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How we feelin' frens?

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Feeling fine, fren. I know to hodl! We are recovering anyway.

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Feeling good fren, my "bluechips" tanked 10-15% today but my apus haven't even flinched.

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feelin good fren, feelin cozy

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Did I get food poisoned in the CVS?

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the apu price is flopping around like my penis

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compared to ETH/BTC it's remarkably stable. almost like the dev is actually shooting for 100M+ mcap

just hodl. it will start pumping whenever BTC/ETC recovers. and remember to take a healthy profit around 85-95M mcap because there's a good chance the dev exits at 100M

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Apu has turned into such a comfy hold. Can't wait to experience $1B MC with you frens.

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My meager 20mil will get me something at least!

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In the last general someone mentioned that some of the fud may be coming from linu baggies, I went and checked their tg and lo and behold:

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Feeling good fren

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Guys , last night I posted that I sold some Apu to recoup my initial investments from some other meme coins. I’m proud to announce I was able to buy back what I sold and I’m feeling comfy again. I promise never to do that again.

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Wow. I'll dump my Linu bag based on this. Thanks for sharing

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i bought 250k just to say i participated frens

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I bought 500m at 1m marketcap, now I'm just watching newfags fling their bags at each other some of them even at losses while whales sell the peaks and buy the bottoms. They'll tire themselves out eventually but until then price is flopping around like my wiener.

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Just like they did to the other dog coins. No surprise. No one was thinking about them just apu. Onward in frenship anons and bitter linu baggies can seethe all they want.

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Who is this faggot jaredfromsubway.eth ?

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Not asking anyone to sell anything for anything, I just don't see the point of all this shit flinging.

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Sandwich king. Makes millions with his MEV bot.

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A bot that does sandwich attacks on eth tokens. Hense the name jaredfromsubway , it’s been around a long time.

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kek, linu baggies are real jeets

he's actually kind of based, he's a notorious MEV bot deployer. he's in every shitcoin, I cannot hate the hustle.

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LINU is officially dead. imagine spending your time fuddiung other projects rather than actually working to keep yours going.

>can't update CG/CMC links
>type a whole lot of nothing, don't actually do a lot
>no appetite on their CEX listings
>admins takins suspicious 'breaks'
>married to a project about Do Kwon (move on with your lives fags)
>completely unoriginal

APU is THE memcoin of biz and a lot of fucking normies, get in before 1b

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The current whales need to be shaken out and replaced with approved crypto cartel whales first. Prepare for capitulation!

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I've already calculated it and the biggest offloader will be finished in about 5 days at the current rate. I feel there's an unspoken agreement among the whales to let the price stay low until he's finished and then let off the brakes. In the mean time I've seen some new players gain entry to the big boy table as well. The bag shaking will continue until the jeets are out and then we can finally pump again.

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More than 11b apu were hidden in multiple wallets then sent to 1. That one sold 1.6k dollars every 10 minutes for 6 hours straight, thats what held the price down today.

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We know fag they got dumped on our heads. Check the wallet that dumped them. It's a sniper who buys new live pairs and dumps them. He had hundreds of different tokens. Focus on your bleeding project.

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I just had an idea:
>mint 1,000,000 of your own shittoken
>sell one to yourself for a dollar
>instant millionaire
I can't believe nobody ever figured this out before me!

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That wallet has accumulated way more than dumped, it's literally the 6 million dollar pepe wallet:
So I don't know who this Archvile guy is but can he even read etherscan? Wait isn't that your dev? KEK
The wallet that has been doing most of the dumping is one of early snipers who got a massive stack for peanuts and he has sold a LOT of it already.

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Archville is the linu tg admin who had an autistic meltdown when the price plummeted 75% and started mass banning anyone that asked why the price was dropping, or mentioned anything positive about Apu. For whatever reason they have decided that they need to fud Apu holders to try and convince them to come back to their dying coin.

People will swing back like they want them to. But not before linu drops another 50% from where it is now lol.

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retard here
so this shitcoin won't pump unless these fags finish dumping?
so why should i buy now]?

also is this the dev?

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>Why should I buy now when Apus are cheaper instead of later on after it starts pumping

Gee anon I wonder

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I'm not the dev. Wait for a dip if you're unsure, there's whales exiting and there's whales entering I don't know what their plans are.

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They are literally just stealing money from people during buy volume. I'm in shock the price is so stable.
Good luck getting information from the faggot brigade in telegram either.

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There is a LOT of buy pressure due to APU trending on multiple platforms, and the planned giveaway campaign after the CMC listing goes through. Dips keep getting slurped with abnormally large volume when they occur, so I believe that the current and entering whales are waiting for the dumpers to run out before any type of megapump begins. They sell the peaks and buy the bottoms, with the exception of a couple of whales who are at less than 30% of their original stacks.

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Nah it's even worse than that.
There's buy wallets that transfer to sell wallets.
Sell wallets only receive their APU and buy wallets only send out their APU to these sell wallets.
The only other thing the buy wallets do is transfer to that PEPE whale wallet.
So the dev is broadening his stack (which is composed of the percent of the supply he minted which is enough of the supply to rug to 0 - completely - 0) while faking volume at the same time.

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Imagine thinking a project like Apu with like 10000 memes is going to rug. Every day I see like 100 new memes, I love it. I don't care what happens, I am not selling anything before we hit an 11 digit market cap. I have never been more confident in a project in my life.

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Id love to see proof those wallets are really him. He's giving promises of never selling until 1 billion and "I only have 8.5%". Ruggers deserve jail for life.

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>Source: it was revealed to me in a dream, dyor!

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How do I prove custody of a crypto wallet without the person exposing themselves willingly?

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Tikka marsala coin

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And thus the linu baggies un-comfy another thread, more of the same "dev owns 99% of the supply" fud present in every single thread even though you can follow etherscan transcations of his original wallets and see that he's sold zero tokens. Maybe if you guys focused more on your dead-end dog it wouldn't be in the shitter right now.

