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Are you buying bros?

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As much as I can (which is not a lot, but better than nothing).

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Mouth wide open for the bbc

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Imagine this guy taking 10 off-putting selfies in his AirBnB until he finds the one that simultaneously makes his mouth look tidy and moist while making sure you can’t see the lack of emotion behind his eyes, which obviously no one would be able to but it’s always been a concern to him. Then he sits on his MacBook Air and pastes some logos, text, double, triple outline with whatever random color… the sink is dripping and the air exchanger kicks the furnaces fan on to being the humidity down. Good, it was getting too moist and almost ruined his picture. Then his Thai twink-for-hire comes out of the bathroom and this guy demands another asshole inspection to make sure there’s no “dookies hidin’ in there” before proceeding to pound the ever loving shit out of his boy toy. Tip #1 is get your moneys worth

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I'm sloooorping slooooooooooooooorping big time

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>mfw the new doom .wad hits just right

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chad move

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I wish I as this smart unironically

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Im from I shty country so I cant gamble. I sell, get a PAW card (cos my country sucks and take 50% of my money) and now looking for new horizons

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Same here anon, Idk about that card, good info

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Probably a handsome man but that face expression is just disgusting
Guess it served its purpose, because I'm reacting to it

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Hell yeah. Cucked a bunch of XTP, BNB, DOT and SWISS.

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Tap Fintech is one of the coolest things to get in without thinking about gambling fora nanosec.

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A massive one, indeed.

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I bought at 61k, so no.