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$APU will pull a $PEPE. DO NOT miss out.

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why are you posting a bullish op post with a bearish image

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Uh anon biz fudding is bullish. New here?

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Because that's how you play the game.

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my body is ready

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This. It's not just a meme. You need to check the archives to see it for yourself: >>/biz/thread/54711520..

Anyone following Apu the past 24 hours will recognize literally everything in that thread. It's insane.

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Kek baggies

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some choice quotes for lazy anons
>$pepe pajeet dev made $1.2M from his $400 investment. thanks for playing to all the liquidity providers.
>he's not retarded. sold in batches split over 5 different wallets.
>i didn't buy pepe, i saw through the obvious indian shilling
>He was all the pump money too from different wallets.
>nobody by the time anyone heard of this it was already at 80mil mc . I just sold because at any minute this will plummet .
>no one on biz made money off this except the jeet who ran the scam

and then one guy who got dubs and probably holds Apu now:
>The amount of /biz/ seethe over this coin is incredible. A bunch of nigger crabs in a bucket lmao. This will have a > $1B MC and you will still be seething about how you missed it, despite ample opportunity. Are there even White people left on this board, or is it just a call center BBS now?

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$APU has failed so many times that scammers keep recreating it. Why would this iteration be any different?

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Original Shib threads are even more sinister and demonic looking in hindsight.

Pic related is from >>/biz/thread/30226232..

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status = farmed lol

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Everyone wants to laugh and fud the dump, but it was unironically necessary to correct the distribution. A coin as top heavy as Apu was can’t pump. The dev being like 10 of the top wallets and burning supply should have been bullish, but people are emotional and retarded. The remaining whales clearing out is good. If momentum is able to pick up on this again it will absolutely fly.

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>status = farmed lol

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Was getting farmed part of your plan?

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Right now is the time be buying and selling APU. Both are right and wrong at the same time.

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Early SHIB was fucking wild and people thought the APU swings were bad.

Look at this shit.

Pic rel was the chart at the time of that post. First huge pump and sell off took place after the pump.

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Believe it or not, not everyone here is poor and brown. I have a big enough back of Apu that I know I’ll make it if it takes off, but I bought early and don’t give af about it at this price point. I am not getting bend up over a few thousand dollars. It is such a small part of my overall portfolio it is not worth my worry. This is a moonshot bag, not an investment. Laugh it up faggot, but know that I’m still winning.

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DERP forgot the image kek

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>eth memes

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Last thing going to say about this… all the gloating jeets that think they are so smart will turn on a dime the second this starts to move. Sentiment is shit right now after the dump, but the second real money starts buying up the bottom, a switch gets flipped. It would be incredibly easy to flip this bullish. I’ve been in crypto long enough to know how I want to place my bets.

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You newfags are so fucking retarded it’s unbearable.

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Yeah there is a ton of historical revisionism on here especially when it comes to meme coins

Reality is nobody knows what happens next or they would be worth billions

But if you are looking for the next Pepe, Apu is the only thing on this board that even slightly resembles it.

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Shib was a way bigger miracle than Pepe or Abu. All of the fud for that one was entirely reasonable. It wasn't even an original meme, just a shitty clone of Dogecoin, and against all odds it rocketed into space. The fact that Apu is so recognizable and is no longer limited 4chan is the most bullish thing about this coin. While /biz/ fudders bitch and moan in here, the Twitter crowd is having a ton of fun making memes and videos for $APU. I do believe another pump is inevitable, we just have to have some goddamn patience. I'm going to hold for another month and occasionally check the chart. If it does go to zero, so be it. You've gotta brace yourself for that with any memecoin or you shouldn't be in crypto.

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I have about 5m of this. What's a make it stack?

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This anon's right. I know because I've been that asshole before. A token starts mooning, and then you attack it because you missed it and didn't get in early enough, or were aware of it but never thought something with such poor fundamentals in your mind would blow up like it did. Then eventually the token reaches critical mass and you stop being a whiny faggot, FOMO in along with everyone else, and hopefully make some money. But not as much as you would have made if you had busy buying early on instead of fudding.