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Gonna hodl my apu! Gonna buy avi with my next check and buy more apu with the leftovers. I am feeling comfy, frens.

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You really don't think it's possible he used Maestro to transfer billions of his own tokens to different wallets immediately after listing?
It's a huge leap of faith to trust a shit coin deployer.

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can some1 explain my in simple terms why having many holders is good for crypto

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What is this LINU shit I keep reading about? Is this like APU but a dogcoin?

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pyramid scheme

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You said it, anon. It's just shit trying to get some of the hype of doge and shiba, only the next fabricated lunaInuDogeAILaserTrumpMemecoin

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got it ty

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I have literally never been more comfy in my life. This thing has everything going for it. The inertia when this thing gets going and more and more normies see it as the rightful heir to Pepe… get ready.

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It is literally jaredfromsubway, you fucking idiot. The guy doesn't conceal his identity. And the dev didn't sell anything.

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Just like stocks but stocks are for rich people to get richer. Same shit.

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>Bro trace the wallets he never sold! Dev is fuckin based
>It's literally bots
Meanwhile every pump is being syphoned away from the bag holders. Show diffinitive proof this dude isnt jeeting from obfuscated wallets, it'd only help his own cause to provide it.
Only pure tards blindly trust some dude in telegram.

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JournospostingL’s on X just said he’s buying APU. 170k followers. Strap in frens. WAGMI

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Let's goooo frens

Also what's the giveaway people are mentioning, I don't really use telegram

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If you were smart you would have already checked transactions yourself, retard. Currently dump comes from trader jared, the guy literally signed transactions of his bot.

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It's mostly the 0xb722 wallet and its parent wallet which there is no way of telling who owns it, and they'll be out of the picture within a week at their current rate. There's enough people loading up their bags to offset it regardless. Your fixation on it HAVING to be the dev rugging the coin shows your intent and I'm not falling for it.

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>i have no proof to support my outrageous claims
>the burden of proof relies on everyone on /biz/ except me
Linu is going to 5mil marketcap and no amount of shitposting Apu threads will save you. Maybe if you didnt ban everyone that dared to ask questions in your tg instead of mindlessly spamming dog gifs 10 times in a row, you wouldnt be going down the shitter.

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damn thats actually pretty cool holy fucc

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He cute

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Its happening!

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Based. 170k potential new hodlers, WAGMI

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LINO baggies should switch to APU while they still have a chance. Frogs btfo dogs.

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theres a lot of support for this on x wagmi frens

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Make a new thread with this.

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Seconded. He cute

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Yeah, this is huge. Not because I know who this guy is or anything specific to him, but because this is direct proof of concept that normies on twitter are going to buy Apu en masse just because he’s cute (and they know him).

Pepe tier meme magic is coming.

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They refuse to sell at a loss, and will instead baghold while it tanks another 50% in the next couple of days. The tg has devolved from being able to make things happen, to now simply being a chat emotional support group where they cope about their bags, snort hopium, and seethe about the success of Apu and how “stupid” Apu holders. Tons of linu holders have actually switched but the ones that are left are simply unwilling to admit they are wrong and will go down with the ship because they stupidly think that they have an obligation to lose money with their chatroom friends.

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Believing a SHIT COIN "dev" on telegram and giving him your money is the fucking outrageous claim. The burden of proof is on him to show he's not a subhuman jeeter.
You delusional faggot

>> No.58076511

He already gave his wallet addresses and posted hand pic. What more do you want, seething linu nigger? Try to keep up.

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Shitcoin Telegram is literally the gayest concentration of pure retardation. Why waste your time.

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Apu will not rug pull. It will blankie tuck and we will all have a cozy sleepover frens

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I feel sick I never should have bought this stupid shit.

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frens, im feeling so comfy after reading this. we’re actually gonna win for once

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3 mil poor what am I in for

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you need some self awareness. they are the same as you.

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I sold my linu bags at a loss and rolled it up into my apu stack because of this post

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it'll be ok fren

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The irony.

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This will be apu holders in 6 months when it dips to 1b marketcap

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That dip is going to be a tremendous buying opportunity.

>> No.58076766

when did you buy?

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It's over

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It’s just getting started fren. Stay comfy

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it's just a dip, today's floor is still higher than yesterdays ATH so SLURP THE DIP FREN

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apu retards should make a sub/board on plebbit and be the first memecoin to be on plebbit, to drive adoption of both.
plebbit is a free to use, p2p social media protocol.
soon you will be able to gatekeep posting on your sub/board by requiring x ownership of y evm token. meaning apu holders can gatekeep shitposting on their sub/board to only those who hold apu.
more l2s will be supported on plebbit soon.

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wait no I read that wrong

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The slurp is in.

>> No.58077040

Everything is dipping, stay stronk

>> No.58077061

so putin did hack this? fml

>> No.58077103

apu holds up remarkably well, every single dip gets slurped up almost immediately

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what now

>> No.58077127

bought some more, fuck it

>> No.58077138

sold some more, fuck it

>> No.58077144

he cute

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Damn, we just keep goin down D:

>> No.58077187

damn it's rugging.
RIP top buyers

>> No.58077236

shits toast

>> No.58077239

are you retarded

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oh shid

>> No.58077250


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It’s fucking over

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good idea

>> No.58077268

I bought at the top and we’re fucking dumping this is so fucking stupid fucking bullshit

>> No.58077272

Tactical slurp inbound

>> No.58077275

Never destined to make it
It's really over

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buy the cheapies sirs

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BIG. RED. CANDLE. Can the power of APU prevail? Frens till the end? Stay tuned for the next episode!

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I spent all day telling you guys.
What did you learn?

