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Fair launched on biz, organic growth and good memes. Mad Apes AMA and listing next week. I'm comfy.

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Biz said this rugged, was I misinformed?

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This coin has some of the most obnoxiously persistent shilling I've ever seen on this board.

Literally sat in the 100k range for months until Barron rugged and bagholders jumped ship the first "/biz/ coin" they could find. Expect a gigantic dump within the next month, before another relentless shilling campaign from the 10 retards who bought back in November selling you false promises about how you're going to moon any day now.

The dev is legitimately too honest, lazy and retarded to pump this coin any higher than it is currently is now.

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>10 retards who bought back in November
Except, it was launched in January kek. And has proven fudders wrong time and again.

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Actually you are one of the most obnoxious people i've ever seen. You're either the guy who had a 30 million bag and sold at 200k MC or one of the airdrop jeeters from the beginning. You're too proud to admit that this is one of the better projects to come out of biz and the dev has no intention of rugging it. You are miserable and one of the reasons this board has gone to shit in recent years, it's this crab in the bucket mentality that prevents people from making it. Guess what, biz isn't needed for this project, but I am here because it started here and I want to give other anons a chance to make some profits off a memecoin. Even if you think it will dump eventually (funny because the OGs aren't selling) then you could still flip it off the news alone. Guess you have to stay poor.

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I held a bag and sold a bag but i might buy a bag again

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It dumped like everything else wouldn't say it rugged, it's already starting to go back up. I bought this shit back in January and got impatient and sold in Feb for same price, could have been a nice 10x for me on 1000 dollars but it is what it is.

How is the dev lazy? Honest I did agree with this at first but from looking at their telegram he has come out of his shell a little bit with the excitement of the pump. The community was heading towards cringe territory but some dedicated /biz/ shitposters started pumping out /biz/ tier memes (looking at you sonnerad) and now it has embraced this new meta of comfy arrogance? Idk how else to describe it but it's fun.

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I'm going to buy a bag, what is made apes though??

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Hey, Dev!

This right here is what I'm talking about. These retards conspire in telegram daily to figure out ways to draw the most amount of people off this site with to become future bagholders.Took them MONTHS to finally gain any traction after piggybacking off the Barron rug lmao.

I don't really think the dev is lazy, I just think he is too honest (read:autistic) for his own good. SOL, and crypto by extension, is a dirty game and playing it straight is the quickest way to sideline yourself.

Managed to piss him off enough to drop the act and show himself though. This will be sub 200k by April again guaranteed.

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You're not fooling anyone, retard. Go back to your tg group and figure out a new strategy.

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Hello fellow comfy chad

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Crypto normies with a 60k channel on Telegram
You really need to get off this board and touch some grass, sounds like you need it.
>dev is honest
WOW, how awful. He's not a scammer or rugpuller like 90% of the shit posted here? Do you realize how retarded you sound? Make your own project and show the world how it's done, anon. I believe in you.

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>Mad Apes AMA and listing next week.

Can you elaborate on what this is about?

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>I don't really think the dev is lazy, I just think he is too honest (read:autistic) for his own good.

This I kind of agree with, for me it was refreshing with all the rugs in solana to see someone like him, time will tell if it's bearish behaviour or bullish, I will be watching from the sidelines

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I'm assuming you mean an AMA with the Mad Apes TG channel and then some kind of CEX listing?

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I am literally the only person in this thread right now that isn't a shill from your tg group LARPing. You and your retarded minions overplay your hand and lack any subtely whatsoever. Dial it the fuck back.

This guy gets it. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I'm not placing my bets on a project like this.

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You forgot to reset your IP retard LMFAO.

Keep blatently LARPing/shilling though. You might be able to fool a couple of newfags if your persistent enough.

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Seems like a guy trying to verify information by asking again, like i said, go touch some grass, you've been inside for far too long.

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Holy shit, the seething. Who hurt you anon?

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No that was me restating my question once I saw the reply here.

>Crypto normies with a 60k channel on Telegram

I don't have COMFY and have no idea if its a scam or not. Just browsing shit coins my guy. I did buy APU though which has been dope looking for more dopamine basically

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I don't think that was him trying to reply to himself but just clarifying his previous question. Kek chill tf out.

