My BLUECHIP stays blue, sorry fudders you aren’t getting my chips

>> No.58129470

$1b per blue chip = what in mcap?

>> No.58129551

How many BLUECHIPs to make it fellas

>> No.58129662

0.03 is the make-it stack, fellow esteemed bluechip investor.

>> No.58129713

Why should I add this scam to my wallet?

Shill me

>> No.58129722

stay in school my black friend

>> No.58129746

Link for a retard (me)?

>> No.58129813

So you have the ability to finally have a crypto investment you’re proud to tell your parents about. Fk investing your life savings into cumrocket. Fk investing your life savings into niggawifdurag. Invest your life savings into Bluechips like a real man

>> No.58129820

I think thats a sui. I have 0.03 and it would have to reach 10m per coin for me to get a 300k stack

>> No.58129935
File: 107 KB, 512x512, CoffeeElePepeBigger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58130079

300k isn’t make it territory to you niggas? Biz expectations are crazy this time round ngl.

>> No.58130139

Will I ever acquire one whole blue chip?

>> No.58130242

You absolutely can. Rare to catch a BLUECHIP under 10k like it currently is. Albeit requires loading 2 wallets.

>> No.58130437

Will I ascend after buying one whole chip

>> No.58130474

simpler than dealing with a brokerage office really

>> No.58130542

Anon you will ascend after buying 0.03 bluechips

>> No.58130619

It's literally a bluechip, huge buy signal if you ask me

>> No.58130736

Looks like the gay fud is gone which leaves this primed to moon, if I didn't buy more last night I'd probably load up here

>> No.58130737

How do you all buy bluechip? I don't have any base left to swap, so how should I buy base? Coinbase niggers block you from moving crypto around for like a week and I don't wanna miss this rocket ship

>> No.58130764

You just swap into Eth (BASE) you can use coinbase or services like changenow or sideshift to do this

>> No.58130786

So it turns out this is another of Ranjeet's pump and dump scams?

>> No.58130802

Wtf do you mean >Eth (BASE)

>> No.58130812

Only it's holding the price so not really

>> No.58130821

wgmi frens

>> No.58130827

The chart tells me it looks like a pump and dump scam.

>> No.58130832

What exactly about the chart makes you think P&D?

>> No.58130845

>What exactly about the chart makes you think P&D?
Check the last 30 minutes.
Check the previous 2 days.

>> No.58130847

I mean eth but on the base network, thats the main token used for everything on base since base is just an eth l2

>> No.58130865

Is it not obvious??
Fucking newfags

>> No.58130869
File: 1.07 MB, 2796x2390, 20240324_041015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58130880

ty fren

>> No.58130920 [DELETED] 

bull flag forming

>> No.58131034

Ok I bite, it former some kind of support fwiw and on an uptrend again

>> No.58131220

We haven't really seen it form support. It's still volatile. Which is good, because you probably want to follow an accumulation strategy rather than ape. If it goes stratospheric before you have your full bag, then you'll just have to settle for being Dallas rich instead of Hollywood Hills rich.

>> No.58131449

Increase slippage

>> No.58131474
File: 487 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20240324_091858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean obviously it's a shitcoin so TA is not gonna mean too much but fwiw I thought the support here looked pretty nice.

>> No.58131556

also there is a max wallet in the contract so 1 wallet cant hold more than 2% of the supply

>> No.58131740

How we feeling, frens? Still comfy here, bluechippers.

>> No.58131748

im just here to announce that we hace clearly surpaseed the other bluechip that had a higher market cap than ours on base (not in market cap) but dexscreener and geckoterminal only show this one when i search now
lets push the average bluechip to 1m now boys

>> No.58131774

We are going to hit 1 million today that's fucking nuts!

>> No.58131797

Its a scam from the same group who made Base Bonk and Safe-Bonk. Dev holds 20% of supply in multiple wallets because they snipe the launches

>> No.58131831
File: 202 KB, 1217x580, hehehoohoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58132032

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 1 bluechip = 1 btc sooner than later

>> No.58132082

Bro trying to buy more than 2% of the supply. I’m ded

>> No.58132266

I really want this to pull back so I can finish packing le bags. But also. I just would really like it to dildo straight to 5mil

>> No.58132296

"There are 30 Bluechips on the Dow Jones index, there are now 30 Bluechips on the Base blockchain."

