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>market open
>no pump
It's over, isn't it?

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There's a fed meeting

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April 8th the world will change as we know it. Start heading for the hills if you're smart.

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>Fed fud in 2024

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let me guess, you can say the specific date and that 'the world will change as we know it' (great english btw, jeet), but for some reason you cant say what will happen

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sometimes I dream that I make it with any of my shit, so I leave the chart open on my phone to cut the illusion as fast as possible, even so I don't deny that dreaming that my $paw bought a house for me was nice

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Its crab time

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Crypto moonlight gleams,
JasmyCoin dances in dreams,
Fortune's whispers,
Make me cream.

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Hmmmm isn't that quite interesting right guys?