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The 1W Stoch RSI just began falling, but it didn't fully top out (that is; 100-100). That's of note despite it not having fully topped yet, due to the 1M having been at exactly 100-100 (both blue and orange together fully maxed flat) about as long as the period before the April 2021 top.

The 1D however is bottomed, so expect some small pumpage in the near future. And on the even shorter timeframe, the 1H is bottomed as well so expect a tiny pump or pause in the dumpage soon. Logically both of these are related to the support around 64.8k and 60k. So don't be surprised if various bounces above 60k occurs the proper big dumpage starts. You already see BTC "hesitating" to go below 65k; yeah, that represented in that 1D and 1H being bottomed.

So in other words, BTC is dumping to somewhere between 40k and 20k, but don't expect that to happen quite yet; some crabbing and bouncing around is to be expected first.

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it's literally going to $56k then almost directly to $248k also you're a faggot and a nigger seethe faggot nigger (nigger faggot)

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Throwing out numbers like 20 to 40k is gettin ppl angery

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Can we get price predictions on solana please?

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kill yourself brown nigger. I guarantee with my entire net worth you are not white

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>BTC is dumping to somewhere between 40k and 20k

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Its altcoin season stop crying for btc

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altcoin season? tell me one? newfag

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Ai coins and nvda, is the future

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zoom in

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>20 to 40k
Nothing you have ever said comes true.

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I have an ai who makes me rich, Tau/AGRS is the best

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That sht suck anon, dont be rtrd

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Trump told us, get MAGAS next time

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Solana is holding up. Doesnt want to go under 180$
No u

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This picture only supports op. There’s a big dumpening after the cross in ever spot. And 40k doesn’t look unreasonable

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You missed the top.

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Nah not miss, they actively avoided the top

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These spambots are still going. The jannies are absolutely useless.

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>muh twatter crypto influencer / e-celeb (recommended on reddit no doubt) is telling me btc is about to pump, i'm le smart because i parrot some twatterer
Normalfaggot detected. Go back to twatter.

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im just farmin on blocklords for the moment, thats what i do on halvings, no like you that just wait doing nothing

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Is crypto hard to get into? If I have a good PC could I just leave this thing on and earn a few bucks?

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>lost 9% in 5 days
>perfectly sane investment

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>Throwing out numbers like 20 to 40k is gettin ppl angery
That's a good thing. Triggering low IQ latefag bulls into a frothing rage is good, as that works like a social indicator. It makes them post sell signals. The angrier they are, and the more they're grasping at straws, and the more ridiculous their arguments are, and the more they're coping, the more bearish the situation is.

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>i hate twatter now that elon took away muh safespace
go be a fag somewhere else

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This lad is playing 4D chess. Keep up the good work and thanks for the signals so far

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>It's only up 25% 1m! abandon all markets!
Beta doesn't change alpha.

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>muh RSI topped
OP is so guillable, that's the reason why divergences work so well in crypto.

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> "twatter" is a new term and being anti-twatter is also something new, it toally is somehow connected with muh elon musk
Newfag detected.


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4chan has always been anti twatter just like we've always been anti facebook and anti plebbit and other normalfaggot sites.

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Incredible argument, I can see btc just moonshotting 5x from here tomorrow after spending a year to 3x. Anyone listening to OP is a fool. God I love this board. Basically 99% of advice I read here is great and then you have OP that is clearly wrong about retracement memes and other red line go down forever propaganda

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>it's the RSI "-age" guy again
Uh huh I'll stay up waiting for that $20k

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This. I first heard twatter used by V during the gunt war podcast with Ralphenator (blood sports, rest in peace Jim)

I'm positive twatter has been used since basically its inception. Even futurama which is late to jokes used phrases like "posting a twit"
Thanks for reading my nostalgia blog

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Based Aryan opinion

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The fact that most posts/reactions seem to indicate we are going so much lower for a while tells me all I need to know.

Touch grass you paper handed mother fuckers and don't let the door hit you on the way out when we go so so so much higher.

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What Mayer multiple is that?

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Hey fren remember me, the guy that said ramp up was too fast?
How heavy are your bags

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Definately seems to be dumping now. Best to sell (if not already) as most are in profit and recoup at a lower price.

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He's talking about the Stochastic RSI, not the RSI. And he's right (obviously). Pic related.

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Absolute delusion

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why would it dump to 20k to 40k just because you drew some meme lines? what if more people buy and you're wrong?

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He hasn't drawn anything.

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so hoe does he know what the price will be? can I have his crystal ball?

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He doesn't, hence he simply gave a rough range: somewhere between 40k and 20k seems logical and very likely. Could dump a bit more, could dump a bit less. Just by looking at how incredibly overbought the market is right now it's clearly going below 40k, to between 35k-39k at the highest. On the lower end, one logical reason for why it would reach 20k is because between 20k and 21k there is a CME gap (on the 1D, and they almost always get filled). 20k is a very strong support area though so it probably won't go under that.

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>CME gap
>they almost always get filled

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Based and gap pilled.

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What do you think is the lowest it will go for sure between 20 and 40k?

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Let me guess, It's programmed?

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All of your TA mumbo jumbo goes out the window whenever Link pumps to resistance.

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according to my expertly crafted chart we have about 1500% to go before ATH.

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>If I have a good PC could I just leave this thing on and earn a few bucks?
Yup, get a PSP to watch some movies while you're at it

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Since 10k is, obviously BTC will be at 20k at some point. Unless it magically skips from 21k to 19k.

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I will buy back into btc if it goes down to 20k

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this is what scares me

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based and 10k pilled

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We are about to get the best buy opportunity soon watch for the bottom of the weekly stoch and load up.

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I'm done with BTC and you all should be as well. The halving was a dud. Time to give it up and go do something with your lives.

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The last time I listened to your prediction of 'slight pump to 42k-43k, but then we dump to at least 31k', my short got obliterated. Nice try, but fuck you and your TA mumbo jumbo bobo.

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brown id, ngmi

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CME gap got filled last night

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Where are all the retards saying BTC to 100k, 250k, 1 million. Price predictions are irrelevant when the whole economy is down the shitter and the we are heading for a recession. No soft landing when inflation is going up again. All this heresy about everyone going into crypto as a safe haven from economic collapse are also wrong, BTC follows the stock market and is an extension of SPY. SPY goes down then BTC goes down and vice versa.

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>The halving was a dud