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Presented without comment

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Wow it almost makes as much as a sports star makes in a day cool. How's that going to turn link to $1k eoy exactly?

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Who cares? Genuine question.

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oh gracious me that is quite substantial. I daresee chainlink is looking rather virile and, dare I say it, girthy

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$1000 EOY

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So like when does my net worth start going up? Lol

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Where do those fees go exactly?

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Linkpool definitely fucked this dashboard up. The amount of fees does not align with the number of transactions which are not increasing by much.

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keeping with your retarded sports star analogy, CCIP generating 250k/day in early access is like your big sports star making that when he was 7 years old playing tee ball

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Here is a screenshot. The total requests are not exponentially increasing with the revenue. Its not like chainlink only started charging a fee in Feb.
I assume where linkpool fucked up is in including token transfer volume or something which imo should not be included in revenue and definitely not under a chart titled "fees".

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HR roasties

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Not necessarily. They can pool request much like a rollup.
Honestly, it feels more like this is a stresstest than actual revenue to me and i'm a bagholder since 2018

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How does this increase value of LINK exactly though? I don’t see how it works.

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>no the fees CAN'T be that high, it's a MISTAKE, no, NOOOOOOOOOOO

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Assuming 100% goes into token value, this is $91.25M per year or $0.09 increase in token price per year.

And it's still in testing. I'm pumped.

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fees have to correlate with requests, unless you jump through logical hoops like >>58006690
to fool yourself

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its more like a revenue generating hamster wheel

40m in yearly revenue from pricefeeds while dumping 500m in tokens a year and then some completely irrelevant dust from ccip. its one of the least profitable most subsidized(by paypigs) tech startups of all time

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>The total requests are not exponentially increasing with the revenue
This doesn't matter as much as you think.
The revenue is tied to the value that is being transferred, so it's likely that that's what increased.
one random major example that comes to mind is that Circle started using CCIP for USDC cross-chain bridging.
that or stress testing dunno.

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You lot are missing the point that the daily network fees are going up exponentially. Yesterday was half that amount, and a week or so ago it was only about $30k.
tomorrow could be $500k easily. We don't know when this rate will stop increasing, and we're still in early access. Can you fuckers imagine what it'll be like when GA kicks in, and then Swift start using it, and the DTCC, plus all the other Link services that use the token?
$1000 is beginning to sound laughably low

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Except the actual price is 20 dollars you crackhead nigger.

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>look how expensive this piece of shit technology is to use
wow amazing

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2 1 6


3 7 5

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they called us stinky

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Please don't get my hopes up.
I'd be devestated if it turns out they take the source and destination fees into account when calculating "revenue".
We will be the laughing stock again when it turns out 90% of this "revenue" goes to Eth fags.

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I was thinking this too but it turns out that Linkpool’s ‘Requests’ graphs are broken, they haven’t been updating.

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ICP does it faster, for cheaper, and makes chainshit obsolete

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That money will go to rostie employees, it won't pump your bags. Your ponzi is literally one dump away from becoming the next SafeMoon.

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even if it made 10 million a day it's not enough revenue to justify the FDV of 21 billion. Chainlink needs to make at least 100 million a day to be fairly valued

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>what is speculation and anticipation of yearly income

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This. Sergey is taking all that revenue to buy more Big Macs

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$1,000 is just gonna be a benchmark once things get rolling. It’s not going to stop til at least $5-10k

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Holy shit the seething is going exponential here.

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The doubling time isn't far from 2 days so it can't last all that long before numbers become ridiculous

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>a stock needs to earn 160% more yearly then its marketcap

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>It costs alot to use the technology
Since when was that a good thing? Why would I want to adopt it if it costs alot for me to use....

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why are people buying link as if there is no tomorrow?

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A few days ago Eric Wallach or whatever his name is shut down his dashboard and directed people to this one, and now this one is breaking right as ccip fees really go exponential?

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The only fud now is the price. That's pretty cool ngl. fudsisters have all but given up and will just keep saying price until it moons. They have nothing left in their ammunition.
Actually, this has given me an idea for a thread: 'What was your favourite Chainlink fud over the years?" -we could compile a table based on the results. Hmm. Token Not Needed is a contender but there are so many. We should draw up a list

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At this rate, it will only be a bit over 100 years before sirgays supply of link will be depleted and users will have to buy link on the market, finally pushing up the price.

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Status= Comfy

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>google needs to make 3 billion dollars per day to justify it's mcap

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yea lol its absolutely bonkers how unhinged these niggers get whenever good news pop up


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out of the 100million maybe 10$ is net profit. big companies operate on very slim margins

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I understand 216 what is the significance of 375

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(you). Thats why youre here.