>> No.58077297

Hahahaha, you fell for the jeet scam

>> No.58077299

Jesus fuck there’s no fucking recovering

>> No.58077301

Absolutely nothing

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[Verse 1]
All around me are familiar faces
Worn-out places, worn-out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
And their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head, I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you, 'cause I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very
Mad world
Mad world
Mad world
Mad world

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I didn't even jerk off...

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finally a good time to buy
cap this 50x

>> No.58077329

I am still up personally

>> No.58077330

I hate brown people so much it's unreal. Shitcoin scammers will burn in hell

>> No.58077334

I bought at 4m mc so i am comfy

>> No.58077343

Bought the top, selling now. This shit is going to zero and quick

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File: 510 KB, 576x594, 5D76FBF1-857D-4C48-9C33-39D8E9411F84.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Der eternal slooper
Captcha TM2P- Time 2 pay

>> No.58077349

Wtf happened bros?
I thought the dev was based
He was dumping on us all along

It's fucking over

>> No.58077350

you bought the top, now you're going to sell the bottom and be sidelined as we do the next 100x from here

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here fren

>> No.58077353

It just bounced up of 20M anon hold on

>> No.58077358

Bought at around 15, still cozy.

>> No.58077362

this is like war of the whales

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I'm still not selling

>> No.58077369

You niggers can't even write a contract to blacklist jaredfromsubway

>> No.58077370

lmao this fren just materialized a nice green candle damn that got bought up pretty quick

>> No.58077371

thanks for letting me back in boys
/biz/ never fails to deliver

>> No.58077378

People are slurping like 10-20k at a time. We've been waiting for the hosers to dump so we could have the real fun. Still wagmi

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>> No.58077393

Finally able to slurp my way to a 1B bag. Thanks for playing paperhands.

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>> No.58077397

Bought another .3ETH worth, we're BACK

>> No.58077401

i didn't see any whales selling during that dip, now they're buying your bags for cheap

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farding and shidding my pants

>> No.58077415

I will keep holding my 4m meager coins. I will not be shaken

>> No.58077435

muh shekels

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excellent time to slurp in

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I’m slurppin

>> No.58077560
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there are some serious motherfuckers buying this right now.

>> No.58077594

Goodnight Frens. Slurp the dip. Tomorrow will be cozy

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Took a bruising but I think it'll be okay.

>> No.58077629
File: 123 KB, 478x477, 9776a65f9ccf7acab4fc27621821973e2638ff6f23ce01d5d53688a03ed69fe5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

goodnight fren

dip overnight means big buys tomorrow

>> No.58078057

This shit fucking sucks.

>> No.58078084

Buy high sell low.

>> No.58078130

Next time wait for the dip, then buy

>> No.58078141
File: 152 KB, 818x837, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 01-31-20 De.Fi - DeFi Investing & Yield Farming Platform.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You niggers are so retarded for buying this.

>> No.58078155
File: 139 KB, 817x844, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 01-34-27 De.Fi - DeFi Investing & Yield Farming Platform.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For ex. >>58078141

>> No.58078197

The liquidity was burned you double retard.

>> No.58078235
File: 116 KB, 816x789, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 01-42-24 De.Fi - DeFi Investing & Yield Farming Platform.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Idk man.
You guys keep comparing this with SHIB, SHIB never had this problem to begin with.
Maybe it's not what you thought it was all along.
You can't just fix these problems in the contract in post.
There is a reason it's still saying something's fucked more than a week in.

>> No.58078245

If someone got a private key to 0x0 for that "rugpull risk" to actually exist, APU would be the least of our concerns in the ETH ecosystem

>> No.58078256

The only possible way to rug the liquidity would be to get the private keys for ETH's burn address, and if you somehow did that the entire crypto market would crash into the ground overnight.

>> No.58078269

What website is this?

>> No.58078283


the points you're attacking it on are
>liquidity not locked
except it is, and you can verify here
>low reputation
yeah no shit it launched a week ago

your fellow indians waking up just dumped it enough for you to buy in saheed, no need to keep FUDding

>> No.58078289
File: 103 KB, 1380x710, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 01-49-54 Apu Apustaja (APU) Token Tracker Etherscan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok guys, next thing to address.
How in the fuck are you going to pump now?
See Unique senders and receivers?
That is supposed to go up when it pumps a shit ton.
Why is it down 50% when nothing seems to be changing on this chart?
(This is the token chart on Etherscan, don't play dumb with me)

>> No.58078312
File: 2.35 MB, 1024x1024, xPOHSJPKIuP2R6igG0Dtp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a retardo devo. Probably paid dextools for promotion. Look at this shit, volume much lower than yesterday but top1 trading coin KEK


>> No.58078331
File: 134 KB, 1398x736, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 01-56-45 Pepe (PEPE) Token Tracker Etherscan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For example, this is PEPE's Analytic chart in the first couple months it launched.
A lot fucking different.

>> No.58078336

Did you check the chart and see the massive correction today? A lot of panic selling happened. There's a marketing campaign on twatter in the works, 50k giveaway to celebrate CMC listing (whenever the fucks get around to it).

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>> No.58078360

What does that have to do with what I'm asking about?
What if it rugs before that giveaway man?
Sounds like he's using that to string you along.
I've noticed a huge decline in sells. Dev is sleeping again. When he wakes up in a few hours there will be more redeeming.

>> No.58078361
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You realize it’s only been a week right? Take a look at Pepe and Shib data from the first week if you want to compare

>> No.58078377

Sell wallet: 0xb722bB8b5F168F356632700252D59C1004da3f43

33b APU buy straight to Sell wallet and has

9b left to sell: 0xbdbb11cad6b763cc1f077a7a472c3b49e29bed5d

33b APU wallet NEVER BOUGHT. It's the developer.

On top of this you have a low liquidity problem which is not going to solve itself as it grows since there is not enough money for everyone who bought.

