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he's actually frantically spending trying to save it, which is even more hilarious because it's not working.

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Lol at everyone who FOMO'd in and bought the top.

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You can tell how good a crypto is based on how bad people try and get cheapies

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activate the bots boys, frontrun this shit for easy gains

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I'm trying to find an angle where this is bullish, but it's proving difficult

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Should have known the top was in when there were literally like 20 APU threads on /biz/ at any given time.

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dios mio

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one of dev wallets KEK
200$ into 100k

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literally me

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As said in the first thread
Not only exposed their solana copy to shill both but that he would rug both cuz indian

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I am new to crypto, how do I get a refund for the apu I bought?

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Sirs, it will go back up r-right?

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never buying anything shilled on biz again
fucking brown scammers all of you

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Congrats honestly for all the newfags who bought this. You graduated from a newfag to a crypto veteran.From now on your portfolio will only go up if you learned your lesson. Cheers.

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>b-b-but Ethereum has no rugpulls because the fees keep the scammers away!

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apu is a legendary meme, however the current meme power doesn't seem strong enough to overcome legacy challenges. sorry frens who were hoping for 1000x. anything could happen, but it's not likely.

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how's the TG looking? someone take pic please

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was this shilled right when it launched or when it was in the millions already?

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lmao got instant ban for saying ruggie ruggie on their channel

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>but muh based dev wallets
>muh liquidity!!

This board never learns
Enjoy the curry
No refunds

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at launch. i'm still up 10x or so

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LINUfags why are you like this? Just be frens hold both tokens and move on

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Worse. The token launched and within 5 minutes it was worth 100k mcap.
Why? The token deployer (dev) bought 1k worth with previous rug money and obscured 25% of the supply through 10 wallets.
As he was selling he was also gaining tokens because he was the sole person pumping and selling the chart.
So he has enough supply to rug this shit 10-11-12 times, maybe permanently forever.
Every time he woke up he would raise the price. Everytime he was away he would sell.
Truly a professional grift.

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Aaand we're back. The shakeout is over, resume fren activities

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All he had to do save it was put in more liquidity at the start. Now it's too late.

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You dont understand a rug when you see one. Now you will learn newfaggot.
Its really funny that LINU has more liquidity at less MCAP than APU. KEK.
Shouldnt have dumped a legit token for a literal rug.

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Retards here never learn especially with a shilled curry coin by multiple ips. All of these "apu" threads are mostly them talking to themselves on how it will be the next 1000x lmao

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E-Z, just send all of your coins to a "burn" address, this is for people who feel they have been burned by the coin, hence the name. Your fiat money will be returned into your originating account in 24-48 hours

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i can't fucking believe i got rugged twice with the same fucking "APU" Shitcoin

first got rugged $1k by some paki and slav scammers

now i lost $5k on this "based rich" faggot who can't stop stealing

fuck fuck fuck

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lmao, you bought the top didn't you

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You fucking bastards have ruined my life. You said this garbage was the next Pepe. AAAAAAAAA

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the TG is full of true belivers. they're quick to ban fudders. lots of older apu memes, not sure if a bunch of n00bs or bots. "we're down x percent, are we good?" " oh yeah fren, bery gud, noting to wory aboot... just time to slurp" they're organizing twitter raids and /biz/ threads. which from what i gather is normal procedure, lol. im only in 20 bucks just to learn the process for memecoins, so either way it doesn't matter. just along for the memes at this point

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Looks like I'm an APU baggie now. I'm starting to think that I'm NGMI by buying shitcoins. I need to start a business or launch my own token project or something.

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Please someone post telegram cope

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>the ddos panic seller got out better than anons ITT

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Damn, I really needed a win. But I'm good. All good. Just a little tired...

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they're reposting biz_will_rope all together

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look at this retard, he's down $130k lmao
probably down more like $180k because there's not enough liquidity for him to sell

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Fret not, frens
You can still buy $COMFY

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I bought the top and I’m down $30k anon, you will survive

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If I bought LINU at the top I would still be able to cash out some money.
Unfortunately for APU it's about to flatline forever and be completely washed of all liquidity.

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dev is burning frogs rn

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Lmao at the poors who are even poorer now

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dev post that message and that same wallet thats spent 300k so far begins to spam 2eth buys.
You guys are missing out

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Wait so he's just burning tokens? Thats bullish af

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Spoken like a true chinese scammer

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>cant even into grammar


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I've been saying:
This is the dev. He's buying with the buy wallet and then transferring 1b at a time to the sell wallet, selling 0.5 and 1 ETH at a time, then fattening his stack on the side into that 6.9m PEPE wallet.
Securing his ability to rug APU forever.
Hilarious. He postponed that 50k CMC giveaway for a week to string you along too. God this whole thread is /biz/ gold. Dumb. Fucks.

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Holy shit but that might be an early buyer aswell
And so clean just one buy and one sell and 42 eth from almost 0

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>trusting a shitcoin dev with super broken english
Yeah, that has never backfired before

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So once again I'm posting this.
Do you still believe these fake pumps are real?
How are you pumping when holder count is not going up?

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Also the Pepefood devs would never do that, you should switch immidiately

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dev just burned all the tokens in the #1 wallet

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funded right before dev started launch sequence

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Too late he already fucking scam farmed you.
Now where is the other 100b+ he's got?

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sars is very good token i swear do the holding

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He still has 37%. He only burned 3% of his supply.
Token contract still isn't secure.
Liquidity still too low.

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fuck you. we are back!

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it dropped through the bottom of your meme lines. i thought meme lines weren't supposed to do that

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LOL all those buys from the buy wallet and now the redeemer wallet is redeeming. Damn. This piece of shit is too entertaining.

