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Holy fucking shit

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I laugh on the way up and I laugh on the way down. Nothing bothers me.

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Being sidelined is way more nerve-wracking.

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After 2017-2019, 2020-2022 paled by comparison. I was more bothered by getting my positions upended by impermanent loss in Uni v3 than market price action.

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welcome to crypto, you get used to it

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I unironically refused to look at anything other than a log chart.

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I went bald during this period

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>just look at a log chart bro
>just adjust the log base it it doesnt seem right

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I had zero skin in the game. I had a bunch of excess AWS credit that I used to mine Dogecoin way back in 2013, then cashed that out for $2000 of "starting credit" during the beginning of the Elon mania and just went for some shitcoin plays from there since it was all effectively zero risk for me. All I lost was a bunch of sleep from chart addiction.

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I was completely deluded into thinking that it was going to 100k+ so I wasn't worried at all.

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The normie drowns in the same waters in which the clown swims with delight.

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the price go up and down indeed

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How do you learn this magic?

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>kept my sanity

gains were great but so was the emotional toll
now i only have like 50% of my money in crypto and i don't feel a thing

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Not him, but having crippling depression helps.

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my life has been hell
horrible childhood, even worse early adulthood
Now I'm in my 30s and things are getting way better because I don't give a fuck anymore. Fear makes you weak. Let it go and you will be much more capable.

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You should be looking at log-log charts. BTC is a power law.

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I assumed it was a bear market and bought as much as possible.

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It’s easier when you realize not selling means none of this matters.

>No transaction fees
>No fomo
>No missed bullruns
>No taxes!
>BTC balance literally the same
>Every day not selling is 1 more day closer to short-term capital gains instead of long-term

You’re scared because why? Did you have a need for the fiat right now? If you don’t stop worrying, if you did you shouldn’t be using this money to gamble with in the first place. Just watch the price for fun, and when its high dunk on nocoiners and when its low you can still dunk on em cuz they’re not getting into the citadel anyways.

Steve Ballmer is waaaay richer than bill gates because he literally just held his msft stock. Same with warren buffay

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Yeah but then I'd have to draw my own charts instead of lazying around on tradingview.
I do enjoy staring at rainbow charts tho, and that's certainly in that ballpark.

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dont have to care if you know it'll get back up somehow sometimes

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If that line is supposed to represent the mean it should be higher to cross the midpoints of the peaks and troughs

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This. It's the true way of the person who has the stomach to make it.
You have to be off kilter

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Stop fearing death like a dumb faggot, you came to this Earth with nothing, you will leave this Earth with nothing, stop panicking each time the market shits itself.

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you're about to find out

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there is one winning strategy
and it's so obvious no one is doing it

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lol, lmao

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the op is probably laughing their ass off (lol lmfao even) because they have managed to maintain their sanity despite the market crashing (shitting itself) several times it is a rare feat and worthy of praise (lmao) the op might even be bragging about it (kept lol lmao) whatever their intentions it is clear that they are amused at their own achievement in general laughter is a sign of joy and positivity which are both essential for maintaining sanity by laughing the op demonstrates the importance of staying lighthearted and optimistic in tough times

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retarded, you could cut your DCA at higher prices and simply wait for lower ones. Anyone who bought some at ATH has down syndrome. A week later you got a 9k discount.

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you don't know that. nobody knows that. that's the whole point of DCA

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use a logarithmic chart

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how dis nibba gon see a week in future?

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you can look at open interest and see price only got that high due to retards using 50x leverage and reliably know that big money is going to flush them. Just put some limit orders where you know people have their stop losses and you'll get filled on wicks for ez gains

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based retard

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It's the only thing that keeps me sane. It's the crabs that really get to your head.

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Same once you realize the volatility works both ways it's just soft of funny

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i didn't. this market made a measly year's salary at the cost of my mental health.

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>just DCA in a parabolic market

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It evens out upwards in the end

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>just sell the top and buy the bottom DUDE

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Gonna put that on my wall.