>> No.58078391
File: 39 KB, 676x314, 20240318_201042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I prepared new prediction for you fren

>> No.58078395
File: 84 KB, 560x448, bc116629b3afccdc6bd6811c87c01652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.58078410
File: 251 KB, 1900x1343, 1640985054500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You keep grasping at a new straw every time and now you're recycling the "dev wallet" fud. That wallet is running out of supply and the actual dev wallets remains untouched, you can pop into telegram and ask yourself if you want but we both know what you're doing so you're not going to. I'm keeping my bags.

>> No.58078442

Oh yeah, and here's the buy tx. If you're going to use fud at least make sure it isn't easily disproven.

>> No.58078447
File: 358 KB, 851x972, b10fd442fcdf4c82eb5a9109978244d9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58078468
File: 5 KB, 250x228, 1692713746381950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How didn't they figure this out earlier? It can't be a sniper because the wallets were created the day before and there are no other transactions there. What a bunch of retardos.

Question is...since we have such dumb money in the market, do you think crypto will now undergo a massive correction just to completely throw those idiots out of the boat ?

>> No.58078503

fud time is over, we've switched to pump mode

>> No.58078506
File: 200 KB, 1376x681, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 02-14-25 APU $0.00005777 - Apu Apustaja _ WETH on Ethereum _ Uniswap - DEX Screener.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I'll admit I copy pasted that from notepad before I could correct the mistake. I had my filters up to try and find certain wallets.

However, the dev did buy with several shrimp wallets in the beginning that never sold.

So how do I figure the sell wallet is his if there are so many shrimps that bought?

Simple. Every shrimp you see in pic rel (except b9de0E and 2a8dB0) transfered to other wallets. The dev himself admitted this to you, as you have admitted.

The value of the 33b wallet is almost gone. Once he depletes that wallet he's selling the others.

He has enough supply to rug this ten times times over if he wants. That 33b (if he never sold) is worth over 3 times the current liquidity pool. (1.8 million)

The dev has 100b in secret wallets (which he admitted to so... not secret really).
He's seriously going to rape the chart any time he wants.
You guys knew what you were doing when you bought. Thanks for playing.
He's clearly not waiting on normie capital to offload this. He probably even bought in his own token with stolen money / scam money potentially.

>> No.58078512

>not knowing about banana gun
>calling others dumb money

>> No.58078535



>> No.58078539

I genuinely don't get this shit.
It's not funny.
I never touched the damn thing but I don't think it's funny.
It's just dumb and naive.

>> No.58078548

Pretending that people don't snipe tokens as soon as they launch is beyond disingenuous. The dev never admitted to owning 100b. You're just flinging shit at the wall at this point and it's not going to work.

>> No.58078560


Annd we’re pumping again. I can’t tell if you fags are genuinely retarded or you don’t know how to zoom out? You retards do realize that we’re at 25M and this coin launched at like 100k right?

>> No.58078569
File: 108 KB, 1380x628, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 02-29-02 Apu Apustaja Token Contract and Distribution Chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So for the record:
It's fine if the top 25 wallets individually have the ability to rug the entire chart any time they want?
Those aren't even all dev wallets.
They can just decimate the chart any time they want.
Top 25 holders own 40%. This is abysmal.

>> No.58078572

how many did the dev give away to each green id in the apu op?

>> No.58078575



>> No.58078583

>launched at 100k
Can you tell me more about this?
You seem to know. I wasn't here for that.
How the fuck does a coin like this launch at that mcap?
That would explain how one 8k buy sends it up 2m mcap.

>> No.58078585
File: 19 KB, 306x306, 1692289391882523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of argument is that ? Am I need know every single degen shit ?

Point is you have 80 ETH in pool to drain and more wallets with high % of supply to dump.

>> No.58078586

We already had some gorilla nigger try that and it got eaten up within 5 minute. Whales exist in every single token, all of them. Did you know Vitalik can rug Ethereum whenever he wants? The only real concern is liquidity being dogshit but exchange listings will fix that.

>> No.58078603

This is the kind of shit that keeps people from buying until its at $500M. This is why you never buy shit until it's too late, and I think it is done on purpose.

>> No.58078604

I don’t think you understand how liquidity works. Some bot sold 3B at once 2 days ago and he only got half his bag’s value’s worth. The dip was immediately slurped within a few minutes. No one can rug this project at this point.

>> No.58078606
File: 64 KB, 868x406, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 02-33-50 how much supply does vitalik own - Google Search.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why lie?
Pic rel. His word against your made up bullshit.
I keep telling you guys, it's not like that.
Tokens with problems like this never ever get listed on Tier 1 exchanges.

>> No.58078625
File: 11 KB, 640x480, 1709831314915989.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.58078632
File: 7 KB, 243x208, ii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Prove he doesn't own hidden wallets. Oh wait, that fud only works when you use it, isn't that right?

>> No.58078633

Would you rather have 10,000 pajeets with those tokens?

>> No.58078634

>Some bot sold 3B at once 2 days ago and he only got half his bag’s value’s worth
Isn't that exactly why the liquidity is fucked?
You're not getting all of it when you sell?
Is that what you're trying to say?
Thats fucking scary as shit dude.

>> No.58078652

No really, don't dance around that question: >>58078634
Explain why a big sell of 3B APU SHOULDN'T get the full value of their bag according to you?
If yes, liquidity is totally fucked.

>> No.58078660

It’s only scary if you’re a whale trying to dump your bags on everyone. Bullish for everyone else. Liquidity won’t be an issue once the coin grows big enough and it will be covered by whichever CEX it’s listed on.

>> No.58078689

Alright chief, I've already told you. Now I'll say it easier.
>Liquidity low
>Token price go up
>Everyone token stay same
>Everyone try sell
>No enough liquidity
Simple as.
Supply is permanently fucked because the dev owns 100b of it and this is an ETH farm.
>Prove he doesn't own hidden wallets
He said he does own them.
That's good enough for me. I've been watching him redeem .5 and 1 eth at a time from those two wallets addys I posted up above.