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Woah, he really just burned like $800k worth of tokens... APU bros, are we back?

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This doesn't make sense.

>whales own too many tokens!
>this is why we'll be burning tokens, which inadvertently will increase the % share of tokens the whales own

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biz clearly don't understand what a rug is, I bought at 400k market cap, we're at 22m, only 2 kind of persons call it a rug, those who bought at the top and already sold at a loss like the little pussies that hey are, and those who missed this under 1m market cap hoping for a bigger bottom to slurp.

I'm happy that the dev is getting a lot of money, why should someone create a coin for? for le lols? biz is full of retarded people.
I would do exactly the same, the thing is that this coin has a PEPE potential, the dev has a lot of money, he's doing a $50k giveaway on Twitter, money for exchanges in the future.

I'm slurping more, fuck off.

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It makes sense if he's burning his own tokens

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Thread theme:

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nigga all apu threads are either same ips circlejerking or actual bots
they have been confirmed to have actual bots

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It a week old meme coin. What are you even trying to do? Lmao none of that means anything

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fuck yeah

>> No.58087570

>load ze final scam pump

>> No.58087575

Seems like he might be burning a small percentage of his own tokens to trick the baggies into providing him with more exit liquidity for his other wallets

>> No.58087577

burn $apu burn $apu inferno

seething sidelooners seething

linucels btfo

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He just burnt some more

You know you don't have to baghold apu you can just take this news and swing

just sharing with my chan senpai

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Why are you pretending burning tokens is bad?

>> No.58087630

Die newfag scum. Actually your wallet is dying so, same shit I guess.

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burn jeet scum non frens

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I've been on 4chan since 2012 buckaroo

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>I'm happy that the dev is getting a lot of money
Hello ETH farmer how's the weather in Brazil?

>> No.58087695

The absolute mad lad is still burning hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tokens. Why are fudders trying to convince me this is bad?

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Lose some weight anon

>> No.58087713

If you think burning is good you're a newfag

>> No.58087712

it makes 0 difference, he has enough tokens to drain liquidity pool many times over

>> No.58087725

Basically he burned 0.15 ETH. But ok, for you it could be 1.5 mln dollarinos.

>> No.58087729

what happened to your hand?

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Fuck I'm so sorry for making fun of you baggies. How much time do you have left?

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Why is it bad?

>> No.58087742

cause he might have like 10x the LP's worth of tokens in random wallets scattered around, with such a low circulating supply, if i'm not mistaken

>> No.58087766

stay poor linutards

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File: 127 KB, 1924x1292, apu kill linu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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thank you based dev

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Sir this is an Apu thread.

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>he didn't slurp
ngmi frens

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>I'm happy that the dev is getting a lot of money
>Hello ETH farmer how's the weather in Brazil?

I bought something like $400 at $400k market cap, now I have 26k, I didn't even think to sell when it became $40k, I repeat, I'm happy that the dev is getting a lot of money, because I'm earning too, when my 26k becomes $399 I'll start to worry...
so, how's the weather in India fucking poor bastard,? look out the windows of your call center!

>> No.58087996

Bought another 10mill right at the bottom. Feels good

>> No.58088030

i got some at 14mil
was like 5 seconds too slow to slurp 10mil

>> No.58088044

you have linu bagholder written all over you

>> No.58088055

Dev just sent 500k worth of apu to burn wallet


This wallet received all its tokens on the first day from one of the "sniper" wallets that bought 36billion tokens for a few hundred bucks.

Its over

>> No.58088069

The fact that the dev keeps scam pumping with buying wallets only straight in the face of baggies is funny and the scammiest possible thing

>> No.58088077

Dev is the sniper confirmed

>> No.58088117

Thank you sirs

>> No.58088121

I was a newfag and I've legitimately gotten alot out of this last week.

>> No.58088165

The next 290k burnt is from the same sniper wallet lmao

>> No.58088172

Thanks for making me realise that Ive been here for 20 years.

>> No.58088202

so you're saying first day snipers is the dev and his team, and now they're trying ot reduce supply by burning some of that ?

>> No.58088243

Seems like I was right about those "Sniper wallets" not being really snipers after all.
What now, retards?

>> No.58088246

dev with multiple wallets kek try to tell that on telegram and he will ban you hahahahaha

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>> No.58088256

have a look at it mate, the apu the DEV is burning comes from a wallet that bought 36BILLION apu the moment the contract launched. A couple of clicks through the block explorer will tell you that

lmao no shit dude if you arent blinded by greed and hope for the moonshot its so obvious

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>> No.58088268


You Linucels are absolutely fucking seething and retarded

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File: 137 KB, 2482x988, ThisIsFine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your tea leaves are weak, get on my level. These were all drawn 24-48 hours ago too.

>> No.58088283

Nice! Admitting a call to raid was put on 4chan.
I'm sure this will fly over well with the administration here.

>> No.58088289

Lmao does he think people dont know how to use a block explorer or something

never owned that trash scam

>> No.58088292

I still don't understand how this is bad, this is effectively a buy back. I don't know if Dev has denied this earlier or it's just your ego that needs stroking

>> No.58088304

fuck it i reduced my stack. how much should i keep as suicide stack? 50m?

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>> No.58088315

>explain things to childs
Dev is not white confirmed

>> No.58088318

We need flags, holy shit.

>> No.58088320

Snitches get stitches.

>> No.58088334

I sold, things are no longer comfy

>> No.58088354

Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing

>> No.58088364

Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing

>> No.58088377

Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing
Thank you for playing

>> No.58088390

It makes sense because all the sniper bots that secured the top wallets are all dev and friends. Not surprising desu. Would be bullish if they actually burned most of their tokens.

