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We have to solve the green frog problem.

We live in 2023 and racists are still spamming this hate symbol all over the Internet.

This website is the root of this cancer.

This website is where the hate originates.

The poison that is destroying the Internet.

/biz/ should lead the way and set a good example for the rest of 4channel and 4chan to follow.

So please stop posting the green frogs!

If you see someone posting a green frog, please tell him to stop and not do it again.

And if anyone of you have ever posted green frogs, then PLEASE, please just STOP and THINK!

If your parents saw you had green frogs on your computer, they would be ashamed of you.

You may think it's funny (it's NOT) and think the frogs look cute (they DON'T) but many people part of minority groups feel deeply offended by them.

Imagine for example you are a Jewish transgendered woman and you go on /biz/ for financial advice and the first thing you see are green frogs all over the place... NOBODY should have to endure such an experience!

Not on /biz/.

And really not anywhere.

On /pol/ it doesn't matter much because the whole board is full of hateful anti-semitic racist white males, so no sane person ever goes there.

But /biz/...

Some sane people actually come here, every day, to discuss business and finance.

And we ought to do everything we can to make them feel welcome here.

And if we make /biz/ a nicer place and a kinder place, then the rest of 4channel and 4chan will feel inspired by our good example and follow our lead.

Together we can improve this website.

Together we can eliminate the toxicity and hate.

So please do your part!

It's SO important.

For example...

Every time you make a post and you think of using a green frog for the image... if you stop yourself and instead use a different image, then you've made a small but important contribution towards improving this website.

And if you see posts with green frogs, please let the poster know the green frog isn't okay!

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I agree.

The cartoon frogs are incredibly dumb and inappropriate.

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Didn’t read. Everybody’s getting more and more fatigued and the frog will spark the revolution that will lead to the real final solution. Source ? I made it up I’m schizo posting when I should be asleep.

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Frogposters > coomposters
i will always respond to frogposts

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I’m bigoted

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Fuck... I love frog Trump

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Kawai trump next time

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Ronald Mc Trump, for more happy frogs

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All about trump and maga suck... even frogs

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BTC died and newfags comes from the dirt

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I wish I could updoot this twice.

Frankly, there are too many frogs in the catalog, which betrays a several lack of imagination.

*edit: downvotes, really?

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get gud kiddo

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