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I got a gooolden ticket, i'm out! La la la la


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Biz chads this is our meme.
Comfy will do a Pepe run and jeets will r0p3 like they did for pepe

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/biz/ told me this rugged. Did /biz/ lie again?

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Comfychads will retire in droves within 6 months.

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i hate his face

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He doesn't think about you at all

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It's like that "have a nice day" happy face shirt. Such an easy likeable meme that makes millions .
Comfy should make shirts and blankets

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No, there's a wallet with 115M comfies that is manipulating the chart constantly, skimming the top and dumping whenever he feels like it
You're gonna get rugged very soon probably

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I don't mind this but you need more memes of him in max comfy situations. Where you look at him and feel comfy yourself.

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Wow that's like 36k what a massive whale that guy is. Two more weeks

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You retard, if they liquidated their whole stack it would barely have an effect. There’s over $300,000 of liquidity. $peng has someone holding 60% you fucking streetshitter and look where it’s at.

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Considering that $36k could nuke the coin at any moment, yes, he is

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Wow he could cause a 10% dump and nuke the entire coin? Tell me more

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That was like a few k worth just a month ago. Also i'm pretty sure that's captain, who donated 3k to the community wallet alone. It's better if he reduces his position gradually than after the Mad Apes AMA and listing.
No, it wouldn't. There's 300k in liquidity available, check Birdeye.

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Do you see mc lp ratio you brownoid? Yeah he would scratch the chart but wouldnt even come close to nuking. Have you seen other shitters where distribution is 100 times worse with. Way smaller lp. Dont try to sound smart kumar

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Tbh he already reduced it a shit ton from 300m plus also he donated thousand to community and marketing wallet alone.

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A 35m comfies a couple days ago triggered a -50% price action you disingenuous scamming jeet fucks

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And we are still down over 50%? Wow didn't know that fren, thanks for telling me

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>Imagine fudding coin where the top holder owns 1% of the supply
>Imagine thinking $36K would nuke a coin with over $300,000 of liquity
>Imagine forgetting that holder airdropped over 50,000,000 and has provided over $2500 to the community wallet.

Imagine this was the best fud you could come up with.

Comfy is having a top 15 listing next week with an AMA with Mad Apes

>Imagine not actually looking how much shit pumps when they do an AMA with Mad Apes

Stay poor you fucking retard.

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Paperhand jeets that got in a week ago, and it got slurped up already. You can come to the TG and actually talk to this guy, he has no reason to dump his entire stack with all the news and even if he did, it wouldn't change anything. A benelovant whale is the best thing for this project and it makes for a more equal distribution

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Kek, look at the chart now street shitter. We’re going even higher after we get that CEX listing.
We have GotBit in our inbox and an AMA with monkes that all of the top ((influencers)) following them.
You are the most dense fucking retard on this board.

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How many comfy to make it

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> A benelovant whale

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How does it feel holding comfy and seeing absolutely everything else on sol giga send?

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Feels pretty good actually having liquidity desu

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Aaaaaand thats what happens when fuddies run out of fud kek, truly laugh even giggle inducing. Comfy will go to 100m with or without you chuddie come back in a month.

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Heard this type of retardation when we were at 200,000 a week ago.

Never selling.

>Still doesn’t check how much shit giga pumps after an AMA with Mad Apes
>Still doesn’t read that we have GotBit in our inbox
>Still forgets this is the highest liquidity to MC ratio on Sol. Still forgets Dev is a biztard link marine who put in $75,000 of his own liquidity, locked; and burned it.

You stupid fucking nigger, we’re trying to help you.