>> No.58088392

LOL, retard!

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>> No.58088419

Seer hold the token seers hodl no sell

>> No.58088424

check the chart retard

>> No.58088430

Should've sent it to me instead.

>> No.58088434

Hate on him all you want, but this is the ideal scenario because he is actually in a position to burn them and or use them when negotiating exchange listings.

>> No.58088449

How much money has he made so far? Has he told anyone? Or has he held everything?

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I missed the dip

>100m mc today

>> No.58088483

Do you think it's worth it to keep an eye on this sniper wallet in case it buts some other shitcoin he starts?
I'd love to get in at like 1k mcap for once in my life.

>> No.58088503
File: 104 KB, 1408x679, fsafjalsfjasl;f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where do you see that...?

>> No.58088520

I don’t know. I’m not babysitting etherscan. I got that feeling in my gut that this is gonna go hard, so I trust it and will continue to hold. We are still way above my buy in so it’s easy for me to disconnect emotion here

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File: 174 KB, 1480x783, FASAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even the wallet these came from down't have an APU swaps with Uniswap. What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.58088531

Keep clicking those IN transactions until you get to 0x269198eF6B5aC246Cf0864FcdE43f1C4059a847B

>> No.58088538

wtf is a sniper anyway?

>> No.58088543

the grammar, how did we miss this

>> No.58088546

Here, he bought 40b APU for 0.14 ETH
Just click the buttons, man, I'm single digit IQ and even I figured it out.

>> No.58088552

the sniper wallet was new when it bought this coin, so probably not worth

Go to that 9 days ago transaction, check where it got those 4billion apu tokens from. Itll be a wallet that bought 36billion apu tokens for $593.49

>> No.58088559

Its done well no doubt. But you shouldnt disconnect reason just because you’re massively up. Look at that dogecoin guy who had $3 million in dogecoins and never sold

>> No.58088569

Which tx's specifically? I'm not seeing any wallets it sent APU to has swapped it


>> No.58088578

Sniper is someone who buys freshly launched shitcoins for cheap hoping they blow up. This is either a sniper or, way way way more likely the dev himself.
Just imagine getting 40b APU for 0.14 ETH, starting a hype campaign by giving out $25 to green id's in one thread until the thread hits 100 posts and reaping the reward.

>> No.58088584
File: 19 KB, 395x356, Screenshot 2024-03-16 174022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, yes, he was up 3 million on doge when it was a 60 billion market cap

you're comparing doge at 60 billion mcap to a new fucking memecoin at 20 milllion mcap and that he should panic sell out?

>> No.58088594

Fuck. I'll never make it.

>> No.58088596

I just checked and I don’t see what you’re talking about on etherscan? None of the wallets that are burning have any sells or connections to wallets with cells.

>> No.58088599

Yeah and none of the linked wallets have sold on Uniswap. Are you just some LINU fags? I'm trying to understand but through all these wallets none have been sold - literally post the fucking transaction or fuck off at this point

>> No.58088603
File: 50 KB, 1280x720, kucknami.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if you bought, you will be drained
same energy as pic rel kek

>> No.58088605

classic shitcoin rug, easy to spot if you're not a newfaggot

>> No.58088614

Yeah I literally can't see anything linked to selling APU. Why won't these faggots post the actual fucking transaction

>> No.58088618

How are your scam radars not going off like crazy reading this shit from the telegram?

>> No.58088632

You're replying to two people, anon, I just traced the burn to the wallet that bought 40b for 0.14 ETH. You can see the ID's, right?

>> No.58088631

I still don't know why people meme that particular conference so much, pretty standard for e3

>> No.58088639

I think it was pretty obvious all the top wallets were dev controlled, this news was not surprising to me. They were funded just before launch and knew what they were sniping. This has pumped as well as it has because majority of the supply is held in these few wallets. There’s hardly anything in uniswap left. Dev has every incentive to run this up, because he will make a lot more that way than he can pulling the rug.

>> No.58088642

Do I have to do it all for you?
This is the sniper wallet. Go to 3 of the 4 wallets that he sent tokens to, those 3 wallets have been the burns that the dev has been talking about. Plus 100mil burnt from that wallet.
The 4th wallet with 46mil tokens he sent tokens to has since transferred them through a bunch of different wallets for some reason idk its not that much

>> No.58088649

i knew there were too many trannygram shills doing damage control
deev is a pajeet
rug more confirmed now than ever
it's fucking ogre

>> No.58088675

you people have been screaming "It's rooooging" for almost one week now and yet we're still here

>> No.58088678

So the dev bought on the first day. Transferred to a bunch of other wallets. Never sold. And now he’s burning. And this is bearish to you?

>> No.58088687

Hokk nigger is going absolute batshit fucking nuts with samefagging and trying to fud Apu holy shit lol. No one wants to buy your shitcoins. Its OVER, you lost, you got trapped in your zero volume 3 year old shitcoins and cant get out. Apu is going to the billions marketcap and NOTHING you do is going to stop it kek

>> No.58088711

I mean have you seen that conference anon? especially that one japanese dude in that pic? it was hilarious.
>if you press X X Y Y X Y Y Y X X again... you will be sucked!

At least i applaud him trying his engrishu in public, it's superior to most japanese , despite being shitty lol

>> No.58088714

He’s definitely been selling. I’m ok with that. There’s been sufficient buy pressure to absorb and he’s made enough now to feel good about it. Next phase is fuck you money, but he’s not going to get that from selling on uniswap.

>> No.58088722

thanks for playing!

