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Now that the dust has settled, will $APU pull a $PEPE?

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its a better bet than anything else out there.

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>Shitskin ESL "dev" (prob indonesian)
>admitted under pressure to own more than 20% of the supply (if not more)
>has unique buy/sell wallets
>sniped much more
>liquidity is shit

I don't know bro

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He has already posted timestamped hand twice, please keep up.

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people don't even know what the fuck apu is, I used 4chan for years and just called him retard pepe or whatever

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>Now that the dust has settled, will $APU pull a $PEPE?

Hell naw, APU is a jeet scam

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I still have 200m Apu, I made a somewhat fair amount of money (at least for my standards).
Should I hold or is this going to 0?

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idk anon. 20% of the supply was just burned yesterday and the early snipers are just about out completely. wtf do you think? stop listening to fud niggers and use your own mind

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sell half keep half
win win

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Sell it all so we can have more cope threads.

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he's already drained 6 figs so he'll keep doing so
it's dead

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>source: me

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I already sold more than half, 200m is whats left.
My suspicion is that this will pull a BITCOIN in a couple weeks, will still go down for a week or two, then most whales will empty their wallets which will trigger a repump.
I'll probably keep whatever stack I have left because timing that will be a bitch.

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Apu shillers are annoying faggots, however apu fudders are annoying ESL faggots.
I hope it moons, the fudders buy in, then the dev ruggs, just to fuck everyone over.

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oh yeah, a fresh sniper wallet that dumped $150k was just raaaaandomly funded minutes before deployer wallet was funded



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lmao, the paid shillers are unbelievable

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I don't care. whether or not the dev held that sniper wallet means nothing to me. I always assumed he did and that's part of why I held. would have been way riskier if 20% of the supply was held by someone else. this coin has generated millions for the community, I don't care if he personally made $150k. its deserved.
current situation is bullish and its wild that you retards are trying to spin a 20% token burn as bearish. all teh big wallets are out and it now meets the standard for a big cex listing.

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Lol he's a Mexican living on Texas
that's what he said
and let's not forget he said Apu is not "one man's op" and he mentioned about a "team" behind it

/biz/ is being scammed by fucking shitskins looool

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Its not the burn thats bearish, its everything thats happened to it so far that makes it bearish.
The burn is just a ruse to keep people interested

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>don't care. whether or not the dev held that sniper wallet means nothing to me. I always assumed he did and that's part of why I held. would have been way riskier if 20% of the supply was held by someone else. this coin has generated millions for the community

Not even Toad baggies do this kind of dumb damage control
And this exact line is the case with Scamtoshi

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this shit went from 0 to 40M in a week and most of us bought at the beginning. sorry, but I just don't care about whatever you think is bearish.

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Yeah im gonna admit that that is too coincidental for my comfort and I sold. After surprising everyone with secretly holding 1/4 the supply and assuring everyone he only had 8.5%, then surprising everyone that he has a team when the narrative was that this was a passion project of his alone.. im willing to admit im probably wrong. There are just way too many “???” variables for me to continue risking serious money here. Lost half an ETH on this, if it moons now that I got out I will rope myself.

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>this shit went from 0 to 40M in a week and most of us bought at the beginning. sorry, but I just don't care about whatever you think is bearish.
same, I'll start losing if it goes -97% from current price, I'm not selling, all or nothing fren!

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It doesnt matter what I think, its straight up is bearish overall

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it would have been retarded to buy this coin after it pumped with all the sniper wallets still in desu. I thought it was obvious this was probably the dev, which made it a safe gamble. dev owning supply means token burns and cex listings are possible. dev not owning supply means snipers will dump tf out of it and it will never go anywhere. buy if you want. sell if you want. i don't care what you faggots do.

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>FAkGEDTs id
opinion discarded

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I have a small bag so I'm just enjoying watching at this point. If it dies I won't lose much but if it moons I get to say so many "i told you so"s

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this shit will never recover, why should people invest into a coin that's down -40% in the past 24h and has been going down ever since hitting ATH 2 days ago?

