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>decentralized oracles
>cross chain interoperability
Lmfao none of these buzzword bullshit matters. Just buy Btc. It’s the only crypto that matters. It’s going to 100k meanwhile all alts bleed. And we all know link will dump the most.

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>m-maybe if i make another thread someone on here will unstake / sell this time
Let's check the pool and see how this is going
Oh no
Sorry OP, it's still closed.
I'm sure if you keep making these threads over and over again like its your fulltime job you'll see a different result any day now. Keep up the great work.

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Sorry I'm a proud cuck. I like to watch chads get big pumps and gains from my staking cage

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No one fucking cares about your coin diluting Ponzi scheme you retard kek. Staking is a scam. POW is the only legit crypto mechanism

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You made a thread (probably hundreds) so obviously you care.

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>n-no one cares
oh yeah for sure lil guy
i'm sure you'll be telling us all that for the next 6 hours while you sit here glued to biz specifically to piss, cry, and screech whenever you think of link
and then you'll do the same the day after
and the day after
and the day after
and the day after
(repeat until you kill yourself lol)

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linkies really are the cuckolds of crypto