>> No.58088733

Yeah it’s impossible to find a single sell from the whale that bought on the first day. Just transfers to other wallets and burning. If your theory is that since he did this on one wallet he may have been one/many of the snipers as well, then that’s valid. But as of now there’s no proof of that. Occam’s razor says some lucky pajeets were the snipers that dumped. But I will definitely keep an eye on other sniper wallets.

>> No.58088750

Half of devs supply (which he doesnt burn) is going to be donated to binance once they list us. Welcome to the nexf shib boys, wagmi.

>> No.58088765


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File: 29 KB, 512x512, 9921030921492139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we were going to the bullrun and now all i have left is my fucking BTC bags and BRC20 tokens in satoshisync

>> No.58088790

yeah i think i'm buying into this scenario. he might be the sniper himself but he will rug it once it's pumped on CEX listing.
there's just too much potential left to milk

>> No.58088793

#6 trending on dextool and climbing. Jeets and sideliners seething.

>> No.58088800

I will never understand the thought process that leads you to buying a 4chan meme coin. There's only like 2000 actual human beings on this website and 90% of them are NEETs with nothing but government autismbux to gamble away. No way even all of us combined could generate any significant amount of volume or attention to send something like this to the moon. No one outside of here besides scammers would want to associate with something with a racist frog or literally fucking Hitler on it either.

Seriously, what kind of a retard do you have to be to spend your actual money on one of these instead of one of the millions of dog themed coins that Reddit loves. They've actually successfully manipulated both the crypto and stock markets before, so if you're going to listen to any retards on the internet for financial advice it should always be them.

>> No.58088810

Pretty clear DEV hasn't been fully honest here. He clearly owns more than what people think he owns, and has been selling carefully. But he's not stupid, he'll get this to higher heights before he pulls any rug. The burn confirms that.

>> No.58088830

Apu is the actual, literal most popular meme on earth. Most “pepes” that people post are actually Apus. For you to think that this meme is limited to biz is simply stupid.

>> No.58088839

i hope you sold faggot.


>> No.58088851

carpe diam my bastard (spelling. APU TO THE MOON.

>> No.58088861

>. There's only like 2000 actual human beings on this website
but froot told me that 6 gorillion users log into 4chan on a daily basis?!?

>> No.58088864

Yeah, I’ve been observing the situation since the beginning. It’s lined up for that trajectory imo

>> No.58088866


>> No.58088885

> binance once they list us
and when can we expect that to happen?
2 more weeks?

>> No.58088886

His bag is what’s going to get us listed on big exchanges. This is how the game is played.

>> No.58088891

nigga those 2000 neets are the ones shitposting memes that the rest of the internet gradually swallows over time. look how common and normal wojak has become on twitter for example. and apu is the pg13 version of pepe that normies post when they want to share 'some funny looking frog xd lmao' most of the time.

>> No.58088900

Ive started memes on here that have gone viral with normalfags for years

Keep seething

$APU is literally the fucking chosen one

>> No.58088909
File: 474 KB, 1283x1074, D9912hdhogl636e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not a single normalfag knows what apu is, it's clearly limited to Biz
Take your currycoin and come again.
>t. NormalFag

>pic related
>t. NormalFag

>> No.58088919
File: 5 KB, 287x175, 677.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>look how common and normal wojak has become on twitter for example
wojak is from krautchan thougbeit. Also 2010 was 14 years ago

>> No.58088922

oh they will surely find out what it is once it's pumped on some of the major coin exchanges

>> No.58088934

When binance approaches and decides they want to make millions of dollars off of transaction fees from Apu trades alone. Apu is going straight to the top. WAGMI, its really happening, next shib has been confirmed. How do you think binance and coinbase became the biggest holders of shib in the first place?

>> No.58088937

Oh baggie when will you learn

>> No.58088939

Hes also a beloved character from the Simpsons who everyone knows so stfu

>> No.58088966
File: 98 KB, 1098x730, LvvIlonqH2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey guys how's it going spurdo chad here the biggest chad on 4chan dot com now let me tell you about my good friend apu (he's an absolute chad himself) he's a super chill dude who keeps it 100% when he's doing the funny dance on the simpsons not only that but apu is super cool and chill and i can confirm he is a beloved character on the show so yeah what this guy said just chill out bros it's not that serious

>> No.58088967

>Apu is limited to biz
Kek, magnificent cope. You know what is ACTUALLY limited to biz? Your gay little “cerebus” dog shitcoins that you are one of the top holders of. The irony is palpable.

>> No.58088970
File: 36 KB, 600x575, 6fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't believe how BACK we are bros

>> No.58088978
File: 116 KB, 596x501, MmmmCurry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just 2 more weeks amirite?

>> No.58088993

trust the plan fren

>> No.58089029
File: 1.93 MB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20240320-173343~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The way I see it if dev didn't snipe the bottom then someone else would of bought the bottom and they wouldn't be burning 14%.

Also while I'll continue following dev I believe that APU is a strong enough meme that even if dev does end up betraying us that we could do a community take over and still take this to 1 billion mcap because APU is the #1 meme king.

I stay comfy frens.

>> No.58089042

There have been many versions of apu in the past

>> No.58089063

same with pepe, whats ur point?

>> No.58089082

There's been many versions of Pepe also, what's important is we stay together as a community and we can and will make this the definitive and finale Apu coin.

>> No.58089087

>Also while I'll continue following dev I believe that APU is a strong enough meme that even if dev does end up betraying us that we could do a community take over

No other versions of Apu have made it despite being such a strong meme. Hope this helps

>> No.58089107


there's an apustaja subreddit with nearly 14000 members rn. a brief search query will also show results for ecommerce ships with apu meme warez like blankets and hoodies and whatnot. it's a solid meme that's spread beyond 4chinz and board culture

>> No.58089111

Saw a frog today

>> No.58089119

>the dev isn't stupid, he'll rug LATER

>> No.58089125

so dev so far burned something like 60b out of the 80b sniped right at the start ?

