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back in your 20s where you left them

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When are scrotes going to step the fuck up, earn more and marry us?

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Have you ever met a man? They need so little resources to survive. What is the incentive to earn a surplus of money?

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We went to South East Asia

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How about to get a wife and contribute to society?

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Why are B0ss babes so loney. smelly, and worthless?

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So there is a wage gap, but it's the opposite of what they say it is.

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Planned. They took away the power of individuality and small business and give cushy fake academic, entertainment, and government jobs to women.

Read the Bible. There are two signs you are under judgement. One is women rule over you. Two is a bunch of faggots start showing up.

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no thanks, cheap TPE pussy feels better and no bitching or STDs
let it all burn

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Single women earn more than all groups except one: married men. Single men do not make as much as single women and the people who make the least amoung of money are married women.

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Really weird how they don't mention that at all
Oh nevermind

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>Where are all the economically attractive men?

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Maybe we should cap women's salaries so they can be happier. It's for their own good.

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kek. I'm a millionaire and women don't take it well when I tell them men don't care about how much money they make we care about things like being young, having low body counts, not being fat, and not having tattoos. I have no reason to date a 30 year old woman.

I also have no reason to marry via government contract as the contract only serves to give women power over me and to steal my assets. I do let them know I am open to a religious marriage through a church though, just not a legal marriage.

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Nigga thinks its still Leave it to Beaver World.

We haven’t lived in a “society” since the Civil Rights Act, when the west effectively became just an economic zone for various organized interest groups to pillage.

We’re all on this board to figure out the easiest way to pillage said economic zone, while avoiding getting pillaged by better organized/financed/state backed groups (like the girl bosses described earlier).

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delete this immediately kek

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We need to levy higher taxes on women.

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holy kek

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this is just sad ngl

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Tits or gtfo

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Anita wasn't even that bad of a feminist. Why couldn't she find a man?

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Nice try, foids. I ain't telling you where I am.

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She was awful what are you smoking? lol
She couldn't find a man because the average woman, and especially women like her, believe they deserve a man who is several points above them on a 10 scale. Anita being a solid 5/10 believed she deserved a 10/10 male. She refused to settle, so this is what she gets.

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Women are 100% better at being by-the-book busybodies and wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what corporations want right now, what a coincidence.

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Males aren't socialized properly anymore so women often have better social skills and therefore excel at climbing the corporate ladder.

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and speaking entirely in corpobabble

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Girl boss detected
Don’t you have a not so subtle bootie TikTok to make?

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in their mother's basement, flipping shitcoins

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How am I wrong? I know a lot of males who have like 1-5 friends yet every woman I know seems to know everyone. My father meanwhile has a ton of friends of both genders. Something happened to millennial and gen z men. They never learned how to maintain social connections.

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Many males don’t fit into a social order dictated by the resource cuckoldry imposed by corporations on them. Not being “properly socialized” in a sick society is not a negative trait. People wanted more tech, they wanted more consumption at any cost, they wanted winners and losers, and they got what they wanted worshipping the idol of these false gods.

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I think you are just afraid to care about people because you don't want to be rejected so you pretend that your lack of connections is some kind of badge of honor.

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i dont care about playing your stupid game. the second you judged someone based on their salary was the second you revealed yourself to be a shallow bitch. next time you are feeding your 5 cats wondering where all the good men went just remember you are no different than the 40 something year old doctor who only fucks 18 year olds.

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Imagine caring about people who don't even think of you, lmao

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Male spaces aren’t allowed to exist in the real world you dumb femcel. That’s why young men have largely been driven to Lithuanian basket weaving boards, George Floyd meme coin groups and the darkest corners of the internet,

Boy Scouts: must include girls and be gay
Corporations; female driven, all men must abide by female standards and act gay
Gyms: infested with half naked sluts
Video games/films/media: run by wine aunts and in full compliance with soulless corporate culture

Please name one real world space where normal male social connections are allowed to exist.

You can’t,
They were still allowed to exist when your boomer father entered society and proceeded to burn it down.

Now pls get back to your tps reports before you open up another bottle of Merlot or that big promotion to vice ACD of diversity and inclusion marketing might go to the other roastie that your ceo is banging.

Yes. I hate women. Thank you and goodnight.

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>Boy Scouts: must include girls and be gay
Why does the presence of girls hamper male social development? If anything I think it would improve it.
>Corporations; female driven, all men must abide by female standards and act gay
Not really sure what you mean by "female standards and act gay." Are you saying that men can't socialize unless they are sexually harassing women or something like in Mad Men?
>Gyms: infested with half naked sluts
Again, why does this prevent guys from being guys? Just ignore them.

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Is it a bad idea to date a girl who makes more money than you? I have a decent job in the finance sector, but due to being pretty good looking, and 30, I get a lot of girls that are Lawyers or Doctors on my Hinge. But I am a bit intimidated by that.

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unironically retarded

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That's gay, anon

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It’s definitely true that ‘fenale support groups’ or women only organizations are all over the place, but any male-only organization is demonized.

Fraternities still exist, but damn they have been cuckolded over the years. I think young men socializing and brawling amongst themselves is quite healthy for their development

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I make 150k and am single.All of my net worth is in BTC or micro strategy. Any femanons on /biz/ interested

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So you have no rebuttal?

