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>Buy XRP on:
Coinbase, Binance, CoinMetro, etc

>Why hold XRP?
>Newfag Tutorial:

>XRPL Guide:
>XRPL Explorer:
>XRPL Richlist:


>The Myth of Market Cap:

https://twitter.com/FoJAk3 [Mr. Pool archives]

>Schizo Ramblings:

>Past /XSG/ Threads:

>What wallet do I use?
Hot storage - Xaman, Crossmark or Bifrost
Cold storage - Paper/Metal or Ledger/D’CENT
Paper Wallet - https://pastebin.com/zFL8nJXd

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Why did you guys let previous bake 404 again?

I am disappoint

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So yeah how you all holding up my friends?

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We’ve run out of shit to talk about. Just waiting on the meme dates coming with the lawsuit wrapping up next month. Getting poorer by the day.

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Well i'm currently still bullish on the Ripple (XRP) token

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Xrp is my only last hope and I only hold 3k worth (4700) getting out with 50-100k is my goal but these days (pay mortgage off etc) it's been so long I just can't see it becoming a reality,picrel :(

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Aqua is a teasing, little, slut.

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No panties

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based, how does a couple million sound there buddy?

you guys are weird

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>i'm not new, i'm here all the time

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Let's get back up

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So what the fuck is this and how can I remove it from binance?

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sir this is an XRP thread

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How big are your bags son

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Nice try glowie, I wont put a target on my back

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xsg is finally dead

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Xsg is dead
Long Live XRP!

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Lets get back up again xD

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Is that lawsuit over or not? I read sumwhere that they're still calculating fines or something

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kinda but not rly

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Piece of shit coin
>spits at thread

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Guys just half a month left!!!

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Will XRP go above $1 this summer end of June?

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Just let it die again Spamjeet just let it go you are so close to be free finally just stop wasting away inside your room

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No it looks like it’s becoming a 50c stable coin
They know that if it goes over $1 everyone will sell this POS

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Is it too late to go all in XRP?

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Last week it was almost 0.70 euro cents.

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Piece of shit coin
>spits at thread

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>last week
We all know it’s going back to 50c, it’s basically lore now, anything under a dollar and it goes back down.
Also I’m so fuxking tired of holding this shit, we are exit liquidity for billionaires, it has no utility no matter how much “building” is being done. Example is flr/sgb where they don’t actually do anything.
Inb4 I’m fudding, I have almost 300k of these shitcoins

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Ripple manipulates the price of xrp.
They artificially keep it low with the use of trading bots; and have been doing so for years.
Ripple claims that their use of trading bots is only to provide liquidity.

Some have theorized that Ripple will stop suppressing the price of xrp after they pay their fine to the SEC.
But this is a guess.
They could be suppressing the price for other reasons we don't even know about.
(And I don't mean the idea that they are suppressing it so banks and institutions can buy xrp cheap.)
And continue to suppress it for years.

A lot of us are hoping they stop this bullshit, and let xrp breath again sometime this fucking year.
The motherfuckers at Ripple have been choking the price of xrp for a long time now.
The last time they let xrp breath (turn off their trading bots), it went to it's all time high.
As long as Ripple still has their foot on the neck of xrp, TA doesn't matter.
The bullrun doesn't matter (for xrp).
We're literally at the whim of these goddamn motherfuckers.
If they continue the price suppression after they pay their fine, I think sentiment amongst the xrp community is going to turn really ugly.
There is a lot of frustration and depression amongst xrp holders currently.
But I think we could see some real anger.

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This. The truth is schizos got hoodwinked. Just got to wait for $1+ to start drip selling. Might keep a Sui once I’ve made my major profits. Kind of see why the Mellon family were so desperate to sell off his $1b xrp

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It just keeps increasing in value, it's like cheating

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Don’t piss on us and tell us it is raining.

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holy fuck who cares about this old news gramps

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It's going up again.

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>holy fuck who cares about this old news gramps
Because less than a month after Brad sending these emails, XRP went to an all-time high, you stupid fucking nigger

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>holy fuck who cares about this old news gramps
Because less than a month after Brad sent these emails, XRP reached an all-time high, you stupid fucking nigger

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NGL thinking about slurping again

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your point?

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>your point?
My point is that you're tranny spammy, fucking kike jewish golem, kys faggot.

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I had a dream that XRP hit $40, so I guess thats the very least we'll be getting this bullrun.

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Wow why so hostile?


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kys, seriously just kys

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WAGMI anon

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Why are you so upset?

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maybe someone here needs a belly rub

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it's just you talking to yourself again

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Next week will be very interesting

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You mean week after March the 30th?

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sooner than that anon https://www.tradingview.com/news/coinedition:cbef327a8094b:0-xrp-could-reach-1-depending-on-lawsuit-s-outcome-in-april/

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A: A Lawyer, Doctor or Astronaut. What about you?

This picrel is a quote from a beloved Democrat US President who was Assassinated. His name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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This time is only one week, not two.

Mark my digits

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Huh? What is happening on april? I'm only aware of the fine, that they still need to calculate fine. Which is happening some time in summer, perhaps.

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Not looking good.

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>What is happening on april?

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Plans within plans

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Speak for yourself, I don't trust no man with a troon wife

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The sign of the Prophet Jonah will appear.

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Holy shit so glad I sold a bit at 72 now I’m buying back again and increasing my stack. 350k

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no you didn't

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Lets get back up

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very nice trips anon

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>$0.59 waiting room

anyone gonna do some slurping?

