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I am so comfy

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Biz will still miss kek

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1B marketcap is fud.

Pepe will probably hit around 15-20B (Current SHIB mcap) so APU should be around 10-15B

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imagine not throwing $1k on this

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I'm feeling cozy tonight Apu bros

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It's got a way to run anon but there is a 0% chance apu hits 10-15 billion. That would make everyone who holds a few hundred million a millionaire. Way too many on /biz/ alone hold more than that.

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It is crabbing and is actually down from 24 hours ago. It did a 15x for earliest investors, probably just the creator and a friend or two.

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Its a long road most will probably sell by then

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Yes, it will, just like every coin to hit 20B ever. Most current holders will have sold by the time it hits 20B. I don’t think you understand how large 20B is. That’s a shit ton of holders and institutional investors. We only have 1000 holders right now and most only have a small bag.

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zoom out, the current down swing looks the same as the first down swing. its just running a cyclical pattern.

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It was at 50k market cap when I first checked in the first thread, 600k after doing due diligence and throwing in a couple grand. ATH was al.ost 50x for me and I've only taken out initial. Not going to even begin taking profit until 200m market cap. I will make it off of an autistic frog meme while watching sideliners seethe the entire way. See ya at the top fren.

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imagine bros that have been watching these apu threads all week and havent aped yet. its not too late for you bros, trust me this is a comfy hold. we are literally begging you to be rich.

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I waited for a dip, hardly got one, and now I'm up 50%laready from three hours ago. This will rip, fudders will continue to be cucked.

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yeah a lot of altcoins are gonna pump this next quarter, $SUPER seems to be the most promising right now, the also partnered with a new AAA game

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>$1B marketcap
why everyone seems to be so fucking obsessed with that B

yeah super is not gonna reach that market cap by april

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who is holding that shotgun on your picture anon?

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Why are jeets so blatantly obvious?

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LFG OP, i already have by bags ready, they're calling for me, i can hear them

on what drugs are you lmao, 10-15 B are not possible by april

go back to /v/ nerdo

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I hold 5mil APU, will I make it?

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I am struggling a lot to pay for my university semester exam fees. Can any anon enough kind to help me with $1.7k? :(

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I'll help you

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Thanks anon, what I have to do now? Can you help me with it now?

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Are you gone?

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Last week it was 1k$ what happened anon :(

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No I'm not

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You said you will help me

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I was only joking, you poor third-world street-shitting dysgenic gay son of a fat brown whore. APU is going to $1B checkem

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Isn't literally every shitcoin going to $1B according to its holders? Don't get me wrong, I've bought a bag (and already got my initial out, happy to just sit and watch where it goes now), just feel like I'm seeing the exact same words over and over again every time a new coin arrives. Do people holding these coins actually believe any of this? Are you all bots? Is this just engagement bots trying to influence board scraping bots? Am I the only human left here?

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No, I'm doing the same as you, threw in a small amount and am following it the same way I'd follow a sports bet lol

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You have to understand at 4 billion mcap Apu will be 1¢ and at 1¢ that will activate MAXIMUM Normie FOMO as they screech about 1 Apu = 1 dollar. Now me and you both know 1 dollar is impossible because we understand mcaps but the normies don't understand, they will pump this from 1¢ all the way to like 10-20¢ it's going to be fucking amazing and only those that have diamond balls for the following year will make it make it.

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This is what you retards said about Linu

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Out of the few hundred biz tards who have 100 million apu, maybe 1 dozen of those will still be holding at 10 billion mcap

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Who is this young man?

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Show me 5 Linu memes that are actually funny or posted anywhere that is not a Linu thread. I can find you 100 funny Apu memes in like 10 minutes. That’s literally the only difference needed. Go search for apu on Twitter and see how many people with a few thousand followers are tweeting about it. Then do the same thing with linu. I’m not even trying to diss LINU, I just think APU is the best opportunity biz has to make it that I’ve seen since dog with bat.

