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It seems all the "artists" (creators of failed NFTs) have banded together and run huge presales on Solana, then rug retail out of their $100. None of these coins are in profit after 24h. Anyone notice this

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I lost $500 this week on solana shitcoins. I wouldn't have if I sold some of them after their x10-x100 tops but whatever. Student money.

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P much. Behind the scenes gets crazy. Just follow the money see how deep the rabbit hole goes

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yeah I launched my coin on friday on pinksale, tried to get calls from the same calls these 'new branding' coins keep getting and no one bothered replying me, after researching the whole thing it seemed like everyone is connected to similar degree. basically every new memecoin is a rug, and these people should go into the jail. there is no real volume- only fake volume until someone real joins

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the whole chain is run by a chinese token factory creating 100 tokens every hour

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They really should be in jail. Rugging hundreds of thousands daily 24 hours non stop. I have wallet ids but im not sharing here. Just follow the money its not hard. Then you will see everyone is connected

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I only made money off BIDEN and YE, every other shitcoin has raped me

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Even coins with socials linked still rug. Be careful, they generate socials through ai in minutes over and over

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>memecoins rug
does this come as a surprise to anyone
in 2017 they at least had white papers and pretended to solve some sort of actual problem
but now its even low effort rugging by jeet standards
i mostly wonder about either the absolute retardation of holders or the complete degeneracy of gamblers and how both classes havent been entirely relieved of their cash yet

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oh and I also had guy texting me selling hes chan services. apparently he has bunch of shills across the boards commenting and creating threads for 2k$ so wouldnt believe any shill coin in this board anymore is organic/genuine offer

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This whole chain is going to be a burning pile of shit by halving.

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Its gambling degeneracy for sure. Shitcoins gatewayed me back onto blackjack tables

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>another rug
This month is getting better and better, everything started with BARRON
That's what you niggers deserve to not get all into BTC and trade BRC20 tokens with satoshisync

I'm losing my fucking sides

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I mean i tried escape the consumer part by creating a coin too, but my pinksale got filled 5 sol out of 400, just cause most jewfluencers in crypto are private connected wheel. who couldve know.

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>. Shitcoins gatewayed me back onto blackjack tables
big oof
hope you find some form of lasting release from your compulsions anon

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solana is flirtting with $200 as we speak

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We have to go back to traditions. Fuck Solana, India's GDP increased 10 times because of this shit, it's all scams

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You have to join the community and lurk for a while to see if it's real. PND community is pretty easy to spot once you've seen a few. Even ones that aren't exactly PND, but just focused on pumping.

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buy wagiesolana

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Follow the money kek

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Powell community is real too, somehow its only 5.7 sol filled out of 200-400 m/h caps lol