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I am thinking really hard right now, to rotate 10k LINK into APU.

Is LINK really over, bros?

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it might reach $80 max this cycle

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enjoy your $20 stablecoin

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Is that supposed to be fud?

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I sold about 20,000 Linkies last cycle at an average of $30 and bought two flats (with some other gains).
I've got 15000 staked. Sold 3000 for a top 40 wallet of AVI. Can't risk it all on Link. Last cycle I sold 500 Link for about 500,000 REQ Which I averaged out at about 40cents (bought at an average of 2 cents) trying to replicate the trade this cycle!
I do have a stack of APU - but, I wouldn't drop 10K Linkies on it

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yes, sell at a low and buy into an overpumped shittoken. that never ends badly.

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APU is bouncing now and I feel the FOMO really hard.

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you could put in 25% of the LINK into APU

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I just come here to help you can use PAW to withdraw, already using it and works well

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Were re you from? I live in Argentina and use it to generate debit cards and pay less taxes (here that suck)

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Get a real card

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That would make you a multi-millionaire in a couple months

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Hey anon I ll try, thats a problem here to

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It is pain and opportunity cost. and all I see is just FUD.

APU reminds me of the good old early days.

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I got a stack of 1.2B APU because LINK has been disappointing so far, but ngl it's still a risky position but has potentially high rewards.

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No I’m saying that 10k LINK in APU will make you a multi millionaire

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I hold both, comfy af

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usually when I sell, that's probably when LINK moons. This is a bull market, I don't want any stablecoin in my portfolio.