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not getting a sui stack of APU will be the biggest regret in your life.

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same here bro, saw it at around 500k mcap

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i want to kms. i bought LINU instead

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It’s not too late anon’s. APU is going to 1b mcap

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What are the make it and suicide stacks?

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Can't see it on Coinbase

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1 Billion make it (priced out). 100 mill sui

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Could be worse, I've been holding the wrong apu for 4 days... I want to die

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I feel unimaginably, unimaginably sidelined right now. I saw this at 200k. I saw this at 2 million. I saw this at 10 million. I saw this at 22 million. And now it’s at 42 million. How. How. How. Just fucking kill me. I bought linu and lucky and lost money. I would’ve made 200,000 in a week had I put what I did in LINU (made some money there but lost half of it getting greedy in lucky)

I can’t even buy it now psychologically. It will go to 1 billion without me.

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Biggest regret if you want to be exit liq.

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oof , anon.