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I bought at 73k and sold at 66.3k. What should I do now ? I'm in a vulnerable mental state.

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for someone to buy low and sell high, someone else has to buy high and sell low. You're part of this scheme just as everyone else, there's nothing to be sad about.
I hope that helps.

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No you didn’t. You’re just looking for attention.

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you just did what 95% of market participants do,
the 5% thank you.
hang in there ole bud ole pal

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the dip didnt go that low though?

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I fucking did. Lost 1000$. Money I can't afford to lose

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who cares i buy btc no matter what the chart is doing. Cobra hodl!

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I meant 67.k *

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you honestly shouldn't have sold. You will feel retarded when it goes up in a few years, always invest in money you know you can put aside

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How do I become like the 5% ?

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Why in Allah's name did you buy at 73k? Did you really think it was just going to go up from there?

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i did something almost equally stupid. down $1500 from my initial investment. Please friends guide me to a high liquidity low market cap non shitcoin that can 100x. I beg of you.

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Buy when the price goes down, not when the price goes up.

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Is this a good time to get in? I want to wait for it to fall a bit further, but what's the odds of it rebounding quickly after this?

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I do believe you bought the top, pal. Looks the same as the top back in april of 2021.

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I thought we were going to 80k. All the faggots said that historically after breaking ATH btc goes parabolic

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Not being a retard. Probably too much for you desu.

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it's ogre

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Heavy is the head that wears the crown of retardation

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no you didn't you larper, nobody is this brittle and weak-handed.

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Chart looks grim, smashed through many key levels. I put a buy order for 64k. If that gets broken, this shit will crash below 60k

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you dont lose money until you sell. just stick with that mantra. you shouldnt have sold your stack. even if you bought at the top, in a year or two people will be begging to buy at what is now the top. unless youre in a situation where you HAVE to sell for fiat to make ends meet, you should just hold for the next bull run. you should never get yourself in that type of situation anyways, you should never put in money that you arent comfortable losing completely for the time being.

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It does, and we haven't reached ATH. $76k adjusted for inflation. Halvening not yet arrived.

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you can report losses next year? lol

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This is how the cryptotards of /biz/ think.
>all time high is the best time to buy
>all time low is the best time to buy
>buy the dip
>price increasing? better buy NOW before you miss the golden bull run

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Oh sorry, I actually sold my BTC on Tuesday. I'm thinking about rebuying.

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it's mental illness

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anon, 100x in the timeframe you're likely looking for is going to be a shitcoin, and it's going to go through volatility that you don't have the balls to handle

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Youre learning and you'll get better at this. You got this, anon, wagmi

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Daily reminder Muhammad fucked a literal child and Christ is lord

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well fuck

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take a while off and relax. it's going to be okay, anon

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Thank you!

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Thanks, I will do this

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Learn about Renko.

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Try again next time.

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shouldn't have sold it then, idiot
what did you think would happen?