>> No.58089149

I got a request, not for the FUDders but the frenly detectives lurking here.
Last week dev claimed to hold single digit % of the token and that he's not selling.
Today he said he (and people he knows) held 25% of the supply at the start to protect the coin from getting into the wrong hands.
These burns happening tonight are they from wallets that have been dumping?
Could be that dev was planning to rug, but has seen the potential and reformed.
Either way this shit is sending in the next few months/weeks.

>> No.58089171

Who cares. Just know when to take your profits. This coin isn't about utility kek

>> No.58089179
File: 415 KB, 1439x867, Apoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow a whole 14000 redditors?
Bet they're gonna pump this straight to 100m Mcap

>Thank you come again

>> No.58089184


Why would this 8 day old picture of a frog send in a few weeks? What happened to all the other APU tokens with the same history?

>> No.58089192

probably going to extend it for a few more days at most

>> No.58089194

>Could be that dev was planning to rug, but has seen the potential and reformed.
i think this is the most likely scenario. maybe because he was being called out the whole time on /biz/ he might have thought it wouldn't work out the way he planned. it would be fucking hilarious if this shit actually gets listed on CEX and pumped like crazy. it's like seeing some retard falling on the ground and pretending to do push ups that save him from an airplane crash

>> No.58089200

this is to all my anons out there losing money on memes, you deserve every fucking bit of it.
i'd rather stay patiently with alts

>> No.58089207

no proof this is dev wallet but whatever helps u sleep at night

>> No.58089212

No, burns are from wallets propagated by two main dev wallets
and https://etherscan.io/address/0x269198ef6b5ac246cf0864fcde43f1c4059a847b#tokentxns
I don't see any of those selling

>> No.58089216

Why did shiba/pepe pump? Do the research yourself anon we aren't here to spoonfeed you

>> No.58089227

you guys (linu baggies) are the most fucking cringeworthy group of retards i've ever had the pleasure to read on biz

>> No.58089230

I turned $40 into $1k.
pretty good returns.
now I gotta find a shitcoin to turn 1k into 5k.

>> No.58089259

63b by my count, the only dev wallets still holding are these two
I think. I might have missed some.

>> No.58089265

The end result is 25% of REMAINING supply will be burned.

>> No.58089270

I hold LINU and APU with initial + 200% taken from both. What's left is a small (mid 4 figures) chance of a moon either.

Why you gotta be so tribal nig?

Also OP is a triple nigger seething for some reason, and this is a slide post.

>> No.58089277


Literally every meme coin thinks it's gonna be the next Shib. Do you think Linu, Lucky, Hokk, or pretty much any other meme token holders don't think they are the next Shib? This coin has been around for 8 days, the dev is confirmed selling and misleading about snipers but people still fucking hold.

>> No.58089283
File: 2 KB, 125x104, 4chan5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what alta are you banking on? i got Hydro, Vra, XLM, PYth and a few others

>> No.58089296
File: 45 KB, 1351x191, Screenshot_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Both dev wallets bough these, but all three shitcoins are 0/100 on tockensnigger so I don't want to dip into them, not at $40 gas. I have $15 in some worthless token left from 2021 run called 4chan already approved to spend on uniswap, but I don't want to pay triple the value in gas...

>> No.58089301

Holy shit you guys are going to get rugged like no tomorrow. Just checked, there's a wallet called null that holds 20% off the total supply. Get ready to be dumped on, baggies

Dont say we didnt warn you, you deserve to be broke

>> No.58089304

Sirs why redeemed token? I cannot afford such losses

>> No.58089311

if he burns them all, is the bull run back on?

>> No.58089315

Are Linu, Lucky, or Hokk donating a substantial portion of the supply to tier one exchanges to be listed? Or are they going to beg their users to come up with literal millions of dollars worth of the token to donate? See the difference? Who do you think gave the tier one exchanges all that shib and all that pepe? Did you REALLY think they paid for it?

>> No.58089323

Checked. Green id

>> No.58089332

Thats god’s wallet, he is personally investing in Apu. This was revealed to me in a dream.

>> No.58089345

I means that he’s been in talks with Binance or another major exchange and they expressed their concerns… I’m betting an agreement has been reached.

>> No.58089351

I dunno guy, who does any memecoin that's not a VC scam pump?
Tbh I dgaf i took most of my profits on the way up from day 1 up to ATH and a bit after. I'm not retarded. Gonna leave a sui moonbag tho

Could be. but you can't trust anyone in this space


>> No.58089354

Anon, there's like 7.5B in those two. Total circulating supply on dextools is 300B. 63B haven't moved it much, maybe by 10%, why the fuck would 7.5?!

>> No.58089356

That's one of Vitalik Buterin's personal wallets. Don't worry he only rugs dogtrannies.

>> No.58089361


> Are Linu, Lucky, or Hokk donating a substantial portion of the supply to tier one exchanges to be listed? Or are they going to beg their users to come up with literal millions of dollars worth of the token to donate? See the difference? Who do you think gave the tier one exchanges all that shib and all that pepe? Did you REALLY think they paid for it?

No. Your "dev" kept selling and dumping on you, and when people found his wallets he lied and called them snipers. You are getting farmed.

>> No.58089369

i'm looking forward to earning passively when i monetize my website on Hydro. the fact that i don't need ads is realy refreshing

>> No.58089378

Don't remind me, anon, I lost $20k on HOKK that magically appeared from mere $100 I put in. I've never even had that amount of money, before or since. Could've put a down payment on an apartment.