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This isn’t r3ddit. I’m not going to engage in an hour of back and forth with your underdeveloped childlike mind, especially when you should be doing your deepthroat exercises for tomorrows evaluation.

Men and women are not the same. They need seperate spaces. Every culture throughout history understood this until recently,

I know you can’t grasp this. So I’m just going to say this: enjoy the trannies in your gym change room and workplace in coming years.

Just ignore them.

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Society has literally done nothing and take from me

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You see batman, if I say peacock, nobody bats an eye, but if I say poop cock, well society, SOCIETY CALLS ME GAY!

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no pussy
no work

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there is nothing to refute, you are completely clueless

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>Men and women are not the same.
>They need seperate spaces
Sure. But not everything needs to be separate, especially since workplaces are integrated these days. Boys need to learn how to interact with girls who are their equals and also their superiors. This doesn't mean that they won't also form friendships with other boys.

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oh yeah i totally agree i am completely clueless (about anything other than pumping my $spurdo tokens) you are so smart and wise you probably have a huge dick probably like 12 feet way more than me it's probably very soft and flacid right now unlike mine which is as hard as a diamond because i am a $spurdo token chad

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i'm a skinny 5'5" dude. impossible for me to find a gf in today's hypergamy female market.

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I fucking hate women

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>I think
>feign ignorance
Men act differently when pussy is at stake. I can be myself with the guys because who gives a fuck and it literally doensnt matter, around the hoes that changes because we all want some gash and if a slut thinks your a creep then youre cooked. Obviouy thats going to stunt our fucking "scoial development" you goddamn moron. You are an obect of impermanence, you are a wet slit to sex, my broa are not, my bros are pals I can be goofy with and not have to do some kind of walking on eggshells bird mating dance routine else all be fucked.
Fuck you whore, you werent raped, your just a slut, you wouldnt have slept next to him if you didnt want him to fuck you, unfortunately for you the womanizing rapists are seldomly the decent men who will respect your opinion to not have your hole sexed. Fuck off.

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Why don’t you just pre-nup dude? I’m still in six fig land but my wife said she was fine with one and we went ahead. She just has to have faith in love. She even said that, that she would rather have me confident and happy in our life together than second guessing her.

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Not at all based on HR being full of women either.

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Why not just tell her that you will murder suicide if she even THINKS of leaving you?
Just casually say, "oh yeah I guess I'd just die :) haha!" But in such a way and with the eye contact that the point would get across quite clearly. Thats the reason people fuck over other people nowadays, no one is afraid anymore, no one fears retaliation anymore.

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Can a woman ever love a man who is inferior to her?

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To add to this, consider her friend group. Most guys in it are never going to be attractively masculine enough for her (or any woman) and any man that is masculine enough to not be gay wants nothing to do with her.

As an aside, one of my favorite tricks that women do is that they "omit" men they could acknowledge who would reject them for their psycho fever dream lives and I guarantee Anita would do this.

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Why do workplaces need to be integrated? It wasn't the normal, it was a new experiment. You're looking at the negative results. Name the positives. Are they worth it?

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I mean mom's adore their sons (often too much) so there is precedence in the human psyche. Then again my mom, who is like 65 still refuses to date men younger than her so I kind of wonder if there is some kind of innate need for a "superior" partner (in some respect, doesn't have to be age or income necessarily but the male does need to provide something that the woman doesn't have outside of biology.)

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Can a woman ever truly love a man?

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One positive is that I might get to live out my call of duty world at war fever dreams in the form of a giant raging civil war across the nation wherein hundreds if millions are cut down like wheat to a scythe.
That makes it all worth it :) then we can explore space afterwards :))

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>Why do workplaces need to be integrated?
Because women deserve to have the opportunity to be independent and even maybe a little wealthy from wage labor (just like men.)

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We spend hundreds of millions of dollars on DEI programs, spread propaganda that women are discriminated against while at the same time giving them preferential treatment to make sure they earn as much as men, but somehow single women are having a hard time finding single men who make as much as they do? The horror!

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Are those opportunities worth the costs? The experiment has shown a woman can have the same opportunities men get from wage labor, but it comes at the cost of female opportunities in romance and dating.

If you can't have both, which one would you prefer? I'm not asking "what SHOULD the world be" but what choice you prefer out of the possibilities that really exist in the world.

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My GF works at Walmart. It's the best I could do in his economy

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The only woman who should be wealthy is my mother so she can help me survive the fucked up cuntcentric system that pushed me to the wayside and caused me to nearly become homeless. In a healthy world I would be the wealthy one and she would be living in my guest house and my woman wouldnt have to work. Women are supposed to be subservient (to men of their race and ethnicity) if they somehow are outside of that system then they had better find their way back in like the baby chickens they are.

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I've looked in to them and they just don't work. I have enough money to quit my job right now and never work again a day in my life. In fact, I am likely going to do that after this bullrun ends.