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kek, imagine not shorting every meager pump, literally the only way to make money on this absolute rancid dogshit of a coin

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Wow, life is suffering

>> No.58031067

Aaaaand we’re back!
Don’t talk to me you disgusting vaxnigger you’re not even human.

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Haha so much for that weak breakout pump. This is such a a shit coin it's untrue

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It's ogre

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i found out the other day that apparently Schrodinger really did put a live cat in an airtight box with a poison gas canister. like wtf man just do a thought experiment you don't have to kill a cat to prove a point

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any fellow boomer millennials remember the Hood Internet

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what you have to do is go on top of a hill and stay there for at least one full day without eating or drinking anything and wait until the visions come. then you'll have your answer. this is financial advice and i'm a financial advisor

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well technically these emails show that Ripple aren't manipulating the price with programmatic trading, but are contracting with a firm who does the trading for them (www.gsr.io)

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here's a quote from another president who got assassinated
an interesting thing i learned recently was that shortly before getting shot JFK had issued an executive order authorizing the treasury to issue dollars directly instead of through the federal reserve, backing them with silver drawn down from the Fed's accounts- starting the process of taking the control over the nation's currency out of the hands of the unaccountable central bankers and putting it back in the hands of the federal government

whoopsie daisy! can't have that.

This executive order amended Executive Order 10289 (dated September 17, 1951)[1] by delegating to the Secretary of the Treasury the president's authority to issue silver certificates under the Thomas Amendment of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, as amended by the Gold Reserve Act.

Jim Marrs, in his book Crossfire, presented the theory that Kennedy was trying to rein in the power of the Federal Reserve, and that forces opposed to such action might have played at least some part in the assassination.[17][18][19] Marrs alleges that the issuance of Executive Order 11110 was an effort by Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal Reserve to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with silver certificates.[18] Author Richard Belzer named the responsible parties in this theory as American "billionaires, power brokers, and bankers ... working in tandem with the CIA and other sympathetic agents of the government."[20]

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6 more days til AMM

>> No.58031891

I really like the bits i've heard about XRP but it still doesn't make much sense to me. I see that some holders feel the court case is pivotal, which makes sense, but some people say it doesn't matter. And anyway, what makes this a smart hold? I see there are guides in the OP but is there anyone who is able to provide the most current supporting details.

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Fuck! They cancelled the vote again

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why 'they' cancel it and whats the beneficts of this and that

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Welp.. that does it. Time to sell I guess.

>> No.58032029

>AMM cancelled again. Yup.... i'm out.

>> No.58032089

Just sold 30k XRP at a 20% loss because of this news. Oh well, time to move on to Solana or BNB.

>> No.58032119

I believe you are mistaken, anon

>> No.58032128

It's over.

>> No.58032131

It's over bro, sell.
Stay bro, you're GMI.

Whatever you prefer.

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I believe so

>> No.58032167

hmmm strange it must have not updated for you

make sure to clear your cache

>> No.58032170

>34 out of 35 isn't enough
Whose fucking idea was it to require uninamity on anything?

>> No.58032359

This is a democracy.

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Are you playing tricks, spammy?

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let's bump back up

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no way
5 days until it goes live

>> No.58034021

is it time for /xsg/ to die?

>> No.58034134

Yeah it pumps a few days before btc has a dump so when it dumps also it doesn't break its support that its always so close to cos it doesn't go up any other time....

>> No.58034141


How much do ripple pay you to bump a thread? You post in every xsg thread making up 30% of the posts in every thread

>> No.58034166

Maybe until April idk. Feels like maybe 4 people actually bumping these threads.

Holy fuck all yays and only 1 nay, we are so in there. Maybe we let it live a few more days?

>> No.58034213

lets talk about AMM strategies. i am not putting any XRP into it in the beginning because i feel like we are moving towards a period of volatility. i don't want to put money into the AMM pools until we are in a period where stability is more likely, to avoid impermanent loss.

>> No.58034468

I love being a Ripple pay piggy, it feels so good

>> No.58034564

I'm kind of of a similar mind on this one. I keep seeing charts of biz traffic at its all time low, Bitcoin halving coming up, AMM in 6 days from today.. we're about to explode I just know it. I remember seeing some tweet from David Schwartz talking about AMM, saying something like ”if the price goes down, but you get more XRP from AMM than you put in, was it a loss?".. so does that mean we get more XRP if the price goes down, and more money if it goes up? It's a very interesting double sided sword from what it seems.. but I'm not sure I want to put any in until it's already going up. I seen XRP bags was talking about some AMM practice program to familiarize ourselves with it before it gets enabled. Would you know anything about that?

>> No.58034683

Was just looking at the AMM vote page again.. the threshold is only 35 votes, that's all the votes we have right now. 34 Yays and 1 nay. Could someone withdraw a vote to stop the countdown? Is that even possible?

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I finished writing the first book for Project Oracle, a fantasy/sci-fi fusion set hundreds of years in the future, built upon a decade of note taking and world building from seasonal episodes of various unmedicated schizophenic episodes, gigantic nootropic stacks, substances, fever dreams recorded upon waking, extrapolations of frontier artificial intelligence research and binges on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The product is a easy to read, well comprised, adrenaline pumping adventure illustrated novel script targeted for young adults, enjoyable at multiple levels of reading depth and state of mind with a tasteful amount of esoteric references and easter eggs.