>> No.58089483

I’ll repeat what I said in the other thread:

Ur such a fucking dumbass faggot, and you are so retarded to be saying shit that can easily be verified.

From 5 minutes of browsing etherscan, I found two of dev’s main wallets, one that bought 36B (the one ur screeching about) and one that bought 40B. This wasn’t sniped using maestro. The sniper ur talking about used maestro and bought over 300B. That sniper wallets is completely unrelated to the dev, and all attempts to make some retarded connections have already been debunked.

These are the two dev wallets I’m talking about:



In both these cases, the dev split his balance into new wallets to make the distribution look better (which is also public knowledge). I went through every single one of his mini wallets. Not a single sell in any of them. Most of them just got burned today. SHOW ME ONE TRANSACTION WHERE THIS “SNIPER” SOLD.

Dev burned 59B today, meaning he has (40+36-59) a reasonable 17B remaining.

Indeed there might be a slow rug, but it isn’t from the dev, it’s from snipers and whales. Stop be it retarded and spreading lies.

Everything is says this will fucking pop off. I already missed p3p3co1n thanks to you fucking losers, not doing that again.

>> No.58089545

Holy fuck you are a retarded faggot. This so called “sniper” wallet hasn’t sold ANYTHING, and neither have any of the associated wallets. This is the dev’s wallet not a fucking sniper, of course he bought early cuz it’s HIS FUCKING COIN. Are you fucking brain dead???

A sniper would have sold by now. Sorry dog faggot bags are worthless. Fuck off

>> No.58089570
File: 377 KB, 1425x833, 224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

While we're at it, isn't this sort of price discussion thing a big nono for tier 1 exchanges? It was brought up earlier but the dev never changed it. They should do it soon.

>> No.58089584

This. Ppl who see through the worthless fud will make millions from this shit. It’s the perfect iq test

>> No.58089593


Exchanges also look at stuff like liquidity too. But sure, this will list on legit exchanges lmao

>> No.58089602

Are we some of the most important humans? I’m starting to get that feeling.

>> No.58089626

>so you're saying first day snipers is the dev and his team, and now they're trying ot reduce supply by burning some of that ?
incredibly bullish

>> No.58089643


>> No.58089693

None of the wallets that burned have ever sold or been associated with any other wallets that sold. The dev has been trustworthy so far with everything he said

>> No.58089697

You can see dev account buying here:
10 minutes later you can see another account buying here (most likely the dev just created new wallet)

and you can see from the second account there were huge sell some time ago

>> No.58089704

He categorically lied about owning a few percent of the total and then admitted to owning 25%

>> No.58089723

Surely a sniper would be buying before the dev has a chance to buy at creation of the pair with liquidity added, not 15 mins after

>> No.58089745

You guys are just like niggers in a bucket.
You're black... and you smell bad.

>> No.58089748

>most likely the dev just created new wallet
Did you shit that out? Proof, nigga, tangible proof, not speculation.

>> No.58089755

not to mention that dev bough for 0.14 eth and 10 minutes later the sniper bought for 0.6 eth weird? or just the dev had 0.20 eth to spend?

>> No.58089791

Anon, 0.14+0.6=0.74. Jesus Fuck, I share a board with these mongoloids.

>> No.58089849

i meant 0.14 and 0.06 sorry kek i'm retarded

>> No.58089851

Your parent's categorically lied to you about Santa Claus being real. Are you going to hold that against them too?

>> No.58089867
File: 802 KB, 1179x1932, IMG_1536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58089909

He literally said he didn’t want to expose how much he actually had so people don’t scared off while it builds momentum

>> No.58089928

lol the jeet bots are getting coordinated

>> No.58090038

>Phew, heckin based deverino made a posterino about burnerino. Must all be safe now!

>> No.58090195

>b-b-b-but the dev seems trustworthy

Do you niggers really? How many times do I have to see biztards fall for obvious fucking jeet scams like this? At least dump your money in LINU where there is a multi-sig wallet.

>> No.58090224


Aside from you know, claiming to hold ~6% instead of 25%.
you can understand how this might have damaged the trust between dev and the holders.
Good that he burned most of it now though, but it could take a little while to play out with early buyers who feel like they've been played

>> No.58090255

Dev is selling off from his multiple wallets and burning as a last ditch effort to get more chump capital in on the way down.

>> No.58090306

you're not going to bring people to your shitcoin with that attitude, sweetie

>> No.58090314

The multisig wallet is basically empty, and the hype Linu had going for it weeks ago is gone, never to return. The ship is rudderless and drifting towards oblivion. There are no plans, just vague “roadmaps” about marketing and exchanges, but nothing gets done because the admin team is laser focused on fudding Apu instead of trying to grow their own token. Holders are dropping every single day, and going to Apu. Volume has dried up entirely. The mood in the tg has become bleak, and the once lively chats running all day and night have largely vanished. The opportunity window has come and gone - the moonshot missed; it has withered and died on the vine. All that is left is quiet whimpers as this dog slips slowly into oblivion, nevermore.

Yeah, nah. I think ill just make phat stacks with Apu lol

>> No.58090336

noone is even fudding linu. noone gives a shit anymore. go to bed Rashid

>> No.58090365

This is 100% the Spyro team behind this scam. The guy talks like an esl jeet, just like the Spyro admin did.

