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What do you think the chances are it pulls a pepe?

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You see that long period of agony?

Good luck

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liquidity and volume? not even a comparison leave aside the fact that APU is a scam that will rug at any moment

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Except the low stage of pepe happened during the bear market, retard. There is a zero chance that APU will be low during the bull and pump at the bear.

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totally not correlated, fallacy of generalization, dont even think that its gonna be the same. Cuz its not gonna. but do whatever its your money. I dont need to ask but surely you have link jaz and super too

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1% and that's being generous

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jaz is shit, link is never gonna go higher than 20$ and super, ironically is the best one you mentioned, they have many high quality games and all those games use the same token to monetize, if thats not value then I dont know shit.

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yes this shitpost is tasty and accurate

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only shrapnel and metalcore are kinda worth it imo

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period only for real mean with strong steel wills

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>be me
>not buying pepe

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You’ve got to be retarded to not see that APU will pull a Shib. It’s lining up so perfectly which is why you’re seeing such inorganic FUD surrounding the project. Artificially suppressing the price to load up bags, this is evident from the total number of holders increasing each day. It’s only a matter of time before the next pump occurs which’ll likely send it to 500m mcap and beyond. Consider the most retarded coins such as dogwifhat going parabolic and it’s a nobrainer. One CEX listing and it’s game over for sidelinoors. Grab your bags while you can.

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Next time LISTEN when anons post mountains upon mountains of evidence AND NEVER TRUST A BRAND NEW TOKEN WITH A DEV.