The only thing that could force me to have to work again after I begin early retirement is a woman divorce raping me with the full force of the government contract of marriage. You need to think of it from the perspective of what I gain and what the woman gains from marriage. I gain, literally nothing. The woman gains: a government firearm to the back of my head that enslaves me if she gets bored of me. In what world is this a good deal for me? I have a gf already and I told her we're never getting married legally but I might be open to a religious marriage in the future and she's "fine" with it. I put it in quotes because women are liars, and she may have the "i can change his mind" approach but it's never happening.

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You have to properly define love as well. Unless she's seriously brain damaged, mothers will always love their children, especially their sons as the opposite sex parent-child relationship has more to do with the socializing aspects of life. A son knowing how to socially maneuver and be socially competitive will come from the mother, there's an aspect of keeping genetic lineage there.

However, with all other holes, they have different interests, most notably reproduction and the "safety" check. If men do not have sex that results in kids with a woman within about the first 3 to 5 years, she'll either larp as not wanting kids or sleep with another man that gives her attention eventually. If a woman cannot properly read the man's "security expressions" such as career, money, housing, character, etc., she will not be loyal.

Male/female relationships should be looked at as sober as possible and as transactions that are mutually beneficial. I am of the opinion that men must love their women and women must respect their men, otherwise chaos awaits. Women don't seem to be good at picking out partners though, I blame contraception and the welfare state for that. Probably their woman brains too. Passionate love from man to woman, and then the long term love of faithfulness and patience to raising a family...that sounds ideal.

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>I have a gf already and I told her we're never getting married legally

kek, it doesn't matter if you arent married anymore

look up defacto laws

so long as you live together in the same house for 1-2 years, she basically gets the same "rights" as a married woman

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>every state is just as cucked as mine is!
I did. My state doesn't have common law marriage, I'm good.

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>Sargon's face when he's running his own media company and this is what Anita does with her plunder

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I guess I’m an economically attractive man (early 30’s, 7 fig NW, 400k income). Married to a 20 something foreign woman who lost her virginity to me, no tattoos, not fat, isn’t a feminist. I’m a nerdy guy and under 6ft so of course the typical type A manly American woman wouldn’t want me

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op is an economically attractive man and he's right that the american woman (or any liberal woman for that matter) wouldn't want him however he's making a serious miscalulation by marrying a 20 something foreign woman sure she lost her virginity to op and sure she is a non fat non feminist but she is definitely just using him for a green card i guess there is no real problem with op getting married other than he is an idiot who is probably going to get cucked pretty soon by some bbc

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think about it, no because eventually she does not respect him so it falls apart long-term. Men have always been able to love women whether inferior or not, because the woman would provide things for the family/children that he could not.
Today, men are not seen as providing anything beyond what the woman already does herself. Working, child-rearing, sex can all be done without a relationship/marriage.
That's essentially the problem with dating, relationships, divorce, feminism, everything. This is why women ironically, even feminists, say they want a traditional man because traditionalism means the man brings additional skills/qualities to the relationship.

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KEK please be real

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for my 40th i had dinner with my mom

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What all of that industry cock smoking and driving an indie developer to suicide has led to, lmao. Old cat lady Sakeesian.

>> No.58093183

Running away from gold diggers.

>> No.58093186

>want a trad lifestyle
>refuse to be a provider
Why are guys like this?

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they don't need no man. Mmm tsk gurl!

>> No.58093272

Yeah i never wanted a trad wife. I just pay hoes to leave after i had my fun. Its cheaper than divorce court. Sluts are also legal in my country.

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i remember she was dating some rich ultra leftist guy, what happened to him?

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Why do women not understand that men don't care how much money they make? I don't want a totally broke woman, but if the expectation is that she is going to raise my children while I'm gone making the real money, I care way more about her personality traits than her income. I really just want her to have a job as proof that she can commit to something. Why is this such an easy concept for nearly everyone to understand, but impossible for roasties to understand?

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For centuries men had no problem marrying women despite them not working outsude the home and not being the breadwinners. Seems kind of shallow and unfair that women these days won't be in relationships with men under the same circumstances.

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lol wut? she was in the group of crazy feminists calling men rapists, no sane man would want to have a relationship with her because of that

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Incredibly based. It's literally just this pic on a societal level. Normies don't really apprehend what quality is or where it comes from and so the cycle of degredation continues. It's the destruction of a stabilizing force in the ecosystem, like killing off the wolves and that leading to deforestation.

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Lol. I was a millionaire when I got married at 36. I held out for a high earning woman and I got one who was nearly a centimillionaire. Its possible bros.

>> No.58093329

punt that bitch right in the ovaries and tell her she shouldn't have gotten tattoos and spent her youth "studying" and "finding herself"

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Can i get a small loan of a million dollars ?

>> No.58093357

Darwinized her self our of the gene pool. Many such cases.

>> No.58093395

You've shifted the argument from "Male spaces aren't allowed to exist" to "not everything needs to be separate".

You're either arguing in bad faith or unironically retarded like >>58092519 said.

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Fucking 18yr olds
>she thinks we busted ass to settle for a career roastie with shriveled eggs

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Nice psychoanalysis but you follow coldhealing on x.com don't you kek.