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We bought the coin because we are retarded
We hold the coin because we are retarded
We stay comfy

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You stay poor

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Not a very convincing argument for this people who bought recently, or anywhere near its current pricepoint.
>”i made a ton of money because i got in early so it doesnt matter if it shits the bed because i still win anyways”
Why would I want to continue to hold this?

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>this shit will never recover, why should people invest into a coin that's down -40% in the past 24h and has been going down ever since hitting ATH 2 days ago?
lol, maybe because smart people buy low to sell high

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Stick to the plan people, get fit and hold. We still have 9 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, 14 hours, 18 mins, 43 seconds left.

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> smart people buy shit that's been dumping non-stop for days

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Distribution is looking a lot better now, 20% of the supply is in a null address and the next largest holder is only 2%. I still think APU can fly, but I wish I had taken out my initial earlier when MC was closer to $50m.

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> getting listed on CMC will cause a 100x pum---aaaack

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yeah this shit is dumping while the rest of the market is pumping, it's even worse than it actually looks

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I have seen worse memecoins go up this month

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I can’t believe I spent my hard earned ETH on this shitcoin only to see it rug. Never again

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kek any newfaggot who gets fudded out off the most obvious pick of this season will no doubt rope
PEPE was literally fudded in the exact same way almost word for word >>/biz/thread/54711520

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I will post this webm everytime you make a thread about this curry coin since jannies dont do their fucking job.

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Jc what the fuck is happening? I just woke up
I'm down 25% aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Fuck you biz
I h8 y'all
this will pump again, r- right?

>muh bought the top
No i didn't
i bought le dip but it just keep dipping

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>it's the next pepe because it's the same fud
and so were the other 9,999 rugs on /biz/ you're coping hard, you got played nigga

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> dude, just hold this random shitcoin for another year man!

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The problem is that with such low liquidity, a whale dumping 1 billion (which isnt even considered a top wallet) can tank this down nearly to the floor. The low liquidity is what allows this to pump so hard but is also what makes it possible to rug.

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I'm a total degen so just bought a bag at 13, could go either way and this is crypto, I'm willing to take the risk.

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Anon every post on this board is Apu, he's one of the most common memes out there.

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Sounds like snipers are almost done unloading though which also helps with distribution. Problem is seems like the whales and legit buyers are getting spooked off and also unloading now or stopped buying lol. But it still could take off, worst case I lose the couple grand I got invested. Not like I was going to put any money in a brand new memecoin that I wasn't willing to lose, half of my stack was bought for $200 at sub $2m MC.

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The memeability is excellent but the dev being a sketchbag and repeatedly flat out lying makes this way too risky for me. I cant see big money being willing to enter this when they can be rugpulled by a dozen separate wallets that may or may not be the same person.
This is what changed my mind.

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>you got played nigga
still a x4 from where im sitting
>for another year man!
bullrun still has about a year left give or take
so yes you should hold

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There are still “snipers” with billions of Apu remaining and actively selling. You got in early so your risk is low but its a very hard argument to make to convince someone to buy in now with all of this going on. Again I will rope if im wrong on this but theres way too much sketchy shit for me to stay onboard. If the dev has a team then why was it only mentioned yesterday and why have they never spoken?

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this is a good point, but now might be a good time to start DCAing in while its a 15m market cap. alot of the whales are out and price is way down. think about it..what other coin has garnered this much attention on biz? i cant think of one. if you think this thing has potential to moon think of the opportunity cost of not buying..just my thoughts

t. 1.9 billion apu holder and havent sold a single one

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hmm okay i'm waiting for a little pump and them i'm out as well, fuck this jeet coin

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I would argue it's memeseason so all it needs is a run up to attract big money. A lot of these memecoins in general are sketchy af and if big money can make money from a degen coin from a CEX listing or whale buy they will.

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Which is exactly why threads about this coin smelled like curry from the get go.

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I love the meme potential but i just sold at a 1/2 Eth loss. Too much risk to stay especially as momentum has slowed and the screencap of the “sniper wallet” being funded minutes before the coin was created. If there was tons of transactions, sure, probably coincidence. But the fact theres barely any transactions and the wallet was made right before the token went live is too sketchy. I would have sold earlier had i seen that, ontop of the dev lying repeatedly, even if he claims it was for our own good.