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Bro it’s over. LINK will never reach ath again because nobody really cares or knows about it to begin with. Ask yourself this: if it truly is as important as you retards are making it out to be, why isn’t r/ all over it?

Food for thought.

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Here is some food for thought.

Remember the staking pool?

Well turns out it is closed.

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very good fud for 110 iq plebs, bravo

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Read my comment and look at the graph yourself, namely the cumulative requests graph, the past 3 days have shown no new requests.

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might it be that the cumulative requests graph is broken while the fee's one is in order?

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The cumulative fees graph also stopped updating. Says it updated 12 minutes ago but they have the same number for at least like 5 hours

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why is NO ONE questioning WHY there's this sudden increase in usage and WHERE does it come from

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because they want it to be true so bad. The funny thing is that even if the revenue increase is true (it is not, look at the transactions, they have not increased enough to show this increase in revenue) its still not moving the token whatsoever lmao

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first time?

because there have been various 'breadcrumbs' over the years to get the price moving from 7 to 9 and then around the 10-14 price, there's been sudden increase shown on dune before... last time wasn't it millions of wrapped eth or whatever maybe i'm wrong, or millions of australian dollars or whatever it was, and then that plays into a mini 10% rise of link into btc price and then it turns out the dashboard is broken or the guy running it said it made an error or it isn't akchually real value its just testnet and then the price goes down back to where it was and all the euphoria was for nothing and we wait again,

yeah it's either your first time or your shilling too

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I wish the price would go exponential

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if it is true then you're retarded if you don't think price will reflect eventually
steak will onboard ccip at some point and it's just the beginning, this is a very significant moment

bezos email to shareholders dot jpg

braindead post, also jonneh confirmed it's not broken

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>its still not moving the token whatsoever
seriously? No... you really think $250k is going to move the price? LMAO how new are you to this market?

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You should be taken out and flogged publicly for trying to brainwash the masses, if only anyone cares

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What's that smell? Is that.... is that ... CURRY?

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1. tnn
2. zeus capital
3. 2 man team

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Please explain like I’m five what this is?

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yeah im telling linkies it is not going to move the token. re read my post retard. we agree.

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12th, 13th and 14th, all no new request.
Why are there no new requests? Since the launch, there has been no other days without a new request, now we get 3 in a row at a time when fees are spiking?
There is no way it isn't broken, both numbers shouldn't be trusted..

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Zeus is defo high on the list. sorry about the curry comment i thought you were being rude

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The point is that the revenue is increasing at a parabolic rate. Can;t you see that if it's increasing at this level this early before GA, that's bullish? Are you REALLY this dim that you think it'll stay at today's earnings forever? come on man, do better

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I don't believe these numbers first of all, where is the increase in transactions? you also forgot that the token is unpumpable. the team subsidizes 100 percent of CCIP fees thru their unfathomably large wallets, which they will do forever. (there is no GA ever coming)

>> No.58008578

point is we aren't sure it is increasing at a parabolic rate because we aren't certain the dashboard is accurate.

cumulative request update isn't working + cumulative fees update is working (what we want, for now)
both aren't working (possible)
cumulative request update is working + cumulative fee's update isn't working (unlikely, to say the least)
both are working (unlikely again)

so until we know then we are reluctant to get ahead of ourselves again, considering the variety of breadcrumbs and the constant shilling by those who should know better over the years...
course though want it to be real. who on this board doesn't?

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shadow fork
nail salon
toilet stage
philosophy major
btc manipulation (real)
proof of concept
lower marketcap than gravelcoin
are oracles worth $32M?
large financial institutions will just make their own oracles
sergey wears the same thing every day

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Ah right, fud. Ok. Such fun. I wish i had your zany sense of humour. Later.

>> No.58008605

and then there's this, from whence come the payments

>> No.58008633

If only we had a way of verifying what was being said was true. is there an api to pull the data from?

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lol they updated the numbers and erased nearly a million usd in fees

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Absolutely broken.. fees now 70% lower than they where earlier today, still no requests over the last couple of days.

>> No.58008683

we have no reason to think they'd make it up so we shall go with the numbers presented. If it's wrong, so be it, but i'll take it at face value. It's just changed over from eric wallach's overseeing so they likely haven't sorted the other ones yet. Doesn't mean the revenue one is a lie. Of course, i know you want us to think it is.

>> No.58008717

Sounds like the fees are too expensive.

>> No.58008723

Okay it just changed all the figures so there is defo something wrong. Fuck!

>> No.58008725

looks like a horse took a poop in the pool again

>> No.58008739

LINK $500 eoy

>> No.58008740

So how does this translate into profit for LINKcel token (not needed) holders?