>> No.58078701
File: 155 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Don't you see why it's funny now? You can warn them all you want and they still buy, still defend it by calling price impact bullish, and they still go and infest every other thread and call everyone faggots for not investing. They slurp the dips and every day or so the top wallets will DUMP on them AGAIN and farm every single fucking ETH from them. They think they are smart because the rose the price slightly for tomorrow's milking. Pic related.


>> No.58078717

You sound like someone who doesn't know how to spot top signals, so he assumes everyone else can't either. I've been swinging those daily cycles.

>> No.58078722

It's just sickening honestly.
I'm watching anons get poor while some (presumably) brownoid disgusting subhuman gets rich. It sucks.
Being a zealot white knight for a clear as day scam while being scammed is not a fate I'd wish upon my worst enemy.

>> No.58078723

Those two addresses aren't his and he explicitly said that. He owns 8.5% of the supply. You can't even do basic math. The dogshit liquidity makes the price more volatile in both directions. Again, exchanges fix that, and exchanges WILL take notice of coins that trend on dextools all day long.

>> No.58078736

the poo plunge is over, rock solid double bottom. indian shills are 100% awake and desperately trying to drive it down lower. load your bags now

>> No.58078739

Once again, a total lie. 100b/420b is about 25% of the supply.
Easily verifyable by examining which OG wallets transfered to other wallets.
Hint: No one who is trading normally creates new wallets to transfer to OTHER new wallets to then sell.
That's not normal behavior for a normal trader.

>> No.58078751

>Those two addresses aren't his and he explicitly said that
If I was slow rugging something I would definitely not want to admit I was slow rugging something.

>> No.58078758

Whales splitting their stacks is absolutely normal and I'd say standard even. You're pulling the 100b figure out of your ass, assuming every whale is actually the dev like a deranged schizo.

>> No.58078767

I bought another 20 mill during the dip. That’s an easy $40k profit when this hits 1B. All this fudding reminds me of early SHIB and PEPE. Super bullish and comfy.

>> No.58078782

I'll paraphrase this potential situation.
>Let me make 5 new wallets because this contract is 5 minutes old
>Then let me make 5 more wallets again to transfer from those 5 wallets.
>And now let me sell from one of them slowly for .5 ETH at a time for 8 hours straight as the price goes up, killing any momentum
This is APU: >>58078506
And you can just check right there^
All those wallets transfered. The biggest one has been selling the entire chart so far and is about to run out. I wonder what happens to the rest of the wallets next?

>> No.58078783


They will continue to ignore you, trust me

> 8 day old coin
> zero utility whatsoever. Just a picture of a frog
> same picture of frog has already scammed biz many times
> dev already dumps and it's not even a month old
> ~30 wallets own more than Uniswap. Many clearly hidden dev wallets
> clear liquidity issue
> etc etc

It was obvious it would be a rugpull or, in this case, a farm but you won't save them. Trust me. A meme coin where there's that many whales with more than Uniswap is such a fucking red flag, and they really don't realize that each of those whales has zero investment in the long term of the project and just want profit. They think they are smart because small saps will raise the price sometimes only to be milked, again, for their ETH

>> No.58078806

As what people say in Casinos, the house always wins. Thanks for playing.

>> No.58078826

Why are you random people who fud Apu so concerned for my financial well being?

Kind of weird, we all know it’s a memecoin, nobody is denying that. What makes you care so much to fud like this? Lmao

>> No.58078838

>clearly hidden
The unbelievable thing is that they are not hidden and the dev admitted how he spread the supply to separate wallets.
The truly unbelievable thing is, that people believe his word he's "not going to sell" when a wallet that matches the scene of the crime is clearly selling.
It's like, they're not investigating. They're just trusting the word of other people pretty much.
Did you actually look at anything for yourself? Investigate.

>> No.58078844

You're assuming every person who uses sniper bots is actually the dev which again, is beyond disingenuous and completely schizo. Whales very often split their stacks in every coin, not just this one. That one in particular is the only one exhibiting that behavior of sending to a sell wallet, and we'll see what happens when they run out.

>> No.58078847

They’re mad that they’re side-lined. It’s their way of coping and convincing themselves that they’re not about to miss out on life-changing money. Why else would they dedicate hours of their lives fudding a meme coin to strangers?

>> No.58078850


Nah you fucking idiots were shitting up every thread calling people faggots for not being farmed. You are lucky that one other anon is detailing it explaining it in detail because I'm just here to witness the farming

>> No.58078873

>sniper bots
This is the excuse this 23-soontobe24pbtid comes up with.
If sniper bots are so common why don't we see more of them across the entire chain?
I'm in several tokens that never had "sniper bots" as a problem, whatever the fuck you are calling this shit going on.
More disingenuous deflection.
I would assume you're a friend of the dev but actually you might just be devout enough to be a baggie.

>> No.58078876

Same. I see other thread FUDs by these Apu niggers and I don't see them put any proof on their fuds. While one guy trying to actually help them keeps posting proofs and these retarded niggers are getting mad. When the dev gets tired of farming and actually dumps, the threads in this board will be glorious.

>> No.58078902

Banana gun gets used all the time, I'll link it again.
Whenever fresh liquidity pools are made people can and do ape into them, and is a big reason Solana has so many jeets creating tokens and rugging them within minutes. You're playing stupid at this point.

>> No.58078962

I think this anon might be right.. dev claimed that this was his wallet which he split:
This wallet splits into 5 other wallets that are untouched, so far so good. However, this same wallet has also bought BOTRUMP, GTC2024 and BOPE around the exact same time frames as
which is the same wallet that's been feeding the
wallet which has dumped $311.000 so far. He fucked up hiding this and apparently lied. So so far he's sold 20b and made 310k on it. Not very fren of him.

