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How do I make it?

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The gates have been closed.
No one can get rich anymore because the oligarchs have already tilted the board against you.
The game is fundamentally rigged. Just get over it and make the most of what you can in this life.
You'll never "out earn" inflation again unless you're an insider and can build equity because the gatekeepers gave you the greenlight.
It's all bullshit.

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Fuck you nigga dont talk to me anymore

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Learn a trade faggot.
I never said you couldn't make a living.
But "making" it is a meme unless you already come from a privileged background.

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Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

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Bless you.

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gif related
screen cap this wen plebbit giga moons from 9m mcap to 1b+ over the next few years.

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The way is... sell that sht, get MAGA

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Oldfag MAGA died long time ago

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>Food Pepe: 340K marketcap, 30K liquidity
>Baldcat: 2M marketcap, 65K liquidity

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Be early, buy low sell high.

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Who the fuck posts shit like this ?

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im dirt poor and i have had many many chances to get rich. Sold my 64k ada stack before its first run, was about to buy link at 30c but shorted btc and got liqd, and that was 2017. I sold my 5k kda stack before its run in 2021. I was about to ape into agrs at 11 cent, chickened out cause i cant afford to lose cause im poor. Same with Linu which was shilled at rock bottom prices on this very board. So yea the already rich have it easier to become richer, but poorfags like me got a chance if you play it smart (not like me). Now i learned the lesson and im sticking to my chosen alt until rich or homeless