Currently, members of the family are proof-reading the final draft, then we move to release.

Any sales are absolutely going into XRP.

I haven't forgotten about the vidya game project and the xOracle tokens. If the book catches on, I'll get eyes on it.

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Global war will happen before xrp goes to $1. Trips nigga

>> No.58036080

Anyone stop to wonder why bitcoin hasnt been getting the hype that has had in the past? Wonder if it has to do with people not having excess income that they did years ago....

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35 is the total number of validators eligible to vote on amendments.
The threshold for AMM is 28, or more, out of 35.
As long as the number of validator voting yes stays at 28, or higher, for two consecutive weeks, then the amendment will pass & get implemented.
We only have 5 days and 17 plus hours left.
You can check the status here:

Spammy is a worthless piece of shit.
He started his lie about the AMM failing with this post here:

When confronted with evidence that he lied, he tried playing dumb here:

This is the second time he lied about the AMM vote failing.
He does it for attention.
Don't give him (you)s.
Check for yourself next time, instead of responding to his bait.
Lie one more time, and there is going to be consequences for you spammy.

>> No.58036176

No it's because that's not the game we're playing, very very few people understand. Let Mr. McAfee explain....
RIP John (he's probably still alive just like Jeffrey)



>> No.58036687

Well, after DCA'ing for the last long while my bag hit 10k. Figured I would share, not that it really matters much just don't talk to anyone anyways.

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has it really been almost 2 hours since anyone posted in this thread?

captcha: ATH SW
all-time high sex work

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you are Going to Make It

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Can we go back to 45 cents or not? I'm thinking about buying a swing bag to hold on Uphold. I should have done that earlier because swinging with a paper wallets and Ledgers is just too much hassle, so I never trade, but that's was a big mistake.

>> No.58037723

>desperate to sell off his $1b xrp
They did sell though? They only asked for help regarding access to the wallets; Ripple didn't help them to sell afaik.

>> No.58037815

>sell XRP when it pumps
>buy when it dumps
You've been doing this for past years, right?

>> No.58037816

How are my little wolves of wall street doing?

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>Extravod now recycling Elemental as if it's something new

yup... it's literally over

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reminds me of this one

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This is enough for me to know xrp is something

>> No.58038075

what am I looking at?

>> No.58038118

This coin has been the biggest financial embarrassment of my life. Not only did I encourage other to buy this coin, I also held onto it for 4 years and got a measly 2x after all was said and done. I could have bought ETH at $180 dollars. And likely had over 100 ETH but instead I bought this dog shit coin. I’m done. Once this shit recovers over 0.60 im taking my measly 2x and putting 75% of my bag into other coins. I really do feel awful doing this cause I’ve held onto hope for so long but I just can’t anymore. I’ll keep a schizo bag… probably for the rest of my life cause this fucking coin will likely never do what we think it will. I’ve seen countless schizo meme dates and prophecy’s come and go. I simply don’t buy the bullshit anymore. Here to better days. Thanks for the 2x!

>> No.58038130

A 2x is great considering many index funds only pay like 5% to 10% APY

>> No.58038140

It was this or eth at $180. Sure I did “good” but I could be fucking retired right now…

>> No.58038145

You should never focussed on the "I could have" it is unrealistic you can never play this game perfectly

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Banks are indeed not working today; I'm trying to purchase RO filters, but my payment can't get through no matter how many times I try.
>03H30 CET

>> No.58038200

it is Sunday my friend

>> No.58038227

>I could have bought ETH at $180 dollars
I was trying to buy BTC at $3, but nobody was accepting PayPal due to people using stolen accounts to buy crypto, so I just gave up and moved on, kek. I believe XRP is the one, but you do you; enjoy your freedom.

>> No.58038230

>bank transfer are not working because it's Sunday
Shut the fuck up currycel

>> No.58038236

XRP solves this

>> No.58038256

>tfw my gaming friends wanted to send me free bitcoins but I was too lazy to figure out how to make a wallet

>> No.58038305

>my buy order didnt go through

fuckkkk i wanted to buy another 200XRP

>> No.58038327

We need to meme an amendment to burn most, if not all, of Ripple's escrow.
Fuck those faggots.

>> No.58038346

What's the point of burning their escrow? We're here because we believe that banks and governments will use XRP. If the escrow is burned, then all plans are off and XRP will become yet another useless memecoin. XLM did burn almost half of the coins and what happened to the price?

>> No.58038409

>Burning the escrow


>> No.58038422

He's a retard. Burning the escrow didn't do shit for XLM. Burning the escrow means Ripple has no money. If Ripple has no money, they are defenseless against the SEC. If they are defenseless against the SEC they will lose the lawsuit.

These people are just so impatient.

XRP is a long term investment. If you want big price pumps then you need to buy meme coins. We are in it for the tech.

>> No.58038431

Couldn't <agree more. Burning the escrow would also kill of Ripple's revenue stream. Then how are they gonna fund further development of the XRP ledger?

>> No.58038531

>Back at $0.61


>> No.58038544

>2 XRP has been deposited into your wallet by Ripple
They have far too much of it, it needs to be cut by at least 90%.

>Burning the escrow means Ripple has no money.
>Burning the escrow would also kill of Ripple's revenue stream.
Glad you recognize that xrp holders are ripple labs pay pigs
>Then how are they gonna fund further development of the XRP ledger?
With all the 500 partners and shit that they have running ripplenet, right ? The revenue must be massive !
oh no, there's actually no adoption!
>We are in it for le tech.