>> No.58078973
File: 7 KB, 250x242, 1706648573265933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's incredible, they go into threads where people support projects with sane tokenomics and utility, and they then shill a picture of a frog that has rugged something like 5x before on the same imageboard. They actually thought it was bullish that their 8-day-old token was suspiciously pumping like crazy when the entire market was red. I love witnessing it. I didn't go to Lucky threads after today's rugs because at least they usually stayed in their own threads. APU, though, I am gonna laugh every single fucking time it dumps.


>> No.58078981
File: 134 KB, 1024x1024, ec9kql5bblxb1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.58078986
File: 275 KB, 1024x1024, 1710230322374208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon, still not buying linu or whatever other shitcoin you hold

>> No.58079009

>that their 8-day-old token was suspiciously pumping like crazy when the entire market was red
Yeah cause their liquidity is fucked that any money big or small affects their mcap numbers and these niggers are getting nonstop dopamine hit like addicts.

>> No.58079012
File: 401 KB, 645x506, 1710626138476002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.58079016

their mcap numbers in a bloated way*

>> No.58079019


What a fucking rug man
I hate fucking pajeets
>muh dev is le rich so he can't be greedy

Naive retards
I'm down $3k and i'm selling as soon as i can break even

>> No.58079023
File: 201 KB, 1000x1199, 1709668249949706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58079028

Hopefully the LQ pool has enough money for you to sell before the Dev rugs.

>> No.58079049
File: 705 KB, 900x900, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fudders frantically filling out captchas

>apu frens
wagmi. come get cozy, dont miss this

decide for yourself who's worth listening to. follow your heart.

>> No.58079054

But anon why are you so emotionally invested and are seething so much?

>> No.58079063

Had to verify every transaction to see if any of this was true. Turns out everything you said was complete bullshit. Nice try though.

>> No.58079064

stay poor fren

>> No.58079066
File: 86 KB, 1062x1080, Eeoxog2WsAA9Zlo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If it's a farm, everything will unfold exactly like with toad baggies. Reaching the peak and slowly extinguishing each green candle with sales while in the meantime the community is fed with schizo theories and promises. And so it goes until you find yourselves at a 3-4 million market cap with your liquidity.

>> No.58079083

I’m kind of worried for his wellbeing. He must be shaking like a maniac in real life. Imagine his state when APU hits 500M.

>> No.58079085

What part of it is bullshit? It's all there in plain sight. It's a great shame because it's a nice looking website but he clearly lied big time here, why not just be honest and upfront about it if you need funds for marketing or listings? Lame.

>> No.58079092


The token doesn't even do anything, and the "meme" isn't even original. There's even another APU on coin market cap that was a massive rug in the past. How people thought this wasn't some kinda eth farm/rug, when out of nowhere an unoriginal meme is "mooning" on a down market, is beyond me. I just really hope everyone here eventually checks their ego and learns not to gloat again because they had paper profits for once

>> No.58079100

I am still gaining more money in APU than other memecoins. The road to a CEX listing is still unclear but if we can make it there and still survive then liquidity won't be as much of a issue.

>> No.58079103

wow. LINU jeets relly fudding hard. boolish

>> No.58079104


That sht suck anon, get somenthing real

>> No.58079107

Since you're so good about finding these things out, can you tell me if Food Pepe (FWIP) also has something like this going on? I was thinking of cashing out all my Apu for Food Pepe, but I don't want to go into another rug.

>> No.58079109


Go Ai or something better than that sht

>> No.58079115
File: 13 KB, 208x199, 1614508452383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I hold AGRS, Im a fking beast

>> No.58079117

> since you are so good...
hahahaha what a moron

>> No.58079119

No, anon, the other way is to sell more than the liquidity is worth quick. And he has abou 30% of all supply

>> No.58079127

>Fomo buys the top
>Panic sell after a correction

Pajeets are actually more based than you because you are legitimately retarded.

And I don’t mean retarded in the cutesie sense. You’re an actual braindead retard.

You are literally the definition of dumb money who gets dumped on by whales.

I’m telling you right now anon.

You’re never going to make it. You are too stupid for this market and that’s not something you can change.

>> No.58079154


Kek I actually decided to check and you're right but there are people in this thread clearly lying to you, defending the dev, and saying it's fake:



These are your "frens" while everyone who has told you it's a scam is a enemy, right?

>> No.58079169
File: 46 KB, 480x640, w1GkqKwF0Kq_-r-wSU8EPa8HfEponAJSBQIkk-q8axk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.58079182

I mean just by looking at holders one dude has 9.2% supply of foodpepe but it's a tiny microcap so it's kinda expected. But with Apu this guy obviously has more than the 8% (or 40bil) that he claimed. He could at least have fixed the garbage liquidity with those fucking 300k that he sold but he's just been pocketing it all. And the fact that he has some genuinely hardworking twitter shillers on the TG working to promote his coin that's the saddest thing of it all those guys deserved honesty.

>> No.58079210

I see. I guess I'll just dump all my Apu for Food Pepe then. Thanks for the honesty.

>> No.58079225


I feel kinda bad for you, so I'll give you some quick wisdom from someone that has actually made money in crypto and has been here for a while. I'm not here to shill, but I'll teach you some things you don't see often:

1. Tokenomics is everything. It's why big projects don't dump (aka ICP baggies) and why there are also rugs/farms
2. You are either early, which means you are crabbing and dipping while everything else is going up, or you are fomoing in when "it's too late"
3. Only something like 12 out of the top 250 coins are memes, but most scams are memes (not all)
4. Narrative is everything. The best story about value makes the most money in a bull market

So if you want massive money you need to be early in a utility project that won't dump on you due to tokenomics. Otherwise you can still like a 10 to 100x in a bullrun just finding a decent small cap coin with a good story and making money

>> No.58079230

I don't know what kind of money you're throwing around but I wouldnt go all in on something like that, that shit can also rug at any moment. Also it remains to be seen if anyone outside of biz even finds foodpepes funny..

>> No.58079232


Sorry big projects don't pump*

>> No.58079238
File: 40 KB, 800x450, 1613243368099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thanks for the honesty.