Keep waiting anon, soon there will surely be more bluechipsprjrt

>> No.58132526

0.027 stacklet reporting in

>> No.58132680

I threw whatever 3 SOL is worth at this. Please retire me biz

>> No.58132842

Shiiiet bro 1 SOL in this is enough to buy a used car within a week.

>> No.58132846


>> No.58132874

If everyone is not adamantly shilling the mother fuck out of this thing on Twitter then I honestly don't know what's wrong with you! Look at base pro shop look how stupid the memes are look how much shilling is going on. Shill your fucking bags boys!! With a little push we fucking ride tonight you can call you boss and tell him you have to stay home and shill bluechip I don't fucking. Look at this floor! Do you really wanna tell your grandkids that it took two weeks to run up to 20 million or a few days?

>> No.58132904

Work for da bags, only way to keep it going, people do really sit on their lazy ass and watch the number magically only go up...

>> No.58132923

I'll offer you 50/1 it won't.
>Verification not required.

>> No.58132946

You smell like daisies. Pnds are very pronounced on a chart. What you're observing is low liquidity. Pnds don't have supports, only resistances

>> No.58132976

This is not very logical desu

>> No.58132996

I'm on painkillers

>> No.58133846

I am financially CHIPPED

>> No.58134166

bumping this thread to see if I roll blu

>> No.58134226

This is 4chans coins right now look at how many stupid replies in this thread if you missed half of the other gay meme coins just remember still under half a million marketcap still could run at any minute!

>> No.58134244

You rolled poo you jeet

>> No.58134297

This is so fck early

>> No.58135011

There really is only the Dev wallet fud that could hold this back. Bump the threads, shill on Twitter, make memes.

Financially chipped.

>> No.58135322

Still going strong, slurpers

>> No.58135667

All of my replies are intelligent,

>> No.58135703

Whoa, nelly!

Anybody got some chip for this dip?

>> No.58136980

I might as well get paid for shilling this at this point, kek but gj anons keeping this alive

>> No.58137133

Very fucking early. Chuck beer money into it and become rich. Its that easy

>> No.58137484

top signal

>> No.58137498

Lamo ok dude go pull a 4x on something that's at 20 million then good luck turning breadcrumbs into millions

>> No.58137571

t. fomod in at the top
It's okay, it happens to the best of us.

I'm just breaking you are balls btw, I just like to mess with people sometimes haha are you alright man?


what did captcha mean by this?

>> No.58137578
File: 5 KB, 337x127, Screenshot 2024-03-25 022134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot screenshot

>> No.58137586

I bought at like 60k mc lol

>> No.58137598

>down $800 since my post

Damn calm down niggers I was only being facetious.

>> No.58137624

yeah bruh calm the jeets

>> No.58137698
File: 42 KB, 500x680, Bike-Fall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fud own bags for a laugh
>it works
>don't even have money to buy the dip

>> No.58137715

This coin is either going to make everyone filthy fucking rich or go to zero no in-between.so either get in at the bottom or go buy a cat or dog coin maybe you make a 10x on your 100 dollar however at the fucking marketcap here wtf 100 dollars you are a whale when we start moving again simple as!

>> No.58137743

I don't think it's my shitpost that's dumping the price, it's your desperation.

Calm down, brother. If you were so certain of this token then why the incessant shilling?

>> No.58137755

no token is a certain send. but a collective shill power helps everyone

>> No.58137765

I get that, but a desperate salesman will make people suspicious about your produce.

>> No.58137921

We slurping or nah

>> No.58137959

I might slurp some at 3k.

>> No.58138391

stop buying you feagets

>> No.58139237

Is this the reversal bc I’m bout to bridge an ETH

>> No.58139378

I got 0.05 thanks to the dip, slurpers lets go

>> No.58139390

Idk anon, dev just woke up, how does an essentially FREE 5x within the day sound.

>> No.58139452
File: 871 KB, 650x946, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just slurped a HEFTY bag of .56 BLUECHIP my fellow bizraelis
I AM gonna make it (a promise)

>> No.58139546


>> No.58139599

Dips are for scooping with chips, hurry anon you can still make it

>> No.58139600

It's expensive to fall asleep in crypto.
Also, you need to practice quickdrawing your Trezor.

>> No.58139687

No more dips
Stay poor