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Is this supposed to be a lot? And right on cue you have link cuckolds jacking each other off in the thread. It's so pathetic to look at.

>> No.58008924

I'm guessing linkpool fucked this up like they fucked up everything else

>> No.58008955

there we go then.
it's another case of breadcrumbs that don't really go anywhere yet and it leading to some price action into btc but before we really get anywhere we realise it wasn't actually what we were hoping it was / some were shilling it to be.
of course, they might update it again and then it is accurate and says 1.4 million or whatever.

no reason to think they'd make it up?
so we shall go with the numbers presented?
and you're the one said earlier in the thread my post was braindead when i said there's a good chance the numbers on the dune dashboard aren't right. and you say there's no reason they'd make it up.
read that back to yourself.
these nulinkers are ridiculous. how did they get in on what i've been holding for so long. you have to be shilling.
got as much logic going for them as a broken packet of yoghurt.
>but random twitter guy confirmed it broken, not broken, broken, not broken , UPDATED, NOT UPDATED, UPDATED, NOT UPDATED

as i said before, first time?
because if you can't figure out how these breadcrumbs work, and it seems like you can't, then you're going to keep being disappointed with link's price.

you actually said 'we have no reason to think they'd make it up so we shall go with the numbers presented'

have you actually understand anything about link?

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>> No.58009014

Jason parser already did the shadow fork which downgraded the link token to an erc-1 sorry chuds

>> No.58009037

Yeah, not sure why anyone would trust anything from the linkpoo scammer

>> No.58009064

That's a lot of angry stuff there,anon. Let's see.
>no reason to think they'd make it up? so we shall go with the numbers presented?
>and you're the one said earlier in the thread my post was braindead
no, i wasn't. that was someone else
>these nulinkers are ridiculous. how did they get in on what i've been holding for so long. you have to be shilling.
got as much logic going for them as a broken packet of yoghurt.
maybe if you checked who you were replying to before going on angry tirades you wouldn't get yourself into this muddle
>you actually said 'we have no reason to think they'd make it up so we shall go with the numbers presented'
>have you actually understand anything about link?
yes, have i actually understand.

Hope this helps.

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When you sell your link and buy something better

>> No.58009089

kek fuddies

>> No.58009096

if i mistook you for the other anon, my bad, wasn't for you and it's on me.
not meaning to come with bad vibes either, so i'll take them back too.

>> No.58009111

yeah but the price is still -99%

>> No.58009122

The numbers in the dashboard is a 10th of what they were an hour ago... LOL. Wanna bet that they didn't deduct the gas fees before?

>> No.58009126

If the transaction volume is constant then that means the price paid in link has increased massively, but why would any contract have such a high transaction/fulfillment cost?

I don't see the use case.

I want to believe but I am completely skeptical at this point.

>> No.58009133

It's all good. Thanks for apologising.

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linkpool fucked up the dashboard

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>> No.58009161

those faggots better be getting slashed for this

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What a bunch of amateurs.

>> No.58009215

Fucking hell. Is everything with 'Linkpool' attached to it fucking dogshit? Let me guess. They'll change it to SDL CCIP dashboard and relaunch it

>> No.58009218

yep, as expected lmao

>> No.58009232

>linkies will slide this comment because they have no rebuttal

>> No.58009256

On the bright side, fees have doubled since Feb and we are only 15 days into this month.

>> No.58009257

how can anyone with good conscience shill SDL in any shape or form

>> No.58009273

HR roasties is my personal fave. It just rolls off the tongue and plus there is an element of truth in it so it makes it that much more potent.

>> No.58009331

Because they’ll have the largest first mover advantage on the largest emerging market of the millennia. I don’t trust them with my LINK at this stage by any means, but I’m happy to stake some SDL.

>> No.58009357

At this point I hope all the linkfags get rich as fuck just so they’ll go away. The stinkmarine cope cancer has gone on so fucking long

>> No.58009398

This thread is really slowing down now that linkpool updated the numbers haha. Isn’t that crazy?

>> No.58009509

I feel kinda deflated. I think we were all quite excited about it. i was.

>> No.58009521

This should be known as 'The Great Linkpool Dashboard Debacle'

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So back to being demoralized? I’ve got 5k link but this price action has been a beat down ngl

>> No.58009567

>delivering the transparency the community seeks every day
sure Johnny, that's what your brand is known for, transparency

>> No.58009619

Fuddy ran away from this post like a scalded dog and he hopes we didnt notice it.