Not an argument ;)

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All women are whores

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women don't know what they want, seriously. As much as i hate fags i envy gay men. They will NEVER have to deals with these heathens EVER.
i wish i could not feel anything for these creatures but i'm unfortunately as straight as an arrow and i can't control my dick
but well, all i can do is work on myself, get a better job, maybe invest in some cryptos from time to time for extra bucks (worked with loaf cat recently) and retire at 50 if i can.
fuck women, why are they so annoying yet attractive, fuck
oh well, japanese women seem funnier and more understanding... so there might be a chance there.

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Showing why psychoanalysis is a pseudoscience, Freud was himself mentally ill, and the more his mental illness has been pushed, the worse off people have actually become.

>> No.58093835

start playing real jazz or listening to Rush. guaranteed not a single XX within a kilometer

>> No.58093838

Most trannyfaggot moralism you come across these days isn't Freudian anyways.

>> No.58093847

They are sponges that absorb whatever environment they are in. They lack agency. So do most men, to be honest, but virtually all women.

>> No.58093874

Because she's ugly as fuck and (((Armenian))). Probably will grow back hair and a goatee within 10 years.

>> No.58093891

>sits on the ass all day HR to get paid
>"why are men broke?"

>> No.58093911

I get happn couple days ago and get 13 matches, no one asks for money all they want is a good dick

>> No.58093955

> japanese women seem funnier and more understanding... so there might be a chance there.
Until the jews get ahold of them as well.

>> No.58093956

There only difference between rich/successful women is their superiority complex. Other than that, they're the same. They will all still fuck Chad even though he's unemployed or a pizzaboy, and they'll still judge you harshly if you aren't attractive or can't fuck them well enough. Their standards for relationships and marriage are higher though. They won't marry Chad because he's a poorfag, they'll marry their surgeon coworker and fuck Chad on the side. So what I'm saying is just fuck them well and get them to buy you stuff, then they'll either want to marriage trap you for your money or dump you.

>> No.58093961

we stopped putting up with them years ago

surprisingly, ignoring them is an incredibly economically valuable decision

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And you didnt have that so go get some money

>> No.58093977

that she framed herself in a manner that didn't make her look like a crazy to power brokers was precisely the reason why she was so subversive and got things done where others failed

but anyway if any remotely attractive girl is single that long, it's from her own decisions

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Thats the case, go take some AGRS do some money and get a dick enlargement surgery

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Thats a good one

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Fag, you just get a trany, stop lying

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There's some guy laughing his ass off looking at all the (you)s you retards gave him.

>> No.58094075

a sudden influx of retarded tourists is bullish, altcoin season soon
my top signal is when they've been here long enough to realize that a biological woman hasn't laid eyes on this board ever

>> No.58094153

who the fuck cares

been here since 2016 and on this site since 2006, i'll post what i want

>my top signal is when they've been here long enough to realize that a biological woman hasn't laid eyes on this board ever
casytay posts here pretty frequently

>> No.58094602

Its a problem on both sides, the only women Im ACTUALLY friends with are the girl Im fucking and my 1 ex-gf of whom has a normal demeanour. Every other woman Ive dealt with is not worth being associated with. The ones I was friends with in high school were gone the moment we graduated, because women now have a 'out of sight, out of mind' subconscious, if you're not working with them or seeing them regularly in some form, they've got some other guy to feed attention off from.

t. '94 millennial (I remember 9/11)

>> No.58094872

HOLY KEK, its actually FULLY over for this bitch. She's getting exactly what she deserves

>> No.58095214

>women collectively want men to make more than them to date
>they also want equal pay
Will anyone tell them the math doesn’t work out?

>> No.58095272

All I remember is growing up seeing the boys in class not paying attention and getting all bad grades while everyone said "boys will be boys" while girls were being very encouraged to chase their ambitions and nurture their skills. Whenever one girl failed an exam the teachers quickly called the parents and put her on a special program or extra tutors. Results: college packed with women and men doing delivery with bicycles, girls drive cars while men take the bus, girls at the gym or planning trips while boys smoke, drink and do drugs.
That's what I see everyday and nobody cares. Eventually it is going to be unsustainable because women are short term consumers while men invest big to build homes and sustain society. In some decades there is going to be a shortage of taxpayers to pay for retirement pensions and the quality of institutions will deteriorate even more. Also good luck finding a woman that wants to fix the pipes of a toilet, none of them are going to jump off their white collar jobs where they only touch laptops and doodle in whiteboards while enjoying a seat in an office with AC in spring.

>> No.58095493

this lol, modern society coddles women

>> No.58095509

>Contribute to society = pay taxes to support invaders to steal, pillage, and rape.
Lol, lmao.

>> No.58095549

This isn't Plebbit you dumb hoe.

>> No.58095749

Women don’t want to and aren’t worth it as a result
They effectively made their worth zero by being whores. I don’t need your money whore I need a wife.

>> No.58095767

Femcel pill (feminism) you get no dick

>> No.58095789

>Working, child-rearing, sex can all be done without a relationship/marriage.
And it always ends up in a disaster when a woman tries to do that. She'll get depression from working and she destroys her children and makes them into criminals. Women think they can do it all themselves when in reality they can't do anything.

>> No.58095809

You are allowed to be in the office so we have access to fucking you, you are worthless otherwise

>> No.58095959

Why contribute to a society that hates me?

