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Did you slurp today anons?

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i want to slurp at 55k

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you are dumb

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I thought the slurp was at 71k

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everything lower than ATH is slurpable

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slurp the top

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It literally doesn't matter when you buy if you're patient

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Been slurping Superverse for the last two weeks but it won't behave like a good little shitcoin. Today I read that Elon Musk said they'll accept Doge in the future for Tesla payments (again) and now Doge is of course mega pumping. I think I'm barking at the wrong tree here bros.

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you have to bark at Elon anon, that's the way

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bitchass anon literally slurping shit kek

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What is a good slurp price then. 55k correction sounds really good considering we are most likely seeing 90k this year or even more.

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I myself would rather slurp shit than slurp pepe

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I don't have any gambling money left.

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why wont doge just fucking die already god i hate it
doge is the worst that could've happen to mankind

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we all know that its going back to 44k m8
it aint rocket science

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You had like 3 months to buy anywhere between 18k and 22k last year lmao

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I'm dcaing everything I can without even checking price. I know I'm buying inflated prices but the potential is astronomical, I literally don't see it as a bad thing.

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Pretty regular. Mediocre even.

You are a masochist if you feel bad about this. Keep slurping your shit at your own pace and give it time. Superverse does have potential to grow if they keep bringing ok games to the table to entice losers and children.

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Name five coins (not shitcoin rugpull scams that look really good but will disappear in a week or less) that aren't shitty right now.

Go ahead I'll wait.
Hard mode: No $BNB and no $INJ.

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ok games?

try great games instead, metal core, off the grid, my pet hooligan and many others... gamefi is awesome.

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you do know you will not go anywhere if you buy at these prices right? unless you are delusional and you are the kind of air headed faggots that unironically think bitcoin will hit 300k or something silly like that.

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Nah, slurp for me would be under 40k

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newfags dont seem to get that if they want to actually make profit from btc they need to wait for a big dump, and invest lots of money. If then why even bother¡

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Nothing above 50k is even close to beeing a slurp

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I mean, i've got x12 with MUMU thanks to a friend which told me how to buy it first before it got traction in the crypto space, and it's still rising, does that count?