>> No.58009645

so incompetent...
the funny thing is that the actual numbers are bullish enough
but instead that fuck it up and create fud
some really big accounts like satoshi flipper retweeted... not a good look

>> No.58009648


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File: 114 KB, 826x728, CCIP_fee_distribution.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

in case anyones curious about who makes up the actual fees flowing into CCIP

note: i was only able to pull a max of 2,000 transactions from the API for each sourceNetwork, which is why the total i have is different than the total they have. it pulls the most recent 2,000 records, so this shows the current users of ccip

data pulled straight from the official ccip api (ccip.chain.link/api)

>> No.58009774

also i only really tried to label the first 5, so if anyone wants to label the others they might be easy to map to a dapp

i spent way too much time on the two addresses labeled "appears to be chainlink labs" really fucking trying to believe they were dApps, so i didnt feel like researching the last few that make up a small % anyway

>> No.58009787

Thats 17000 dollars as the fee, r...right? Not Link. Because if thats Link...


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Like Ethereum gas fees, they are predatory
That's why I swapped all my EVMs to BRC20 using SatoshiRouter
I fucking hate fees I fucking hate fees I fucking hate fees I fucking hate fees

>> No.58009812

yeah total fee is in USD, not TKN. it sums the USD value of various TKNs each wallet might have used to pay

>> No.58009815

Too busy rimming horses to get their own shit right it seems

>> No.58009839

By the way, whatever they changed... they went from 400 lines of code to over 2k. Very odd indeed.

>> No.58009840

even if it was accurate, its still several orders of magnitude away from being an impactful volume

linkies are the most deluded braindead holders in crypto, worse than hexicans

>> No.58009883

Actually never mind, mixed up 2 different windows there

>> No.58009922

Peng is about to RUN

>> No.58009981

Wait so these fucking faggots lied??? Are we even making money at all?? Is CCIP even real

>> No.58010045

it's definitely testing
just paste the transaction tests into the ccip explorer, decode to Text and you can see they are sending messages:
>new message with Id 3
but don't tell anyone, drake won't like

>> No.58010086

CCIP test net is real, revenue is going up too, they just fucked it up. Here is the real scoop though: the transactions are basically totally funded by team wallets and general access is at best probably 10 years away for real. Until then the token will dump and bleed because there is no driving force for the demand to go up, because again, the network is subsidized. The time horizon here is not two weeks as many linkies perpetually tout. It is more like two decades. Another point that must be made that i have seen some others bring up before but must be brought up again is this: anyone developer who really wants to use CCIP can use it now with permission. The reason CCIP is not going to general access is because they know that everyone using it and testing on it now is it. There will not be an influx of users. the users using now are the only people using it. They will dragon out general access and dangle it like a carrot over linkies heads for probably years, and link will bleed through another bear market, so heads up on that.

>> No.58010089

the 5th wallet is also cll testing
you can see the same testing message format

>> No.58010114

Meanwhile the prices stays around $20 or dumps.

Anyone who holds this during a bullrun will continue remaining poor

>> No.58010126

Lmao so all the numbers were fake

Linkies really can’t catch a break. The cucks of crypto

>> No.58010218

pretty much,
maybe $50k of the fees are real
which is fine and what most would have expected at this point anyway with very little live

but linkpool has done a lot of damage without checking the numbers properly and then failing to understand that most fees were from cll testing
crazy they didn't run it past a cll data person
a really bad look

>> No.58010318

$81,000 new fag

>> No.58010348

>crazy they didn't run it past a cll data person

From the outside looking in, it appears the LPL team and CLL haven't been working together on the same page since at least 2021.

The reason Johnny dumped LPL for SDL at the end of 2022 was because they couldn't get any funding, funding they solicited sergey for. They gave sergey 20m of the new dilluted supply seemingly as a good gesture, but rory suggested they had no idea/nothing to do with the restructuring or the new allotments.

>> No.58010365

At least 50% of that has to go directly into hr roastie salaries

>> No.58010442

STFU incel Patrick Collins is not "seething" take your goddamn meds

>> No.58010474

Lmao jonneh deleted all the tweets and now it's showing low revenues again it was all a big failure, imagine trusting this horse rimmer again

>> No.58010522

this'll shoot us down to 18

>> No.58010561

Yeah I'm not retarded. I staked more link than you. I was asking what was the significance of those numbers. 216 and 375.
>The ratio 3: 5: 7 is very important. The ratio represents the steps in Freemasonry. They are the steps are the exact number of brothers that form the number of Master Masons needed to open a lodge.

216*357= 77,112

>> No.58010582
File: 187 KB, 741x684, takeyouriodine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh shid

>> No.58010605

kind of makes sense
but why did they still gives cll 7% of the supply when they restructured the tokenomics?
could have just cut them out then?
but definitely they have been frozen out by cll after the rugpull, that's clear, would have thought they'd still have some other communications though
wonder if there's tension about SDL taking all the community space though (well anyting over 500 link)
also source on rory saying that?

