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>APU is losing momentum

it's over

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>jeet scam
no way dude , i cant believe your jeet scam didn't make you a gorillionaire

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buy NGUF while you still have time you moron
they're all rotating there

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thank you, will do

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not pumping your university funds, negroid

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With multiple wallets with billions of tokens dumping 2 ETH every time there was buy pressure, there was never any momentum. Greedy brown niggers ruined it yet again

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you're gonna cry looking at the chart in 6 hours

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>Oh no, APU is going sideways after going 10x in 1 day. It’s over, sell everything!!!!

Kek, no wonder you retards never make any money. Please do sell anon, you don’t deserve to make it.

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How many times do links to these giga whale wallets only holding APU have to be posted. It's a jeet slow rug. Stop feeding the village.

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Its fine, the fact it pumped during yesterday and friday's bloodbath and today hasn't moved much is quite good.
The day is not over but if it stays at around this level it has a lot of potential to pump bigly when BTC start pumping again next week

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CMC listing coming Monday. We're just getting started frens, enjoy the ride

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youre fucking stupid

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He’s an early buyer and he’s slowly reducing his bag instead of dumping everything at once. Tell me again how that’s a bad thing, you literal jeet?

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leave him alone hes new lmao

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Biz cope is pathetic. These aren't early buyers you fucking retard. There's a group of these 4 day old multiple billion wallets with ZERO ACTIVITY OTHER THAN APU

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Momentum is lost because absolute retards decided to split interest off into some failed previous project of the dev. Now this will bleed and the other token will swing violently over $1000 trades. Could have been the next Pepe but niggers gonna nig

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>dopamine is running low

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hundreds of billions anon. They started out with hundreds of billions and split it up between a lot of wallets to hide and snipe on these poor niggers indefinitely.

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You reek of curry. The one you posted is an early buyer. The other whale wallets are the dev’s wallets who split his holdings so it doesn’t look jeetish. He hasn’t sold a single bag, he’s been fully transparent and was already a multi-millionaire before even creating APU. He doesn’t give a shit about rugging for a couple eths and he plans on taking this to 10B and beyond by making this the next SHIB. Keep fudding because you missed the boat, you stinking 3rd world subhuman.

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APU is finished, buy $HIDLER

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Lmao call me a jeet while you post telegram screenshots.
Gullible & low IQ. By all means keep getting drained.

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it's over lads
i am financially ruined

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APU is so jeeted. moving my funds over to APUAPU on SOL that thing just started and is running

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yes yes hundreds of billions gorillions

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LOL, yeah okay that’s the platform virtually every dev uses to communicate with their holders. I’m up 10x while you’re still a seething broke jeet who can’t afford eth fees. Stay poor.

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Check the chart babe

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Yes, I’m up 10x. Do they not teach English at Indian schools?

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>hes still fading $APU

kek your loss cunt, I dont want to see any complaining later on when this is on binance and has a multi-billion dollar market cap

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>>58041666 (Checked)
Don't ruin the shake out. It's way better for panic dumpers to sell their bags early, that's the entire point of corrections and consolidation.

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kek thanks for the dip

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holy macaroni
look at them trips

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Never forget the hundred gorillion apus in the 109 wallets

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Slurped 100m
Thanks for getting scared dipshits

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2 days and dead, lmao /biz

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> dead
> up 80% in the past 24h

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Never gib up, fren!

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We always pump when burgers are awake

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> liquidity not locked
> 25+ wallets, none of them exchanges, own more than Uniswap
> top 3 wallets own more than uniswap
> every other APU posted on biz has been a rug

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Cock and balls please fund my new cock and balls please

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Oops meant
> top 3 wallets own more than 10% of supply

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liquidity is burned you dumb newfag

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>every other APU posted on biz has been a rug
that must mean this a scam because other people deployed tokens with the same ticker! :D smart conclusions, you are the true mastermind (except you aren't and i need to explain it to you because your room temperature intelligence is too low to understand shit)

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Why does it have such a small liquidity pool? Seems like a scam. Spurdo has a much more decent liq pool.

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frens.. how do we save it

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its fucking over dude I just sold my bags and moved it over to the Solana APUAPU, its running now

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It dipped to 2.5m mc before bouncing to 10m MC two days ago. You retards are too emotional for this

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>its fucking over dude

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checked and frenfrogpilled

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gonna keep holding, I just want the momentum back

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new bag holders will be minted on ETH I guess

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Memes on eth are destined to fail in the age of dencun upgrade and Solana

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Anyone you see trying to shill SOL coins are jeets who can't afford gas fees. They themselves are unironically the biggest red flag to not enter a project

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with that logic lets do memecoins on BTC