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/apu/ day-8
website DDOS attack: survived
dip status: slurped
fud status: obliterated
comfy status: maximum


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If Elon dumped his net worth into Apu on day 1 he'd have over 4 trillion dollars today. Think about that.

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Fid absolutely destroyed today. WGMI frens we are going to make it. This can easily get to 500m-1b range.

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So what's up with the shill bots? Totally organic coin ranjeesh

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wen cmc sirs?

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he took a nasty spill but he's going to be ok

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APU is still up even with the market crashing so comfy rn

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Looks like we are getting there, making momentum

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Sers we have been found out

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Falseflagging from sidelined seethers I'm guessing
Go and have a look at that thread yourself.
Though I'm guessing since you took that screencap, (You) might have something to do with it.

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the real cmc sir, this is coin dollar general.

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arjun's bot make a big mistake

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It's not a falseflag
Before this bot shit got caught
There were threads with them...i mean that's not new

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jeets: Extinct

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holding strong, I'm comfy overnight.

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There's nothing about this in the TG, you think dev has secretly employed jeet shillers on payroll? doesn't make any sense. What does make sense is some dude making fud "infographics" since like last wednesday and is running out of FUD ideas, kek.

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>last wednesday
get your information right aakash

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Keep seething, I'm loving it.

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If I woke up tomorrow and it was 100m it wouldn't surprise me.

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FUD obliterated. That whale that dumped is going to rope once we reach 1 cent. Comfiest hold of my life.

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reminder that cmc is a sell the news event, be ready and you can double your stack timing it right

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comfiest community in crypto anons. come home to $apu

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It's sell the news when dealing with bottom of the barrel shitcoins, Apu is so hot that if a big dip happens it will be slurped up in the matter of minutes. Yes some will be successful but most will fuck up and lose part of their stack as a big green dildos start ramming the chart from whales waiting for a big dip to get in.

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fuck i got a good feeling about this bros plz dont fuck this up biztards

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it’s so comfy frens

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stay comfy, frens

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doesn't matter, all my coins at dextools are surviving or thriving from this shit
i'll be patient and wait
only those who do, thrive in this hellish world of virtual coins

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Me and my 4m apu are cozy as can be

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again and again we slurp these dips
no greedy whales or jeets can stop us frens

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plenty of opportunities to pick up new frens along the way

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Bought at the top :/

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Wait 1 day

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the top will be the new bottom soon enough fren and then your only regret will be that you didn't buy more

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ty sirs, getting too greedy

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Rugged by apu? Try shiba2
14k market cap 2 days old. The next big thing, you are as early as you can be

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is 400k apu enough for a tesla around easter

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Fudder status:
>logging into his 10th account and get banned
>telling everyone to get out and not to get scammed because site is DDOS