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Thanks for playing

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it's literally still trading normally. Imagine being too dumb to rug lmao
>t sold last night before the "rug"

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At least you still have time for foodpepe below 1m

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>Thanks for playing
Thanks for paying more like

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why doesnt this shithole board have flags

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Healthy retracement. 2b mcap soon. OP is fudding. He's also trans btw not sure if it matters.

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Healthy retracement. 2b mcap soon. OP is fudding. He's also trans btw not sure if it matters.

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>He's never false flag phone samefagging to get (You)'s. Do you even 4chan bro

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Thats some proper poonjabarfy english right there

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>You will never be ...

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You don't even know, anways dead thread

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APU's back, cope

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We see you in other threads 'rug' nigger. Kys

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>smartass copypastes the message above him to make it look like shilling
>entire thread eats the bait

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We warned you faggots

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>they didn't sell when they started getting dumped constantly
>they didn't sell when the dev admitted to having 25%
>the dev who said he would never lie and then admitted to lying
>they didn't sell when it was bleeding to death
>they didn't sell when the dev rugged
>the didn't sell when they were gifted an exit pump while they are still billion apu wallets sitting there (probably the dev)
Diamond hands kek