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Yall seem knowledgeable.

5m stack at 1b MC, wut is price then? How math??

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>you’re all so fucking evil
>nooooo I will defend my scammer to the death!!!
funniest part of the whole thing. What a fucking little crybaby cunt retard lol

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Hell yeah small stack brother. I have 4m.
I think people are saying make it is like 500m or something wild

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Thanks I've already made negative 75% on this piece of shit

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If it makes it that far, it would make it to at least 10B. You can't tell me this meme isn't way better than fucking FLOKI. At 10B, 5m would be worth $100k I think. I did some super rough math, and estimated 5m to be worth about $200 at 20m mc.

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>500m or something wild
Well fuck. Being a poorfag means never making it kek I'll try and double to 10m in 2 weeks.

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what does this retard not understand its called a dip you're supposed to buy it buy the dip not the ath you stupid nobenis don't get me started on op who is down 75% this stupid loser probably bought a dog token or something fugg im not even gonna respond to this guy he is so low iq he thinks the market will only move upwards lol this is why you will always be poor the market does not care about your feelings

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That sounds like bullshit, it's at 14m mc, so unless you bought it at 60m mc, how is that possible? just wait a fucking day and it will probably hit like 20m. Wait a week and you'll be in the green. Are you new to this stuff or are you just full of shit?

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>5m would be worth $100k I think. I did some super rough math, and estimated 5m to be worth about $200 at 20m mc.
Based thank you anon. Gives me a good enough estimate anyway. I try and buy good enough sui stacks of all the meme coins and cross my fingers one or 2 take off.

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roughly $11,895.39

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Yeah I’m sure the most obvious curry scam in the history of /biz/ is going straight to ten billion lol
My goodness, these APU guys are actually retarded

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bro, I saw the exact same thing on twitter. A few days ago during the ATH, I saw like 20 people tweeting Apu memes. Now I see like 100 different people, so many of them have thousands of followers, blue check marks, whatever. This shit is growing super fast. Having that whale sell just made way for a lot of new twitter holders. I don't think people realize how bullish it is when you see a hundred new great Apu memes every single day on twitter. No other token has that.

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frens why you rug my hard earned money


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this chart looks like dogshit

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Pajeets are never your frens. Remeber that. Stick to real memes like pepe and doge.

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apu is literally rugging bruh not worth
brc20 gon be the shit when ATH comes and no one notices memecoins there until someone makes it in like a day lmao

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No kidding, everyone has been obsessing over marketcap and liquidity this week, while overlooking the fact that holders keep growing. We've already got more holders than when I checked this morning.

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this thread is incredibly bullish for $apu

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crypto twitter is where you make it, and I think that the next time we start climbing while the market is hot, twitter is going to go nuts

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The one on poloniex?

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APU's top holder unironincally increased his stack by 1b during this dip

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I bought more when it hit 6m and then after my swap went through I messaged people on tg.

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Just checked, you are right about the 10 people, if not 8...

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>maybe i won't get scammed on a biz coin this time

how did that work out for ya

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But this isn't a biz coin but a shitskin experiment.
jeets even use bots to pump threads

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We will get there eventually don't even worry fren

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they just kpyed you lmao, just like blocklords players out there shilling the project

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$4chan is the next $shib as the most memeable memecoin to ever exist

make 4chan great again retards

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Me sitting in my new house after Apu goes to 10bil marketcap and me and all other frens make it

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Get Trump / MAGA is much better than that sht

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Frog trump for you anon

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He´s an orange already

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woooow so many people tweeting about apu... a whole 10 faggot nigger /biz/ retards. Kill yourself.

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Dont fight, all suck

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Is super agresive!


Already hoding it haha

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Jannies need to come and wash the scum off the streets

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That whale has DOZENS of wallets lol
Thanks for playing

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Its over. The fucking guy rugged LMAO