>> No.58010608


Bro it’s literally in testnet all these graphs mean nothing.

>> No.58010619
File: 177 KB, 642x879, Screenshot 2024-03-14 225426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the cumulative chart remains vertical

LMAO what a fucking nigger

>> No.58010773

This months fees are on track to 3x at the very least compared to the total accumulated during last month.

>> No.58010803

it is mainnet but a lot of the activity is cll testing on it
which makes sense
but these numbers are really about $50k through actual activity

>> No.58010899

Cumulative charts should never be used in this context. Absolutely terrible

>> No.58011090

>$9k/day is 3x higher than $3k/day
WTF $1000 EOY!

>> No.58011307

As someone who works with data, when you see a sudden anomaly like this it's always a fuckup and you always go back and keep checking your work until you find the fuckup. This was so obvious and incredibly retarded.

>> No.58011480

wait, arent fees bad tho?

>> No.58011530

>1 trillion LINK
$0.0002 revenue per link

>> No.58011629

Jason parser is my personal number 1
That one fudded me out for several weeks in 2018
But the relentless fudspam made me dmor so it turned out the fudsisters were enormously contraproductive

>> No.58011656


>> No.58011691

All the fudsisters thinking this is some own against link
While at this stage the total number is peanuts anyways and the growth rate is all that matters
So things are still good as at the start of the thread

>> No.58011692

this faggot needs to be humbled

>> No.58011763

desperation. you sound completely defeated.

>> No.58012476

90 mil revenue a year? that's it?
and this is implying all these fees are even real and not Chainlink Labs "testing" their release

>> No.58012503

Shah. Don't mention the growth rate, that'll spoil the fud. Focus on the figures. Laugh about how Amazon make more than that and its not really very much. Stay well away from the increasing growth.

>> No.58013127

Some seething brownoid that was mind-broken from missing out on staking and just repeats the mockery he was given when he didn't get in the pool.

>> No.58013133


>> No.58013601

next time it will be somebody else, about a whole other breadcrumb, who 'verified' it on twitter and other anons will lap it up and call those who approach it cynically retarded or something.

you're right, with exceptions proving the rule, but people still believed the numbers and will again next time.

''done a lot of damage without checking the numbers properly and then failing to understand ''
''crazy they didn't run it past a cll data person''
''a really bad look''

what could be achieved by all this.
makes you wonder, doesn't it?

pretty much the best take in here.
revenue is going up, that's obvious without a dashboard, but it's largely subsidised anyways, so on the one hand good on the other hand pff and we are where we are.
banks pressing the button is a long way away.

what's the next breadcrumb going to be?
with the market stalling on weekends these days and some events in London, i'm guessing the latest breadcrumb will start today, it will be connected to the talk and something that will be hinted at, and will carry it along for the next couple of weeks until the next thing. I'm guessing April we start getting speakers confirmed at smartcon, that'll provide ample speculation (oh but whoever whatever will be there which means this) and should also get some Sibos news, maybe a different stage, so that will carry as some of the way too, and in between all that of course citibank or barclays or deloitte or somebody in Asia will release a report on real world assets and how that necessitates chainlink.
still years away yet the shills will tell us it's imminent and the newer holders will take it to mean what they're told it means.
and to think Sergey implored them to read Nietzsche to improve their life.
can lead a horse to water, as they say.
but don't flog it in Turin.
or as the British might say, we are all flogging a dead horse because until the banks say yes, if they say yes, we copy bitcoin

>> No.58013679

>but it's largely subsidised anyways
Irrelevant. Bitcoin mining is still 95% subsidized right now.

>> No.58013686

Jesus christ. Just write a book, faggot.

>> No.58013693
File: 277 KB, 600x622, john.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58013711

>They will dragon out general access
smaug, mushu or spyro?
sounds pretty cool to be honest

>> No.58013724

>smaug, mushu or spyro?

>> No.58013741

but thats the important part not the actual number
for once clg is correct

>> No.58013780

short 12 year old is growing but doing so very very slowly.
once puberty ends can't grow more.
malnutrition is a contributing factor.

>but what's important is that he is still growing vertically

>> No.58013816

absolutely retarded analogy
is this the best you fudsisters have

>> No.58013858


i hold more link than you. longer than you.
but you, mon anon, can't see the woods for the trees.
this entire thread started because 'fees are going parabolic' and anons like myself were pointing out that linkies should relax a little because it probably isn't what it seems, and now the thread has become 'oh but at least it is still going up' .
it's cumulative anon. cumulative.
you use statistics like that when you want to hide something or lie.
now of course, that it's going up is BETTER than it not going up, for sure, but that's like saying it's better that the short 12 year old boy is still growing taller, albeit slowly, than not growing taller at all. It's technically true but essentially it is missing the point. Kind of like a cumulative graph.