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I had 2 trillion Linu I bought at 300k mcap and sold when it looked dead. Now linu is......this time I'm not selling my apu!!!
Fuck Linu. Stupid dog Luna scam coin.

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I was a big believer of LINU but as the past month unfolded I realized a couple things and one of those things are how fucking stupid normies are, I already knew they we're stupid but the past month just double confirmed it. Basically the normies see shib at 0.000027 and they think it can hit 1¢, they think they can catch up to doge at 14¢, they don't understand a single thing about market cap or supply so in their eyes Shib is still a good deal, it's wild, but basically their not looking for the next shib because to them shib is still the play. Regardless it was fun while it lasted and I made a bunch of money that I was then able to rotate into APU where it can and will take it's place side by side with PEPE.

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If it does reach pepe levels. What does 12 mil apu get me? Anything worth talking about?

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50X from here at minimum

These things never stop at 1 billion though. During the actual euphoric phase of the market 10 billion+ is possible

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Thats nearly 3 years of pay for me

So...i could Make it?

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$Apu dev is based

All fud disproven
Liquidity burnt
CMC listing later today
$50,000 ETH giveaway event after CMC
Potential Pepe collaboration/ partnership (devs are in communication)

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If people want to understand why Pepe might want to partner with Apu, just remember that it is likely Pepe dev bought a large bag of Apu and wants to watch it pump to 1b like the rest of us. I’ve been tagging PEPE in my tweets since the beginning, so I’m sure the Pepe dev saw at least a few of them.

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I missed out on link when it was 20cents and i will miss out on this aswell

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I don't have eth to trade. Sorry apu.

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Comfiest hodl. All APU frens will make it!


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I was only able to afford 14m apu - would have bought more and sooner but my bank is a bitch that takes 3 days+ to move some money to my card

am I still going to make it? I don't even want that much - 40k is all I want

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how does $60k eom sound?

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what is the make it / sui stacks?

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> new ATH

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If this thing gets to a dollar...hell, even 25 cents. I can retire on 12 million apu just by cashing half in and letting the rest ride.

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what is the purpose of this kind of recurring transaction of very similar numbers?

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they are bots attempting "sandwich" attacks

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it's a mev bot, it latches on to any high volume coin and makes money on front-running transactions on people who set their slippage too high

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but he buys an amount, sells slightly more than that amount, buys it back and repeats

ohhh I see, thank you
what is a sandwich attack?

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oh okay that makes sense, thank you

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Comfiest hodl. LFG! All apu frens will make it.


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I just picked up 2.7m, will flip at +30%

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25 cents seems very possible.

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kek’d and check’d

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>everytime i check my apu the value keeps going up
Frens, is it true? Is my meager 13mil gonna allow me to make it?

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I'm assuming you mean 100 million for a make it stack, 5 million for a suicide stack? Also was every single token added to the LP and burnt?

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>saw this at 50k
>didn't buy
I wasn't meant to make it

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not sure if i will explain it too good but a bot will see your buy in the mempool, it will then front run your transaction by using a larger fee to get priority. it will steal your buy price forcing you to purchase at the top price range your slippage allows, then it will sell after you have made your purchase and makeva profit. it is called a sandwich attack because it makes trannys on each side of you like your in the middle of a sandwich. if you google it youll get a better explanation.

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No. Stop moving the goalpost because you were late you faggot

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This is why you’ll never make it, hold for 1 cent.

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that's very concise, thank you

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When you place a buy order, a bot will see the order and replicate it with a higher gas fee so it gets processed first. This causes the buyer to pay more, especially if they have a high slippage set. The bot then immediately dumps it for a small profit. Use cow.fi if you want to avoid the mev menace.

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100m can be a make it stack easily it all depends on price target, with shit like dogwifhat at $3 billion its not impossible

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He means 500M for a make it and 100M for a sui

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great trade, counting fees your upside potential is 100$ while downside is about 500$

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suicide stack:

The amount of each cryptocurrency coin/token you will need to have in a portfolio to make you want to commit suicide at some later date if you ended up losing it all before the coins/tokens moon during the upcoming bull market.