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It's not a scam, the only FUD here is coming from one guy who's salty about selling too early and is related to the dev being too honest (wtf) or moving too slow. These are the kind of people newfags listen to and then wonder why they miss out. Heard the same shit at 100k, 500k, 800k, a million and two million MC. You can look at the liquidity on Birdeye and compare it to other Solana shitcoins at the same range. COMFY blows them out of the water. Hell, yesterday there was a 16m MC coin with 500k liquidity. Comfy had 300k liq at not even 2 million MC. Dev is an early LINK marine and pretty chill, you can ask him anything and he will answer. Been here from the start and i never got the impression that he's being intransparent or trying to dupe anyone, which is super rare in this space.

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>5.1M bag
Will I make it?

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Schizo I just lurk and buy top 10 projects usually, I'm trying to buy more memecoins since its all that retards seem to buy now.

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Spoken like a true salesman. Hopefully your mark takes the bait.

I'm simply calling you guys out for how relentless you are with your shilling here. Especially this last week or so since your group managed to hoodwink all the Barronfags to hop onboard after that rugged. It's been the same, tired shilling campaign for months.

These threads come off as compltely artificial. It's obvious 3/4 of the posts are just the same 4-5 people replying to eachother trying to simulate organic conversation. Step your game up.

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You're spending your Saturday evening fudding a comfy coin and posting man ass. That's hella gay, dude.

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How does -5% of your initial investment by EoY sound? If so, you're in the right thread.

Joking aside, look elsewhere. This project has no hype. Memecoins without hype are just shitcoins that inevitably slow rug once late adopters get tired of seeing missed gains fly by them by projects with better marketing.
Of course the core OGs aren't going to sell, they bought at like sub 10k mcap and are massively in profit no matter what happens, so at the very least you can sleep comfortably knowing you're not going to zero.

See pic.

You can thank me late for keeping this thread bumped.

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Kek. I’m the 30M bag anon. I did buy back in for the pump to 2M as soon as volume picked up and cashed out higher up. Been buying back in, but I have mixed feeling about this coin desu. Would hate for it to pump without me

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Same, senpai. Made a pretty penny riding both the first wave to 300k and the recent Barron pump, but as of right now I'm out.

I don't hate the coin so much as I hate the CONSTANT shilling by these fags every second of every day to the point where it's just exhausting to see. I'm just speaking out loud what many are probably already thinking. Shut the fuck up.

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“ The dev is legitimately too honest”

Holy mother of KEK. Way to go fucking faggot shill lellellll

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That's what the Mad Apes AMA is for, dumbo. It is just getting started. You really think we won't dish out money on influencers? The dev has more than enough funds for that.
>bought at sub 10k MC
Launched at 30k, yet another lie. Most of the OGs actually didn't buy their stacks until 100k. Yes, we will moon, and you will enjoy the show from the sidelines. Thanks for your concern.

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i think the project has lost steam, yoba face is not relevant enough to sustain 10m+ mcap there is no utility in the product just a community of cool memes and shills.

I'll be selling if cex and ama does nothing to price

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What’s this supposed to mean Ranjeesh?

Whatever it means, it won’t change the fact that your low key shill was pathetic

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Good luck, dev, truly. Just stop shilling so fucking hard on this Tibetian Parcheesi Enthusiast board please for the love of god. It's obnoxious.

Smart, anon. Secure your profits.

You do realize this board has IDs, right? Anyone with a brain can see your bullshit from a mile away.

Let me guess, though - totally a different anon and not the same faggot who has been LARPing this entire thread, right? Fuck off.

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Not hiding reverse shill dumbo

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Kek. Stay mad baggy.

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I joined that loser fucking TG and the dev was talking about how he thinks someone is listening to him and his wife via a baby monitor in their house, and intentionally fucking with them via the TG.

He's schizo, and not the good kind of make it schizo. I sold instantly

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I'll be rolling my profits from other trades into comfy. that's just me tho.

You and others here on biz literally hate making money, investing in scams like Link and fudding Sol for the past few years until recently

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That's not the dev you retarded faggot.
>utility in a memecoin

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I made $30k off APU that launched her Monday. It's not a matter of not trusting projects here, it's a matter of having the instinct to know which ones have a chance. This shit is COOKED and you're going to delude yourself into being exit liquidity

I've made more off APU, some shit shilled here on /biz/, than I would ever make off COMFY.