>> No.58090390

imagine having some apu fakin degen instead of BASE on sol coinbase casino

>> No.58090394

They posted timestamped hand pics, twice. Try again nigger

>> No.58090403

>rugging while rest of the market pumps massively

kek baggies

>> No.58090474

Posted this in another thread that got jannied:

His grammar is bearish, he might be living in Texas right now but I highly doubt he's native texan. I hold this frog and am up massively but let's get two things straight that we learned today:
1. he had a bigger supply than he said he did
2. there's a "team" and not just him, we don't know the wallets of this team, any members of it and whether they've been selling or not (the likelihood is yes). I'm not trying to fud but it would be nice with some clarification on these matters because the meme itself is a goldmine and CT is already starting to notice.

linu kekolds need not reply you guys should focus on your own dogshit

>> No.58090509


>> No.58090676

Basically this. I'm afraid to buy due to his scammer behaviour

>> No.58090784

It's peaked anyway, the time to get in was below 100k mcap

>> No.58090794

Memes on eth: not even once

>> No.58090891

Also a lot of sus wallets making big purchases
Like the last one wich bought $8k and before buying it was holding floki only

>> No.58090932

What the fuck mETH bros? I thought we were somehow jeet proof because it is the expensive chain? Throw that narrative out the window I guess.

>> No.58090954
File: 490 KB, 1200x750, IMG_20240320_202257_787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>500k to 200k liquidity
>same price point.
Yup. Sorry you guys fell for illiquid trash. We can help though.

>> No.58090966

I told you guys this already rugged a while ago.

>> No.58090975


>> No.58091004

After watching your guys' behaviour recently I am never purchasing your bullshit.

>> No.58091012

>linu baggies have become so deluded that they think putting their entire focus on fudding Apu is somehow going to pump their own bleeding bags
Marketing, memes. CEX listings, improving the viability of the token - nah, lets just fud another shitcoin and pray they come back to ours. Enjoy your zero volume lol

>> No.58091022

>Enjoy your zero volume lol
Enjoy your no liquidity shitcoin that's "x20"

>> No.58091047

>reviving a coin when nobody in the bullrun even knows do kwon?
>study 'beating a dead horse'

>> No.58091071

Archville you are a seething tranny and will never be a woman

>> No.58091203

Nice limp-dick, no-volume "pump" you guys had today. It would be a shame if nobody bought your bags.

>> No.58091209

English is not this dude's first language, bearish.

>> No.58091282


>> No.58091286

Remember normies are going for degenerate plays on Sol and base. Nobody will buy this except autistics here lmao

>> No.58091309
File: 30 KB, 519x519, 1653354623118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know who's fudding who anymore and I'm not willing to find out because I know if I sell now it'll go straight to 100M marketcap overnight and literally everything I'm reading seems copied and pasted from early Pepe threads so

I'm just not selling

>> No.58091312
File: 113 KB, 822x813, boogapepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58091332

His twitter posts are fine

>> No.58091480
File: 78 KB, 750x750, IMG_0682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because they’ve never seen one, and they are just Linu fags trying to tank apu because they think apu is the reason people sold their token. It doesn’t matter. Apu will pump again. The memes are too good. I see them all over biz, I see them all over Twitter, and I even see the Pepe account post them. I’m never going to sell before 10B.

>> No.58091488



>> No.58091510

Apu is and always was a stupid name.
He's just an autistic Pepe.

>> No.58091655

I'm in a similar position, got in at 1m mcap and was literally telling people in the early threads not to go too hard into it because it's still super likely to be a rug (I kind of regret not buying more now t b h). My $500 buy is sitting at ~12k even after todays dump so I'm not exactly worried. Something tells me that it's got a bit of a run left in it.

>> No.58091980
File: 153 KB, 400x383, 1708805152170445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're going under 10M aren't we

>> No.58091986
File: 173 KB, 958x960, 430679953_950295153129309_816103164969702548_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

told you KANA was far a better option poorfags, you didnt want to listen to me and now you are getting rugged KEK

>> No.58091994

Lost 12k

Should i just give up or will it come back

>> No.58092001

>Good that he burned most of it now though, but it could take a little while to play out with early buyers who feel like they've been played
If you were an earlier buyer and didn’t assume the dev had 25% you’re fucking retarded. We all could see the wallets and it was obviously the dev was the one with 25%. The burn is incredibly bullish.

>> No.58092017

literally everybody in the tg on the first 2 days knew the dev had shit loads and had hidden them in multiple wallets to not scare people away, he freely admitted it in the tg chat

>> No.58092019
File: 202 KB, 1375x877, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 21-57-42 APU $0.00004989 - Apu Apustaja _ WETH on Ethereum _ Uniswap - DEX Screener.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow. Market cap falling, liquidity still falling.
Somehow the situation is getting worse.
No. I'm afraid not. Burning at such a low Mcap with price constantly dropping means everyone has increased their ability to dump on the chart.
Dev used to have enough tokens to rug 10 times. Now he probably has enough tokens to rug 3 times but he's been getting paid this whole time.
Hes quite literally still selling. Always will be. Until its 0.

>> No.58092051

>he fell for the /biz/ jeet rug
Thanks for playing, hope your learn from this

>> No.58092092
File: 140 KB, 1276x988, 151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well you were asking for discounts, here we go.
Years of cope, hope and bagholding are ahead, enjoy.

It is over, fren. I'm telling you this as a fren and early buyer. Sell on the nearest bounce up, don't be stupid.

>> No.58092105
File: 333 KB, 1709x873, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 22-04-37 APU $0.00005097 - Apu Apustaja _ WETH on Ethereum _ Uniswap - DEX Screener.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's selling at particular levels of pooled WETH.
So current level is, any time there is more than 80 WETH in the liquidity pool he steals it.
Artificial price suppression. Marketcap dropping steadily too.
When people tell you "it's an ETH farm" THIS IS WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT.

>> No.58092132

>literally doing the same thing that shitcoiners have done since uniswap

>> No.58092151

i don't hold this. perhaps i should buy while there's blood in the streets

>> No.58092165

How do you switch on those sell marks on dex?