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>think about it..what other coin has garnered this much attention on biz?
the most recent one in my memory is PEPE which i also picked up early cus of the exact same vibes
memecoins/shitcoins are ultimately a popularity contest and if you scroll through /biz/ you will see page after page of apu memes

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>If the dev has a team then why was it only mentioned yesterday and why have they never spoken?

Don't know nor do I care, doesn't matter to me what strings the devs are pulling behind the scenes as long as line keeps going up. They don't get rich unless we all get rich. And if they decide to pull some shit at $500m+ MC like PEPE devs with the community wallet it doesn't really matter at that point if you got CEX liquidity. But I don't think dev would have burned 20% of supply if he was trying to fuck people over, he would have just dumped on our heads laughing all the way to the bank. Seems like he's in this for the long haul. Whether other investors and buyers are as well remains to be seen.

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Thats the thing. With liquidity so low he CANT dump that much, its literally impossible. If he tried to even dump 1/2 of what he claims to still have (8.5%) it would rug the coin to zero. Yes this can be seen as being generous to the holders but it certainly is self serving as well. If the liquidity pool was much larger your argument would make sense and I wouldnt doubt it for a second, but with it so tiny, those coins are ones he could not use anyways.

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# of holders keeps rising day after day. Bullish?

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>just 9 month more
Baggies are on copium overdose, lol.
Yeah it will surely pump after the end of bullrun 9 months later, just hodl and buy more.

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simple as

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think of the cost of NOT buying into the potential meme coin of the year. the pain of regret..scares me desu

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Oh he could, he'd just crash the price and kill the project. But there's like 90 ETH in Uniswap APU pairs he could drain if he really want to, if that was Ranjesh that would probably feed his village for decades. But clearly he's not so desperate for 4/5 fig gains that he's willing to kill APU and the potential for 6/7 fig or higher profits if this memecoin takes off.

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> smart people buy shit that's been dumping non-stop for days
smart people, like me, bought the dip of pep3coin and harrypotter10 dcaing.

look where they are now, and we're talking about a redundant PEP3 coin and the most retarded coin ever made

what you think will happen with Apu Apustaja?

You poorfags will never learn.

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Reminder that PEPE $15 million dollar community wallet was rugged not burned but rugged 7 months ago and not only is it still alive it's 3.4 billion mcap. All we have to do is stick together frens and we'll take Apu to the billions.

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this is where I think I fall now too.

I am the anon who went digging through the archives for Pepe fud and found striking similarity to the Apu fud, but the reality is that the same fud is there for almost every single coin that makes it (including fucking Ethereum itself).

There is a real risk of being "too smart" (midwitted) to make it. None of this shit matters. The frog is cute. Simple as.

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This is literally baggies mentality, lol.
Just be early in any other shitcoin, retards.

>> No.58097478

yA BRO buy any other shit coin. maybe another dog!!!

>> No.58097507

yes, it sucks to be under your entry price. It happens to us all. sometime you win, sometimes you lose. define risk before you buy anything. then stick to your plan. maybe its time for you to sell...I don't know whats best for you.

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looks around at absolutely everything. lp to mc ration is always skewed usually at least 10 to 1, but on pump coins even as high as 100 to 1. there are always whales in every coin that can dump aggressively if they want

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this is (((dev)))'s wallet, already made half a milly behind biz and retards keep giving him money

>> No.58097686

no, that ones a legit sniper. it has a long history of sniping way before apu was deployed.

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THIS 100%

the dev made some retarded decisions but he doesn’t seem like a scam artist. could have easily gone radio silent, dumped his bags and netted 6 figures, while anons would have continued buying the dip.

Now ask yourself
would a real scam artist forgo that amount of money?
would a real scam artist come forward, and burn holdings?

Dev is a retard. I’m still fucking bullish, because this project works with or without him and I’m not selling. I don’t give a fuck.