>> No.58079328

That’s a whale’s wallet. Not dev’s.

You do realize that all this fud is only going to make this shit skyrocket, right?

>> No.58079331

Is it time to slurp frens? I sold some higher than this but I slurped LINU way to early and it fucked my gains. Though I'm in so much more profit than Linu even with this dip.

>> No.58079336

I believe the fuddies here but one thing you’re forgetting is the dev selling is still distribution of the tokens, so long he doesn’t yolo dump and it slowly grows as he continues selling small amounts from secret wallet means the amount of unique holders is still growing

Yes he already makes money before a potential binance listing and billions dollar market cap, but it doesn’t automatically mean it get on Binance and other major CEXs from purely going parabolically viral as a memecoin

Just saying because Pepe had the same deal, dev sold a fuck ton but it kept getting eaten up and went viral

>> No.58079344

>but it doesn’t automatically mean it WONT* get on Binance and other major CEXs from purely going parabolically viral as a memecoin

Forgot the wont*

>> No.58079356

It’s never going lower than 20M again. Screencap this.

>> No.58079362

Hi frens, bought in last week Tuesday at 700k mc only put like 0.1 eth and currently up 22.4k, I was too much of a greedy nigger last night and decided not to cash out when I hit around 40k, saw the sus wallets anons are talking about and already felt sus about the liquidity. I think im done anons, I’ll just leave a sui, is it still 100m or 50m can’t remember

>> No.58079376

I didn't bought the top, you retarded gorilla subhuman nigger neither i'm selling the bottom.
As soon as i get back to my entry price i'm selling and taking any small profits (depending on how much it pumps)

I hope you get rugged
I'm out

>> No.58079383

You’re probably going to regret this. But if you’re really going to do it I’d recommend keeping 100M

>> No.58079388

Didn't buy*
also i'm down $3k because i threw "big" money for shitcoin standards

>> No.58079425

Idk but I feel bad about putting my profits back in when I am already up like 3000% and it could go lower maybe.

>> No.58079445

you will regret not slurping fren

>> No.58079450


> you will regret not having your ETH farmed



>> No.58079475

stay poor

>> No.58079489

it checks out, I'm out
sorry for yelling at you luna baggies but I still hate your gay dog

>> No.58079503

You can be right and wrong at the same time

Right about the dev doomping from a sekret wallet

Wrong about the future of Apu

I witnessed similar fud early last year with Pepe

>> No.58079517


> my 8 day old ETH farm has a future because I have seen one token where devs sell be successful


Kek I don't own Luna. I've seen a lot of people sell stuff for that coin to get dumped on.

>> No.58079544
File: 78 KB, 750x215, IMG_2151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was this you?

>> No.58079581
File: 187 KB, 392x536, 1700660344911042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58079644

Still a fren and still gonna buy more apu! Its a good time to now because its cheap!

>> No.58079647
File: 42 KB, 373x521, IMG_20240319_142120_202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based, my floppy fren

>> No.58079667

Make sure you shill for APU extra hard now, baggies. If the dev and his confirmed secret dumping wallets can't farm for a few days, he will rug. Tick tok farm boys. I'm gonna head offline for a bit -- good luck!

>> No.58079843

I feel stupid because this was already visible on Sunday.

>> No.58079887

Okay I slurped a lil 50 milly

>> No.58079907
File: 8 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OMG a BOT bought the exact same thing that another BOT bought, it must be the dev!

>> No.58079909

Don't forget to come back to keep seething.

>> No.58079930
File: 158 KB, 1280x976, 1710852618265472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make sure you shill for APU extra hard now, baggies. If the dev and his confirmed secret dumping wallets can't farm for a few days, he will rug. Tick tok farm boys. I'm gonna head offline for a bit -- good luck!

>> No.58079934

But neither one is the dev's wallet, anonie.

>> No.58079951

you ruined me again biz <:(

>> No.58079968
File: 539 KB, 967x964, 1710814388683620.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't listen to the fud, their just seething that they didn't buy a bag at the bottom and their own shit dog coins isn't doing hot.

>> No.58079972
File: 76 KB, 735x689, 62EDEFC2-5C0F-4C7C-8DC1-9A486EC545D1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Comfy fren. Once again the only fud I see is the same schizo wallet talk. Let the whales dump and we’ll recover. Will be no different than the dump from 7M -> 2M :)

>> No.58079976
File: 299 KB, 1200x676, Притча_о_слепых.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The APU believers.

>> No.58079979

>burgers wake up
>apu pumps
>burgers goto sleep
>apu dumps

2nd night in a row

Whats the bet if I try swing-trade this tonight it wont dump again

>> No.58080001
File: 47 KB, 657x718, 1710636225071641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now that you noticed the pattern It'll probably get listed on CMC while you're sleeping and giga pump you out of your bag.

>> No.58080019

Anon, I appreciate the research you're doing. Let's say for example I am aiming at getting on board dev's next scam coin at the start, how would I approach it? Do you think he'll cash out and create new wallets for it or would there be some overlap? Any wallet I should watch?

>> No.58080023
File: 36 KB, 352x765, 20240319_152136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hahahaha 7 eth left in pool to be at same level like 900k mcp project as I mentioned yesterday

KEK baggies

We told you.

>> No.58080024

Frens, im new to the crypto game but the way Apu is acting feels like this kinda stuf is pretty normal and people are freaking out over nothing. Is it just me?

>> No.58080035

Cmc and pump ? Cmon retardo, we are not in defisummer 2020 anymore kek

>> No.58080091

Welcome to crypto where it's all mind games, people who missed out want in and the best way to get in is to fud it to try and shake out paper hands so you can buy in low.

>> No.58080120


yeah seems like all this fudding is just every other day in biz and APU will go back to ATH sooner than everyone thinks. almost like this is just a regular pre-halving thing like every bull market

>> No.58080141

whats that?