>> No.58092170

Some guy lost $25k
It's ogre

It's joever
Toad 2.0
Apoo baggies facing his own Scamtoshi Dumpsama farming them

>> No.58092171
File: 153 KB, 729x638, g0kZOcGrzyyIFK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no le heckin 50% correction after x10 in a week

>> No.58092179
File: 1.71 MB, 400x283, You Dropped This Champ. Thanks King.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this wasn't done a one man job
The absolute fucking state of shitcoiners

>> No.58092181

Pretty sad seeing the dev still switching IP to desperately gain more capital.
This is the sell wallet. I'm not doing any filtering except marking one wallet.
This is the dev's wallet. It only recieves shit and only sells shit, never buys.
He has a buy wallet he uses to fake volume.
Yeah it's a fucking TOAD scam farm.

>> No.58092186

this is the most bullish biz thread ive ever seen

>> No.58092194
File: 184 KB, 962x865, apu-crying-in-tuxedo-top-hat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I told my gf I was going to buy us a house with my APU meme money, now it's over. She's not going to take me seriously anymore. Fuck this is embarassing.

>> No.58092198

maybe if i switch IPs for the 80TH TIME I can convince one last nazi chud to buy
>haha, i'm gonna be rich off the back of racist degens.

>> No.58092207

Give up this one and better try to be an early investor somewhere else.
They are all the same, this one is just over.

>> No.58092210
File: 32 KB, 128x128, Apucopter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The dev will be buying curry and cows with your money instead, enjoy the ride, fren

>> No.58092241

Redfin tab: closed
Zillow tab: closed
Rolex tab: closed
Dexscreener tab: open

It’s finally over isn’t it frens. We had a nice run. I’ve lost $30k in two days. My wife is pissed, it was our entire savings and we just had a baby. I have to start working a second job now or I’m facing a divorce.

>> No.58092246

humiliation ritual

>> No.58092260

I can’t believe /biz/ rugged me AGAIN. Fuck you fucking brown bastards

>> No.58092283
File: 707 KB, 1136x640, apu-crying-cooking-at-mcdonalds (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was a cheesemaker god dammit!

>> No.58092287

You might be on to something with that. LINU ip grabbed a scammer and found the exact building they work in, in Malaysia.
Disgusting brown people. I hate them.

>> No.58092289
File: 46 KB, 700x591, 827248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't give up, fren. This dev is just a retard rugging so early such a good project.
But on the bright side you have got some experience with this memecoin casino.

>> No.58092325

bug high
sell low

the /biz/ way

>> No.58092328

The dev is retard, but your story is fake as well.
Why would you put all your money in one shitcoin at the highest top?

>> No.58092347

You shouldn't be thinking of buying any of that shit if $30k will wreck you, c'mon now...

>> No.58092368

I think it's that Stayathomedad guy.
Poor sod. Lost fucking everything.
This is why you never fuck around on /biz/.

>> No.58092370

this is fake news, there are 60 new holders in the last 5 hours and everyones buying the dip, not long till it turns around and you faggots seethe

>> No.58092385

Literally who?

>> No.58092389
File: 92 KB, 1000x800, apu-keyboard-love-heart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you fren :)

>> No.58092408

He was in the APU tg.

>> No.58092489
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Ok, guys. To make you feel better, I will explain you how I did understand without any charts that we were gonna get rugged and why did I withdraw my money. This info will help you in future.
1. The dev refused to do any ads or marketing he wasn't doing a shit to advertise on twitter. I pressed him on this issue and his answers were very stupid, like I want it to grow naturally and shit. That is how I understood that we weren't going to 1 billion.
2. Exit pump. The dev announced that he was going to give away 50k. That was the hugest red signal for me. Why would someone give away so much money? He literally send miserable 25 bucks at his first airdrop.
3. Circle jerking on the tg channel. Enough said. The atmosphere there was not healthy. I did some very soft fud and was immediately banned. That was a red signal too.

>> No.58092495

I know about what that guy has and that ain't it, nor was it ever. It's a LINU LARPER.

>> No.58092561

this is a load of shit

>> No.58092727
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The non frens are resorting to LARPing Apu frens. Disgusted by this behavior but somehow still max comfy

>> No.58092736

Based autist
cringe conformist normie scum.

>> No.58092751
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>> No.58092760

Means nothing when you yourself are hopping around several ID's. Whats the difference between you and every same fagger?
Atleast I'm honest with my fud.

>> No.58092773

None of that would have anything to do with being "rugged" and the actual reason you were banned was for being terminally annoying across the span of several days, something that has happened to you before and will again.

>> No.58092783
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My brother I just got out of work to log onto biz and laff at how much money this little frog is making me. Why are you so mad?

>> No.58093075

>Atleast I'm honest with my fud.

>Causing fear uncertainty and doubt when you know its likely false



>> No.58093153

I don't give a fuck about your tg and your reasons. I was edgy on purpose, a strong project would not be shaking just because of annoying guy.
>anything to do with being "rugged"
Replace "rugged" with "scammed" if you prefer a more precise definition

>> No.58093483

This is the same fucking shit that Spyro scum dev did.
Lol i lost $5k on that shit as well

>> No.58093653

FUD doesn't mean "fake uncertainty and doubt"
It can be true.
God you APU niggers are so jewish with your semantics.

>> No.58093719


Its what you are doing though. Imagine calling me the jew here.

>> No.58093972

Wait, you're that kike that was sperging out about taxes going to israel in the fucking linu threads!

>> No.58093973

Shaking? You're the one running here to write a diary entry bro. Glad we could agree that you're annoying, though. Better luck next time