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You high IQ plebs aren't gonna make it this time around I promise you. Stop doing so much research and fucking lower your IQ for once.


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You really think this is a fucking joke. Only LowQ chads will make it this bull run

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Thought I saw a 50IQ token on here earlier. Perhaps the two have to duel to the death for being the same thing.

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You know what they say.. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so.

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The original lowQ rest are copycats, dev and whales keep buying up the floor LFG

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will do easy 10x, probably much more.

Just Launched on BASE. This is your chance to be early.


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Sorry bro I'm accumulating Boom while its cheap.

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I will laugh are you homos as I watch your shit coins go to 0... it's simple, lower your IQ

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Getting AGRS right now anon, to late for you

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New hub looks great anon

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Imagine this is the guy you are competing against, and you are losing.

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yup saw it as well, bought some. Was an airdrop and seems like a fair launch. 80% airdrop and 20% liquidity.