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I was told we were in the golden bull, it was a super cycle. The ETFs, muh institutional money. It was supposed to be different this time! How did it all go so wrong! The bull market is dead and I am ruined! Why would they lie to me!!!!1!

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don't worry, It's going for a second round to the true top in a couple of months

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It is the golden bullrun.. for Bitcoin
It is a super cycle for Bitcoin
Institutional money is going to flow for...Bitcoin
Or you mean alts ? Yeah no sorry
Total Altcoin Death means TAD untill the last shitcoin

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Which is 80k max lol. The second top is always close to the first.

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Just buy the dip, you have some reserve funds left right? Then ride this bull to 80k. Or sell your bags, throw away your one chance to not end up waging for the rest of your life. Can i order my burger now, wagy?

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Never invest anything you're not willing to lose.

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That would mean the top predicted by the 5.3 theory

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But bitcoin wasn't supposed to crash. It was supposed to be different this time.