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You’re correct to a degree yes. Rejection has real world consequences though, and If I get my hand slapped every time I “bee myself” I’m obviously going to stop acting like that. The reason I only have 1-5 friends I can talk to is because that’s the only amount of people I have a level of trust with.

I think college is useless personally. Pretty bullish for males honestly that they’re not wasting time and money.

>> No.58095996

yeah but these whores make more than you so they dont need you so they wont be your wife.

>> No.58096050

Not my problem they are worthless as a whore dog to me anyways

>> No.58096080

God damn this is so true

>> No.58096123

>t. Kyle Johnson of 13523 Boner Avenue, Suburbville
I saw a woman collecting refuse yesterday

>> No.58096133

> college is useless
i find that people who say that don't know what the possibilities are beyond the lecture halls. you're not only paying for the knowledge, but also the opportunity to network and explore your desired avenue of academics to ad infinitum.
looking back, my regret is that i didn't take full advantage of those aspects because those opportunities can catapult you to higher heights than just being smart.

>> No.58096190

kek, anyone remember when thunderfatgg0t reviewed her dissertation. It was her watching 40 series of jewish TV shows ranking them 1-10 on how offended she felt. I think she even made a few excel graphs.

>> No.58096340
File: 622 KB, 392x540, 1686273077062561.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58096454

So what you're saying is that wage gap isn't real?

>> No.58096493
File: 58 KB, 600x600, 1557717931385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Reform the entire education system, corporate system, state system, to promote, subsidize, and cater to you specifically
>go so far as to attack things that might help boys/men, culturally neuter and demoralize them

Lol why are they doing worse now???

>> No.58096574
File: 10 KB, 300x300, 1672899556078397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I contribute happiness to my sugar mommy

>> No.58096618

Not worth it nowadays.

>> No.58096699

I unironically told my wife I'd kill her and die in a shootout with the cops if she tries to take my shit

She said the terms are acceptable :)

>> No.58096746

I hate society and I want it to fail

>> No.58096909

Network with other people who learned useless drivel and explore rigid areas of non-malleable thinking? No thanks.

>> No.58096978

Didn't you get the memo? Anything with oves is a litmus test.

>> No.58097105

>women want equality with men generally
>woman want a husband who's superior to them specifically
>making all women happy is logically impossible, men try anyway and are hated for it

>> No.58097131

Why are women a drain on men’s resources and time?

>> No.58097229
File: 1.87 MB, 175x185, perhapsmaybe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

open cloths madm please

>> No.58097703

lol i meant networking with subject matter experts (through internships, work-study, etc.) and your professors. certainly being amongst your peers with a like-minded appetite for knowledge is beneficial. of course this is not applicable if you go to community colleges or colleges and unis who don't have a strong academic reputation. don't act like you know better.

>> No.58097761


Professors without industry experience know nothing. The cheat code to industry mastery is getting an internship/junior job with a great senior on the team that you can learn from and emulate. You need to know what business actually demands not what academics idly ruminate on, I did not get the real perspective of CS from school.

>> No.58097876

33 year old... Can confirm
Care nothing of social connections, got rid of social media in high school. No gf, and the only social connections I make now are in AA meetings.

>> No.58098075


They don't want just men who make good money and can manage it. They also want him to have a decent personality and an acceptable figure at minimum. Thing is while the women were grinding and those men were being taken. Now all that's left either have the emotional IQ of a 12 year old or look like Jabba the Hutt. And lets be honest, most guys who even make enough to fit into their financial bracket are dating younger girls.

>> No.58098109

Or they reject frugal guys that look poor but aren't because they don't have a new car or name brand jacket due to pumping all extra income into investments.

>> No.58098118

Dumb cunt doesn't get it.

>> No.58098128


>> No.58098134

I always pretend I'm poor around women

>> No.58098156

>women become the high earners and are already objectively more educated
>have to financially take care of a man who stays at home keeping shit clean and raising kids
>all while having significantly easier career paths as men simp them at every level
sounds like an absolute dub, what are you guys mad about again? Even when I was teaching postdoc in physics the gender balance was already 30-70 f:m so I imagine it's even closer now

>> No.58098165

>noooo, you have to contribute your excess to us
>think of all the parasites that will starve if you don't!
I very much don't care what happens to you.

>> No.58098219

Theres a secret ultra trad Christian protestant right wing hate society that is springing up in secret, in person only meetups, all around the US. By men for men, and it's free. The catch is, you have to show up.
Don't talk about fight club.

>> No.58098242

wrong. it's the opposite - teaching is a secondary responsibility for them while researching is primary. through their research is how industries develop new techniques and solutions. of course companies have their own r&d teams, but not every company can afford to do that or the ones that do often outsource their issues to colleges. learning in an environment where you're not constantly cucked by demands and practices that are mainly influenced by profits sounds retarded.

>> No.58098247

you're constantly cucked*

>> No.58098282


This is like claiming you get smarter about useful war tactics in a classroom/lab than on the actual battlefield. Nonsense. Nothing compares to the dynamics that teach you in the actual field.

Academic """""research"""" is fart sniffing for other academics. If you haven't realized that yet you're ngmi. Guys like Bill Gates straight up dropped out after realizing college was a waste of time for the legitimately brilliant, it's a daycare for midwits.