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>implying comfy wont gigasend
While yes i would rather have 1000x in a few months then days and gigadump to oblivion

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Leave it anon. Esls on biz only buy something when it does billion x and then go “why didnt you niggers tell me”
Comfy will prove that itself. Bizlets WILL cope and they WILL seethe

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Cope. Sold has been the most ridiculous casino we’ve had in years. Absolutely everything pumps and it’s been the easiest money. You guys married the one bag that doesn’t move and you come here everyday acting like you’re smarter than everyone else who’s making money. It’s sad desu. Wake tf up to yourselves retards

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Checked. Comfy's got a good distribution and the few whales that we actually have are surprisingly non-retarded kek

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>doesn't move
>Up 12x from where I bought
Wew lad didn't know I wasn't making any money. Guess I'll dump my bags with a measly 12x with plenty of news on the horizon

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Sight you brownoid just dont get it do you
>le everything pumps
No they dont unless you have luck to gamble on hundreds of sol shitters a day
Comfy is undeniably the safest long term hold out of all sol coins. Keep on yapping tho might work
>muh rug
>muh dump
Yeah thats what u niggers said at 100k last week. Dont embarass yourself more on mongolian forum my dude

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months ago. I got a 10x out of this too. I'm just smart enough to sell when the top is in. I've also hit a 3x twice since I got up this morning flipping other retarded sol meme coins. you're not supposed to hold them forever. you buy them and flip for profit.

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kek, no. the sol game is very easy money. its not a gamble unless you are buying no volume shitcoins like comfy. did you buy fren this morning? why not? did you not see what happened to BOME? did you buy halving? if you liked those, SLO should be able to ride some of that hype too. this is not a shill. you guys have no idea what you're doing. you move money where twitter hype is moving money. then you get out.

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Yeah you are so smart and making so much money that you care so much about what everyone else is doing with their money that you need to argue with people in a meme coin thread for a coin you claim topped out

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because you shit up this board everyday with a retarded smug attitude. I will call you a smug retard ever time.

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You are coping and it's obvious m80

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You seem to be irationally angry and distressed about some “scam” and “shitcoin” you unironically came to this thread to tell a bunch of losers including yourself how much you HATE this scam and you are wasting your precious day still commenting

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>Bag that doesn’t move
>Doesn’t move

GotBit in inbox
Mad Apes AMA next week
Top 15 CEX listing next week
We’re sub 2M you fucking retard. Do you not think this is going to send when Erik, Poe, and GotBit are involved?


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yes, I feel very bad about not holding a stagnant shitcoin. I feel so bad that I need to cope. wow, you are so smart, I wish I could be like you

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No he wont because he doesnt have a bag why would he he will just call you a retarded autist when he refreshes the chart just to see comfy at 50m plus

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I live here faggot and will comment in whatever thread I want.

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And I will call you a poor retard next week.

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>wow, you are so smart, I wish I could be like you
As long as you know

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here's the thing you retards don't get. I can buy into this anytime I want if I think its a good buy and volume picks up. I didn't miss anything...you did. while you were bagholding this absolutely everything around you pumped.

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Oh okay then indeed do go on my dear sir i do in fact like arguing with strangers on internet about imaginary money especially comfy token

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Im up 20 grand since last week anon, what did you even mean by that? You dont seem to be thinking rationally here my guy

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I'm up 20x while other shit is rugging left and right

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Satanic dubs. Comfy makes bizlets SEETHE

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Can someone help me with $1.5k ? I am stuck, not being able to complete my graduation :(

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from one concerned citizen to another

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POV: Me screenshotting your retarded comments, printing them out, and shooting my alpha seed all over them when we blast past 5,000,000 market next weekend after Mad Apes AMA, CEX listing, and other announcements.

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Would you take 7m comfy

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Kek, imagine being this whipped. You really love your little shitcoin, don’t you retard? I hope you have a long and happy marriage. Go all in.

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I’ve got $10K in Linu, $15K in Aero, and 46 Solana. I started with $1300 in January.
You think this is my only coin?

You stupid fucking retard.

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you are underperforming. I started with $5k in nov and have about $130k right now. mostly from avi, but also by not bagholding sol shitters.

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You started in November. I started when things were already pumped hard. That’s the difference.

>> No.58018024

You also started with 5X the capital, before things pumped. You are the one who’s underperforming.

