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Decent projects under 100 million? Let me here em

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AVI is the top performing asset on /biz/ and still only 40m mc. Their SkyBridge lets you deploy any ETH token to base to trade for cheaper gas, and their arcade that uses the bridge is like web3 newgrounds/steam. They will probably list on Coinbase soon (already signed a contract with BONK's market maker, which you need for tier 1) and help with many of their strategic goals for Base.

> "Coinbase Ventures is investing in new use-cases that emerge from bridging."
> https://www.coinbase.com/en-de/blog/state-of-bridging
> https://www.coinbase.com/how-to-buy/aviator
> https://www.coinbase.com/blog/a-guide-to-listing-assets-on-coinbase
> https://hacken.io/audits/aviator---skybridge/

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fideum hasn't mooned yet you still have time to accumulate

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there's a new cat on the blockchain
he's in a scarf actually

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Ok, I'll effortpost. I have autism.
Trend: SocialFi. As technocratic censorship increasees, there is demand for p2p social media so people can own their own communities and talk about censored social, economic, medical and political etc issues. Plebbit meets this demand.

Plebbit $pleb is an opensource, free to use, scalable P2P social media protocol with no https endpoints or ssl, making it actually decentralized unlike federated social media or steemit.
Plebbit has optional NFTs and ENS for avatars and names.
Plebbits token is used for tipping and to curate the default feed (driving token demand).
10m mcap.
It is 100% funded by the lead autistic dev, with 100% of the plebbit supply airdropped on biz in 2022 (no scam VCs).
Long term targets 1-5b 2026-2027.
Pic rel

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Wownero, listing on MEXC soon and Cakewallet app intergration in the works.

Its an oldcoin from '18 getting revived. Liquidity on WOW is thin, so its a moon mission waiting to happen.

Plus Wownerochan has fat tits.

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ZEPH will run to multiple billions and its sub $100m. See the hashrate, usecase, and chart. You only need to pick one coin a bull-run to make it.

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Fuse, LTO Network, Cellframe. Do your own research though.

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LINU by far it's not even close

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KNS just had a pajeet gang exit because they didn’t get airdropped a million dollars for helping out with a voluntary testnet. You can’t make this shit up. Unironically a good dip right now, all turks and indians are gone.

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MAGA trump bro

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>linu bots still here

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The orange mf

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I was wondering why my KNS bag had 1/3 investment loss,now i see.

t. bought at the top