>> No.58038550

fud post didnt read

>> No.58038570

They don't need the escrow if they actually have growing adoption with ripplenet, retard.

>> No.58038573

sirs, the trade is clear.

Wait for SEC case settlement, AMM enabled next week.

Sell on the following pump.

XRP will never go to ATH again.
Not on this economy.

We're about to experience 2008 all over again.

And our funny internet money won't hold.

Crypto is and always was a risk-on-asset.

BTW, why am I getting "Please wait a while before making a post"?
Are agencies spying my internet shitposting again?

>> No.58038589
File: 1.68 MB, 1328x1994, Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 11.20.18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They have far too much of it, it needs to be cut by at least 90%.
What makes you 100% sure that Escrow is controlled by Ripple and not some elite family like Fuggers? What makes you so sure that Ripple isn't just a decoy company?

>> No.58038592

Growing adoption will come when it's ready

>> No.58038596

Fugg xD

>> No.58038633
File: 492 KB, 1976x1458, Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 11.25.58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also, regarding those missing blocks, my theory is that there are way more than 100 billion XRP. They created trillions of XRP, sent them to Fugger wallets, and then wiped everything, so nobody will know, and there's no trace of those coins. I refuse to believe that Ripple could have made bugs like that, while no other project in the world had missing blocks before.

>> No.58038641


can someone explain this?

>> No.58038661

>some pattern exists in xrp/eur pair
>random guy assumes it's ODL
realistically there's no way you can be certain it's ODL.

>> No.58038666

forgot to add - it might be, it might be just a trading algo

>> No.58038791


>> No.58038808

It's funny, there was a movie called 2012 in which the Mayan calendar blah blah blah the end of the world happens by a bunch of earthquakes fucking shit up.
Except.. what really happened right about the time the Mayan calendar expired, was the creation of XRP. They don't say the exact day it was created, just that it was in December of 2012.

>> No.58038837


>> No.58038872

What if the IMF are going to use it as an eSDF?

>> No.58039020

Please stop abbreviating everything. I tried to look up esdf and all that came up was an alternate gaming method to the wasd keys. Please if youre gonna ask a question about something, please please please just say what the fuck it is. So tired of leaving the site to Google something and then coming back empty handed. there's an acronym for everything you can imagine nowadays. Please just say what the fuck it is, nobody is going to have a clue what you're talking about.

>> No.58039059

Electronic version of this.

>> No.58039080

I didn't read too much but based on what I read, I'm sure XRP will definitely be used for that.

>> No.58039101

Christine Lagarde was head of the IMF and there's lots of photos with her and Garlinghouse.

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Shibli mentioned that one night after the execution he saw Hallaj in dream and asked him, "How is God going to judge these people?"
Hallaj replied that those who knew he was right and supported him, did so for God's sake. And those who wanted to see him dead were ignorant of the Truth and therefore wanted his death for God's sake. So God would have mercy on both groups; both groups were blessed.

>> No.58039220
File: 180 KB, 1242x1773, 1681831119164384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

scene from the Keanu Reeves cyberpunk movie Johnny Mnemonic that happens right after they talk about how it's 2020 and a pandemic started in China

based fudder giving us something to test ourselves against

>> No.58039224
File: 1.25 MB, 446x512, schizo ooChad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58039234

>tfw missed the bottom

>> No.58039291

>can someone explain this?
weirdly high quality and interesting posts
>the vibe has shifted

>> No.58039392

What if nothing will happen when AMM goes live the 22nd?

>> No.58039409


>> No.58039420


It wasn't a yes or no question i'm asking what do you think that is gonna happen? It makes no sense

>> No.58039425

Then we'll wait until April 5th

>> No.58039429

`What's gonna happen then again?

>> No.58039472


>> No.58039596

We'll wait until April 19th

>> No.58039641

>the vibe has shifted
Nothing has shifted; I've been here since XSG #1. It's just that a spammy curry lover is on a mission to derail any proper conversation.

>> No.58039661

Weirdly enough, I was born on 21/12, the same date the world was supposed to end according to the Mayan calendar.

>> No.58039755

I've never thought spammy was Indian.
Well done for staying on topic and not derailing the thread further.

>> No.58039900

Sirs please kindly, I am not from India, note it.

>> No.58040161


>> No.58040297


>> No.58040318

My photoshop skills used to be real bad during that time hehe. We need to bring Aqua-chan back again.

Based high testosterone poster

I don't know you, I am here for myself. Ripple owns too much of the supply that they dump each month on us. No one is believing banks and governments are going to use XRP.
We are trying to get away from the banks and governments. Hence why I launched niggercoin on the XRPL.
>If the escrow is burned, then all plans are off and XRP will become yet another useless memecoin.
So XRP is a security and we're relying on Ripple to create usecases for the ledger? Got it!
Hope they will have enough to sell each month to cover their worthless employees who develop absolutely nothing.There's memecoins with more utility than XRP. What the fuck are you talking about..

>XLM did burn almost half of the coins and what happened to the price?
I always hate this line. I'm convinced Brad Garlinghouse came up with it.
Did the Stellar Foundation stopped selling? No.
They burned 50B of the supply but had more than 40B left to sell.
They now have
>Circulating Supply
>Max Supply

>21.33B left.
At current prices that is like 3.5 billion dollars.
They sold billions. No wonder it did nothing for the price.
You can easily track it on the explorer

It's simple supply and demand.
I don't think you realize how much a billion tokens alone is. It took Jed McCaleb 9 years to unload his 9B XRP and he made 2.5 billion dollar. What would happen if someone now puts a 2.5 billion dollar buy wall and Ripple only had 1B XRP to sell instead of 50B.