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get good faggot

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so now you hope to find salvation in low volume, unpumped memecoins cause you can't afford an actual make it ticket anymore? that explains the comfy hold thb

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I honestly could not imagine being some loser on telegram or discord who pretends to engage in astroturfed conversations about a shitcoin.
>new thread up, let's go boys!!!
What a sad commentary on life. I think I'd fucking kill myself.

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Comfy should be the biz coin all come together on its reddit and normie meme friendly. Comfy can be the one

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fuddies crying that they didn't get in at $100k weeks ago kek
see you at 200m

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The average biz cycle kek

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>Mad Apes AMA next week
>Top 15 CEX Listing
>Biztards are top holders
>GotBit in our inbox
>Sub 2M MC with over $300,000 locked, burned liquidity, and revoked contract.

I’ll screenshot your comment and I will make a post in two weeks. We’re not being smug, we’re telling you how it’s going to be.
You have two weeks. /biz is going to get comfy whether we have to drag you in kicking and screaming or not.

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>Oh no, it's hovering 25% below the ATH, it's over!

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So this capable of 1b mc eoy ? I want to be comfortable

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You are being smug, and dishonest. Literal who Brazilian exchange is not a top cex. Gotbit is notorious for “partnering” with meme coins and dumping the bag they grift out of them. Check their tweets and see the history for yourself. You are huffing incredible amounts of copium

>> No.58018280

Check the mcap of WIF. Yeah, it's capable.

>> No.58018294

>gotbit in the inbox
This is the funniest shit ever desu. Congratulations, you have a chance to join the ranks of…checks notes… lick goat ?

>> No.58018307

Lick goat is $1m mc btw, if you like gotbit coins, load up

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>Checks $PENG MC
>Partnered with GotBit
>Checks Market Cap again.
>Ignores effect AMA with Mad Apes has on coins.

You need to buy a strong rope. 2 weeks.

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Gotbit is a legit market maker on large volume coin, and a predatory fund on low volume low cap coins. This is not even a secret anymore. They secure a bag and offer a single tweet. Then they dump the bag into whatever volume the tweet generates. Absolutely everyone that follows gotbit knows the routine so well by now that there is no pump. They just dump the bag. Look at lick goat. Want to guess when they partnered with gotbit?

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seriously tho can this project pull off a bome let alone wif or bonk, i feel like bullrun would be near its end by the time this guy starts to pick up some facemelting momentum cuz im not feeling the memes yet
i hate memes with these face reaction in particular >>58017040 >>58017521 >>58017717 not funny, not wholesome, not welcoming, very uncomfy

hope this shit works out tho

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This is scary as fuck. Should I dump my bag?

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You belong on reddit

>> No.58018493

rest of the memes in this thread are alright

>> No.58018501

I would encourage you to look at gotbits tweets, and the pull up the charts on the low cap coins they “partner” with.

>> No.58018546

I think Dev knows this and is cautious to proceed.

>> No.58018568

this you?>>58018373

smug dishonest baggies

>> No.58018593

This is just schizo fud r-right?

>> No.58018604

Yes believe what anon on internet says i completely agree

>> No.58018611


2 weeks, no bagholding cunt. Hope you tune into the AMA next week sweetie.

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Let the uncomfy jeets seethe cope and dilate.

Comfy at 30k - it won't pump
Comfy at 70k - it won't pump
Comfy at 100k - it won't pump
Comfy at 200k - it won't pump
Comfy at 500k - it won't pump
Comfy at 1m - it won't pump
> You are here
Comfy at 5m - it won't pump
Comfy at 10m - it won't pump
Comfy at 100m - it won't pump
Comfy at 1b - it won't pump

>> No.58018651

The schizo fudder is just trying to buy back in cheaper r-right?

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Gotbit do seem predatory. The dev is actually hesitant to do business with them because they were very passive aggressive during the first talk. He already knows about all of this, people get a little too excited when they hear the term hedgefund, you got to be really fucking careful when proceeding with them.

>> No.58018685

Kek. Oh nonono. Gotbits first lick goat tweet was at the pico top
>Congratulations on hitting $5m Mc lick goat! Well done.

