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>be me
>college student
>never took studies too seriously
>thinking of quitting
>will probably work as graphic designer
>living with a roommate
>he repeated 4 times
>is loud, smells like shit and a douchebag
>he doesn't clean, bathe or bothers to go to lectures
>i pay rent with job
>his rent is paid by his parents
>our apartment is divided on his side and my side
>brought pc from my house
>douchebag roommate logs into MY pc to play league of legends almost every day
>i need to study, research and projects
>his side is always messy and gross
>there's a fucking spider stuck on a solidified soda stain in the wall
>calls me a faggot for being skinny and taking care of my health
>he's morbidly obese and has cheetso stains over the only 2 shirts he owns
>i need my pc to finish important homework
>fat fuck says he'll "let me" have it after he's done playing
>3 hours pass
>he finishes the game
>i get up from my couch and walk towards him
>tell him calmly that i need it
>tells me to fuck off, that i'm not his mother
>pull the plug in rage and tell him to fuck off
>mother fucker starts raging and crying
>his tears get lost after reaching his triple chin
>i grab him by the sides and throw him into the ground
>move his ass out of the apartment and lock him outside
>fat fuck never bothered getting a new pair of keys, always used mine and never went outside except to buy himself food
>tired mentally
>decide to myself to study harder than anyone else, to win as much money as possible to not have to be such a lowlife like this inbred asshole
>want to move out
>no enough money
>already have a job
>start looking up shit online as fat fuck bangs the door and cries
>ignore him
>apply for second job
>at the same time look into crypto in desperation
>put 5k saved on a new coin
>4 hours later
>finish my assignments
>fat fuck still outside
>let him in
>he cries and apologizes
>feign forgiveness

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>3 days later
>mother fucker didn't change for shit
>still rude and a general imbecile
>wake up next day
>calm down
>check coin
>went up 1600%
>enough money to move out
>check mail
>i got an interview
>next day go for interview
>nailed it
>never tell roommate
>week later of planning, roommate is leaving temporarily to visit parents for a day
>start looking for single person apartments
>find a cheap one
>smaller but only 400 more than i'm already paying
>make arrangements with moving business
>talk to landlord and manage about situation
>passes full rent to douchemate next month
>day comes
>move out the day he leaves
>leave all his side as messy as it was
>finally arrive at new place
>next day phone rings with messages
>block him from every single social media
>never heard from him again
>study as hard as i can
>get best grades of my year
>graduate in 2018
>currently working a property manager
>700k on dextools
>happily married
>never been happier in my life, all thanks to fat retard

TL;DR fat retard roommmate was such a ingrate mongolian that it motivated me to study harder and earn money to live by myself.

I'm deeply sorry if it gives you a stroke. I'm not used to making greentext or 4chan in general, but i believe this small story of mine deserved to be told in such a manner, so i tried my best.

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great story, now it's time to take that 700k and ape into $hidler before we hit 6 quadrillion marketcap.

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holy fuck... /biz/ greentext are rare
Good story anon

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can you not?

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They're not that rare, check the archived threads
there's quite a few worth a read

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>I'm deeply sorry if it gives you a stroke.
it's okay anon, could be worse. Is english not your native language by any chance?

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I'm french, english is my third language after italian, so i do make a lot of mistakes writing it, tho i'm confident when speaking it, My teacher had a new york accent and it stuck with me.

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Do you only use dextools?

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I use multiple wallets, but dextools became my main one. I've been using it since 2021 and most of my trades and sells are done there.
I do have others like binance, but i don't use them as much nor do i put as much money
Mostly for flexibility and fast trades than anything else

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Wait a fucking second anon, were the initials of that fat fag you were roommates with M.M by any chance?

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Absolutely based

Remember anons: finish college

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His first name was Mark, but no idea what his last name was. Weird, huh?

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I am french, i speak italian and english is my third language

No, i use others, but dextools is my main for trading for flexibility and faster trades

His name was mark, but no idea what his last name was, weird huh?

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12/10 story, would read again, but i'm unfortunately illeterate

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Hell oh reddit

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Never utter that name here again, fag