Exactly, they exist for over 10 years and have no real revenue stream other than selling XRP.
The grants they give away, they are giving it to worthless shit. They develop nothing really.

>> No.58040460

Oh no doubt. I've seen lots of connections between the global banking system and Ripple and I've also seen the pictures you're talking about. I only read like 2 paragraphs of that page and thought, "oh yeah, XRP will definitely be used for that."

>> No.58040461

>No one is believing banks and governments are going to use XRP.
I don't know you, I am here for myself.

>> No.58040595

You forgot to switch IDs

>> No.58040655

I don't expect any massive changes immediately, you underestimate how far the Jews will go to stifle this project.
Checked. Spammy is not from India

>> No.58040860
File: 148 KB, 1100x1417, 1710687817474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's going up again!

>> No.58040939

I don't switch IPs. I just thought his post was funny.
There was quite a bit of talk about it on here in early 2021, I've always assumed that's what the escrow was for. I could be wrong of course.

>> No.58041004

Congratz anon, if you dont panic sell at $50 due to the euphoria your family will have generational wealth

>> No.58041053

I think the escrow is necessary. It takes time and wealth to cook up a new world reserve currency. The us government seems very afraid of XRP, why did they only sue ripple and nobody else? Ripple is about to knock the crooked Jewish government off their pedestal and crash the housing market so normal Americans can finally have homes. You know what they say, the flak is heaviest when you're over the target, and Ripple is the only ones receiving any flak right now.

>> No.58041099
File: 371 KB, 559x640, Hang 10, dudes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Think of ripple labs as the central bank of the world and the escrow as their reserve. it sounds preposterous because the world hasn't accepted the truth. It can be a hard pill to swallow.
But there's nowhere else for liquidity to go. Just as all rivers drain into the sea(more or less). The xrpl is gonna be a wide and deep ocean.
surfs almost up

>> No.58041531
File: 35 KB, 752x197, Screenshot from 2024-03-17 17-05-57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Be honest guys, will you miss him?

>> No.58041538


>> No.58041544

im betting he stays

>> No.58041738

youuu guyyysssss

>> No.58041893

>currycel speaks

>> No.58042054

2025 is the year we moon boys.

>> No.58042124

Whats the next meme date, AMM? Then its april 8.

>> No.58042166

Next Tuesday or maybe just next week is going to be a big deal. We might get some info about the SEC case next week. And keep in mind that the FED will dictate new interest rates (probably pause).

>> No.58042185

Which one of you faggots is running the RWG on pol? I know it started with people here as it was shilled here in it's infancy months ago.

>> No.58042200

>Going to /pol/

Big yikes for me

>> No.58042203

Didn't mean to respond to your post lol

>> No.58042208

lol xd That's our Barrqn lmao

>> No.58042229

It's where the evolving glownigger battle is going, their white ethnostate natsoc shilling got btfo too much by leftists so they found refuge in the biblians and are operating from that strategic perspective for the time being. Little do they know (or maybe they do) that that's the last real place they will be welcomed, that's their final resting place. Once they're expelled there, it's over.

>> No.58042247

Ah yes a bunch of unemployed nazi larpers that have too much time on their hands and cant get laid or hold a job are fighting the greatest battle of kind

>> No.58042318

Ok, no worries Barron!

>> No.58042462

I don't have any family.

>> No.58042476

...... No. That's not how it works.
Small teams of influence operations in intel agencies (and others, like religious institutions, big corporations etc) detect online communities to covertly infiltrate (probably another, smaller team does this part, probably very few in numbers) and take over so they can use their communities as the vehicle for their intended propaganda.

They did this to the growing natsoc white ethnostate retards that gained traction about two decades ago by actually increasing that groups own influence as they saw it (and it was), the perfect operation to influence things away from the "real peak based and red pilled anons" that were out there also gaining lots of traction. Even more than they could even without organic growth.

This forced them to join forces with one of their super old operations, the flat earthers. They realized that what was making their enemies successful (true peak based and redpilled anons) was that it was kinda mysterious, there's a fun in sort of "uncovering the truth." Basically, the conspiracy aspect was FUN and engaging, hilarious too. This is meme magic. Adding to this, their original ancient op, religions, has also been declining as "goyim knowing" levels has been increasing.... They found their plan.

So they used the flat earth op, paired it with the white ethno state natsoc op (they also did tranny ops here and other such ones) and then threw in some bible verses and BAM suddenly it was "cool" because the biblians finally had their own "cool conspiracy about the world" thing that hooked people and emulate the organic nature of the real true peak based and redpilled anons redpilling the normie masses.

The white ethnostate natsocs have been too demoralized recently and have lost traction. Same with the flat earthers. No one really cares, even it it's true. It's pointless.

>> No.58042488

Their last holdout is also their oldest op, their ancient psyop.
The religious institutions.
They want some sort of biblianigger quranigger holy war for their usual ideals and they will NOT get it.

It's over.

>> No.58042575
File: 258 KB, 1024x1024, OIG4 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>running the RWG
i was a prolific slopper early on, but i have only bumped it once or twice in the last few weeks. what have you noticed over there?

