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Holy fuck you need to sell now, this is the most Indian Jeet scam I've ever seen
Actual shill bots confirmed
Sell fucking now, you have literal minutes for it's wiped entirely

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Thats me. Phoneposting, it must have glitched and double posted. Explained this twice already but you apparently need to make a third thread like a faggot nigger. If you werent a newfag youd remember the days when posts could swap between boards accidentally when two people posted at the exact same time, leading to situations such as origami instructions in a gore thread and shovelfog.gif in a paper folding thread. 4chan fucks up sometimes.

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Nice try poojeet, no cheap Apu's for you.

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Calm down and eat your curry.

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it's already almost fully back up, stop squashing confidence please

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the internet was a mistake

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It just seems like someone tried to make it look like you changed ids when you actually havent

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stop fud you bastard

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big mistake ranjeesh

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Bet you hold chainlink

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born too late to explore the planet
born too early to explore the galaxy
born at the perfect time to experience the internet and birth of crypto

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