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I bet if you fit a trig function to that data, you'd get a hell of a lot more robust fit.

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I stop looking at the charts all the time and laugh whenever I'm down. Ignoring my need for a 2x has only helped me.

All my mistakes have come from selling early (selling LINK in early 2020, flipping ETH for $100-200 when it coulda been thousands) and all my successes have come from holding through the pain (selling Matic May 2021 pump, selling XRP 2020 pump before the lawsuit, buying anything in fall 2023).

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>all my successes have come from holding, such as selling, selling, and buying.

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zoom out

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I didn't need to, i have all my shit divided into different coins on dextools KEK

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Sauce me

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spurdo chad you may find this hard to believe but people in this thread are acting like this type of market volatility is normal i understand why they hold on so tight to their copium tanks but you have to understand that this isn't sustainable a collapse is coming and when it does it's going to make these paper handed n*ggers look like a joke trust me you'll lose your sanity too but only once

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It literally explains how to recreate the chart in the title
You can use excel can't you?

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Too dumb to quit and/or panic sell.

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I got in for the cost of electricity... when it was sub $100. If you didnt, well, sucks to suck.

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I unironically didn't make shit on the first leg, shorted the first crash, chopped myself to bits through the summer, then rode a 10x on the second leg and sold the second high. All of that, and it just barely got me into six figure hell (where I still reside).

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>losing sleep over "free" 2k bet
People on this board are pathetic

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I never lose if I never sell, so who gives a shit if it goes down? itll go back up sooner or later. I still got my shitty job and plenty in savings
its just extra money nigga who cares

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i didnt haha

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Well I was green the entire time so I was perfectly fine. I spent the bear market traveling the world on the cheap so I'm still not that worried. I'll travel cheap this year too and starting next year I'll start increasing my spending.

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You act as if that's not about to happen again.

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Im all in on enron, only fuddies are scared of the big dog ENRON!! What could go wrong theyre a huge company, too big to fail almost haha, im placing my full confidencec in them. Just the other day too, i heard one of my colleagues blurt out
>i just bought more enron!
So I went up to congratulate him, doing my best not to become red with anger because i wanted to have the most enron stock! Occasionally i have my doubts but theyre quickly washed away by the positive outlook in getting from my beloved enron. What would i do without it. Im all in.

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You don't need to see into the future to realize buying at all time high prices is fucking stupid you dumb monkey brained nigger!!!

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That is a sinusoid brother

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In 10 years time i am going to think of times like this thread and think to my self, wow what a bunch of fucking retards.

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do you think it's a good idea to just pick 3 coins and hold all cycle? Last cycle and the one before I bought a shit ton of everything and held way too long. This time I bought 3 coins off the 100x threads some months back and I plan to not sell them unless they've giga pumped. So far only one has pumped (5x) and the others are somehow below what I paid, but I'm still up overall

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>he envision himself alive in 10 years
lmao even

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Your dubs don't scare me shit stain.

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Just time the market its easy

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how about these trips

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I didnt

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I accidentally bought near the start of the bull run in August 2020 with my entire life savings. I was listening to bitcoin podcasts all day everyday. Never sold and doubled down after ftx.

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It takes a market cycle or two to completely burn out any capacity for emotion that you may have.

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Nice try.

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Im assuming you got in recently for posting this OP. Buckle in, because something similar is about to happen.

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>I bought 3 coins off the 100x threads some months back and I plan to not sell them unless they've giga pumped. So far only one has pumped (5x) and the others are somehow below what I paid

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The day you die is the day you learn to live

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Since pic rel, i make money.

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tick tock jannies

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i feel nothing

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one of the coins is actually the one jannies will instantly ban for mentioning since it competes with link. The other is closely related with a lot of overlapping holders, but it's talked about here a lot since last summer (the one I got the 5x so far), and another is rarely mentioned here, but it has a really strong twitter presence and a working product despite being a small cap. I hold make it stacks for each of these. Can't know if I fucked up for another year, but seems my best bet is just fucking holding and buying any dip I can with upcoming paychecks.