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This fucking sucks.
Might become a full time scammer..
It seems more profitable than trying to buy low cap shitcoins.
The incentice to send this token by his part is long gone
He already made it by third world standards

>> No.58097720

>would a real scam artist forgo that amount of money?
>would a real scam artist come forward, and burn holdings?
the most successful scam artists are the ones that try give some plausible deniability

>> No.58097733

>everyone whose ever sold a single apu is the dev!
thats a sniper wallet. it was active before apu and it was funded by a sniper wallet going back a long time.

>> No.58097752

If you were the dev, and still had this token, would you pull the rug if you thought there was still momentum to go up further, increasing your gains? Im sure hes not in a huge hurry but if the token slows down any further and slowly keeps going down there is a decent chance he just ends it

>> No.58097764

idk, whatever. you guys are really emotional traders. I don't care. lock in profits if you need. sell at a loss if that will make you feel better. this coin is already big enough outside of biz. I'm not worried about these fud threads here

>> No.58097784

It really isn't, this is just a /biz/ coin, twitter hates this and all the normies as well

>> No.58097803

how do you know that? it's only been out for about a week.

>> No.58097821

nobody outside of /biz/ knows the name apu

>> No.58097852

he's anonymous, he didn't need to do any of that. it's a risk coming forward, knowing that the reaction would be bearish either way. scammers take the money and run.

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Something to keep in mind for everyone. Those that paperhanded during the shake out will now fud solely because they want to feel they made the right decision because if they are wrong and APU ends up pumping again they'll rope.

Ignore the fud and enter the fud bunkers, stay together frens and WGMI.

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if I'm a scammer, yes I would have went silent, max sold, wait for the dip to be bought, and max sold again. Easily could have walked away with close to $300k. The guy is an idiot, not a scammer.

I just wish he would hand the project off as a symbolic gesture.

>> No.58097900

no, that's really not true. there's been multiple big twitter accounts posting this...regular account, not CT. biz got in first, but we did not pump this to its peak.

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Said the same as I said on saturday, this guy offloading multiple billions and who has pocketed $350k so far, who also still has 8 billions in his wallet left, let him finish dumping then maybe I'll consider an entry - everything otherwise points to this being a farm. I can see he's getting nervous now too as the liquidity is disappearing.
Also the narrative that OP is a "rich guy who made it just wants to help biz make it" has fallen apart after the things revealed yesterday. This offloader wallet is part of "the team" no doubt.

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Shut the fuck apu

>> No.58098173

I agree
The fud only exists on /biz btw. Twitter is very bullish and they are slurping while it's low

>> No.58098236

>From 50mil to 12mil
>ACKshually not a rug cuz le liquidity is still there

kek baggots
this is going to 6mil mc and that being conservative

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Biz exposed this scam very early...around 35 - 40 mln i guess. Retards didn't listen frens from biz, now only basmanti on dinner, no souce no meat.


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Yep the scam got called out and how everyone else is slowly dipping. It's over for apu.

>> No.58098340

The Safemoon team was white as well.

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File: 38 KB, 622x408, naleakers-beastcoast-leaving-siege-v0-ivhtm4esm4aa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's going to nothing. American degens are waking up and seeing the bleeding. Get out while you can bros. Fuck brown people

>> No.58098371

im gonna wait till it dies and then ill buy for cheapies.

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kinda sad desu
i am convinced that if the CMC listing had happened one day sooner this shit would be at 0.0002 right now

ofc no-one is going to buy into this when they see -25 to 50% down because CMC only listed APU after it's peak on Tuesday

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It’s officially over frens. We got scammed.

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It's over frens... we got fucking scammed and rugged

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There's a difference between a /biz/ shitcoin and one that gets shilled on /biz/, learn the difference and you won't lose money ever again. You lost due to your greediness, a lot of true bros told you about the scam and you refused to listen, you just had to sell the top and get your gains out but you choose to stand still and let the pajeet go his way. See you fren, good shitcoins will come for sure.

>> No.58098539

this was always an obvious scam, but still a profitable one
sold linu to make about 4x on this, and went back to quadruple my linu stack

>> No.58098654

Lessons: learned
money lost: $200 maybe
Time: Marches on

>> No.58098788

Is this an ironic post?

