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I went all in on APU and it was worth $60k at the ATH and now its down to my break even at $20k

Why the hell didn't I just at least take out my initial..... the first pump is never the "one" that just keeps pumping, it always corrects, I am so fucking retarded

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Sucks man. That's crypto.
What's the next APU?

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Its ok fren the twitter frens are making apu music videos. We have already achieved escape velocity just need to keep growing number of holders.

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Theres still a few whales holding too much of the supply who will for sure sell off in the next rally

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What a fag

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There is zero velocity Mr. Copium

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Holding any coin is a bad idea unless it's something like a stablecoin (BTC, ETH), i mean, even I'm going to sell when we reach ATH in SUPER

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time is a flat circle and you should be wary of ever doubting meme magic

this post was not made on earth

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Think of the taxes you avoided having to pay!

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Fren, when this hits 1b mcap. You won’t even be worrying about what you just posted. You’ll have over half a million from some shitcoin named APU because you decided to weather the storm. Rock solid hands aren’t for the faint of heart. Stay strong

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has it even been a week yet since the thing launched?
lol, you guys are such retards

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ETH is not stable at all, tomorrow it could dump to 2k

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SUPER is a decent option among many others, I would rather go for ADA or MATIC.

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ir's back up to 14m, tomorrow it will hit 20m, and when the market is green again it will fly. This coin is 100% going to hit 100m. I think it will hit 1B, but that takes some luck.

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interesting filename

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It’s APU

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This is just the first wave. Look at this SHIB chart from 2021

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holding anything besides gold is a fucking bad idea lol, you're actually looking for stables cryptos?

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yeah im also shorting $SUPER in ATH

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> "APU"
only redflag you needed.

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>invests on shitsite called apu
>insta unlocked liquidity
the fact that you didn't see the obvious flags on the name "apu" is already a sign of your low iq

you should've gone for solana shit, trade using dextools or idk, spend on something on binance, BUT NO you went for the most obvious pajeet scam known to man.

>pic related
>its you nigga

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What's it worth now OP?

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Think op dead

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I wish you all the best.

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>6 hours ago


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>and now its down to my break even at $20k
how about now

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Oh shit...
put me in the screen cap
I'll go to bed and let's see how much rope i'll find in the morning

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Come join us in Luckyinu fren. We can't rug you.

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OP are you okay?

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> complain about being break even
> shitcoin rugs 6 hours later
kek put me in the screencap you don't see this everyday

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oh nonononono

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APU rugpull victims are always welcome to join AVI and see what it's like to be in a trustworthy project

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I just saw that it rugged

That was everything I had

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I feel nauseous

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I was going to post shitpost stuff like "thx 4 playin" but it's all so tiresome. I wish you the best, op.

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Learn your lesson.
Just because everyone else is jumping off a bridge doesnt mean you do it too.

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>all in on APU
What? You didnt have any XRP at all? Like, not even 100 coins? Anon.... Im so sorry

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Heh.. you never know, maybe it’ll bounce back, right..? “Its not a loss if you dont sell at a loss” heh

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Don't give up bro.
The community ia still strong we are nearing 3m mc as we speak again.
You will get your money back, but take out initial asap

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Lesson learned.

Ive lost like 30lbs in the last few months eating better, lifting weights and doing cardio. I think im going to just keep focusing on my health and fitness and stop worrying about trying to make it in a financial sense. This shit is just not worth the stress it creates.

I was so much healthier and mentally better when I didnt care about money

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I still have my apu, didnt sell

Just flat out stupid of me that I didnt take out my initial when it immediately pumped 3X after I bought

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Based and truth pilled. Do you still hold your stack?

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Oh nvm, good for you since you might still make a profit out of it.

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Well nows the time to sell, kek. Try and swing trade these dead cat bounces or hold your bags forever, its your only chance.

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>down 90%
>might still make a profit
Kek stop antagonizing him anon

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If its worth anything at all you can probably still swap it for some XRP if you move quick. But you already invested in a coin called "apu" so youre probably not gonna take the big brain route

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Good morning retard.
If you are lucky the "community" pumps this dead cat to an point for you to get out even.
Keep an eye on the chart and dont get greedy. good luck

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The dev still has billions to rugpull with. Its over.

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Thats why you get out before the dev rugs again, hence why i said dont get greedy

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He does? on the new TG people are claiming they checked all addresses associated with the launch and they're all empty

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That sucks anon, I know how you feel. I nearly sold at ATH for a 10x. But I hesitated and only sold for a 6x :/

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Did you actually check and see for yourself? Or are you just snorting hopium again? For all you know the dev is the one who launched that TG and is fattening everyone up for another rug.

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Ive checked and i do see a few wallets left with a few billion in them that were created 10 days ago, but idk how to comprehend the transactions in detail to see exactly what is what

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Nah he wouldn't do that

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So there you go. Still BILLIONS left to dump. You really think he will allow this to 10x+ so you can break even before he starts dumping again? Sell now, buy back in at the bottom of the correction, make a 2x. Do some swings anon.