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Thinking of buying 30k worth of Chainlink. I need to pay off my truck so I would slowly just sell that monthly payment amount each month. Is this a good strategy? How would this work tax wise?

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sure if you wan a repo on your report

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its a good strategy if you want it all to bleed away over the next 10 years

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>im gonna put $30k into chainlink

heh, go right ahead you, im sure you wont regret it.

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I’m being serious, I thought you guys loved Chainlink. The fundamentals are still there. What happened?

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What's with 4chins and LINK? Can you not look at the chart? You don't need to be a TAfag to see its complete garbage. No amount of cope and Sergey memes will ever save the price of LINK. It's meant to provide a service not make token holders rich.

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no thats retarded. also you shouldnt be buying 30k trucks on finance if you want to make it

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You might as well buy 30k worth of super kek, it'll do basically the same with less schizos around

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there has been 0 advances going on when it comes to chainlink, both in features/partnerships/new projects, it's just dead and they keep siphoning what left by dumping everytime it tries to break over $20

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I bought the dip.

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pretty much this
chainlink schizos think it's the jews/blackrock/etc doing this but regardless it doesn't matter. What matters is it will not move past 20$ unless the niggers running the show want it to. Better to buy $RNDR it's this cycle's LINK

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How evil do you have to be to hold Link and tell Anons not to?

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I think the most evil one was that adam and eve TA guy trying to manipulate anons into holding their LINK back in February
ever since he started posting, LINK has went -43% against BTC
truly evil if you ask me

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telling anyone to buy in the last 4 years is far and away some of the most evil financial advice you could ever give