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What are the normies in your life saying about crypto if anything?

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I keep telling them to buy donut on this forum since 0.1c and they didnt buy any, probably the bottom!

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They still insist it's a scam, meanwhile I've tripled my money.

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I've been talking about XRP nonstop at work and several of my coworkers have some now

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Between silent and making fun of it. Yeah, I’m thinking we’re early

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Hasn't been mentioned for over a year until it was on the TV news the other night about hitting ATH, then it is still "that thing criminals use to scam you with"

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they are not under water

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only friend in crypto is a 2021 hbar baggie. the rest struggle to pay rent. there will be no normie influx this cycle.

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yes you are right, this is the correct time to determine that. In the past cycles, they always bought massively before the halving

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The normies I know with money are only buying stocks. DOGE and SHIB are the exception though, but they still seem iffy about Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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>They insist it's a scam
>I've tripled my money
Doesn't this prove them right? That money you made, everyone knows it has to come from somewhere.

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>The thing criminals use to scam you

Some people truly were born for slavery

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Normies still need Shib to hit .00008 before they have money for crypto again. The other normies are boomers who refuse to invest in anything unless Jews wrap it up in a nice little package for them first. The last groups of normies are too retarded to understand it so they just say it's a scam.

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I don't think anyone really cares when stocks are doing just as good unless youre in memecoins that 10x+

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> Bitcoin is done
No joke, was legit messaged that yesterday. This is a dude I convinced to buy at 20k. So retards are starting to sell. I think the only thing happening is weak hands are selling.

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Literally nothing

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Based and standardpilled

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they're talking about it

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Yeah, their bosses are also scammers by that logic, they wage 50 hours a week so they generate x100 the value the CEO pays them for the job. Fuck off.

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When normies say "crypto is a scam" they don't mean "most crypto projects don't really have a viable product and never will", they mean "there's no way to make gains with crypto, if you buy it, you will lose money". Which is a lie they use to cope with their laziness and cowardice.

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That's not how investments work

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They're seemingly spreading their own ideas and gossip about it now but it's not on their mind 24/7

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Not really a crypto person and I only encountered a single one in my life, he was a coworker. He was really trying to get me into bitcoin eventhough he lost a few 100k with the bitcoin crash around corona. I mean he kept his gains and is back but who in his right mind would recommend getting into this shit after losing most of his savings.

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today my 23yo cousin asked me how to "get ah-vax"

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The only guy that ever took my advice and listened to me about crypto got his Coinbase account phished and lost everything, Coinbase refused to fix anything and now he has washes his hands of crypto and I literally have no one to talk to about it when I’m excited and it’s pumping
Feels bad

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Went to a date with a C-cup girl and she mentionned that bitcoin crashed and is still very low.
Buy signal

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kek get out of the basement and take a look around the real world. crypto is as normal as talking about sportsball now.

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Based boob size categorizer

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Stop stealing my thread nigger

Also there's literally no reason to post another one of these threads until we break ATH again

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>I literally have no one to talk to about it when I’m excited and it’s pumping
I know this feel. Everyone I know is broke, or too busy spending their money on stupid shit to bother with it. I used to talk to my friends about crypto and investing in general, but with the people who have money it's always something like "I'll start investing a bunch of money one day". Like dude, you're about to be 30 years old. You should start doing that shit now, better yet years ago. I do feel bad for the brokies though. I was telling them to just buy bitcoin during the bear and hodl, and they just watched it shoot up from the sidelines because they didn't have any money. I want to talk about all the shit going on, but I feel bad because they're broke and missed out. Only one person actually bought bitcoin, my sister, and they're sitting on about 80 percent profit now.