>> No.58098402

Teach me your ways as i’ve accumulated and have been trending in the other direction.

>> No.58098416

Your little baseddev webshit javascript job isn’t Thermopylae or Stalingrad or Desert Storm my little goy.

>> No.58098447

what's the source on bill gates saying that college was a waste of time? bill gates dropped out because he found an opportunity in the new personal computing industry. also, at that time the computer science program didn't exist. plus, he could do that because he was already made a lot of money selling to xerox. if you're someone that is on the cusp of something new where college can't fulfill that then sure drop out, but that doesn't mean college is a waste of time. thanks for cherry picking.

>> No.58098582

>Guys like Bill Gates straight up dropped out after realizing college was a waste of time for the legitimately brilliant, it's a daycare for midwits.
Kek that's some Robert Kiyosaki tier shit. My grand uncle was the head of PARC, later CEO of PARC when Steve and Bill visited and took the design schematics for Alto. Bill at this time was the godson or something like that of John Opel, the head of IBM and went to a school John's son, Steve and Bill attended that was probably the most advanced high school tech wise in the entire country. Bill dropped out of Harvard because his fucking HS had more access nodes into universities and they gave it for free to him. And any idea he had he could pitch to John Opel. So he pitched sniping two PARC engineers, Bob Bellville one of the main programmers for Alto and Chuck Simonyi, the guy who wrote the fucking graphical interface. Steve then counter offered Bob and stole him and the rest is history.
You pretending like Bill was just some savant and not a crazy smart kid who quit Harvard because it didnt have enough resources for him and he didnt need to make connections in tech because he already had them is really disingenous.

>> No.58099236
File: 68 KB, 1169x890, arpanet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck dude thats mind-blowing. These niggas don't know shit about Xerox PARC, which basically invented the future.

>> No.58099325

women are LESS independent now than they've ever been. show me a single, professional woman and i'll show you a good little slave who is 100% owned and dependent on the state and its globocorp offshoots. the cringey tattoos all over your body are outward signs of said ownership.

because women are incredibly susceptive to social programming. in the past it would be her father/husband/family doing the programming. the power of those timeless, heathy relationships has been broken in our wonderful progressive age. so where does she get her programming? from universities, globocorp and the welfare state. deep down the bitch knows its not working when she pops antidepressants every morning but she' already doubled and tripled down on the "i am a strong woman" narrative. so she will stay with the globocorp grind and go against her nature until the day she dies, instead of admit error and change.

there's no saving these hoes and its only going to get worse.

a cop friend of mine (medium sized city in a relatively uncucked state) was just involved in a major investigation of young professional women effectively running a dog fucking ring.

arrests were made under "animal right" concerns. all the bitches got probation and had their dogs taken away. officers have to check up on them every couple of weeks to make sure they dont have new dogs. the funniest part is that it was a female officer who spearheaded the investigation, deciding that it would be her big career move. they had a fake roastie female detective infiltrate the group and everything. funny as fuck.

>> No.58099360

>ascii art network diagrams

I was born in the wrong decade anons. I specifically told God to put me in at 1952 and somehow I got late 80s.

>> No.58099459

Old article, but still relevant. Women go to college more and have access to better jobs while young men skip college for some reason. They would rather be incels and neets instead of starting a family, career, and buying a house.

>> No.58099495

what the fuck
I thought it was a meme

>> No.58099603

That's why they engineered the female social revolution, anon. Women are perfect little slaves for daddy corp/gov. It's not their fault, really. It's just a bug in CaveManOS. Women are wired to avoid conflict so they can protect their young from harm.

>> No.58099657
File: 349 KB, 1080x1143, 1709307877968477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm working most of the time. When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my family, or doing my hobbies.

I'm tall, athletic, eat healthy, have good hygiene, intelligent, etc. I also live out in the middle of nowhere. So, I basically don't exist to you anyways. I also don't simp, so you wouldn't like me anyways

That's where I am.

>> No.58099707

it gets crazier anon.
there were some dudes (probably their employees) who knew some of the girls and caught wind of what was happening. they started offering their dogs to them as a way of hopefully getting pussy. apparently it worked. at least one of the dudes got his dick sucked while the girl got fucked by his dog. this particular dude supposedly took a video and posted it somewhere, which is how the cops caught wind of the situation and opened the investigation.

the lesson is as follows:
want to get ur dick sucked by a girl boss? offer her your dog and whip it out while she's preoccupied.

like i said, this was in a midsized city in a decent state. i cant even imagine whats happening in LA or NYC or SF.

>> No.58099918

I stopped caring about trying to pull women awhile back. I'd rather spend my thousands on musical equipment and work on making cool sounds for myself.

You want true equality? Then learn to be happy having your own money. Literally the weirdest thing you could possibly be upset about. As long as you're both in love, it doesn't matter how much money is between you. If you're too arrogant to figure that out, then you've already doomed yourself to a life of 30 potted plants and 6 cats.

>> No.58100166

why would a date an aging career women over 25 with high body count when I can date an 18 year old

>> No.58100772

>implying you could date either

>> No.58100861


This principle applies to almost all disciplines dipshit. Tradies aren't taught from a book, they become apprentices. Elite businessmen get their knowledge and instinct under the tutelage of another top dog. "Those who can't do, teach", it's absolutely true. The cowards hiding out in schools until they die don't know shit about the field.


