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If you’re still not in GME, you deserve to be poor

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Nah I don't want to be an eternal baggie

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kys baggie

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stay poor

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kek baggie

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Fuck off bagholding cunt

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GameStop full year of profitability

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Every poster so far ITT holds chainlink btw

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Reddit is that way

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GME is being shorted because brick and mortar video game stores are obsolete. Buying it is like buying blockbuster stock in 2008.

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lol'd at comparing GameStop to Tesla.

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It doesn't have a valid business model and it's also artificially propped up by retards
shorting is the only move that makes sense

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How die you know

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You mean an actual valuable comoany?

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Retards. Ryan is going to start using GameStop’s cash to buy stocks. And he knows what he’s doing and always makes great plays. If you aren’t insanely bullish on this, you’re dumb as shit

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Do you know why Boeing is turning to shit and why bed bath and beyond went bankrupt?
hint: stock buybacks.

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kys bagroid

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He’s going to use the cash to invest in other companies, not buy back.

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when you lurk long enough you'll notice the patterns. Every single poster that mentions 'bags' is unironically a holder of GME and most likely chainlink too. They are bored bagholders that get their kicks by scaring normoids away from plays they know are good, and the possibility of sidelining paper handed emotion-fags, all so they can gloat and shitpost even harder once others have missed the boat.

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I'm hoping they acquire another company.

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>says the baggie for the third straight year

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Try investing in bankruptcy lawyers dumbass baggies.

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lmao shills are out in full force. You’re deluded and/or haven’t been paying attention if you think gamestop is going bankrupt

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It is 4 billion dollars closer to bankruptcy than it was 3 years ago. Take a wild guess what the market cap is now. That billion in cash means fuck all.

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You don’t understand how stocks work. You see, if you know what you’re doing and put money into the stock market, you make more money!

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>he thinks if a market cap reaches zero the company is bankrupt

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What is the ticker?

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>Buy my bags!
>BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!

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>GMEtards got told this means something
Just fucking look up the things you post. Like do a second of your own research beyond tweets and Reddit posts if you have an iq above an African you will see how you’ve wasted 4 years and all your money

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without faith, there is no future
with faith, the future is now

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Educate us brother. Like you said it only takes a second. It'll be an easy dopamine hit to dunk on the baggies

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If you're still in GME then you are poor.
Kek, lmao, rekt.

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Wait this GME thing is still ongoing?

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A big short selling imbalance puts downward pressure on stocks. The fact that GME baggies actually think this is somehow bullish for them is downright baffling

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If it was working you wouldn't need to advertise it

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Right, and how to short sellers realize their gains?

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What if there was an event that necessitated the closing of those short positions? What would happen to the price of the stock once all that downward pressure reversed?

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Something that you guys missed out on and can't accept you missed out on

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thanks just sold

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You're welcome, now you can buy butterfly spreads on GME since the price never does anything

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you literally have a faggot general, go post your schizocope there fucking nigger, what purpose does this thread serve beyond desperately begging biz to buy your bags?
kill yourself

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You faggots are the bed bugs of /biz/ stick to your containment thread

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I’m in GME and still up hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cope

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Let me guess, he's one of these famous "good jews" I've heard so much about.

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thanks crippled, I mean crypto baggies

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i dont like gambling, the house always wins

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>look something up outside of social media for a fucking second
You’re idiots.

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Show bags you lying nigger

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why does r3ddit misuse shills? you mean anti gme shills? market maker shills? what are you and r3ddit trying to say here when you say shills are out?

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MOASS within 2 years, check em and screencap it

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How do short sellers realize gains or close their position? Come on you guys are so close

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I know you think this is a gotcha because a redditor told you so, but it isn't. They buy to close. It's what made the price of GME go from $1 to $120, before retail morons like you ran it up to $500. It was a huge squeeze. The Short Intrest was completely irresponsible. That was also years ago, the float has been traded millions of times over since, and short interest is at a sustainable level. Not every short stays open forever until you can take advantage of it. Most are short term as the fees eat into potential profit. You'd know that if you understand the market or investing beyond following instructions you read off reddit. Which by the way, is largely written by people who are actively trading GME.

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So is the chart in the OP wrong?

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i hold GME and bbby bc it makes ppl on the internet seethe very badly

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Conversely, if you bought GME in the last three years you deserve to be poor (and are, because Ryan Cohen himself fucked you in the ass)

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Bro the GME meme ended years ago. you need to move on bud. GME obsession will not make you happy and its not a suitable cope

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>surely the people that print the money and own and operate the stock market will play by the rules when they lose their bet
whats the point?

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Yet GME isn't in the top short stocks. It's as if you retards are still retarded

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GME is for nerds

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How many funkopops did they have to sell to be full year profitable?

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Mostly managing expenses. The CEO is doing his job jannystyle (4free)

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GameStop and bbby are scam

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to get community out of the Q-boomer cult type identity?

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>cutting every single employee benefit

= managing expenses

Holy fuck the cope is off the charts

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Yes. I'm investing in a business, not a charity.

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Kek baggies

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LMFAO, let me get this straight. he can't create value by reinvesting capital into the business itself, so he's going to go out and by random stocks? and this is somehow bullish for the company? the only thing more stupid would be if he went out and bought a gold mine.

apes really are something else.

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Employee benefits are provided by absolute bottom tier dead end minimum wage dogshit jobs. Gamestop is such a hopeless sack of shit, they can't even manage that. Kek dumbfuck raggots

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damn i own arbor, didnt know it was shorted so hard, those sharts are retarded

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the benefit is working for the king. treasonous peasants not allowed.

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Don't care. They could be replaced by AI for all I care.
>suddenly caring about wagies

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isnt that exactly how hedge funds operate?

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Berkshire Hathaway.

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It means the stock is delisted and can no longer raise capital. Is that a bullish scenario for you, bagroid?

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This is the final form of the GME baggie

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of course it is a bullish scenario you absolute retard if the stock is delisted it means that the board of directors at gamestop have decided to do away with their stock exchange ticker instead they will be operating as an investment fund where you can deposit your life savings and have the team of experts run their ai algorithms to make you rich the end game for the stock market was always for it to become obsolete and this is a step in that direction bagroid

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>DUDE it happened once, so it simply MUST happen again
Lol, lmao - baggie

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>JwEw ID
>shilling for CEO kike Cohen
>p..pplz buy and pump our jew bags

No thank you :) nice try though

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Okay hold your breath for this company with over a billion dollars in cash, and now likely profitable, to have a MC of zero dollars.

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>"You deserve to be poor"
>He's poor already that's why he's into GME
Nice try, newfag, i'm not moving my SUPER bags

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>short interest at a sustainable level
>short interest at 950% as of March 2024

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Not buying your stinky bags gmejeets, you shouldn’t have been retards. Stay in your reddit containment thread.

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lo...how's that drs coming along?

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Kill yourself asap baggie