I tethered by the way, not shilling. APU will crash too, it just had way more potential than this schizo bag holder project

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Oh excuse me, it's the schizo captain retard

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>That's not the dev you retarded faggot

t. Dev.

Holy kek.

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I'm not going to tell any of you COMFY bros what to buy because I'm still figuring out my next play but this is not fucking it. Stop deluding yourselves, don't be exit liquidity. It's the bull market, you can make more money in days than you will holding this over the next year.

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what's wrong with this one? I can't be exit liquidity when the mcap is only 1mil
is the game not just buy low, hold, sell high, move on to next?

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Isn't that the one where one guy has 30% of the supply?
Pretty sure he doesn't even visit biz anymore because it's a bunch of third worlders trying to rug on other third worlders. No more Alpha, well, except for this thread.
>the fud is confined to random ass TG convos
You can't make this shit up kek.

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>It's the bull market, you can make more money in days than you will holding this over the next year.

COMFY isn't going to rug anytime soon, but it's not going to give any significant gains off your initial investment either, no matter what the telegram shills say.

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You're not fooling anyone, dev. Try again tomorrow.

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>no more significant gains on a 1m MC coin with high liquidity
Cool, cool. See you in a week, thread has been archived for future keks.
I'm not him, trust me. If i had made if off Chainshit, then i wouldn't waste my time on this board.

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Good luck, dev.

I'll consider buying back in @ 150k for a quick flip.

>> No.58036495


lol sounds like you're salty that the price ran away without you so now you want to fud it. There aren't any sub 500k mc coins on Sol for very long if they have a community. Not in this market.

>> No.58036502


It will never be 150k again even if it "rugs". I guarantee that

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Holy shit, reverse fud now? I ain’t never touching this shit baggie, unlike you who’s carrying bags heavier than my nutsack kek

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All this fud is extremely bullish.

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Its a sui bag same with my 11m bag

>> No.58038348

You'll buy back in at 150m and like it nigger

>> No.58038374

Its true that the coin hasnt pumped much and its disappointing and especially when its down a bit from the ATH
But imho what has happened for the past weeks has been accumulation. The top wallets have slowly unloaded and some have straight up dumped but regardless that’s allowed for better wallet distribution so that people like me accumulate a lil but more.
I think the community is cool and the meme has really good potential as the ”next” thing in memecoins. The coin frankly should have died after some of the dumps we’ve seen especially yesterday but people just hold
The issue has been getting any kind of hype and fomo going. I think one spark is needed and we’ll rapidly go up

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>The dev is legitimately too honest!
Never change /biz/..

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I have small bag (sub 5m)
been lurking in their TG.
Overall its pretty chill group, memes are funny and active members (maybe around 20 different names) are pretty decent. But this might be problem, why its so slow... community is mostly well mannered adult and not pump hungry retarded zoomers. Unfortunately if this coin ever wants to see some serious traction, they need to grow their active community by tenfold and get some retarded influencers to market that shit. there is potential(meme side and tokenomics), but it is like old peoples home atm

>> No.58038472

Thats the reason I'm comfortable leaving my money at Comfy though and just leaving it be, even if its a memecoin. Its not a bunch of nervous zoomers who will dump their small stacks whenever a bigger whale dumps. As >>58038374 says, this coin should have died a long time ago considering the whale dumps so far

>> No.58038806

the coin has extraordinary high liquidity to cap ratio, which is what's keeping it alive.

180k liquidity at 1.3M cap. Several top wallets could dump at the same time and there would still be some liquidity left.

>> No.58038923

only coin that's up in my portfolio

>> No.58039223

It has actually close to 300k liq, check Birdeye. Dex only shows Solana, Birdeye has all the pairs

>> No.58039337

This made me kek so hard I almost died

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Makes sense because biztards ENJOY getting anally gapped by scams kek

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The Mad Apes ama is for traction; P2B listing will also increase it by providing extra volume and tweeting about it. Overall, a few influencers have already noticed us and I wouldn't be surprised if they secured a bag. I also feel like a part of community simply has to take some rest, it's been shilled quite a bit recently and people have lives.