>do you have a source on Bill Gates thinking college was a waste of time after dropping out?

Lmfao. This is what I mean. Bill Gates left college because he thought he was wasting his time in college, got a source on that???


You aren't refuting me dude. You're right, business success is about trusting your own instinct and being a ruthless tactician. This isn't shit you learn from a fucking Econ 101 textbook. Spending another year or 2 in school wasn't going to give Bill the opportunity he already saw outside of it. This principle applies everywhere you look. Get into the industry, cut your teeth, make real industry connections, don't waste any more time than you need to in school.

>> No.58101179

Better a dog than a nigger. Bonus points if it's intelligent like a border collie. Fucking a pitbull is probably on par with fucking a nigger.

>> No.58101207

why is it important that men earn as much or more than their female partners?

>> No.58101687
File: 1.95 MB, 1028x2043, billgates.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmfao, just because he dropped out of college doesn't mean he thinks it's a waste of time. life has it's opportunities and turns that can happen at any given moment. too bad this is too difficult for you to comprehend.

>> No.58101713

roastie cope
once a man has advanced far enough into his career and has a car and house, he's got his pick of the litter

>> No.58101780
File: 786 KB, 1440x1278, 20240307_114448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made a thread the other day making fun of people who live with their parents and it hit 200 posts in like 8 hours before getting deleted. It was filled with nothing but salty losers who still live with their parents as adults.

The truth of the matter is zoomers are the most coddled, limp-wristed pussies to ever exist. They will suck on their mothers tit into their 20s, refusing to grow up. They're terrified of reality, hence why they spend some much time in front of a screen.

And that's fine by me, more zoomer whores for actual men like myself

>> No.58101800

Zoomer women belong to Millennial men so hard it's not even funny.

>> No.58101811

>I made a bait thread where I larped as a successful man as opposed to the fat manbaby I actually am
Nobody cares

>> No.58101827

>a cop friend of mine (medium sized city in a relatively uncucked state) was just involved in a major investigation of young professional women effectively running a dog fucking ring.
God I wish this was real

>> No.58101851

Thank goodness I got married to my high school sweetheart and had several adorable (white) children in my 20s. If I had to scrounge up used low IQ product manager pussy and submit tax documents for the privilege of it, I'd probably just turn gay.

>> No.58101921 [DELETED] 
File: 534 KB, 721x743, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If youre tired of jannies arbitrarily deleting/banning posts about certain crypto or stocks, sick of all the bad faith shills and bots, and are interested in a comfier and higher quality posting experience, come check out sturdy!

-No captchas
-Larger filesizes and more file types enabled such as mp4,txt, etc
-Built in fun and useful UI features.
-More niche than 4chan so you'll have less people around solely trying to shill their flavor of the month meaning a higher chance of real sincere discussions

>> No.58101954
File: 2.20 MB, 193x200, holy shit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell us more about how you have to sleep within 50 feet of your mommy for her to know you love her

>> No.58101958

Same but 5’7, never even began, know it was over in middle school, nothing changed since then, still get ignored and treated like crap by everyone.

>> No.58102008
File: 66 KB, 500x399, 1691610943154565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gamergate never ends does it?

>> No.58102059


>> No.58102081

>Post flexing biceps
>But with no bitches around his arms
>Hiding face
>Hiding pants, women always check bulge
Incel detected. Everyone on /fit is a homosexual no fun allowed faggot. Nobody loves you, especially not yourself. Insufferable piece of shit.

>> No.58102153
File: 86 KB, 476x313, BIG LAUGH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine getting bullied from the gym because incels on fit made you mad

>> No.58102361

Hitler didn't go to college either. You don't want to be a literal nazi right?

>> No.58102392

People will say there was no reason to shoot Lennon and yet this photo exists.

>> No.58102406

He was told to join the architecture college by the folks who rejected him from art school, interestingly enough. Although he ended up enlisting for four years which meant he was provided with a practical "hands on" understanding of how organizations work by being in it or what not.

>> No.58102417

He made great music tho, solo and pre-solo

>> No.58102459

Of course, but that doesn't really enter into being the most obvious faggot to ever live.

>> No.58102473
File: 7 KB, 285x320, NOxmkum4G1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he made great music though solo and pre-solo and his time in ww1 and the time afterwards probably helped shape his artistic and ideological perspective it's also funny how he wrote letters to his high school crush which never amounted to any physical intimacy and this was his only real girlfriend maybe his art school admission rejections made him bitter and vindictive who really knows forsure i'm just glad i never had to go through such a hardship spurdo chad out

>> No.58102496

Retard take your spurdo sparde spam somehwere else. How the fuck do you also find me in these threads lmfao.

>> No.58102501

I'll contribute to society when going outside doesn't mean interacting with niggers, wiggers, shitskins and other undesirables.