>> No.58013868

Chainlink's cumulative graph has literally never dipped. Up only from here. Cope.

>> No.58013886

technically true.
oracles would agree.

but, for the sake of Sergey and his interest in philosophy, if yesterday the cumulative graph was $1.4 million, and today it's 400,000, didn't the cumulative graph dip?
it did.
but of course it didn't.
although it did.

truth by consensus anons. truth by consensus.

>> No.58013888

doubles down on complete retardation
yep this is the best they got left

>> No.58013947

>creates chart that is impossible to dump
why is link like this?

>> No.58014146

>i hold more link than you. longer than you
cringe. how old are you?

>> No.58014202

Hello this is a big thread with a lot of interaction is the consensus that I should keep holding or sell?

>> No.58014228

Wow! That's $0.0004 per shit!

>> No.58014295

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking losers did a campaign all over twitter about muhhh fake data and could only pump the price a dollar for a few hours

The few, the limp, THE Cuckolds of crypto

>> No.58014303

thats cute lil fuddie

>> No.58014310

imagine selling link before alt season lol

>> No.58014314

>paying high fees = good
bearish and unsustainable
btc shitcoin always rugs after fees hit $50+

>> No.58014748

>>paying high fees = good
The fees aren't high, but if it helps you cope, by all means think it

>> No.58014766

Nope; that calculation was for the fully diluted market cap.

>> No.58015162

i love seeing upset fudcucks in actual link discussion threads
every post they make is with the full knowledge that even after thousands of hours worth of experience at this point, their own threads are still just dumpster fires with no engagement and are usually only on life support from blatant fuddie samefagging

alllll that effort and you never convinced anyone to unstake or sell

cope seethe dilate you fuckin retarded brown fags LMAO

>> No.58015390

is this fud or actual discussion >>58009757

>> No.58015421

What does this have to do with Link?

>> No.58015512

the chart tho

>> No.58015532

reality = fud

>> No.58015555

aww poor babies
don't worry, i'm sure you'll feel better if you tab back to your 30th fud thread of the day or whatever and reply to yourselves
just dont check the pool to see how full it is - it'll only upset you

>> No.58015574
File: 1.46 MB, 220x220, 1706836763741630.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dabbing on LINKcels never gets old.

>> No.58015590

i bought link before you, i own more link than you, and i have 100% of my LINK staked in v0.2.

you want to talk about actual discussion? i spent my personal time writing a script to pull accurate data from the CCIP api and that is what i found. you have nothing to comment on it? just pointless rambling and namecalling?

really profound stuff anon

>> No.58015613

>i'm a fellow OG and staker anon sirs pls for real im serious pls respond
didn't ask bro
feel free to keep crying though

>> No.58015632

So glad I didn't buy this token lol

>> No.58015646

>i i i'm not mad

i live in your head

>> No.58015649

anon, thanks for doing it by the way.

was going to say something before but then the avocado types, in this thread, with their prompts just made me realise they were proper shilling so i left
see here >>58013888
here >>58013947
and here >>58014146

thanks for the work. informative stuff.

>> No.58015676
File: 226 KB, 1173x1011, ccipScript.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anything negative must be fudders making up lies!!!!

i miss old biz

>> No.58015689
File: 154 KB, 608x758, 12233333333333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Behold: the current state of a link ambassador. The question is are they intentionally trying to deceive people or just that dumb?

>> No.58015711

The trend is the same, keep seething faggot.

>> No.58015715

>i live rent free in YOUR head linkie
>t. guy who sits on a dead board all day every day seething at linkies

yeah sorry for upsetting you lil guy
maybe consider touching grass or getting therapy?

>> No.58015745

LINK gets all the digits. Fuddies seethe

>> No.58016302

Didn't people find out the volume is spoofed from the same wallet or was that just fud?

>> No.58016356

bump thread just so linkies get more upset realizing all the numbers were fabricated by the team in order to make it seem like CCIP was in demand

>> No.58016381

Does anyone know which timezone Dune uses? Hard to gauge current daily total without knowing

>> No.58016407

Also, has anyone else's ID changed itt? my last post has a different one. Has changed in last 8 hrs

>> No.58016469

yeah, it did. i think we're being targeted by unknown forces for sharing good news about link.
that's so like demonic

>> No.58016479

Cyber-techno machinations is for sure my favorite

>> No.58016491
File: 32 KB, 616x203, IMG_0643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coderanon, look closely at the structure of the response from the API:

>Public Transactions

This necessarily implies that there are private/nonpublic transactions - otherwise why wouldnt the CCIP developers call this object ‘AllCCIPTransactions’?
Really makes you think

>> No.58016558
File: 120 KB, 672x739, Lifeline-Logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ITT, Link baggies. Sergay himself has said many times that Link is a utility token for CCIP. You are supposed to stake it for 6% APY. It is not designed to have monetary premium. Most baggies don't even know what CCIP is.