>> No.58040421

Jakey has a small bag of COMFY and he's a multimillionaire. Definitely catching some attention

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We'll see what happens, but I'm quite certain that unless biztards get on board soon they might regret it by next weekend.

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I'll give you a cheat code to making it: everything biz fuds eventually moons

>> No.58041056

I investigated this myself and from what I see, the coin hasn't taken off yet because it has never gotten enough traction or volume
I don't know how close you are to the dev, but you want to look at getting trending on sites like dexscreener for SOL for your listing date, that's how random rugpull shitcoins make it into 20m mcap overnight
all you need is volume and page impressions to trend on these sites, even if faked at the beginning, it will take on a life of its own from there

>> No.58041141

That's the plan. Dev has a contact for it from another legit dev and promoter, it's a bit pricey but we got the funds for it. Hope it works out

>> No.58041250

good, you want to do everything all at once for a big push, don't spread it out
this is literally how the insider-trading whales do it
comfy can push much further much faster than most memes with a truly dedicated community

>> No.58041917

Nah i have a really good feel about this token no cap
Like fr fr
It could easily moon

>> No.58041926

kys baggot

>> No.58041945

>It's greener now lmao

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Pretty based ngl

>> No.58042002

slowly mooning

>> No.58042095

Is this such a good idea, to just explode unto the scene? I like this slow upwards trend better frankly feels like lower chance of being rugged

>> No.58042922

there are coins with worse wallet distributions sitting at 50m+ mcap with much less going for them
you want to hit moon targets before key listings like binance in the future, then you have a realistic shot at 1b+
the age and staying power shows it's more than ready, 20m-50m would be a good push at this point

>> No.58042969

Yes but how many coins that explode like that actually reach a bil?

>> No.58042989

Bag holders seeking to use you as exit liquidity. Don't do it anon

>> No.58042991

It better not fucking dump again the moment it reaches 0.00035

>> No.58043011

I was pretty early on this but im banking on this being my make it coin
I genuinly feel like this is the most memeable coin, the most wholesome one and its unique etc etc all that gibberish
I dont wanna exit for a quick $10k or whatever, i want this to reach a billion

>> No.58043107

you know you can ladder your risk and exit at any time on the way up, right? if you crab at 50m that's already almost a 50x from the local bottom
you'll start seeing how possible 1b is when meme coin season picks back up
the most important thing is getting volume from new buyers to eat up whale sells along the way, hence getting it trending, etc.

>> No.58043254

Tbh it wasnt as much as people selling as one fat greasy fuck jakey dumping his bag and another dude dumping 17k to go all in into bome kek. Then again is free market but that 2m seems like infinite cuckery atm. Tho in still confused but haply how be slowly creep back up after brownoids dump 40k plus thinking they “made it”. Either juicy lp or some schizo shit. Lets just hope some brownoid doesnt dump their entire stack at 2m to go on current trending sol scam just to get fucked kek.

>> No.58043276

Volume will pick up when more people heard about it. Almost noone has heard about it yet, or if they've heard about it and looked at the chart it hasnt taken off enough for them to jump in.
But i believe a slow and steady upward is better than a moon because there is the reverse effect of people thinking its too late to buy in and dont wanna be exit liquidity

>> No.58043297

Btw im just thinking openly here and im not part of the project other than having a bag, but i feel comfortable having this bag

>> No.58043306

Oh and actually anon you seem like a cool person actually giving helpful critisim after like 10 threads of schizo anons calling this a rug or a scam without proof even when they liteeally get proven wrong by facts and blockchain. Pleasantly surprised

>> No.58044160

I hate seeing obvious rugpulls get manipulated to the top while legitimate projects get left behind
comfy has the groundwork to moon, just needs the execution

>> No.58044309

Then again its a literal clownmarket its like investing in muh “fundamentals” while your average zoomie will outperform you by buying some random shitter and hitting the jackpot. Also been in comfy since launch, and i truly believe in it. Jeeted once at the start. But am up good 20 grand or so so one of bigger holders. Moon or dust i guess. I dont know by what keks will happened but comfy still refuses to die and manages to come back after getting brutally dumped by tards. Idk if blessing or curse kek

>> No.58044923

We are actually rugging upwards now