>> No.58102535
File: 67 KB, 737x649, 1620180479621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would a person want to get divorce raped or live in a shitty, resentful marriage? Why would anyone want to contribute to a narcissistic, self-obsessed, sociopathic society? What is the literal point? Boomers have treated the youth with a "fuck you got mine" mentality and women are constantly shopping for an upgrade via dating apps. Fuck everything, the world is heading to hell, AI is well on it's way to automating everything; we might be in the last leg of a salaried society, it might all rug pull within the next 2 decades. Moore's law is dead, things are accelerating faster than ever. Why even stress about something as insignificant as you mentioned? Live your life and be happy, if that means living on your own, great. If not? great. "Fuck you, got mine" will continue until the world is burned to nothing.

>> No.58102589


>> No.58102833

wow this is sad

>> No.58103586

>a cop friend of mine (medium sized city in a relatively uncucked state) was just involved in a major investigation of young professional women effectively running a dog fucking ring.
Poost relevant news article or police report or LARP. This is too much like the meme I don't believe it.

>> No.58105156

they spun it to make the women all seem like innocent victims


>> No.58105202

>ultra trad Christian protestant right wing
how utterly disgusting
there's no such thing as a "trad" protestant
you will all burn in hell

>> No.58105280

anon, he's a fed, as are 90% of the people who will show up to that meeting

>> No.58105289

>What is the incentive to earn a surplus of money?
Early retirement, a single man can save and invest a lot of money.

>> No.58105406

Man 40 =/= Woman 40
Also hope you did some self reflection if you weren't happy about your situation.

>> No.58105433

This. Enjoy losing half dumbass >>58093011

>> No.58105845

She's literally the ur-horrid unfuckable she-bitch. I'm surprised she isn't gay.

>> No.58106048
File: 422 KB, 1242x1267, 1701917658781895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Although I'm wealthy, I'm economically unattractive because I refuse to just hand that money over to a woman to squander. And to access any of it, she has to provide me children (paternity tested mine).

>> No.58106185

>japanese women seem funnier and more understanding...
oh, you sweet summer child. you've watched too many chinese cartoons

>> No.58106200


Loss of discipline in all facets of life, especially school
Declining levels of testosterone
Males are less prone to socialization

>> No.58106229

Imamgine wamen paying for neet bux en masse hmmmmmm

>> No.58106247

> t. zoomer incel scared of competition
get your money and wait for gen alpha girls to turn 18

>> No.58106462

Counterpoint: why wouldnt you want to indirectly pay someone to rape?

>> No.58106575

I am neither black nor live in america. Yes poor women exist, in a ratio that is meaningless compared to men. Most are nut cases, out of meds or choose that life style themselves; because the help is there in developed countries at least.

The second society stops benefiting women is the moment we're going to get a reset. If anything the state has historically done nothing but give hand outs to women, be these: widows, divorcees, single mothers, victims of x/y/z, gender gaps filled whenever there is less women but never the other way around. Every single law and even society as a whole tends to always lean to their side.

Being a man means you are pre-assumed to be an evil creature until proven otherwise. Despite us being told that we're all equal you have to fight against bigger odds while not receiving help, so what is it? I am either full of shit or we're not equal after all. Because the treatment is different and so is the outcome.

>> No.58106774

lol fuuuuck !

>> No.58106808

If you're cool and good looking like me you just marry a woman who makes 3 times what you do. Now I just gotta get her knocked up

>> No.58106812

Can any of you bless me with $2k this month? Actually as being a student its being hard for me to survive, suffering badly with foods in this ramadan month. Lost job 2 month ago, still searching for one. At least $2k would helpful for me to run this month well.

I think sometimes situation become worst to struggle, we need a helping hand that moment. If someone can help me out, please send me an email to anon33001@proton.me

>> No.58106826


>> No.58106841

This thread took me about 2 hours to read , American society is a fking cancerous virus because the americans allowed to roles to be reversed and now woman dictate everything in american socitey . we Europeans hope that cancer does not spread to our countries , this is what Putin has been trying to avoid for years however the pedophiles that run the American government whom also happen to be jewish want the entire world to be ran by fucking faggots and modern woman . i cant wait for this experiment to fail so that the faggots, the leftoids and woman who dont want to cook get the rope.

>> No.58106873

>The second society stops benefiting women is the moment we're going to get a reset. If anything the state has historically done nothing but give hand outs to women, be these: widows, divorcees, single mothers, victims of x/y/z, gender gaps filled whenever there is less women but never the other way around. Every single law and even society as a whole tends to always lean to their side.
>Being a man means you are pre-assumed to be an evil creature until proven otherwise. Despite us being told that we're all equal you have to fight against bigger odds while not receiving help, so what is it? I am either full of shit or we're not equal after all. Because the treatment is different and so is the outcome.

Research shows that as a group, only men are net tax payers.

This patriarchy we're living in is a little weird, uh? In Spain we have an ""equality"" ministry and guess what, it's 100% focused on w*men's issues while demonizing men. That's the entire purpose of it.

More and more men are waking up though. Research shows that in every (or almost every) developed country, men are leaning more and more to the right (while w*men are heavily leaning left of courses)

>> No.58107438

They are all living in 8+/10 harems inaccessible to regular women. Society is fucked for the average peon regardless of gender.

>> No.58107459

Swapping out lefty insanity for commie insanity is like jumping from one hellpit into another. The world needs to be razed and rebuilt from ashes.