>> No.58042647

They've added "Christ is king" to the OP.
They're biblianiggers, not truly peak based and redpilled anons.

>> No.58042754
File: 251 KB, 1024x1024, OIG (19).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's been part of the op since jan 28
i think it's stupid that they assume it has any utility as a deterrent, as bad actors have no trouble lying (right spammy?)
it's on par with "if you're a cop you have to tell me"
i got burned out from that place when the circlejerking and fartsniffing hit critical mass

>> No.58042778

I never really lie I just make jokes sometimes but not so much lately im much nicer and more serious

>> No.58042849
File: 188 KB, 1024x748, IMG_4366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, there is a place for the liquidity to go. The BIS and IMF and send a directive that physical gold and silver are now revalued at 10x, 50x, 100x, whatever they decide. Then, National Treasuries, Banks, and whomever else who has physical ownership of PM’s can soak their debt with the revalued PMs. It’s either going to be a PM global revaluation, CBDC rollout or Global Economic Collapse. I suppose they could try more artificial deflationary events like CV19 and Lockdowns (to give an excuse for global deflationary events) to kick the can a bit longer, but a paradigm shift away from infinitely inflating fiat currency has to eventually take place. I am positioned for PM revaluation, global deflationary event or XRP/CBDC adoption. The timeline is moving so slowly though. I have been positioned for three years now and it is costing me everything to maintain this posture. The gears move slowly. I am not sure what they are waiting for as people like me (and I can’t be totally alone in my thinking) are refusing to work/contribute/pull the wagon any longer paying taxes for immoral, unjust government programs and systems and a generate, failing society that wants us dead and gone. I have gone from wanting to “make it” to now just wanting to see it burn.

>> No.58042876

Oh I see. So it's always been just that.
It's not a deterrent it's a bold
"Hahahaha! I win!" In their eyes.

In the end, it's as I've said many times before and long ago.

ALL attempts to gatekeep the normies from the truth, invariably leads to more redpilling. It'll just take a little longer.

Another exercise in futility.

>> No.58043025
File: 549 KB, 919x1280, TimeSpiral__59371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zoom out, silly
Where do you think the revaluated precious metals will trade?
They will be tokenized assets on the xrpl
No other choice
The xrpl is an inevitability
Xrp is the standard

Also, don't forsake the journey for the destination. Every day is precious.
Think about maybe building a business that can sustain itself on the xrpl. Liquidity flows, ya know?

>> No.58043045
File: 2 KB, 125x104, IMG_4377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right before AMM and the SEC penalties phase ruling? Son, you ain’t gunna make it. Take that shitty FUD and fuck off right on outta here. Posts like this make me think we really must be close now.

>> No.58043079

>Posts like this make me think we really must be close now.
Same, or we are both really stupid.

>> No.58043106

2025 is new 2024.

>> No.58043132

XRP has always been two more years away from being two more years away

>> No.58043182
File: 21 KB, 478x253, IMG_4385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, my business will be selling my XRP to banks with interest that they have to pay back to me in physical precious metals over a fixed amount of time.

Also, my post wasn’t supposed to be about the digitization of assets and using the XRPL (which I too think is inevitable), but rather what method will be used to soak the trillions in fiat debt and how to profit by it.

1. They can’t print of people will fucking riot due to prices.
2. They can deflate via collapse/depression, but the Elites risk people rioting and abandoning Rule of Law.
3. They could World War, which they have done numerous times in the past.
4. They could reprice/repeg Precious Metals.
5. They could introduce a digital currency pegged to a fixed asset and bundle the debt into that new basket.
6. They could let it all collapse while they bunker up/Mega Yacht for a few years and then rule the vestiges of civilization. Risky.
7. They could debt jubilee themselves and us and start the fiat cycle anew, though I am not smart enough to figure what the economic results of that might be.
8. They could to the slow grind program where everything is basically frozen as it is now and everyone slowly crumbles under low wages, immigration and tight money. Zero to negative population growth ensues and they strong the tumor that is modern civilization into a hunger games type of society. Likely; all they have to do is nothing but keep conditions like they are now and let time pass.

Any other scenarios I am missing? Maybe tactical nuke cities, which would be ideal. Most western countries would be white conservative again in the blink of an eye and degen populations would be gone. Fallout, if it’s real, might really suck though.

>> No.58043206
File: 15 KB, 400x225, IMG_4374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Distinct possibility. Being married to our bags is a real thing.

>> No.58043365
File: 1.81 MB, 500x375, Xrpschizo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe i share your fear that uncertainty will continue to grow until an inflection point is reached, or perhaps several inflection points on various subjects
It is also interesting to think about the concept of relative uncertainty as a function of time in an academic sense and to also experience the effects of it, firsthand.