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No comfy baggies hate the fire retardant forest couch.

>> No.58018712

classic biz response, cant reply with a proper arguement so lets post le reddit along with a shit meme

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File: 107 KB, 788x640, ea356f_b48c93371a9f41a58668998ff60ffc2f~mv2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You seem butthurt redditor

>> No.58018773

So you saying we can expect a big tweet a giga pump and that's when to off load

>> No.58018801

Goddamn this schizo fudcuck is givinng me so many keks while i am sitting comfily in my blankies. Almost reminds me of good ole dobeux threads. Fuddies btfo

>> No.58018915

more biz fud = higher potential
shit plays out the same way every. single. time.

>> No.58018941

No, learn to read anon. I’m saying gotbit doesn’t even pump low cap coins anymore.

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Oh no no no fellow coomfers how will we ever recover

>> No.58019415

Someone needs to make a p2e comfy video game

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To make you fuddie seethe even more here is devs oppinion on scambit. Idk if youre being paid to fud but comfy is literally unfuddable. And yes he refused the listing because hes not a fucking retard.

>> No.58019446


>> No.58019461

If the dev is not partnering with gotbit, then why are the shill out in full force today claiming they are? Could they be lying about how comfy they are feeling with these bags?

>> No.58019504

You have been incredibly uncomfy all thread

>> No.58019607

Holy fuck are you really that dense? You HAVE to be irony posting right anon? You realize that there is a time span before talks and a deal. And in exactl that timespan dev decided that scambit is a fucking jeet exchange. Your every fud point has been demolished. How longer will we continue this? Tho we can in next comfy thread kek. Im more than open to have more convos with fudcucks

>> No.58019649

Are you saying that since this thread has been up the dev decided to not go with gotbit? Kek. So the shills weren’t lying, dev hyped them up about the hedge fund partnership first… they shilled on biz acting smug… and now dev is saying no deal. Very comfy lads.

>> No.58019663

There is no partnership with gotbit, dev saw their history, and is not moving foward with them. That is the only thing you idiots are latching on to. Since when the fuck do you hear about a memecoin thats too stable??? This thread is obviously a jeet psyop to keep whites from buying coins that arent rugs.

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You brownoids will yapp about anything and everything unless it does 10000x and u bought sub 100k wont even waste my time spoonfeeding brainlets
>picrel making scambit cucks seethe same as bizies in near future

>> No.58019680

They've been in talks with GotBit for a long time, but the dev doesn't like their energy and they are asking for too much, so nothing will pan out as things have stood for a week now iirc
Why would you overlook any opportunity though and just reject them completely? You gotta hear them out first, but the devs didnt like what they had to say. Thats what they've said on the tg atleast

>> No.58019699

Dev decided not to go with gotbit a week ago, fuckwit. Look at the telegram if you want further info.

>> No.58019707

I’m not the one that’s been shilling gotbit in this thread like it was something to be proud of, your retarded friends were. Only now is everyone willing to admit that gotbit is a scam

>> No.58019743

Thanks for admitting your an idiot who gets all his investment advice from biztards instead of actually seeking info from other sources.

>> No.58019753

Okay well now you know the situation and the dev is already aware of the scummyness

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Holy shit, what a bunch of faggots

>> No.58019888
File: 550 KB, 2422x737, gotbit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Russians and a jeet
Bullish as fuck ser

>> No.58019929
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Got buck broken already eh. Very uncomfy of you sir

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A comfyist threatened me today. He said "boy if you don't get comfy right now I'm gonna put you under a blanket". What did he mean by this? I'm scared

>> No.58021341

Big buys happening rn

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This guy just casually dropped 100SOL like it's nothing. Does he know something we don't...?

>> No.58021418

And like clockwork the captain dumped on you baggies again kek. Cratered the price like anon said

>> No.58021470
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We get it, you're mad because you jeeted your airdrop for 5 $ in the beginning. Better luck next time buddy

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I don't think we're watching the same chart cause the price barely budged kek

>> No.58021764
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I'm looking at this chart. Looks like captain rugged the entire coin