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I am doing this except as a long term hold with btc. Good luck man.

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Thanks man, same to you. I wish I did that from the start back in 2017, but sticking with 3 solid alts might be a good backup. At this point, I only need a 12x (including 20% for taxes) and I'm free from the rat race.

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just watch fred kruger videos on power law

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bar goes up : smoke crack
bar goes down : shoot ghb
I associate increasing prices with extreme dopamine rushes.
And decreasing prices with nothing because all I remember is waking up to seeing cheap bitcoin, then smoking crack as I buy while price goes up.

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this is what I sound like when emotionally reopening short after short. losing everything

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I entered this cycle at like 28k. I'll let you know after the next cycle is over.

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I sold about 50% at 63k because I'm kinda scared. Might buy back a little at 60, 55, 50k.

I'm not too worried about maximising gains. Just seems like an ok pit stop.

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is the person that bought the ATH at 1200 in 2013 also dumb? Kys crystal ball peering nigger.

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I've got almost no coin at all, it literally does not matter to me what happens, and I still obsessively fixated on this bullshit. this is not healthy

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Playing video games. GRAVITY already

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Looking good already

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Long time ago I play NFT games... good old t imes

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Suck anon

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Axis was the best

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Don't buy volatile assets if you can't handle volatility

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>completely burn out any capacity for emotion
this is true, its the price paid for truly making it
dont think this is a joke and dont underestimate its effect

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Touching grass I guess but I don't leave my room since months so you know the drill

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nobody is fucking still sidelined you dumb fuck

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Too shit scared of selling then watching the price take off, so I just don't sell. Held from start to finish, top to bottom.

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I didn't.

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I just held. Same way I made 500k and rode it down to 10k in altcoins

Will probably sell way to early this time around

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Just walk away during bear market and find other shit to do in your life. In the meantime the moneyprinters at central banks will keep running which means Bitcoin will inevitably go back up

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There's no catalyst for a major downturn. The 2021 ones were caused by china banning BTC mining and the FED quickly hiking rates, then the collapse of the ponzis and FTX. There is nothing like that to send it lower, yet?

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Deliberately cutting out the noise

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I agree completely.
Mine, where x= days since the genesis block. Hcburger was one of the first guys doing loglog on btc for reference. There are some limitations: time is linear in reality. Looking at it this way is no different than as a curve in linear time, but it does look nice in log time. Any spreadsheet application can do this

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what that does mean that 1st of june 2024 is the top or what `?Fsd´fdfhjdfhh

could you explain

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No idea. But crazy shit can happen anyday. We live in a very volatile world. Look what happened with covid

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Man.... i would go mad if i had to live through that.

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Reward era marker, price irrelevant
>>power law
>bitcoin has a known rate of decay where b = 100e^((ln0.5)*r)
For; r = the reward era (1 at genesis, 2 after the first halving ... 5 after the upcoming halving) and b = block reward
Thus as the decay is a logarithm the inverse is exponentiation. We say, in an economic sense, the price of any good when faced with tightening supply will increase proportionally, all else equal. So it goes that a logarithmic decline in the block reward, which is a decline in marginal supply, would be met with an exponential increase in price, such is a power law.
A power regression is an exponential curve and looks like it in linear space, but in log space it appears as shown in that chart.
All it's saying is there are some historical times when the price was well beneath the curve and then rose well above it. The average gain to the top is 651% and median 627%, in an average of 143 days after intersection. If the average outcome happens you're looking at $220,000 by end of year. But those are just averages.
If you try like, +-2SD for example, we get a range of basically from $0 to $1M in 5-1000 days. Not useful

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Any price improvement is a good long term move. You got this.

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Cause it's obvious it'll go up again no matter how high you bought the first time. Only idiots and faggots can't grasp this.