>> No.58043553

He better be in it till 2027 at least. Part of the Riddlers MO is shaking out weak hands who forget what they hold

>> No.58043708

kek pumplettes

>> No.58043892

they have been shaking nothing but their dicks out for 7 years now at least, and somehow there is always a fresh batch of retards lapping all that bullshit up. They faggot-ass jewtube grifters are absolutely shamelessly talking about 2 and 3 year deltas now with exactly the same "enthusiasm" as they did when that horse dung was first posted on twatter. It is an absolute shitshow. Just redraw the lines, move the goalposts, put a few not-too-distant memedates out there with some vague connection to some bullshit posted on some obscure bullshit twatter crap feed years ago and viola - you have a following. Rinse and repeat. Kind of like this general going on for 7 years despite the fact that absolutely fuck all has happened to XRP in the meantime and every single bullshit meme shilled here invariably turned out to be just that - a meme. Meanwhile the circulating supply of XRP doubled. If you can keep it up this long I guess that's a good a business model as any,

>> No.58043936
File: 122 KB, 800x796, IMG_4388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe the “relative uncertainty” of our current day has never been at greater levels. I, certainly, especially after the dog and pony show that was the Plandemic and WEF marketing campaigns, have never felt less certain or secure in any aspect of my life, including sovereignty over my own physical body. I am not the type of person to conflict with authority, mouth off to cops, spit on politicians, but now I find myself theory-crafting scenarios where I employ deadly force as a means of self-defense and protecting my children on a daily basis. Men who stay in this mode long enough change. And, I am not sure that the powers that be want intelligent, moderately capable men theory-crafting nonstop about resisting government overreach, vigilantism and proactive asymmetrical security operations.

Then again, that type of thinking and behavior is exactly the type of enemy the Fed has been sword rattling about for years now and fits with their Problem Reaction Solution methodology. They create the problem via conditions they create->me, get a reaction->resisting unlawful/unconstitutional mandates/orders/statutes/ordinances,->reaction: hammer down with the states monopoly on violence and saturate “domestic terrorism on the rise” and “rural citizens are a danger to our democracy” with their media. Maybe it is best to not buy into any of it and be an empty headed Zen type of bozo, until some quack comes after you with a needle full of mystery juice or an “undocumented worker” busts into you house at 3am. Hard to not follow one’s natural instincts of self-preservation, which is what the Globalists are betting on for their narratives.

Relative Uncertainty x Time x Awareness/Access to Information/Historical Outcomes x Dependent Offspring=Establishment Threat Matrix Score, or something like that. I bet the Rand Corporation, Pentagon and other Spook Groups have it down to a science.

>> No.58043955
File: 97 KB, 718x646, polchuddd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.58044204

Find a beautiful women to impregnate. Don't tell me you were planning on spending all of that money on empty hedonism

>> No.58044245
File: 76 KB, 489x800, Sword9_TavistockI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>or other spook groups

>> No.58044351

lads, if trump's red hats come from the word hatred (hat-red) im ngl i have to say it is pretty epic

>> No.58044383

Absolutely not lmao what terrible advice.
Spend your money on making humanity better by starting businesses that synchronize with the chaotic "woo" to come thereby helping slowly eradicate everything corrupted the old order stood by and cherished while building new pillars of strength for humanity, preserving the good that the old order did make either by accident or on purpose.

AFTER you've done this you'll be able to score
A. Young hot "pure" woman (as pure as they can be)
B. Multiple wives, probably not as hot, or young or pure as option A but you get to have 3 of 'em.
C. Just get surrogates for reproduction and fuck the easy hot sluts out there, there's plenty (or just don't).

>> No.58044585

My suggestion and your schizophrenic fantasy aren’t mutually exclusive you dunning Kruger epitomized faggot. Doing good in the world goes without saying in a post warning about hedonism. Jesus Christ

>> No.58044872 [DELETED] 
File: 285 KB, 1080x1390, IMG_20240317_142615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This post was detected as spam
Anyone know why?
Sounds like triggered janny shenanigans

>> No.58044879
File: 270 KB, 1080x1548, IMG_20240317_142636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking jannies lmao

>> No.58044905

Now you guys see 1/4 of my trip, time to use another one lmao
Actually, nvm, it doesn't matter anyway, already have many trips and certain people already know who I am and have known since I was a child.

It's all over anyway.
We're just going through the motions.

>> No.58045061

Please explain the AMM thing to me as though I were a retard (I am a retard).

>> No.58045065
File: 160 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.5760316224_kn50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I'm in agreement with spammy on this one. You've drank too much /pol/tard kool-aid.
Touch grass and have sex, incel

>> No.58045516

kek do you have the same opsec with your xrp keys?? jej

>> No.58045645

No I only post those to github lmao

>> No.58045754

Anyway, these janny fucks say that this post contains spam, what word is considered spam in this post?

>> No.58046091


>> No.58046203

Such an incredible post. Thank you anon.

>> No.58046302

What the fuck does ODL mean?

>> No.58046517

On Demand Liquidity

>> No.58046863
File: 92 KB, 1280x720, 14f3f637aac82ea82e3c6eb21780d76b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What flavour of fucking operator are you? You've been in every fucking thread consistently for a retardedly long time holy fucking shit. Every time I visit this shithole you're STILL FUCKING HERE WITHOUT FAIL. You are levels of >paid to post here BEYOND reckoning.
I'll never know what the fuck you even are, does literally any other crypto general have a fucking homeless bum like you squatting EVERY THREAD MADE FOR YEARS ON END.
This is a completely unironic question. Any anon that actually goes into other generals (all shitcoins since XRP=standard) see anything like this? This can't be just one person posting every. single. day.

>> No.58047045
File: 185 KB, 783x1024, IMG_4375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Low IQ post.

>> No.58047860

Check it out schizos. USDC on XRPL Devnet.

>> No.58047970

bullish. lets get back up, goodnight bros.

>> No.58048008
File: 2.47 MB, 576x1024, walmart.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went all in on this shit. It needs to moon or I'm financially ruined.