>> No.58016564

good observation anon, i noticed the same thing when i first started writing this script

specifically, notice the query im passing is "query=LATEST_PUBLIC_TRANSACTIONS_QUERY". Interestingly, "LATEST_TRANSACTIONS_QUERY" is also a valid query to hit the api

when i first noticed this i was really fucking excited, but it turns out it doesn't actually contain anything that the PUBLIC query does not. was a let down, but at least chainlink labs isnt a bunch of amateur retards that would leak private CCIP data

>> No.58016583

There is also no widespread adoption of this technology. PYTH on Solana is selling the same link tech at a fraction of the transaction price.

>> No.58016795
File: 467 KB, 640x606, 1709568672983341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58016938

What gets me is the resemblance. It's so uncanny lol

>> No.58017042

a cumulative chart isn't always vertical though

>> No.58017157

Can someone who knows how to use charting software compile a graph of daily revenue that isn't cumulative, please? I'm a retard so it would take me about a week to figure out but surely someone knows how? It would be useful and resolve this stupid convo once and for all. It could be updated, too

>> No.58017254

Checked fudcucks obliterated

>> No.58017275
File: 207 KB, 2529x728, ccipDailyFeesNotCumulative.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

linkpool already provided the tools to do that, heres what that looks like

>> No.58017287
File: 26 KB, 125x200, 1604766566043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but this doesnt really mean anything if the spike in use/fees is because of increased testing by chainlink labs, and not actual dApps using CCIP for legitimate reasons

>> No.58017300

blockchains aren't private

>> No.58017410

Thanks. I wish they'd include this when you land on the page. It's more useful than any of the other graphs.
do you have reason to believe that is the cause? if so, do you have some evidence?

>> No.58017424

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if phrenology is a mainstream science again by 2100. People's faces really tell you who they are.

>> No.58017438

right i see how you did it now but i have to signup. ok i'll do that later, thanks

>> No.58017457

>blockchains aren't private
corda r3 is
take three guesses on what banks are building their inhouse chain
unless cll makes a data aggregator you will never see the details of this
and considering they havent made an aggregator yet means they never will since the banks want to stay hidden

>> No.58017477

honestly its kind of useless to talk about ccip since it's still in testing phase

>> No.58017481
File: 6 KB, 276x182, btcpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And yet it still can't break ATH ouch. I hope you sell your heavy bags in december.

>> No.58017486

you are incredibly stupid, please dont ever try to insert yourself into a lightly technical conversation ever again

yeah, see >>58009757

I pulled the data of the actual addresses making up the majority of CCIP use and 1 address dwarfs all of the others. It's not associated with any dApps and is a multichain address which has activity on every chain that chainlink supports - including Wemix. There is no dApp in existence, as far as im aware, that matches this profile.

Additionally, look at the transactions themselves that this address is submitting - all of them are just a message which, when decoded, says something like "new message with Id 2"

link to an example tx here: https://ccip.chain.link/msg/0xa6df10e1d2c34e2f33ce3274e9d7208896f1a5cbf0ab335523eddf421d95f96c

>> No.58017529
File: 24 KB, 125x200, 1604766628346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh also that address has recieved link directly from Noncirculating Supply wallets.

Which is even further indicative of it being a wallet used by chainlink labs for testing

>> No.58017585

Thanks. Good to know. Let's just hope GA isn't far away

>> No.58017615

>Let's just hope GA isn't far away

What do you think will happen if GA is released on Monday?

>> No.58017741

>doubled in one month
This is still good lmao, why would anyone be upset

>> No.58017806

Let's say that CCIP starts generating $5M in fees daily which would make for 1.8B in fees each year. Where does that revenue go and how it would pump my bags? Since those fees are to be paid in LINK it would just pump the price?

>> No.58017850

I'll have a threesome with Swedish twins on Tuesday

>> No.58017913

Oh linkies. They never learn do they

>> No.58018118

But all the advocates are saying it's in mainnet

>> No.58018134

Real link holder irl:


>> No.58018141


This type of usage is what we're waiting on


Link tokens used cover the gas fees and in addition, CCIP charges a percentage of the value of the tokens being transferred crosschain. There's a 10% premium for using the base chain's coin for the gas fee and and a higher percentage charge for transferring tokens without paying in Link. What should happen is that to optimize expenditures, users will look to purchase Link to take advantage of the savings in comparison to using some gas token (wrapped version of the blockchain coin). This will drive the value of the token up as it causes buy pressure. There's also CCIP converting the gas tokens into Link to pay the nodes, but I am not privy to where the liquidity to swap to Link comes from. Finally, there is the payment abstraction system coming up that should streamline all of the above and let people pay in whatever but the payment gets converted to Link at the end.