>> No.58098802

Next time LISTEN when anons post mountains upon mountains of evidence AND NEVER TRUST A BRAND NEW TOKEN WITH A DEV

>> No.58098804

am i banned

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>> No.58098825

10 ETH left hahahahahha dev will be suprised when he wake up

>> No.58098844

54 eth left in the main pool

>> No.58098850

Remember anon. True frens are here and yes maybe they will call you retardo but will safe your money a psychic condition

>> No.58098885


Look at both uniswap v2 and v3 pools fren. Still isn't looking great, though.

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Right kek.

>> No.58099162

We are double holders from a day or two ago. How many of those are new buys from uniswap vs large wallet transfers to ghost wallets? Can someone check for me? I’m on my phone at work kek

>> No.58099181

Thank you for playing
See you next game!

>> No.58099290

I knew it as soon as the "dev" did nothing to promote the token other than tossing a few bucks at /biz/ day one and then arguing with fudders here whenever he was awake. Very obvious he wasn't serious about the token.

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Mods deleted an APU thread 14 replies because it shows the striking similarities between PEPE and APU in the early days


>> No.58099371

>Dev panic buying trying to save it again. The ledger was filled with fake buy volume the whole time

It's over Apoo bros

>> No.58099396


>every time someone sells its the dev
>every time someone buys its also the dev


>> No.58099445

He has buy and sell only wallets
Dyor fag
he's a brown scammer

>> No.58099468

Retards buying le dip just to get dumped on by a huge red turd every time

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>> No.58099611

Ya Idgi. Has another 3960% left to drop before we’re in trouble. Retards around here I swear

>> No.58099624

faggot the proof has been posted many times, if you want to ignore it thats on you

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i boughted. cap this for when it's literally a million dollars

>> No.58099760


>> No.58099798

everyone chimping for no reason this weekend itll ath

>> No.58099819

I also saw that wtf was that about

>> No.58099822

how much did you lose

>> No.58099828

Who fomo'd in at the top?

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There is another choice

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File: 509 KB, 679x707, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you are tired of jannies arbitrarily deleting/banning posts about certain crypto or stocks, sick of all the bad faith shills and bots, and are interested in a comfier and higher quality posting experience, come check out sturdy!

-No captcha
-Larger filesizes and more file types enabled such as mp4,txt, etc
-Built in fun and useful UI features
-More niche than 4chan so you'll have less people around solely trying to shill their flavor of the month meaning a higher chance of sincere discussions

>> No.58099865

>I also saw that wtf was that about

You know why. Mods and jannies delete info becuase they want to profit from it.

ONLY APU thread that gets nuked. If you are accumulated large amounts you have to do it slowly and you have to discourage retail from buying at the same time

>> No.58099882


Yeah I'll pass on on your board with probably 11 people using it total which is also a glownigger honey pot in all likelihood.

>> No.58099901

What happens if this manages to pull another ATH after the last 36 hours or straight destruction?

>> No.58099913

it won't, shits going to 0

>> No.58099962


It will PEPEs first sell off was even worse. Lmao

>> No.58099987

this needs to go way lower before I lose anon. its not happening. I did just buy more at 8M though. I love this lil retard frog like you wouldn't believe

>> No.58099993

Pepe wasn't a "/biz/ community coin" though, huge difference

>> No.58100011

neither is apu anymore. only the most autistic among us are still holding. distribution changed a lot today.

>> No.58100040


The holder count went up

>> No.58100074

Checked. I'm autistic, bought early, not selling any time soon.

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do you honestly believe the CMC listing has any meaning at all???
do you think there's hundreds of thousands of people out there staring at the new listings and deciding to buy when they see em?
>oh fuck CHONK THE MOTHERFUCKING CAT just listed as the 50th crypto today!!! TIME TO BUY!

"cmc listing" is just a cope telegram bagholders always latch on to because that's the extent of capabilities of their no-use copypasted mascot shittokens. don't fall for the shilling. IT DOES NOT MATTER.

>> No.58100198

Picked up 20m more. Still up like 500%

>> No.58100251

It could - people don't realize that this is the double edged sword of (somewhat) low liquidity. Violent pumps AND violent dumps.

If (when) this thing gets going again it will rip up faster than before because of price memory and network effect.

Buying now is for retards and geniuses only.