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suicide stack is the stack of a token that you need in order to not kill yourself

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Just bought 100m+, WGMI

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Enjoy it, anon! I hope to get there at some point!

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based beyond belief

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100 Million
at 1 billion mcap is about 200k
at Pepe mcap it's 600k
if it gets to current shiba level you're over 3 million.

So simply depends on the target, 500M make it is for 1b mcap.

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that looks like a good exchange, thank you

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>$6500 for a sui stack
fuck this shit
already missed out

dump it to $10mil mc and i'll buy some

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Missed on Pepe, missed on apu.
Groyper token when?

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suicide stack: the lethal dose of pancake. A man can only eat so many pancakes, and this amount turns out to be about 7900 pancakes for an average man, for some the figure is as high as 15500 pancake

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Measly 100m mcap is still a 4x and you think you missed? Ok.

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Trip dub billion dollar market cap soon.

Comfiest hodl. LFG! All apu frens will make it.


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you're still early , anon

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Whale here get ready for a big red dildo of epic proportions.

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Anon’s trying to make people panic sell, lek.

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I see two coins, Apu and Apu Apustaja,
which one is the copy ?

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The one trending on dextools

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Whale here get ready for a big green dildo of epic proportion

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>Didn't check /biz/ when APU was below 1m mc
>Jumped on at 3m mc with the last $600 I could spare for the month when I finally saw

I shudder to think how suicidal I'd be if I didn't check /biz/. It's not as much as it could be, but getting a fucking possible $300k-$600k feels unreal

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so that is why it is called suicide stack

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I could possibly get up to 20mil apu this week if things go well. Wish me luck, fren!

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Why cant Vitalik ban bots? Once i got sniffed out of 1eth on a fucking large buy(Pepe)

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kek we're literally hitting ATHs while rest of the market is bleeding out

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My body is ready

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nothing goes up forever
be ready..

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I will keep posting this until people truly understand how comfy they fucking should be.

We will reach 4 Billion. We will reach a penny. "What if we can reach $1." meme will drive this even further. We will get listed on coin base because Apu is the more wholesome frog. WE WILL MAKE IT FRENS.

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Even me? One who only owns 11mil APU?

>> No.58056259 [DELETED] 


what would the mcap be at 1 dollar? seems impossible

>> No.58056299

>what would the mcap be at 1 dollar? seems impossible

It's doesn't need to reach $1 people just need to think it's possible when it hits a penny.

>> No.58056322

I'm holding but realistically I'm thinking more like 200m mcap, be honest

>> No.58056396

I put $50 in at 10m and another $50 during one of the dips. I've got like 3m coins rn. Might get some more so I can pad out my bag and use it as a nice cozy pillow. WAGMI brah

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Apu god candle… wow so baseddd

Comfiest of holds…

We gonna make it. Yay frens..


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Dont doubt the power of Frens. Frens help each other reach new highs and bring Frens with them! We will reach 1 dollar and higher! All Frens will make it!

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Just dinged $39m with a 60k buy

>> No.58056484

are you jeetlarping to fud fren?

>> No.58056665

Who jeeted down that god candle. Jesus Christ you faggots don’t want us all to win. Just let the token build.

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>1B FUD again

Strange feeling we will see many more of these.

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That god candle. We a gonna make it.. the barrage of 50k + buy ins have starter

Apu god candle… wow so baseddd

Comfiest of holds…

We gonna make it. Yay frens..


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it has begun

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Down a fucking zero..

Comfiest of holds…

We gonna make it. Yay frens..


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Why is the LP so tiny? I also wanted to be a top holder but the pool only has 3.4 billion APU.

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new coin ser. please understand

>> No.58058355

Regardless of what the peak is, it'll probably come during the proper bull market, so not until May - June earliest probably. This is but a taster.


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This motherfucker just sold 150k and then instabought back in