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guys, I can't say who I am but I have a $454mm bond coming due very very soon. I need to come up with $557mm in collateral to cover my bond but these fucking losers won't accept my real estate as collateral. what do I do /biz/?

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Post proof

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Prepare anus.

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check and see whether you have any Jewish son(s)-in-law to beg from. I'm sure they'll rush to help

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Pepper your angus

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1.You take out a loan.
2. You pay it back.

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JUST needs to overstate the value of a few assets to obtain a loan, jobs a good 'un

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just dont pay it

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Open an OnlyFans

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that would be an non-appealing idea
youd need to argue bankruptcy - which might be difficult if your assets were relatively visible

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>Wife+Daughter Special!

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Fly to Russia. Bring kneepads. Do your best until you've collected enough liquidities for Chub to issue you another bond.

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for $500m, you'd need to hand Russia some random country in exchange. Haha.

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>what do I do /biz/?
when they try to take you, yell

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80s/90s anime was kino
Why did everything go so wrong?

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pay it back nigga
like, i do stupid shit sometimes, but i make sure i can get something in return or that it won't fuck me in the ass, like when i buy low and sell high with LOAF CAT
youre fucked lol

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Pull yourself up by the boostraps

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What anime is this from?

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>need $557m in collateral to cover a $454m position
>buy high sell low
Good job retard

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interest is a bitch

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>what do I do
spend all your betting money on Eesee, it may not be the most profitable but at least it's fun.

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Yeah, everything is soulless now

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Impossible... Truflation claims real state is as expensive as ever. Why the fuck wont' they take it? Is it a nigger infested zone?

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Is this one of those secret "100m is literally nothing" threads?

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Invest in a 10000x Mr. _ _ _ _ _

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Yes. It's an "Imagine not even being a billionaire"-level demotivational thread.

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Its trumps bond he owes that lady who lied about sexual assault. Biz level retards

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That can't be right, Trump was only condemned to pay $83.3 for repeatedly defaming a journalist he had previously been found liable to sexually abusing her.
The numbers don't match, you must be thinking of a different character who claimed to be a billionaire but can't find half of that in his couch cushion.

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>*NY attorney general finds you guilty*
Heh, nothing personnel mango mussolini.