Honestly, we're super duper early with CCIP. People are still building and coming up with new ideas to leverage the infrastructure. A few months ago, we had a team release a token that was born cross chain as opposed to deploying an ERC-20 token on Ethereum or whatever. In other words, wait for the projects to release that make you say "WOW" at the new generation of dapps, Xapps. Then it'll be reflected in the price.

Unless the private CCIP network takes off first and that has its value reflected in the price.

>> No.58018171

>Honestly, we're super duper early with CCIP. People are still building and coming up with new ideas to leverage the infrastructure
wow! 5 or 10 years and maybe it will be big! I hope Sergey announces the future outlook at SmartCon in seven months? Yepp!!!

>> No.58018193
File: 105 KB, 1318x497, GExRsO5WgAACAWF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Honestly, we're super duper early with CCIP.

Either you are having trouble with "honestly" or "super duper early". One of those is 100% untrue.

>> No.58018222

Assuming 100% gets pumped into fully diluted market cap (i.e., the mcap in spite of sergey dumps), we will see $1.83 price increase per year. Now that assumption likely isn't valid, but if you account for the fact that
>$5M is a low estimate given what we're seeing now (just a 20x in daily revenue. Remember we're still testing now)
>people will buy the hype when CCIP starts pumping the coin
>CCIP is beans compared to the real use of LINK
This more than balances out.

>> No.58018659

neither is this chart... after the next revision it might go flat

>> No.58018682

Yeah cause that's how something is valued

>> No.58018699

2 more weeks

you didn't ask me but I'm giving my opinion anyways as a PSA... when GA "releases" (in quotes bc surely it will be a limited version), Link price may go up a little, lets say a 5-10% pop. This will then sell of gradually throughout the following day, and after 3/4 days, you should expect price to be 5-25% lower than pre release. This will be attributed to conspiracies by the cult, but the reality will set in once people post metrics, that there was no one waiting to use general ackkkkkkcess.

>> No.58018707

Nigga Ethereum makes like 2 - 2.5 million per day, based on that LINK is undervalued just from CCIP alone

>> No.58018718

correct... when people complain it isn't fully released, the advocates correct you and say it's been out since '23. However when metrics don't add up to much, it's still just a test version. It's very versatile in that respect

>> No.58018730

Is the CCIP FEE TRACKER MADE BY CHAINLINK LABS OR THE FUCKING SCAMMER JOHNNY ? fuck this big ass thread with fuckers fucking around fuck.

>> No.58018735


>> No.58018752

Not CL, that's for sure.

>> No.58018784

>Not CL, that's for sure.
thank you

>> No.58018808
File: 842 KB, 320x180, IMG_2268.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Someone explain to me wtf CCIP is??

>> No.58020139

would it help you if I said "we're super duper early into the lifespan of CCIP"?

No it's literally out. They're testing it, but it's out all right now. The only difference between GA and now is that you won't need to be whitelisted to work on mainnet. That's virtually it.

>> No.58020900

so it's out now, and nobody is using it.

but there will be super demand when they don't need to whitelist, right...

>> No.58021618

>its out
>they're testing it!

You just described a beta. Thanks.

>> No.58021770

why do you pretend to hate chainlink?

>> No.58021835

>lightly technical
yes, that's all you're capable of, hence why you're a script kiddie and not a dev

>> No.58022440

>hence why you're a script kiddie and not a dev
is this satire or is this guy really that cringe?

>> No.58022614

>so uhh what if you want to like write a smart contract to buy a house with bitcorns?
>you cant do that man unless you use the thing that like, makes the bitcorn talk to the real estate business
>so yeah i think you should use your life savings to buy link

>> No.58022734

I meant "they" as in developers. You still need to learn the tools and integrate it into your protocol and test to deal with any new vulnerabilities that pop up. There's a learning to curve to climb up here.

>> No.58022753

this is a good analogy
chainlink should be ready for prime time in 10 to 12 years
good thing us linkmarines have nerves of steel. we will HODL the line until 2036! $1000 is preordained

>> No.58022881

considering he had to beg real devs for help just to connect to their API, perhaps he shouldn't have rushed to dunk on them with his shitty chainanalysis

>> No.58023138

No idea, but supposed to pump us to 22 bucks