>> No.58080147

Well, looks like it really can be over this time, so I'm taking the profit.
I invested 22$ and paid 30$ for gas fees a week ago. Now even after the dump I still have about 1000$
This makes 45x, which is great.
I will withdraw 800$ now and we will see if it can make another 10-50x for me from here.
I still despise fudding idiots. You could have made easy money but you prefered to seethe and shitpost, fucking miserable retards.

>> No.58080189

Fud always rises when theres a little red, gonna correct upwards soon, see you friday frens.

>> No.58080191

capitulating at the bottom, story as old as time, but congrats on the gains

>> No.58080204
File: 13 KB, 505x108, IMG_20240320_051124_421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey So basically I'm just not gonna sell, I Know..... UGH I know... It's just that I'm not gonna sell is all HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.58080205


The most insane memecoin explosions usually come after a -70 to -90% dump and a little sideways movement. Apu good meme and I envisage something similar happening here.
Just protecc urself, take out your initial and watch it go

>> No.58080220

I've just checked the etherscans and it's apparently airdropped dust from 3 tokens, not just whale and dev wallet got em a lot of other high apu wallets got them, it's all at the same time and same exact amount. So doesn't look like dev has been selling (unless hes the banana-gun whale sniper too)
that one nvidia airdrop coin looks really odd

>> No.58080246
File: 125 KB, 1168x1280, photo_2024-03-17_21-04-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Henlo Apus. Let's team up. Apu will be the official biz coin on ETH while Foodpepe will be the biz coin on Base (for the poorfags)

>> No.58080259
File: 80 KB, 640x493, 40mqc8blrry61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw people fell for the fud
>It's just a dust air drop attack
Fucking kek nice catch fren, WGMI.

>> No.58080276

buying some cheapies.

no whale games can scare me for moon ticket.

>> No.58080282

People are sheep, I can hear y’all bleating BAAAAAAA

>> No.58080291

Looks like we're back frens.

>> No.58080301



>> No.58080303

People from this site don't talk like this

>> No.58080375

Holy shit you slurp that dip like a thai hooker

>> No.58080376
File: 41 KB, 1126x503, Capdsdsdsdsdsre.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

APU will pull a PEPE because you clowns won't stop talking about it

>> No.58080385
File: 184 KB, 2170x753, Cdsdsdsdsre.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OG reddit thread I found looking for PEPE FUD before it exploded this year

>> No.58080393

I said it earlier, when Pepe was on here early last year you had people doing the same thing talking about dev wallets selling massive amounts on the side in secret. Its literally the same fud again.

>> No.58080402

today is world frog day. APU will pull a pepe.

>> No.58080425

Sold my APU for ALMC as its under 150K MC on SOL and will be listed on Citex shortly.

Might get back into APU but honestly i've been watching the wallets selling and it seems the dev is bleeding it for liquidity. Also the less than 2% liquidity to MC is worrying. If it improves I'll yeet back in.

For now ALMC - Awkward Look Monkey Club will get me some good gains.

>> No.58080496

>shilling a scam that has been running for a week and rugged literally on the second day
How are you good sir

>> No.58080509

enjoy poverty

>> No.58080525

>on SOL
Fuck outta here fag

>> No.58080597
File: 60 KB, 1164x651, 1710726334182816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How are we doing frens? Feeling comfy?

>> No.58080711


>> No.58080731

comfy af

>> No.58080883
File: 100 KB, 728x1280, so basically i&#039;m just not gonna sell haha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58081025
File: 212 KB, 2048x1876, IMG_8515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy World Frog Day to my fellow holders

>> No.58081051

Good morning sers

>> No.58081088

Thanks for playing baggies
No refunds

>> No.58081090


>schizoid retard

>> No.58081170

Site is not updated, the 14b wallet doesn't have 14b anymore, liquidity is locked and burnt, socials are marked as 0 but apu already has twitter presence.
Just stop fudding man, you bought at the top? Just hold for a bit, the token has been out in the wild for just 9 days, just got listed on CMC. Be patient.

>> No.58081235
File: 153 KB, 333x470, love frens.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WAGMI frens

>> No.58081342

We will! But we will need a new thread soon

>> No.58081402
File: 131 KB, 675x900, person of the year.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

happy world frog day, frens!

>> No.58081835

realistically, what will 100m apu be worth within a year?

>> No.58081890
File: 9 KB, 225x225, gpuu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

meanwhile GPU INU, being shilled everywhere even at nvidia conference

absolute 100x, listing on all cexes very much possible

>> No.58082021
File: 32 KB, 720x644, apu thumb&#039;s up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good for you fren, but i'd rather not be scammed by shibinutrumpelonchu2.0

>> No.58082049

1 APU = 1 USD

>> No.58082083

>Am I need know every single degen shit ?

Pajeets and other faggots are trying to so hard. Just so everyone is aware there are organized groups that form in TGs that come to /biz/ to spread doubt to get in lower. Your sells here actually do matter the project is early enough that it does affect price entries.

I've been in many groups and they admit to it. There were even screenshots from the LINU TG mentioning it. People can tell when something is a winner and they will spread lies to encourage you to sell. Its evil and money does some crazy things to people.

>> No.58082145


I'm telling you its because of this. Trust me these people have no remorse or soul and network together to part you from your bags.

Ironically most of the frog memes people posted weren't even PEPE when it was running. It was APU. Everyone can see the potential here. Its basically a no brainer

>> No.58082516


Dev here, you are absolutely retarded. You are exploring Etherscan thinking you are smart while having 0 clue of how Ethereum transactions work.

I didn’t buy shit, I am not retarded enough to buy shitcoins like BOPE and even less to to them in a wallet I own. If you actually were smart you would have seen that those buys were made by another address who then distributed those tokens to dozen of other address (probably rich lists of other tokens).

I haven’t sold a single token and I won’t until we are in Binance, faggot. You are not smart.