>> No.58048545

You never offer constructive criticism of the points you disagree with.
Instead, you just post memes.
You don't like certain viewpoints, because you claim to see them posted too often.
And yet you never do your own research to rebut them.
So all you're left with, is your annoyance at subjects you don't fully understand.
You are willfully ignorant.
You are the >empty headed Zen type of bozo
that >>58043936 refers to in his post.

>> No.58048595

>Relative Uncertainty
The media constantly gaslights people.
They've done a good job of fooling many people into thinking we are not in a recession.
Although, that is starting to wear thin; as even normies are starting to realize.
A never ending supply of entertainment helps distract from the passage of time.
>Awareness/Access to Information/Historical Outcomes
I think they will use A.I. to alter and censor all digital forms of information and history.
>Dependent Offspring
I think the vax increasing killing some people is a side effect.
The main goal, is to make the offspring of people that took the vax have a much harder time carrying a child to term.
They either won't get pregnant at all, or miscarriage.
LGBTQP+ helps reduce the number of people having kids.
Stagnant wages plus inflation also decreases the number of people having kids.
Feminism decreases the number of men wanting to get married and have kids.

>> No.58048621

>Problem Reaction Solution methodology
It pisses me off how effective this strategy is for them.
As long as they have the power, influence, and control to create their desired situations, they will also get their desired outcomes.
It's amazing how fake and gay the world really is.
And depressing how few people choose to see it.
There are a lot of people that could see it, but willfully choose the false comfort of ignorance.

>> No.58048656
File: 36 KB, 496x618, 1710581370281347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58049187


>> No.58049191

Nice it's /pol/ hour again!

>They are killing people on purpose with the vax!!!
>Nooo lgbtq is so they cant have children!
>They are gonna use AI to stop all information


>They just will okay because my brain works like that!

Just have sex incels

>> No.58049198

I personally cant wait for the price pump in 5 days when AMM goes live

>> No.58049207

number go up

>> No.58049213
File: 1.30 MB, 1628x1689, xrpapril2024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58049216
File: 904 KB, 882x873, !xrp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>5 different double your xrp streams on youtube


>> No.58049222
File: 634 KB, 3069x1456, !xrp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You cant make any of this stuff up!

Remember if it doesn't happen in the next few months he's out.

>> No.58049228

>constructive criticism for /pol/tards

been there done that, they are all losers that hope for big happenings so they can feel less like a loser.

>> No.58049285


>I'm going to hold, but I wont be in the community anymore

he just confirmed again.

Extravod is capitulating

>> No.58049293
File: 19 KB, 643x643, solana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>SOL overtook BNB
>SOL almost has a higher market cap than Tether USDT

what the fuck

>> No.58049342

That's a bummer. Mickle, digital asset investor, and the others can't match extravods wacky style.

And solana. I remember some greasy weasel looking guy whining during the ftx bankruptcy trial about how solana investors needed a chance to recover their investment. It was obvious they were gonna do one last pump and dump. The network breaks down weekly, the inflation rate is insane. It's gonna be a mess when it craters. I wonder if that's where all the usdt liquidity is going instead of btc or eth.

>> No.58049367

>I wonder if that's where all the usdt liquidity is going instead of btc or eth.

I wonder too

>> No.58049400

Also I had a female friend who bought SOL at like $40 and I told her not to because SOL was unsafe and it was better to buy XRP because it still had room to grow.

I dont see her profile pic anymore and my messages only get 1 checkmark

>> No.58049468

And yet the only value of Solana is trading memecoins

>> No.58049474

the value is number go up, the only thing we are here for

>> No.58049510

>Ripple manipulates the price of xrp.
>t. never heard of market makers
They outsource that to GSR. Every cryptocurrency in major exchanges is like this.

>> No.58049521

i'm about to fomo into solana meme coins

Do you guys think $BODEN or $TREMP are good bets during this election year and maybe 10x?

>> No.58049532

>FOMOing into anything other than XRP when AMM is just right around the corner

>> No.58049541

won't sell my xrp stack

just dumping 100$ into each meme coin and see the price action until election happens

>> No.58049545

Why do you still have money left?

>> No.58049550

btw, David dm me on X. Very strange as I don't know him.

I think his X account is compromised and I was talking with an AI

>> No.58049560

i got a job earlier this month

i already fucking resigned lmao

i'll work again next month

can't keep a job for more than a month

>> No.58049562

no way it was his official account

>> No.58049569


it's a clone right?

>> No.58049571

havent checked but yes obviously

>> No.58049579

Is 1.2k XRP enough for what's to come?
I'm not planning on becoming a millionnaire just enough to buy a house

>> No.58049583

How does 45 million sound?

>> No.58049586

feel like an idiot now

anyway, reported to Elon

>> No.58049595

I don't have the money to buy even 1 million XRP
Or are you saying my 1.2k can turn into 45 million?

>> No.58049597

Over 275 posts already

Welp... I guess that means it's time for a new bake xD


Migrate lads!

*Flies away*

>> No.58049781
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I knew I had to buy in at $18, and XRPeepeepoopoo was at 0.60. Didn't want to sold it cuz Solona network go down and XRPsneedniggercoin might moon at second... And here we are.

>> No.58049784 [DELETED] 

Im struggling a lot to pay for my university semester exam fees. Can any anon enough kind to help me with $1.7k?

>> No.58049808

please come to the new bake my friends

>> No.58049823
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No begging, sorry u banned

I'll come fren

>> No.58050587

Depends where you live and how you want to live.